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Do Diamonds Look Better In White Or Yellow Gold

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White Gold Vs Yellow Gold And Diamonds

Platinum vs. White Gold | The Diamond Pro Guide

If you are wondering which metal is better for your diamond, both yellow and white gold offer similar specifications in terms of durability and price. The main distinguishing factor between these two metals is in color, so this should be the main consideration.

In order to decide on whether white or yellow gold suits your diamond better, you need to consider the color grade of your diamond.

For colorless and near colorless diamonds, with grades D-I on the color scale, white gold goes perfectly. It will accentuate the brilliance of the diamond and maximize its sparkle.

For diamonds with yellowish tints, J-M on the color scale, a yellow gold setting will minimize the appearance of the tints and highlight the sparkle of the stone. A tinted diamond and a yellow gold setting has a warm look and is a very good combination.

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

A diamond down on the color scale will be significantly lower in price than a colorless diamond. For example, a quick check on the James Allen website showed that a flawless, very good cut 1 carat diamond with D color cost approximately $9,870 while a J color diamond of similar specifications cost $4,470. That is a price difference of $5400!

Settings For Colorless Diamonds

If your diamond is perfectly white, then you have more latitude in choosing the color of your setting.

Yellow gold works fine for white diamonds as they will still stand out when set in it.

However, such a setting will add some yellow tints to your stone, and although there will be contrast, a white setting would be even more suitable.

After all, if youve paid so much money for a white diamond, you want to make sure that its color wont be tinted in any way.

Thats why it is recommended to set a colorless stone in white gold or platinum if you dont want to add more color to the diamond.

There is another reason to choose platinum or white gold for your diamond ring setting and it has to do with durability.

These two materials will last longer than yellow gold, and as a result, you will need to get your ring fixed less frequently.

Platinum, in particular, is a great choice when it comes to rings as the durability of this metal ensures that your prongs will wear down very slowly; yellow gold prongs, on the other hand, are softer, and you will need to have them repaired a lot more often.

How To Shop For Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

To get the biggest bang for your buck you should save money on the diamond color and on the diamond clarity.

As far as diamond clarity is concerned SI1 or SI2 diamonds can give you the largest amounts of value!

Not all SI1 and SI2 diamonds are eye clean and thus you will need to take a closer look at them.

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Not Sure If A Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Is Right For You

If youre still not sure if yellow gold is right for you thats OK! This is one of the last decisions youll have to make so why not leave it until the end. Theres plenty of other things to decide in the meantime. Like your;stone shape,;setting height, and whether or not to get;pavé diamonds;on the band.

In the meantime,;order up a free try at home kit;to try on some white gold settings and see how they look on your skin tone. Or, if youre still waffling between stone shapes request a free sketch of your dream ring. Theres no limit, and we can help you visualize the carat weights on your actual ring size.

What Is The Best Diamond Color For Yellow Gold Rings

J yellow tinted diamond and rose gold help

Who doesnt love classic gold against a bright white diamond? The combination is timeless and lends itself well to a variety of ring styles. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, the perfect;diamond wedding band, or a special occasion ring, you might wonder which diamonds pair best with certain bands. In this article, were going to help you discover the best diamond color for yellow gold rings.

There are ways to browse diamonds and ring bands online, all thanks to the precision of magnified images and up-close videos that jewelers post on their product pages. When;buying diamonds online, there are plenty of options to help you make the right choice.

No matter how long you look at diamonds or peruse the different band colors, the differences won’t make any sense to you if you’re not sure what to look for. Today, we’re going to focus on helping those of you with yellow gold rings find the best diamond to pair with your band. If youre wondering which color diamond will suit your yellow gold ring the best, keep on reading!

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The Best Color For A Round Cut Diamond On A Yellow Gold Ring

In general for yellow gold rings any diamond within the J L Color range will look perfectly fine.

I know that people worry a lot that a K colored diamond will show a slight hint of color when it is mounted on the ring. And this is definitely true for white gold and platinum ring settings.

However, diamonds tend to absorb much more color of yellow gold than they absorb the color of white gold. This is why you will not really see the difference between an H colored diamond and a K colored diamond on a yellow gold ring.

To prove my point I have taken an H colored diamond and a K colored diamond that are set on the same yellow gold ring setting. On the left we have an H colored diamond on the right we have a K colored diamond:

If you actually on any of these two pictures you will be able to view the entire ring from all angles and from all sides.

