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Gold Ring With Turquoise Stone

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Kt Gold Turquoise Stone Ring

Vault 3-Stone Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring, 14K Gold on QVC
Product Description:

Choose between high-end fine jewellery and colour? No way. This vibrant ring proves that the perfect balance makes for a sleek choice. Set on a fine solid 14kt gold band, we set a bright and beautiful turquoise stone that speaks for itself. Effortlessly chic and ever so slightly adventurous, wear yours solo or stack it with a simple gold band to compliment.

Product Details:

Material: 14kt solid gold with turquoise Total carat weight: 0.03ct Sizes: Available in US 6/UK M/EUR 52, US 7/UK N/EUR 54 and US 8/UK P/EUR 57. Internal diameter: 16.5mm to 18.1mm Weight: 0.6g

About the Collection:

Introducing Ania Haies first-ever fine jewellery collection. With every piece in the collection carefully crafted in high-quality solid 14kt gold, the range is the perfect selection of simple but special everyday pieces that youll wear for years to come. From minimal stud earrings and cuffs to eye-catching necklaces and rings incorporating vivid turquoise, sparkling white sapphires and natural diamonds, discover the Ania Haie way to update your jewellery collection with something truly special.

More Examples Of Our Pieces Made With 14k Yellow Gold And Natural High Grade Turquoise

Above are two wonderful examples of our specialty “Lost Wax” style 14k yellow gold pieces with ultra-high grade spider web Turquoise. To the left is a lady’s ring made of solid 14k. The focal point of this piece is a bright blue, top gem grade, spider web Persian Turquoise cabochon. Look at the awesome blue in this natural Persian cabochon which is really set off by the red spider web matrix. To the left is a 14k women’s ring by Nattarika Hartman which features an ultr-rare natural Lander Blue Turquoise cabochon from Nevada, USA. The organic feeling yellow gold setting is a perfect setting for this rare gem.

What To Look For In A Turquoise Ring

Here are a few questions and answers you should know before purchasing a turquoise engagement ring.

Are there color variations? The higher the density of copper, the more intensely blue the turquoise appears. Another element of turquoise is its matrix, which is when you see spiderweb-like veins that run throughout the stone . Naturally, matrix versus no matrix comes down to personal preference when choosing your stone.

Is there a particular setting that works best? Personally, I think prong settings work best, so you don’t put too much pressure on the turquoise, says Lee. But it is often set in bezels and even as an inlay.

Can other stones be incorporated with turquoise? Many engagement ring options featuring turquoise also incorporate other stones into the design, including diamond halos and complementary side stones.

Whats a good cut for a turquoise engagement ring? Smooth cabochon cut seems to be the most common cut for turquoise, Lee says.

What determines the pricing for a turquoise ring? As for cost, prices can vary. The Gemology Institute of America says turquoise is judged on three basic quality factors: color, texture, and the presence or absence of matrix. Lee explains that the primary cost will be the gem itself as well as the value of the metal used and how intricate and detailed the setting is.

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Antique 3 Stone Turquoise Yellow Gold Band Ring

Sale pricePrice£350.00Regular price£395.00Unit price/ per

An antique gold ring, with three turquoise stones dating to the early 20th century. The gold has a lovely, aged patina and the turquoise are bright contrast. One turquoise has a surface level dent. A great ring to wear on your index or pinky finger.

  • High carat gold
  • Height of the band at the tallest point is 9mm.
  • Ring size K
  • Weight: 3.9grams
  • This ring can be re-sized for £30 – please add ring sizing to your basket. Ring sizing can take up to 14 working days, depending on the alteration, but we will be in touch to confirm the time.
  • If you are not sure of your size, request a free finger measure here.
  • DELIVERY: Complementary insured and tracked UK delivery. World wide delivery from £14.99.
  • Emeralds can be delicate, please read our jewellery care page for more information
  • Please read our FAQs in regards to customs duties, condition reports of all our jewellery, returns and delivery policies.

Chroma Turquoise Yum Drop Ring

Turquoise Stone Ring

If you favor minimalist designs, then you’ll love this gold turquoise ring. A half-carat cabochon turquoise is set on an 18K yellow gold band for a look that’s equal parts bold and elegant. Bonus: This style is super budget-friendly if you’d rather dedicate your dollars to a beautiful band on the big day.

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Pros And Cons Of A Turquoise Engagement Ring

The unique color of turquoise, with opaque shades of blue and green, definitely makes a visually appealing option for an engagement ring. It’s also very versatile, whether you set it on its own or surround it with diamonds. Since turquoise ranks 5-6 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale , its easier to cut and carve. Unfortunately, this also means it is more likely to crack and get scratched.

Turquoise Stone Ring Gold

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Here Is A Bit About A Turquoise Gold Ring By Durango Silver Company

Turquoise Gold Rings are beautiful and unusual. In general Turquoise has been associated with Sterling Silver in the United States in the past with little set in gold, however, Turquoise set in gold is and has been standard in most other places on earth. Durango Silver Company has been making Turquoise and gold rings for many years. We even use Colorado gold nuggets in some of our Turquoise gold ring collection.

Durango Silver Company also makes a lot of Turquoise gold ring models on special order. We often show our customers special Turquoise cabochons to choose from and then pinpoint a particular design for their Turquoise and gold ring. We specialize in men’s rings in gold and make many of them. We make substantial men’s gold rings that make a statement and we also make men’s rings in gold and Silver which are unique, look great when worn and are substantially less costly then solid Turquoise gold ring.

