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What Paint Color Goes With Golden Oak Trim

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Painting Oak Trim White: 4

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors To Use With Honey Oak Trim

When we moved into our house, I was overwhelmed by how much oak wood was in the house. The floors, trim, windows, doors, stairs were all oak. The cabinets in the kitchen and every bathroom cabinet was oak.

There was no color to break up the oak and it made the space look outdated, dark and smaller. After moving in, my first priority was to find out everything I could about painting oak wood white.

Here is everything I learned after painting over 2200 square feet of trim white and the absolute best how to guide on painting oak trim white.

White Wall Paint With White Oak Cabinets And Stainless

If you have oak cabinets and stainless-steel appliances in your kitchen design, you may wonder what paint color will go well with them. If you do not have any option in your mind, you can just choose the easier choice, which is none other but white.

Depending on the cabinet style as well as the oak wood species, the combination can result in a different look. If you need an example, please take a look at the photo of an open-style contemporary kitchen above.

The type of cabinets you see here is from rift white oak. The furniture is in a flat-panel style that is just an excellent match for the contemporary interior.

The color of the wall in this design comes from Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17. The white tone is not too bright, so it gives a relaxing feeling in the interior.

The white wall paint in this design is not only a perfect match for both of the white oak cabinets and the stainless-steel appliances. It is also an excellent selection for the whole area, generally.

As you can see, the kitchen is filled with light brown tones that come not only from cabinets but also from the ceiling, floor, island, and chairs. Without the white walls, which also become the background of the place, the kitchen will look too monotonous.

Tip #: Honey Oak Is Orange

The most important thing to understand about honey oak is that it has a color, and that color is orange, probably yellow-orange. When you are selecting paint colors, furniture, and accessories or, more importantly, fixed elements like countertops and tile, its very important to keep asking yourself: Does this look good with yellow-orange?

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S To Paint Oak Trim White

There are really four steps to painting trim: wash, fix, prep and paint. If you read other tutorials, then you will see they all follow this same idea. I read so many tutorials before I started and took detailed notes. After reading and painting our trim, this became my method that worked really well for me.

With That In Mind What Paint Colors Go Well With Oak Furniture

paint colors to go with golden oak trim

Rich, deep colors in dark gray, anthracite and deep metallic gray with shades of dark blue or green give the oak furniture and cabinets a modern, rich and sophisticated look. For a stark contrast to the golden yellow of the oak furniture, use a deep shade of its complementary counterpart like aubergine or aubergine.

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Will Honey Oak Come Back In Style

Unfortunately, it probably will not. Like many things from the 80’s and 90’s, honey oak had its hay-day and probably will not be making a come back any time soon.

But just because honey oak is no longer the standard, doesn’t mean your home has to be stuck in the same era forever.

Whether your trim, cabinets or flooring are that wondrous shade of orange-yellow, there are in fact things you can do to modernize your home.

In order to figure out what paint colors will work alongside these wood tones, it’s first important to understand the basics of color theory.

The Best Paint Colours To Go With Oak Wood Kylie M Interiors Oak Kitchen Cabinets Oak Kitchen Kitchen Remodel

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Three: Color Suggestions For 2021

Color styles and trends are always evolving and while I believe that a foundation of good design is timeless, I thought you might like to see what paint colors Im pairing with oak in 2021.

For a download of this cheat sheet complete with all the paint codes, take a look at my my free design resource library

Get the 2021 curated collection of the best paints to pair with honey oak. Immediate, free download from True Design House. Interior design advice for the practical & down-to-earth. {{ | #BenjaminMoore | #DesignHelp | #DIYStaging | #HomeAdvice | #HoneyOak | #OakFloors | Interior Design Tips | Home Design Help | The True Design House Best Paints With Honey Oak 2021

Looking for the still popular 2018 collection? It can also be found in the resource library!

What Colors Go Well With Pickled Oak Cabinets

The Best Paint Colours to Update Oak (Wood) Cabinets, Floor or Trim

Sage is the color that will complement the pink undertones of pickled oak cabinets beautifully.

Other than sage, there are some Sherwin William paint colors you should add to your color list. Impetuous SW 6916, Moody Blue SW 6221, and Sea Worthy SW 7620 are among the top choices.

