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White Gold With Diamond Ring

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Does My White Gold Ring Need To Be Rhodium Plated

14K White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Crossover Ring

Yes. White gold is nothing but a mix of pure yellow gold with white metals. The presence of yellow gold in the mix makes it impossible for white gold to be totally white. White gold in its purest form actually has a slight greyish tint. To achieve an ultra-white finish, white gold is always rhodium-plated with a thin layer of another metal .

Over time, white gold rings lose their rhodium plating and turn slightly more grey. To make the ring regain its ultra-white finish, you must rhodium-plate your ring again, usually every 2-3 years.

NOTE: My Diamond Ring offers free rhodium plating to all its customers.

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Halo Engagement Rings At Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we offer stunning diamond halo engagement rings, and gemstone engagement rings with diamond halos. Our beautiful styles include square, pear shape, round and emerald-cut halos, as well as unique floral-inspired designs.

Halo rings are a much-loved style, because they amplify the sparkle and size of your centre stone.

Diamond Ring White Gold

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What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement ring features a single diamond as the centrepiece. The diamond is usually set in an unadorned metal band, but some styles include a beautiful feature of diamonds set along the ring band for extra sparkle. A solitaire engagement ring is timeless and elegant, and puts your sparkling diamond at centre stage.

Is White Gold Good For An Engagement Ring

18ct White Gold Diamond Ring

Yes. White gold is the most popular metal for wedding and engagement rings for various reasons:

  • it provides a timeless look for any style.
  • it is harder than yellow gold. Why? The color itself is achieved by mixing pure gold with other white metals such as nickel or palladium, known for their sturdiness. This makes white gold a perfect choice for engagement rings that need to provide the extra security that the diamond won´t fall off.
  • it is much appreciated by men and women because of how the neutral color matches everything.
  • it fits any skin tone.

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What Finger Is An Engagement Ring Usually Worn On

While the engagement ring is often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger, this may vary depending on your culture and beliefs.

In many countries around the world, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the right hand, and the increased popularity of mens engagement rings has meant many men choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand, and their wedding band on their left hand.

White Gold Gold Diamond Rings

  • $1,080.00saleReg. $2,700.00
  • $1,500.00saleReg. $3,750.00
  • $2,950.00saleReg. $7,375.00

    The Regal Collection IGL Certified Diamond Square Halo Engagement Ring Set in 14k White Gold

  • $1,050.00saleReg. $2,625.00
  • $2,050.00saleReg. $5,125.00

    Evolv 14k White Gold 1.5 Carat T.W. IGI Certified Lab-Grown Diamond Teardrop Halo Engagement Ring Set

  • 10k White Gold 1 Carat T.W. Diamond 3-Stone Halo Engagement Ring

  • $1,700.00saleReg. $4,250.00
  • $800.00saleReg. $2,000.00
  • $1,600.00saleReg. $4,000.00
  • Lovemark 10k Gold 1 Carat T.W. Diamond 3-Stone Ring

  • 10k White Gold 1/2 Carat T.W. Diamond Crossover Ring

  • $1,270.00sale

    Alyson Layne 14k White Gold Emerald-Cut Black Onyx & 1/3 Carat T.W. Diamond Ring

  • $1,270.00sale

    Alyson Layne 14k White Gold Emerald-Cut Amethyst & 1/3 Carat T.W. Diamond Ring

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What Is A Halo Engagement Ring

A halo engagement ring is a style that surrounds the centre diamond or gemstone with a ring or halo of smaller diamonds. The effect of the halo is to give you a bigger look and extra sparkle, as the surrounding diamonds catch the light in addition to the centre stone. For a truly dazzling look, double halo engagement rings are real show-stoppers.

Halo engagement rings are timelessly beautiful, and offer a larger look for your engagement ring at excellent value.

White Gold Diamond Rings

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold
  • $1,080.00saleReg. $2,700.00
  • $4,000.00saleReg. $10,000.00

    Simply Vera Vera Wang 14k White Gold 1 1/2 Carat T.W. Certified Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring Set

  • The Regal Collection 14k White Gold 1 1/2 Carat T.W. Certified Diamond Engagement Ring Set

  • $2,300.00saleReg. $5,750.00
  • $1,500.00saleReg. $3,750.00
  • $800.00saleReg. $2,000.00
  • $1,600.00saleReg. $4,000.00
  • $3,100.00saleReg. $7,750.00

    The Regal Collection IGL Certified Diamond 3-Stone Halo Two Tone Engagement Ring in 14k Gold

  • 10k White Gold 2 Carat T.W. Diamond Swirl Multi Row Ring

  • $1,970.00saleReg. $4,925.00

    The Regal Collection Princess-Cut IGL Certified Diamond Frame Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

