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Where To Sell Old Gold

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Where To Sell Old Jewelry & Gold

MMTC-PAMP is Indias first and only gold and silver refinery accredited by the London Bullion Market Association , the industrys foremost regulatory institution worldwide. Our international accreditation guarantees you the best value for your gold, with world-class technology that makes the process simple, transparent and reliable.

What Is Scrap Gold And Where Do I Find It

Scrap gold is usually jewelry that is ready to be refined and recycled. It can include: broken jewelry, damaged chains or a single earring. But not every piece of 14 Carat gold you find should be refined. There are times when it makes sense to repair and restore pieces of old jewelry rather than melt them down.

For years, I had a client that would bring me the ugliest and dirtiest scrap gold I had ever seen. It was always black, crusty and mashed together. I asked him Where do you find this stuff? His answer surprised me: The sewer! He was cleaning out sewer drains and traps in large apartment buildings. Im glad that he sterilized it before he brought it in!

There are much better places to search for scrap gold than sewer pipes. You can probably find some scrap gold at home right now: Did you lose an earring three years ago, and never find the match again? Perhaps youve been hiding the ex-boyfriend jewelry in the bottom of the jewelry box? Its also important to look through any boxes of costume and fashion jewelry and make sure that there isnt any gold jewelry mixed in.

How Do I Sell My Gold

When you decide to sell gold to a private buyer, one of the main challenges is finding a gold buyer that you can trust. To know that you are selling your gold to a trustworthy buyer make sure that he or she:

  • Tests your gold in store, in front of you.
  • Uses a licensed scale that is properly calibrated.
  • Has good status within the community.

Finding a reliable buyer is integral if you are looking to sell your gold at a good price.

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Jewelry Buyer: Wp Diamonds

WP Diamonds is another big jewelry buyer in the diamond, luxury jewelry, handbag and watch resale space.

WP Diamonds has a solid reputation as an online jewelry buyer, and promises to get you a fair price for your diamond or designer jewelry, loose stones , handbags and watches.

However, theirs is a more traditional buyback platform, in that WP Diamond’s in-house expert will evaluate your jewelry, and then make an offer. Take it or leave it.

Their team of GIA trained gemologists and industry veterans have the necessary knowledge and expertise to accurately price your diamond goods based on the current second-hand diamond market.

WP Diamonds pros

  • Reputable jewelry buyer with an A+ BBB rating and over a thousand customer reviews
  • Clean, easy-to-use site for selling jewelry online
  • Pays cash for your jewelry
  • Easy process, including FedEx round-trip shipping, and $150,000 insurance
  • Choose to do business via email or phone
  • Sell in as little as 24 hours: WP Diamonds buys your jewelry directly, meaning that there are no online listings or auctions to wait for. No haggling or negotiating, simply their best price upfront.
  • No fees are deducted from your final offer, the amount you hear is the amount you get paid.

WP Diamonds cons

  • The evaluation is done by an internal appraiser, not a neutral third-party laboratory like GIA, which Worthy uses.
  • There is just one offer, not a price set by a dynamic marketplace

WPDiamonds vs Worthy

WPDiamonds vs CashforGoldUSA

What Types Of Dental Work Do Gold Buyers Want

Our Easy Step

a) Assume everything you have has value.

That means its best to just assume that everything you have is worth something. And it should all just be lumped together.

Dental work of interest.

Heres a list of the different kinds of restorations that may contain valuable metals and therefore should be submitted for sale to your dental scrap buyer.

  • crowns
  • implants

You should also send in extracted teeth that have any of the above items still attached, or gold foil dental fillings.

Items of lesser interest.

Buyers typically arent interested in the following:

  • Amalgam dental fillings This is the common kind of silver-colored tooth filling thats placed in a single office visit.
  • Silver-colored partial dentures Youll need to inquire but this type of appliance typically isnt wanted by scrap buyers.

    Gold partials on the other hand are an entirely different matter and are very likely to have significant value.

Terms used for precious restorations.

Dental terms used to describe valuable metals include:

  • gold

b) Sell your dental work as is.

Dont worry about removing any cement, porcelain or tooth parts from the dental work you have. Doing so can be an unpleasant and difficult job. Youll simply end up wasting time and getting frustrated.

Any serious buyer of dental scrap will be prepared to handle materials in this condition.

Biologic materials.

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Sell Your Gold For Instant Cash At Muthoot Gold Point

Muthoot Gold Point offers safe, transparent & scientifically tested ways of buying your Gold.

We give you an unparalleled experience of selling your old Gold for instant cash. Our 11 state of the art branches across India and mobile van are equipped with the latest ultrasonic and XRF machines to clean your Gold for free and check its accurate weight & purity. Not just the process is transparent, rates at which we buy your Gold are as per the market rates.

Sell Your Gold Diamonds And More

What can I sell to Castle Couture Fine Jewelry?
  • Gold watches and watch bands
  • Gold jewelry of any kind
  • Gold headbands or hair combs
  • Gold ingots, gold bullion, or gold nuggets
  • Diamonds
  • ANY gold color !
  • ANY gold purity !
  • ANY size no item is too large or too small!
How Can We Offer the Highest Payment For Gold?