What you will quickly realize is that it is very hard to make out a difference! Also remember that you are actually viewing both rings in 20x magnification! And the difference between an H color and a K color is three color grades!

A K-colored diamond on a yellow gold ring will always look good on yellow gold.

Just have a look at the diamond rings below. They both contain K colored diamonds. The one on the left is set on a pavé ring setting and the one on the right is set on a three stone ring setting:

Both diamond rings look absolutely good in 360° view as well!

What Is A H Colored Diamond

When gem quality diamonds are graded for color, they are assessed based on the absence of color in a face down manner under a controlled environment. They are then assigned a rating based on a scale of D-Z; with D being completely colorless and Z having a light color tint.

The H color rating falls under the category of Near Colorless. As you can see from the chart above, the differences in hue are very subtle from one grade to another. While these color distinctions are minute, they can result in big differences in value and prices.

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What Is White Gold And Yellow Gold

Pure gold has been mined from the earth since ancient times, and has been valued as a mode of exchange from the very beginning. Pure gold is bright yellow in color and also tends to be very soft. It is not recommended for use in most jewelry as items made from pure gold wear out much quicker and easily lose shape and bend.

To combat this, other metals are mixed in with the gold to produce stronger and more durable alloys. Both yellow gold and white gold used for jewelry are pure gold alloys. Heres a quick breakdown of what this means:

Metals That Can Create A Warm Look With Lower Color Grade Diamonds


Even though the general market has a preference for white looking diamond rings, there are also people who love having a warm look in their jewelry.

From experience, I find that lower color grade diamonds in the I, J and K range will go well with colored metal settings like yellow gold and rose gold. And if you are someone who loves vintage styles and appearances, enhancing the warmth in the diamond color would help you achieve that look.

Both diamonds blend well with the yellow gold settings to create a homogenous appearance.

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What Is The Best Diamond Color For White Gold Rings

White gold is currently the most popular ring metal for diamond engagement rings and is also considerably cheaper than platinum. It is even more popular than yellow gold! This might have to do with the fact that white gold is a little bit more durable than yellow gold and also is better suited for white diamonds according to many opinions.

In this post I want to show you which diamond color I consider to be best suited for white gold.

Of course, my main focus will be on showing you the diamond color that also gives you the best value for your money!

White Gold Vs Platinum What Jewellers Wont Tell You

Last week I received brochures from both The Platinum Guild and World Gold Council, espousing the benefits of their respective metals. However, during the purchasing process many consumers take advice from a jewellery sales person and end up bereft of any useful facts on the subject.

Above: World Gold Council and Platinum Guild Brochures

The fact of the matter is, is that both white gold and platinum both have their own unique properties and hence benefits. By and large, many of these are not explained too well to the would be jewellery buyer, but are outlined below.

Hardness vs Malleability???!!!

Density and WeightPlatinum alloys are about 20% denser than white gold. This results in a ring that feels more substantial, and thus more luxurious, even though it may be very fine.

PriceWith the spot price of platinum and gold being very much the same nowadays, many people ask us why platinum is still more expensive that white gold. There are four main reasons for this:

White Gold AllergiesOne of the benefits espoused by The Platinum Guild is that platinum is hypoallergenic. Whilst this is true, so is most 18kt white gold, in Australia at least. Whilst nickel was commonly used to alloy white gold in the past, most manufacturing jewellers in Australia use a palladium based alloy that is free from nickel. However, nickel, being a much cheaper metal than palladium is still used widely overseas, and thus some people may suffer from nickel allergies with imported jewellery.

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How A H Diamond Looks Like In A White Gold/platinum Setting

This 6 prong solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold from;features a 0.616ct H VS2 round diamond. The total price of the ring comes in at $3,400 .

When worn on the finger and viewed casually, its extremely hard to see color differences. In fact, when I gave the ring to my wife, I asked her to make a guess of the diamonds color. Guess what she replied?

She thought it was a D color diamond ring!

Even from the side profile view of the ring, the color tint is extremely hard to pick up because of the environmental colors .

Which One Is Better For Smaller Budgets

J yellow tinted diamond and rose gold help

There is very little price difference between white gold and yellow gold, because the amount of real gold in them is the same . And the gold is what you’re paying for, not the alloys. However, white gold may be just slightly more expensive because of the rhodium plating.

The real price difference, though, is in the kind of diamond you can mount in them. If you’re not sure what kind of setting style and shape to choose, visit James Allen’s Inspiration Gallery before you buy an engagement ring. This feature allows you to see real images of rings people have purchased in the past and can help you figure out what style matches you best.