  • Simply Vera Vera Wang 14k White Gold 3/4 Carat T.W. Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Set

  • $1,522.50sale

    Simply Vera Vera Wang 14KT White Gold 3/4 Carat T.W. Pear Center Diamond Engagement Ring

  • $1,700.00saleReg. $4,250.00
  • Lovemark 10k Gold 1 Carat T.W. Diamond 3-Stone Ring

  • $341.25 – $390.00sale
  • Lovemark 10k White Gold 1 Carat T.W. Blue & White Diamond Bypass Ring

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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings At Michael Hill

Secure her hand with one of Michael Hill’s stunning diamond solitaires for a classic engagement ring with real impact. Our range of round brilliant and princess cut solitaires set in yellow or white gold are sure to please, or select a ring from our Evermore Collection for a solitaire that delivers even more when it comes to size, quality, and value for money.

Michael Hill is your destination for exquisite solitaire diamond rings. Our engagement ring range includes solitaire diamonds in the most-loved round brilliant cut and princess cut, as well as our exclusive Southern Star diamond cut which features 65 facets for magical sparkle.

Make your solitaire diamond ring perfectly yours by pairing your chosen diamond shape with your favourite shade of gold, including yellow, rose, and white gold. Or, add extra sparkle with a style that displays a trail of diamonds along the rings shoulders.

How Do I Choose The Right Diamond Cut

Choosing the right diamond cut for your engagement ring is a deeply personal decision, so be sure to follow your heart and select the cut you love, rather than what might be fashionable or popular.

The cut you choose will depend on the style you like, whether that be contemporary or traditional, classic elegance or maximum impact. A round brilliant or princess cut diamond is a timeless choice, while a pear or emerald cut diamond in a halo ring setting can give a more contemporary feel. When selecting your diamond cut, make sure you choose something you will love wearing for a lifetime. For more information on diamond cuts, consult our diamond guide.

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White Gold Diamond Ring

Square Cluster Halo Ring With 075 Carat Tw Of Diamonds In 10kt White Gold

Amazing 18k White Gold 6.43ct diamond engagement ring

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    Own the jewellery wardrobe of your dreams, with the chance to win a $2,500 Michael Hill Gift Card. to your Brilliance account online or for free. And, add to your Wishlist from 17th October to 13th November to be in the running. 4Exclusions and T& Cs Apply

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What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Rings Designs

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of different engagement ring designs to account for the many different styles and personalities of the men and women who wear them.

Most engagement rings feature a central stone, usually a diamond – though gemstones such as sapphire and morganite are also popular. Some engagement rings feature a centrepiece with a cluster of smaller stones that are set to give the look of a larger stone, or to create a unique shape, called cluster engagement rings. Engagement stones come in a range of cuts, including pear, round brilliant, princess, oval cut and more. These can be set in a solitaire style, with the stone taking centre stage on a white or yellow gold band, or in a halo style, surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds for added sparkle. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are also a popular choice, offering a uniquely romantic charm.

Is White Gold Cheaper Than Platinum

Platinum is known to be the most expensive metal. But… what few people know is that platinum is actually less expensive than gold as a metal! The work that goes into making a platinum ring, however, is what justifies its higher price: Platinum rings need to be entirely made by hand, while gold rings can be first cast, and then finished by hand.

FAQ:My Diamond Ring does not offer Platinum as a metal choice. Can My Diamond Ring make my selected ring in Platinum?

Yes. It would come at an added cost, but we can produce your chosen ring entirely by hand, in Platinum. For any special requests, simply get in touch with our customer service at

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Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Whether theyve already said Yes or youre looking for a piece to take their breath away when you ask the question, selecting an engagement ring is a momentous and deeply personal occasion. Choosing a womens or mens engagement ring signifies the beginning of the wedding preparations, and the start of your married life. To find the perfect engagement ring, its important to focus on the style and personality of the wearer and select a piece that will not only suit them, but that they will love to wear for a lifetime. Consider if their style is modern or vintage, opulent or simple, and select the stone, cut, carat and setting that best matches their style. You may decide on a round brilliant cut diamond set in a white gold band for a timeless and simple style, or a pear shaped diamond or oval cut sapphire to make a modern statement. Whatever design you choose, keeping your partner front and centre while making your selection or involving them in the process will ensure you find a piece they will treasure forever. To get started choosing an engagement ring your partner will love, view our helpful guide.

Which Gold Color Is More Expensive

White gold and diamond band | wedding ring design

White gold jewelry can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold jewelry , because of the manufacturing process it undergoes while being mixed and coated.

However we, at My Diamond Ring, gave all our gold colors the same price. White gold will cost you just as much as yellow or pink gold.

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