Castle Couture Fine Jewelry is one of only a handful of jewelers in the country – and the only one in New Jersey – that has its own jewelry manufacturing facility. We recycle the gold we buy, so we can cut out the “middle man” and pay you a higher rate for your gold than other jewelers or gold buyers can!

Why Sell Your Gold Now?

Record high prices for gold! Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your old gold jewelry or scrap metal at the highest market value the industry has seen in years!

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Is It Better To Open Your Own Store Or To Sell On Other Sites

It depends on how much gold you have to sell and how much time you want to put in. Remember, your time could be spent doing other work that selling gold takes you away from.

For most people, selling gold on other sites is the better choice. It allows you to maximize your profit, in part by minimizing the amount of time and effort you have to put into the process.

Why Jewelrecycle Pays More For Your Gold Jewelry

Selling your Old Gold Jewellery for Cash Part II

Many people are unclear about where to sell gold jewelry. At JewelRecycle, we buy the full range of gold jewelry, from broken gold chains and single gold earrings to diamond engagement rings and fine gold jewelry from luxury brands.

There are many gold buyers out there. But JewelRecycles unique, high-tech process enables us to consistently make higher, more accurate offers on your old gold jewelry.

Why is that?

The first reason has to do with our expertise. The entire JewelRecycle staff is highly trained, with many of us coming from a fine jewelry background. We are experts at identifying which jewelry items can be resold and which are melt grade.

The second reason we pay more than our competitors is our high-tech process. Unlike most other gold buyers, we use X-Ray fluorescence technology to calculate the exact composition of your items in order to make you a transparent, no-pressure offer. In comparison, the average gold buyer uses a scratch stone and acid a far less accurate way to determine your gold jewelrys composition.

Our nondestructive X-Ray fluorescence technology allows us to be much more accurate, typically between 99% and 100%. Which means that you get paid the full value of your gold jewelrys worth every time.

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Fast Pick Up From Your Doorstep & Instant Cash For Gold

The process of selling Gold is easy and quick. Old Gold buyers usually take a lot of time to complete the Gold valuation. The customer has to wait to get his money which may affect his financial condition. Selling Gold online is convenient with Muthoot Gold Point because we have made sure to fasten the process along with safe, transparent and scientific valuation methods. The entire procedure is quick and consists of straightforward steps. You will get cash directly transferred to your bank account in no time.

We have introduced a mobile van to Mumbai residents to provide a facility to sell Gold near you. It is Indias first Gold van providing services right at your doorstep.

You can contact us online to sell your Gold at doorstep.

Over 24,000 employees serving millions of customer

Walk in of over 1,00,000 customers per day

Common Mistakes Jewelry Sellers Can Make

Safeguards are critical when selling jewelry to the public. First NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, and NEVER meet an unknown buyer in your house. Personal safety and protection against robbery should be your first priority. If you dont have a way to meet the potential buyer at a public place, then do not sell your jewelry to the general public. Meet the buyer in a public place like a restaurant or shopping mall. I suggest the buyers bank, because if they wish to buy the jewelry they can go and get the cash now and finish the transaction. In addition the bank should have some security if something goes bad.

Fraud should be next on your mind. Cash is the best transaction, checks of all kinds can be faked. Also be aware of switching of jewelry con-men are on the look out for unsuspecting people.

Some other safeguards and precautions are worth taking. First, notify someone of the time and place of your meeting. You can even tell them that you will call after the meeting just to check in. It is helpful to have a mobile phone. It is also a good idea to go with someone else. I have met people with another person standing in the background just watching. Sometimes con-men work in teams and someone looking at the whole situation can see that it is a bad situation in time to help you not get taken.

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The Best Places To Sell Gold For Cash

Bottom Line Recommendation:

Gold prices are currently at their highest levels since 2013. If you have old gold jewelry or gold bullion, selling it can be a great way to get cash immediately while taking advantage of todays high gold prices.

There are plenty of different places to sell gold, not all of which are equally good. The best way to sell your gold is online through a reputable buyer, as youll get a better price than you would selling through a local pawn shop or jewelry store.

For gold wedding bands, engagement rings and other gold jewelry, we recommend selling to Abe Mor Diamond Cutters. Theyll almost always offer the best price for your gold, with a fast, friendly process thats free of any hard-sell sales tactics.

Below, weve provided more information about selling gold locally and online below, including our recommendations to help you get the best possible deal.

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When Is The Right Time To Sell Gold

Our Easy Step

The gold economy is always changing, so, being aware of the current prices will aid you in selling gold for the highest payout. Therefore, the perfect time to sell gold is when the market value is high. While you might get what you may feel is a decent price for your gold, it is always best to wait for the market value to increase before you proceed to sell gold for cash. Be sure to check online the current prices of gold so you can determine the best time to sell your gold piece. Whether you have unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, or even scraps of gold, you can sell them for competitive prices. Remember, selling gold at the right time will maximize your payout.