If you would like a Turquoise gold ring, check out the gold and Turquoise ring page in our site by pushing the gold jewelry button on the left side bar. You can get a good idea of some of the Turquoise Gold Rings styles we make and if you wish to see more you can contact us.

Below are some examples of Turquoise gold rings and descriptions of them:

How To Care For Your Turquoise Ring

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 5-Stone Heart Design Ring 14K Gold on QVC

You should take care when wearing your turquoise ring, as it’s softer than other gemstones. It’s probably for the best that you remove your turquoise ring when performing household tasks or other activities that could ding or damage your stone. Warm, soapy water will suffice for weekly cleaning or as needed. Dry the ring with a soft cotton towel or cloth. Lee recommends avoiding harsh chemicals or high heat when cleaning your turquoise jewelry, as the former could compromise the color of your gemstone. If you need to store the ring, use a fabric-lined jewelry box.

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Here Are More Examples Of Turquoise And Gold Jewelry By Durango Silver Company

The Turquoise gold ring on the left is a woman’s gold ring made in the Lost Wax method by John Hartman. It is a stunning Turquoise and Gold Ring was made with beautiful and rare natural Bisbee Blue Turquoise from Arizona. This rare gemstone came from the famous Copper Queen mine in Bisbee, Arizona USA. The Copper Queen mine has been closed for over 30 years, as you can imagine this makes Bisbee a hard variety of the Sky Stone to come by. Bisbee is known for its deep blue natural color and chocolate brown to red matrix, which the stone in this piece definitely has. The rarity and the natural beauty of this gemstone cabochon make a prime candidate for a gold piece. Most jewelry would not set this type of super high grade Bisbee Turquoise into Sterling Silver, this is a gold stone. The heavy duty design of this piece is perfect for the rare gem.

Below are a couple pieces with 14k and natural lime Damele gemstones

The ring on the left is an outstanding Bisbee Turquoise Gold Ring. It was made in the Lost Wax method by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company in Durango, Colorado USA. 14k Gold with Colorado Gold Nuggets surrounding the beautiful Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone is a ring that is truly a collectors item and absolutely a one of a kind that will never be repeated. Rings of this caliber can be made to fit any lifestyle and desire.

For more informative reading and viewing, check out these great pages from Durango Silver Company:

Finding The Right Rings For You

Antique and vintage rings have long held a special place in the hearts of fine jewelry lovers all over the world.

No matter their origin or specific characteristics, rings are timeless, versatile accessories. Theyve carried deep meaning since at least the Middle Ages, when diamond rings symbolized strength and other kinds of rings were worn to signify romantic feelings or to denote an affiliation with a religious order. Rings have also forever been emblematic of eternity.

Over time, rings have frequently taken the form of serpents, which have long been associated with eternal life, health and renewal. Italian luxury jewelry house Bvlgari has become famous for its widely loved Serpenti motif, for example, and its Serpenti ring, like the other accessories in the collection, began as an homage to jewelry of the Roman and Hellenistic eras. The serpent is now a popular motif in fine jewelry. Jewelry devotees have long pined for rings adorned with reptiles, thanks to antique Victorian rings well, specifically, Queen Victorias illustrious engagement ring, which took the form of a gold snake set with rubies, diamonds and an emerald . Designs for Victorian-era engagement rings often featured repoussé work and chasing, in which patterns are hammered into the metal.

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K Gold Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Jewelry & Rings

Natural Turquoise Stone Genuine Ring Pure 925 Sterling Silver

Turquoise is one of three blue colored December birthstones. Turquoise jewelry is often set in silver however, fine turquoise rings are often crafted in gold and platinum and feature diamonds or other complimentary gemstones. The turquoise stone is most often cut in a flat oval or round cabochon and set flush in jewelry, making it a great durable stone for every day wear. Persian turquoise is considered the most valuable variety, its robin’s egg blue is arguably the most beautiful turquoise and is mined in Iran. EraGem features turquoise jewelry from all Eras, from antique to modern.

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Turquoise Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide


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Courtesy of David Yurman / Design by Bailey Mariner

It can be tough to relinquish the notion that all engagement rings should feature a diamond center stone, but once you welcome the possibility of a nontraditional approach, youll discover an expansive world of beautiful, historic gemology to choose from. One of these options that warrants a closer look is turquoise.

Turquoise Ring Gemstone Ring Gold Plated Ring Natural Turquoise Ring Vintage Ring Boho Ring Christmas Gift Turquoise Jewelry


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Turquoise And Gold Ring

What Is Turquoise

American West Sterling Silver 3 Stone Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring on QVC

Turquoise is an opaque gemstone known for its striking color. It occurs in several different shades of blue and green, though the highest valued is robins-egg blue.

Bailey Mariner/Brides

This striking gemstone dates back thousands of years. It was discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs in the el-Qaa region circa 5000 B.C.E, and it is now primarily mined in Iran, China, and the American Southwest. The word “turquoise” is derived from the French phrase pierre tourques , which implies it came to Europe from the Turkish region. We talked to jewelry designer Grace Lee about how this ancient stone can be used for your head-turning engagement ring.

Meet the Expert

Grace Lee is a fine jewelry designer who founded her eponymous collection in 2008. The pieces are produced in Los Angeles, and Lee only sources from vendors that adhere to the Kimberly Process.

Wondering if turquoise is a good option for you? Read on to learn more about turquoise engagement rings.

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