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What Channel Is Gold Rush On

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Gold Rush Season 12 Release Date Cast And Locations

Dave Finds Hidden Gold Claim Worth Millions | Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

In the 1840s, people traveled from far and wide to California, in search of gold. Prospectors without anything to their names headed west in the hopes of striking it rich, and while you may initially think all the gold out there has been dug up, there are still plenty of people with that excavator spirit.

Discovery follows some of these modern-day gold diggers in the hit reality TV series, “Gold Rush.” In the 21st century, they have a lot more at their disposal than just a pickaxe and a tin plate. With massive crews, the likes of Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets venture into what seem like barren landscapes to try to raise their fortunes.

People can’t seem to get enough of it, as the fight for riches brings with it plenty of drama. There’s only so much gold to go around, and as long as that metal’s in the earth, these crews are going to dig for it. Season 12 hasn’t yet received the green light, but it’s a fairly safe bet that the announcement will come sooner or later, considering the massive popularity of the series. Here’s everything we know so far about Season 12 of “Gold Rush.”

: This article has been updated to reflect the September premiere of “Gold Rush” Season 12.

Who Is Back For Gold Rush Season 12

The big three are back for Gold Rush Season 12. The 27-year-old Parker Schnabel is ready to beat his previous records. However, his biggest problem is that he has run out of land. He has mined out his claims.

Could a narrow pay streak be rich with pay? He needs to gamble millions of dollars to dig 50 feet down below. Will there be gold?

In addition, Tony Beets and his family of gold miners are ready to tackle the Yukon. You dont call Tony the King of the Klondike for nothing. He has spent $5 million on more equipment. Does more equipment mean bigger results?

Tony loves the big machines. He believes that is the secret to his success. Now that he is reopening his Indian River claim, and mining Paradise Hill, he is putting everything on the line.

But, there is a hitch in his plans. Tony needs a water license at Indian River. Fans of Gold Rush know that there is a huge local issue with water licenses. Will this important document cause delays?

Lastly, Rick Ness is also back, ready to show that he can compete with the other two. He is starting early, and ready to make it happen. However, he lost two crew members. Does this mean that his season will suffer?

Rick Ness will bring someone special this year. His girlfriend, Leese M. Arie, is coming along to help out. There is no information on whether she will be on camera along with the Ness Team.

Put all pedals to the metal.

Gold Rush

Scenes Are Reshot Multiple Times

Not every scene you see in Gold Rush is actually a real-life spontaneous event or conversation. In fact, the producers often have to get the cast to reshoot scenes multiple times. This often happens when plans are made off-camera at night and then the producers need an explanation for what is happening the next day.

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Fans Show Up At The Mines To See Their Favorites In Action

Theres a growing problem with Gold Rush as its popularity has increased over the years. Fans now regularly gather at the sites where the show is filmed. This poses a problem for both the film crew and the miners, as the producers dont want members of the public in shots and they could pose a risk with all the heavy machinery.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth: $5 Million

Gold Rush

Hoffman left the show in 2019. He had been a cast member from season one to season eight. Todd had been featured in 160 episodes of Gold Rush until his exit.

He worked as a mine operator alongside his father. Todd left the show to pursue a career in music. Hoffman has a net worth of about $5 million. His salary per episode was reported to be about $25,000.

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Those Cast Skirmishes Are Scripted Not Authentic

Reality television shows such as this one pride themselves on their authenticity, but how real are they? One former cast member, Jimmy Dorsey, revealed in an interview that a lot of what viewers see on television is scripted. The cast knows what is going to happen long before they ever start shooting.

The Crews Have Gotten In Trouble With The Law

The miners involved in Gold Rush have occasionally fallen foul of the law. For instance, the crews have gotten in trouble for illegally shooting bears that posed no threat to them or their property. In other cases, they have faced allegations of destroying natural habitats and disrupting the lives of nearby wildlife.

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Gold Rush: Winters Fortune Premieres Friday On Discovery

“Gold Rush Winter’s Fortune” premieres on Discovery July 30, 2021.

The Discovery Channels popular reality series, Gold Rush, has a new spinoff. Gold Rush: Winters Fortune premieres Friday, July 30, at 8 p.m. EDT on Discovery. You can also watch it on FuboTV , Sling and Philo.

In this season, miners will face life-threatening conditions and below-freezing temperatures as they work to purchase the right land in the face of rising gold prices. Watch as Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Fred Lewis and Dustin Hurt prepare in the off-season for spring mining.

Tune in to see who fails to sufficiently prepare and who succeeds in ensuring their most successful gold mining season yet.