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How Is Gold Appraised

A regular gold appraisal is the process of evaluating the worth of the gold. A certified jeweler or gemologist will first examine and weigh the gold, and then calculate a monetary value based off the examination. The entire process usually takes about fifteen minutes per piece, as the appraiser tests it, weighs it, and then inspects it.

Test: The test is usually done with hydrochloric acid. The appraiser will apply a small drop of acid onto the gold and if there is no reaction, then the appraiser knows that the piece is made of real gold.

Weigh: The appraiser will weigh the gold piece on a certified scale. It is usually weighed in grams, troy ounces or pennyweight.

Inspect: Lastly, the appraiser will inspect the gold with a 10x magnifying glass to check for any inclusions or abrasions, as this will affect the overall resale value.

Sell Your Old Gold & Silver

For over 40 years Jack Hunt Gold & Silver has been a nationally recognized buyer of old gold & silver. We assess the value of your old gold and silver based upon:

  • Purity
  • Weight
  • Real-Time Market Value*

We ensure you receive expert knowledge, honest service, and the best possible price on every transaction. Valuations are free and customers are under no obligation to sell.

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How To Sell Jewelry Online With Cashforgoldusa:

  • On the CashforGoldUSA site, I plugged in my name and address on their website.
  • Within three days I received a USPS mailer. You can also request a FedEx mailer. Both come with tracking numbers.
  • I stuck the ring in the mailer, dropped it in the mailbox.
  • The next day I received an email with an offer for $159, which I accepted.
  • A $159 PayPay payment within 24 hours. You can also get paid by check or bank transfer. BOOM! Ring was sold.
  • Whats The Price Someone Will Buy Gold From You For

    SPECIAL REPORT: Best Way To Sell Old Gold

    Apart from the market price of gold, the other price that is relevant to you as a gold seller is the price that someone will actually pay you for your gold.

    When a gold buyer buys gold, they are planning on melting it down, recasting it and then reselling it and they will be aiming to sell it for as close to the current gold market price as possible.

    To do this, they will have costs that they need

    • Equipment to smelt gold and recast it in a form which can be sold
    • Employee costs
    • Overheads like rent, electricity, insurance
    • Licenses to professional bodies

    As they are a business, they also want to make a profit to allow the business to continue to operate. For all of these reasons, the price that a gold buyer pays for second-hand gold cant be the market price.

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    Try Cash For Gold Usa

    Another great site where you can sell used jewelry is Cash for Gold USA. This may be the most popular site to sell gold for cash.

    Cash for Gold USA will give you an extra $50 just for using their service your first time. If that isnt an incentive we dont know what is!

    The company will send you a package so you can send them your gold for free. Within a day, theyll have a certified technician appraise your gold.

    Good to Know:

    If youre not happy with the price they offer, they will send your items back to you at no cost. If you go ahead with the sale, youll be paid the next day through PayPal, check or bankwire.

    Why Wait Hours Or Days When You Can Get Cash For Your Gold Now

    What is Scrap Gold?

    Scrap gold is simply any gold that can be melted down and recycled. The value is in the gold metal, not the design of the item.Where to find scrap goldYou may have more gold around your home than you realize. Scrap gold can be any of this:

    • Pieces of broken jewelry
    • Dental bars, bridges, and fillings
    • Gold-rimmed or gold-accented china

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    How Can I Get Cash For Gold

    We all want to earn some extra cash from time to time. Selling gold can be a great way to do this. Just make sure you know the dos and donts before taking the plunge. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Shop around you dont need to decide on a buyer immediately.
  • Read the fine print make sure you understand the buyers policies and conditions.
  • Read reviews you want to make sure you sell your gold to a company with an excellent reputation.
  • Procedure To Sell Gold Ornaments

    We Buy and Sell Old Coins

    The quickest, safest, and easiest way to sell gold ornaments is by visiting one of our MMTC-PAMP Purity Verification Centers near you. To ensure instant payout for your gold, carry the gold ornament the original bill or proof document of the ornament your PAN or Aadhaar card latest proof of residential address and two passport-size photos.

    The entire process at any MMTC-PAMP Purity Verification Center takes 45 to 60 minutes, and having these documents handy will ensure a quicker transaction.

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    How Can I Tell If Gold Is Real

    Before you try to sell your gold, youll want to know if your gold is real. If youre expecting a payday from selling gold, only to find that you dont have actual gold to sell, youll be sorely disappointed.

    There are a few ways to determine whether your gold is real or fake.

    One is to look for . Often, real gold jewelry is marked with its purity, usually on its clasps or the inner part of rings. It will be a number between 1 and 999 or 0K and 24K.

    As a bonus, these markings indicate the purity of the gold, from 0 to 99.9%, or 0 karats to 24 karats.

    These markings may be accompanied by a GF, GP, or GEP, standing for Gold Filled, Gold Plated, or Gold Electroplate respectively.

    Another method is to see if yourgold floats. Authentic gold is quite heavy, so it will quickly sink in a bowl of water. If it floats, it is an imitation or fake gold.

    Real gold is not magnetic. If you have a powerful magnet, see if it attracts your gold. If it does, the gold is impure or false. However, youll need a strong magnet for this test. Most kitchen magnets wont be enough.

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