White gold rings show color more easily. A diamond with a slightly stronger yellow tint will be more easily noticed. So it’s best if you don’t go below a diamond color of H if you’re setting it in white gold.


On the other hand, yellow gold rings can better accommodate diamonds on the lower color scale. In fact, they’re beautiful together. You can safely go down to a J diamond or even a K diamond if you like warm-toned jewelry.

Take a look at this example. The diamond in each ring is color J, but notice how it looks much whiter in a yellow gold setting.

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What Is Diamond Color

A diamonds color refers to how clear or yellow it is. In general, the highest quality diamonds are totally colorless, whereas lower quality diamonds can often have a slight yellow tint.

Diamond color is measured using Gemological Institute of America, or GIA color scale which goes from D all the way to Z . Between D and Z , there are numerous diamond color grades, ranging from near colorless to slightly yellow.

When youre looking for diamonds to purchase, the diamond color is one aspect of the buying process that you shouldnt overlook. Diamonds can vary hugely in price based on their color, meaning that picking the right color for your specific needs could help you save a lot of money without affecting the appearance of your fiancé-to-bes ring.

Distinctly colored diamonds are prized pieces and are available in colors such as blue, pink and yellow. In white diamonds, however, a yellow tint is generally not seen as desirable.

This is because when slight coloring is present, less natural color of the light is reflected back to the eye. The more colorless a diamond is, generally the more radiant, valuable, and rare it is as well.

Colorless diamonds are definitely scarce and rank much higher on the color grading scale than a diamond that has even the softest touch of yellow.

Choose Your Diamond Shape Wisely

Another thing that can change how large a diamond looks is its shape. Diamonds can be cut into many different shapes, such as round, princess, or oval. But each diamond shape has its mass distributed differently. Some diamond shapes have more mass on their table , which makes them look much larger per carat.;

Wondering which diamond shapes look the largest per carat? The four shapes that look the largest per carat are : marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Among these shapes, oval diamonds are a top choice among those who want a classic-style engagement ring, yet want to maximize the size of their engagement rings center diamond. Oval cut diamonds look quite a bit larger than round diamonds per carat, yet they have a similar traditional look.;

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Platinum Vs White Gold Composition

18 Karat and 14 Karat gold jewelry is made primarily of gold along with a mix of durable metals like nickel, zinc, copper and a rhodium platingas gold by itself is relatively soft. 18 Karat is 75% gold, while 14 Karat is 58.3% gold.

Platinum used in jewelry, on the other hand, is more puretypically between 95-98% platinumwith the remaining percentage rhodium and silver. Stronger and more durable than gold, platinum is the heaviest and densest precious metal. As you can see, gold used in jewelry depends on a higher percentage of alloys and rhodium for its strength and durability. If youre still unsure about the differences in composition between gold vs platinum, our experts can help.

Which Gold Color Is Better For A Diamond Ring

White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold?

Although white gold metal is more expensive than yellow gold due to the rhodium plating, this is not a considered factor in the price of a diamond ring.

To decide on which gold color is best for your diamond stone, you need to observe it under natural light and some good magnification to assess its cut and any harsh color undertones.

The prongs that hold the diamond stone in place are also important and should be considered. For white gold rings, coloring the prongs yellow gold will help even out the undertones.

For yellow gold rings however, the prongs always have to match the metal as white prongs would make the yellow hues more visible.

Depending on the diamonds cut and color, white gold or yellow gold metals are great choices with a proven track record.

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Will Setting A Diamond In Yellow Gold Make It Look Yellow

On the same note, setting the same 1.214 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond in something like our 14k yellow gold full bezel ring, will make the diamond look more like a J-color, because the yellow gold is touching the diamond and thus the color will reflect throughout the diamond. Of course this is all relative, because the reality is that all sorts of colors will be present in the room when you are wearing your diamond, and the diamond will have a tendency to pick up all of those colors and reflect them, as well as whatever the color of the prongs or metal that holding the diamond in place happens to be

But as a general rule of thumb, you can figure that the color of the metal touching the edge of a diamond, will raise or lower the perceived color grade by one level, with white metal prongs giving the diamond a slightly cooler appearance, and yellow gold giving it a slightly warmer appearance.

Arguably it is unlikely that the majority of people would be able to ascertain the difference of one color grade between diamonds, such as the difference in color between an H-color and I-color diamond, therefore Im not sure that the potential affect of the color of the prongs which hold a diamond in place should take up much space in your mind.

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