It can be difficult to select a color to go with pink undertones of pickled oaks if you know nothing about colors that go well with pink tinted wood.

Follow this Sherwin William color palette for pickled oak cabinets.

  • For wood cabinets with the light hues of pink, pale and cool wall colors will be your best options. Go for Aqua-Sphere SW 7613 and Watery SW6478.
  • Medium cool shades blend well with the warm hues of pickled oak. Edamame SW 7729 and Antiquity SW 6402
  • If you like High contrasting colors, opt for Cape Verde SW 6482 and Rural Green SW 6418

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Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Like I previously mentioned, gray would not be my first choice to pair with a lot of honey oak cabinetry or trim, simply because it has a tendency to look ashy and dull.

If you are really dead-set on painting your walls gray, then you have to go with a warm gray like SW Repose Gray . It’s one of my all-time favorite colors because it works pretty much everywhere.

If you want a similar tone but a bit lighter, try lightening it by 50%. If you’re looking for more saturation, try SW Mindful Gray which is the next shade darker on the color card.

Kitchen Paint Colors With Oak Cabinets And White Appliances

The last but not least point that we want to discuss in this post is about the suitable wall paints for oak cabinets and a combination of white appliances. We cannot deny that the combo itself is fascinating.

The addition of a white tone on oak cabinets creates a contrast color in a unique way. It seems to create more opportunities for you to color the wall. That is why for this subheading, we will give you two very contrast options of wall paint that you can pick to pair with the combination.

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Who Manufactures Best Honey Oak Slab Door For Cabinet

Any professional woodworker can help you out if you want a honey oak slab door for your kitchen, an excellent choice for a modern and sleek kitchen.

In fact, it is better to hire a professional to get a customized slab door.

Please vote as to which color looks best for a kitchen with honey oak cabinets


The safest option here is to hire a professional woodworker, that way you can get a customized honey oak slab door for your kitchen cabinet.

You can buy slab doors online as well and install them by yourself, it will be a lot of work and might feel a little inconvenient though.

Neutral Paint Colors For The Kitchen

Paint Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Neutral paint colors are timeless, elegant, and particularly trendy right now. White and gray are incredibly popular shades for any room in your house, and the kitchen is no exception.

Here, a stark, cool white paint color is used to counter the warm tones of the wood. This look is great if you are going for a modern or farmhouse style kitchen.

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White Kitchen Wall Paint Colors

Here is a roundup of other gorgeous cool gray paint colors.

This next kitchen features greige colored walls that lean strongly towards beige. A gray/beige paint gives an overall warm feeling to a kitchen, as opposed to the cool feeling that a true gray lends. Greige paint colors are great with wood and white cabinets, and can also work really well with bright accent colors.

Creamy Wall Paint With Stained Red Oak Cabinets And Stainless

If your oak cabinets have a bolder look, the best wall paint choice to pick is something with a similar trait or something from the neutral side. Here, you must consider the cabinets more than the stainless-steel appliances because the appliances are more neutral.

As an example, in the craftsman kitchen photo above, there are stained red oak cabinets that have a warm appearance because of the color. The type of wall paint chosen for this kitchen has a creamy color that is quite similar to Sherwin Williams SW 7106 Honied White or Benjamin Moore Windham Cream HC-6.

The similarity between the oak cabinets color and the wall paint in this kitchen is that both of them look warm. Something like this can build up a cozy atmosphere there too. As you can see, the kitchen above is quite small, but it seems quite comfortable because of the color scheme.

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Paint Colours That Go With Natural Wood Trim

To paint your trim or not to paint your trim, that is the question

Well actually, if youre reading this youve probably already decided to keep your wood trim wood – and I applaud your decision!

Yes, I still love white paint and preach it far and wide. And yes, I sometimes paint wood trim white when its called for.

My heritage apartment with beautiful wood doors and trim: Sherwin Williams Ice Cube on walls


Natural wood is just so incredibly rich and beautiful and organic. Its beautiful in historic homes and modern ones and everything in between.

Paired with white walls , wood provides a natural, warm and modern look and feel. It creates an organically neutral and calming space – but with depth and character!

If youve got beautiful rich and natural wood in your home on the doors and/or trim, I encourage you to think about keeping it – or at least some of it – instead of painting it out white.