Todd Hoffman Is A Millionaire

Fights, Fires And Buckets Full Of Gold I Gold Rush S11 Highlights

Todd Hoffman’s journey attracted viewers from the beginning, as they wanted to know how things would work out for him. People could relate to this man having money trouble because of the recession, and looking for a new way to make a living. Before getting into gold mining, Hoffman actually owned his own airport and was in the aviation business . But when he realized that wasn’t a reliable income anymore, he turned to gold mining and got his family involved.

Todd Hoffman’s net worth is about $7 million , with the miner pulling in about $25,000 per episode from “Gold Rush,” according to TV Star Bio. Given that he’s starred in eight seasons and Discovery recently announced he’s coming back for the next one, that is quite a bit of money he’s made, on top of whatever he finds mining as the owner and operator of the 316 Mining company. “Gold Rush” may make it look like all of these miners are barely getting by, but many are making quite a bit of money.

Gold mining may be an unpredictable way to earn a living, but Hoffman and the rest of the “Gold Rush” miners are doing pretty well for themselves.

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Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

This spin-off series follows Dave Turin, formerly of the Hoffman crew, as he looks to start new mining operations at disused gold mines in the Western United States. The series debuted in March 2019, centering on a placer mine along Lynx Creek near Prescott Valley, Arizona. In 2020, the show’s second season ran from February to April, with eight episodes centering on a placer mine in Birdseye, near . In 2021, the show’s third season ran 19 episodes from March to July, centering on a placer mine along Box Creek in Lake County, Colorado for 12 weeks before moving back to Lynx Creek in Arizona for the last four weeks.

List Of Gold Rush Episodes

Gold Rush is a realitytelevision series that airs on Discovery Channel, with reruns also airing on TLC. The show’s ninth season began airing on October 12, 2018. As of May 4, 2018, a total of 176 episodes of Gold Rush have been aired, including 16 specials and two mini-series.

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What You Don’t Know About Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel

“Gold Rush,” the Discovery Channels hit reality TV series, is back this fall for a 12th season and fans are diggin’ it! Last Friday the Discovery channel announced via Twitter that the new season premieres September 24th and although he ran out of mining land in season 11, Parker Schnabel is back, and in a big way .

Discovery Go reports that Parker was operating heavy equipment and machinery by the time his “feet could reach the petals” for his family gold mining business, Big Nugget Mine. Big Nugget is a major focus of “Gold Rush,” which first debuted in 2010 on the Discovery Channel and Parker, only 16 years old at the time, proved that he could keep up with if not surpass, the efforts of older and more experienced miners.

Valiant CEO shares that Parker is so skilled and successful, his peers have deemed him the “Young Master” and we did some digging of our own to learn more about this 27-year-young gold mining entrepreneur.

Fred Hurt Net Worth: $6 Million

The Student Eye » Gold Rush

Hurt was first featured on the show in 2011. He has appeared in 62 episodes so far. Fred is a mining boss at the Porcupine Creek.

His background comes from marine construction, commercial diving, and gold mining. Fred Hurt started his gold mining career in 2004 in Alaska.

However, he did not get lucky to get enough gold. He moved to other claim areas and then returned to Alaskas Little Shaw Lake.

Here, his construction skills shone through as he built a gold processing plant from his designs. His efforts paid off after his team mined over 600 ounces of the precious metal.

Fred has managed to get wealthy from all his hard work. He is estimated to be worth about $6 million. Fred makes $22,000 per episode on the hit reality show.

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The Miners Are Often Good Friends Who Have A Lot Of Fun Off

A part of the mining experience that is rarely shown on camera is the camaraderie that the miners share with each other. The relationships on the show between the crews often look strained but in reality, many of them are friends. They spend so much time together eating, drinking, and working that they can become good friends and have a lot of fun with each other.

The Salaries The Miners Get Paid By Discovery

Anyone watching Gold Rush would probably assume that most of the miners are struggling for money. If they dont make a certain quota of gold, the producers make out like the crew will go home empty-handed. That is not strictly true as the cast are all paid a salary. The likes of Todd Hoffman could make hundreds of thousands of dollars a season, while those lower down the pecking order still came away with a nice chunk of change.

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Gold Rush: The Jungle

Between the second and third seasons, Todd Hoffman and several crew members traveled to a remote site in Guyana in South America to determine the feasibility of opening up an operation there during the Klondike offseasons. The trip was covered in a single one-hour episode. Although they did discover gold on the claim site, it was not of a sufficient quantity to cover the high expenses of mining the remote site which was accessible only by hiking through a trackless jungle after a harrowing river passage. While the Hoffman crew does go to Guyana for season 4 a year later, given the low probability of profitability, Hoffman chose not to pursue the venture for season 3. The episode ended with doubt about whether they would return.

How To Watch Gold Rush Season 12 Online In The Us

Searching for Equipment Lost in an Avalanche | Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

Season 12 of Gold Rush premieres on the Discovery Channel on Friday, September 24 at 8pm ET / PT. Simply tune in to the channel to watch a new episode of the reality TV show each week at the same time.

If you dont have cable, the Discovery Channel has its very own streaming service, Discovery Plus, where episodes of Gold Rush will be available to watch online. Youll need to subscription or go ad free for $6.99 a month but use the 7-day FREE trialfirst to see if the eservice is for you.

Or if you prefer to use an OTT streaming service there are lots of options. Get Sling TV for $10 for your first monthand watch Discovery live through its Sling Blue package. Alternatively, make the most of the 7-day FuboTV free trial with their Starter package.

Not currently in the US?Get ExpressVPN – our top recommendation of VPN – to make sure you can access your usual streaming service and shows whilst youre away from home.

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Gold Rush Cast Mike Beets Net Worth: $200000

Beets made his reality show debut on the series in 2015. Mike has been featured in 60 episodes so far until 2021. He is the son of Tony and Minnie Beets.

He works alongside his siblings, Monica and Kevin. Mike works as an operator of heavy gold mining machinery in Klondike, Yukon, Canada. His net worth is $200,000. Mikes annual salary is estimated to be about $62,000.

Kevin Beets Net Worth: $960000

Beets is in 100 episodes of Gold Rush, from 2014 to 2021. Kevin works as a mechanic and also as a miner. His father is Tony Beets, and his mother is Minnie Beets. He also works alongside his sister Monica Beets. It seems gold mining is a family affair for the Beets household.

Caption: Gold Rush Cast Kevin Beets

He began working in gold mining at the tender age of 13. Now at 31 years of age, Kevin has had 18 years worth of gold mining experience. It gave him invaluable knowledge and skills in gold mining. Kevin is estimated to have a net worth of $960,000.

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Is Parker Schnabel Still On ‘gold Rush’

Parker was last seen on Gold Rush in 2020 as he dealt with the issues of running his business during the pandemic. But even though so much devastation was going on across the country, things ended up looking good for him.

In a clip posted by the show on Facebook in May 2021, we see Parker and his crew talking about how they’ve had a really good mining season. After they weigh it all and do all the calculations, we see that they bring in a record-breaking 7504.9 ounces of gold. It was worth almost $14 million, which is four million more than their previous goal.

You can watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel and Discovery Plus.

Rick Ness And The Gold Rush Mid Season Situation So Far

Discovery Channel

The Discovery series features Rick Ness at the top of the latest episode, but lets discuss where we left off last week.

Mud Mountain for Parker Schnabel is turning into a million-dollar money pit, as Big Red and Sluicifer are cranking. Parker takes a chance shutting down a working wash plant and, despite the grousing from Chris Doumitt and Mitch Blaschke and the skeleton crew, left on Big Red. Tyson took five workers to Mud Mountain, including Tatiana Costa. In the end, he cleared 316.75 ounces for the week. Parker has 2838.85 ounces for the season so far.

Meanwhile, Fred Lewis has issues, notably within his veteran ranks. Fred needs to cover his costs and pay them all. Stuart McKenzie, especially son Christopher Parker and Freds wife Khara Lewis, are bickering and having major communications issues.

Fred sends Christopher to attitude adjustment boot camp with Tony Beets. Every kid should be forced to do a tour of duty with Beets. This country would be better for it. He ended the last episode with near 18 ounces of gold for the season.

And Ness and crew at Duncan Creek are still struggling to get the gold, but will he make the 2000 ounce goal? So far, hes under 600 ounces at the halfway mark, and hes sweating bullets.

The Bacon Strip Pay is mined out, and his go-to crew, Chris Kruse and Brennan Ruault hope he has a solid plan that will reveal itself in this latest episode. Will the Deep Cut, the bane of his last season, actually have some gold in the pay?

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Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush Net Worth: $400000

Dodge has appeared in 99 episodes of the Gold Rush series dating back from 2011. As of 2021, he is still a significant part of the show.

He started off appearing in a few episodes in season one and season two. Afterward, in season three, he became a permanent Gold Rush cast. He has worked for the Hoffmans as a gold miner in the mines at Guyana.

Fred works as a gold prospector. He began his gold mining career at the age of eight years. Fred is estimated to have a net worth of $400,000. His annual income from the show is reported to be about $32,000.

Gold Rush: White Water

This spin-off series follows the “Dakota Boys”âDustin and his father, “Dakota” Fredâas they mine McKinley and Cahoon Creeks in Haines Borough, Alaska, using an unconventional dredging method: diving into whitewater collection pools at the base of high country waterfalls. The series debuted in January 2018.

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