That said, if youve got a ton of wood and its making your home too dark, consider painting out the ceiling and floor trim but leaving the rest. Wood trim at the top on ceiling moulding can feel too heavy and bring the height of the room down. Just be consistent – if you paint baseboard floor trim, do it all, not just some .

The key to making wood trim and doors work is to choose a wall colour that will either play up your wood or tone it down so you get the right combination that works well together.

Green Paint Colors For A Kitchen

Help Me, BHG: What Paint Color Goes with My Trim?

Green kitchens as popular for many of the same reasons blue kitchens are. Cool colors are calming and typically pleasing to the eye.

This light sage green kitchen wall is paired with light wood colored cabinets with yellow tones. Green is a great color for yellow toned cabinets because yellow and green are analogous on the color wheel. This means that they will give the space a somewhat monochromatic look to the eye.

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What Colors Go Well With Honey Oak Cabinets

It can be fun remodeling your kitchen, but the hardest part of kitchen designing is choosing the right scheme of colors to work with every element around Honey Oak cabinetry.

Let me refresh your color palette if you want to transform your classic honey oak kitchen into a modern one.

Honey Oak CabinetsGo well for Neutral, light, and cool paint colors with blue and green undertones.

Caesarstone Quartz and Calacatta marble for countertops. Light maple floors for Honey Oak and Yellow birch floor for dark Oak.

Lastly, Stainless steel appliances. Go by these colors and your kitchen will steal the show.

A careful selection of colors to go with honey oak is very important as it can make or break your kitchen appearance.

Pair right shades of paint that has right LRV score which highlights the colors of your kitchens other elements, if they are well matched then you got nothing to worry about.

Can You Paint Over Honey Oak Cabinets

Yes, you can paint over your oak cabinets too! Although, you want to make sure you first prime them! Otherwise, the paint will not stick properly. An excellent choice for your cabinets would be gray. Gray is especially perfect if you have granite or quartz countertops. Theres something about this color that will give your kitchen this sort of modernly elegant feel to it.

However, if you dont want to paint your cabinets, thats fine too! You can take the time to replace the honey oak cabinets if you wish. That way, you can install the types of cabinets that you want instead of settling for something that you didnt want in the first place.

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What Color Countertops Go With Honey Oak Cabinets

If you prefer to have a lighter countertop then go with a white quartz countertop or cream-brown like Cambria Windermere These Colors go well with Honey Oak Cabinets.

Since, white countertops are the rage this year white Cambria will be a better choice. Also, black countertops go particularly well with honey oak cabinets, but it has gone out of fashion.

I would prefer a black countertop as well, but I like to follow the trend, which is light colored countertops like white, light grey, and light gold with brown undertones and they look perfect paired with honey oak cabinets.

You can also go with these marble countertops to modernize your kitchen with honey oak cabinets.

  • Carrara Marble, a popular grey colored Italian marble, some of the grey shades contain blue undertones that seamlessly go well with honey oak.
  • Calacatta Marble, a Crisp White marble with beautiful vein colors such as inky gray, rich gold, brown, and cream. That is what makes it a more popular choice over Carrara.
  • Statuary Marble, usually used as a statue base, it is a crisp white marble with deep grey or black veins popping out.

Wood Trim With Blue Wall Paint

gray walls with oak trim

Blue wall paints are perfect choices for a home with wood trim. Many different shades will go nicely, ranging from a pale blue to a navy.

Light blue is a perfect choice for a bedroom or living room with wood trim.

If you like the paint color in the picture above, check out Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue.

A brighter blue is perfect for a childrens room, and even can be used in a living room for a pop of color. A blue that is similar to the one picture is Sherwin Williams Quench Blue.

While blues are cool colors, a blue with slightly purple undertones trends a bit warm, and will go nicely with wood trim.

In this picture, a blue with purple undertones is featured with blonde colored wood trim. If you prefer this shade of blue, try Sherwin Williams Jacaranda.

Last, navy colored paint will go well with blonde, dark or medium colored wood trim. Navy paint is popular right now, and Sherwin Williams chose Naval as their 2020 Color of the Year.

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Paint Colors To Go With Golden Oak Cabinets

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