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Princess Cut White Gold Engagement Rings

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White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 3.0 Carat in 14K White Gold

Princess Cut Engagement Rings White Gold

Why Shop Princess Cut Rings At Morgan Jewelers

At Morgan Jewelers, we have been dedicated to helping brides and grooms find their ideal bridal jewelry piece since our first store opened in 1914. Since then, we have expanded to sixteen locations across the Rocky Mountain region and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers. When you are ready to start shopping for your princess cut ring, visit one of our showrooms where our talented team of experts are ready to help you explore our fine collections. Find a location near you and schedule your personalized shopping experience today.

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White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A white gold princess cut engagement ring is a classic-with-a-twist choice to celebrate a proposal. Instead of the traditional curves typically associated with diamonds used in engagement ring styles, princess cut diamonds feature a square shape with defined tips. Princess diamonds come in wide-ranging grades of cut, color, and clarity , allowing for variation and a lot of options.

Once you’ve selected the right stone, the perfect white gold princess cut engagement ring must have a carefully selected engagement ring setting. Pavé bands with diamonds that wrap half of the way around the band are the most popular choice for a princess cut white gold engagement ring, but the options are limitless choose a setting that fits you and your partner’s style and reflects the uniqueness of your love story.

Why Are Princess Cut Diamonds More Expensive

0.50 Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Wedding Promise Ring 14k White ...

Princess cut diamonds are actually less expensive than round brilliants and many other shapes due to their ability to retain more of the rough diamond during the cutting and polishing process of the stone. So, in general lines, you will find that the price per carat of a princess cut diamond is a lot more affordable than for a round brilliant diamond.

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Princess Cut Engagement Rings From Shane Co

Shane Co. is a leader in fine jewelry and design. We provide our customers with long-lasting, high-quality pieces, and our princess cut engagement rings are no exception. These beautiful, highly sought after rings are guaranteed to blow you away with their brilliance and beauty. Our princess cut rings are uniquely beautiful and crafted by jewelers with over four generations worth of experience. Interested in other styles of rings? Learn more about Shane Co. and all of the unique designs that are offered.

  • What Is a Princess Cut?

    Princess cut diamonds or gemstones are square-shaped pieces with corners and an inverted pyramid base. They are considered a modern cut that works well with many different rings styles. The faceted arrangement of the diamond is designed to offer a stunning sparkle as well. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes, just behind round diamonds. These can be cut to be perfectly square or slightly rectangular.

  • Why Select a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

    Princess cut diamonds can be more cost effective than a round cut diamond if its equal in the . A princess cut diamond can also have another stone set directly next to it due to the clean lines and corners. While they are simple and elegant, they are also very versatile and easy to customize. These rings also pair beautifully with wedding bands, making princess cut engagement ring sets a popular choice among many brides.

  • Is Round Or Princess

    As it turns out, both princesses cut diamonds and round diamonds offer unique advantages. Round cuts tend to have greater brilliance, whereas princess cuts may be better for your budget.


    Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement RIngs have a single center stone set on a band. The band may have diamond accents such as pave or channel bands, or it may have milgrain to create a vintage style. The band may also be in solid metal and use rose gold or yellow gold. Even though the solitaire is the most basic design, the design combinations have the sky as the limit! The important thing to remember is that it is crucial to work around the style and personality of the woman wearing it, in order to create the most special piece.


    Unique and modern princess cut rings have an infinite array of options. From halos to colored gemstones as side stones, any design can be made! Anyways, the Princess Cut stone will be the protagonist of a romantic and beautiful ring- but you can match your style by playing with colored metals, diamond accents, different shaped side stones, and even adding colored gemstones for a truly unique look. For a unique ring using a Princess Cut diamond, I would set it on Rose Gold with pave diamond accents on the band. This combination would create a truly brilliant, modern, and unique ring that will transcend in time.

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    Princess Cut Engagement Rings

    • Stella Grace 10k White Gold Lab-Created Moissanite Engagement Ring

    • $1,150.00saleReg. $2,875.00

      The Regal Collection Princess-Cut IGL Certified Diamond Frame Engagement Ring in 10k White Gold

    • $3,440.00saleReg. $8,600.00

      The Regal Collection 14k Gold 1 Carat T.W. IGL Certified Diamond Princess Cut 3-Stone Engagement Ring

    • The Regal Collection 14k Gold 1 Carat T.W. IGL Certified Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring

    • $2,000.00saleReg. $5,000.00

      The Regal Collection IGL Certified Diamond Octagonal Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

    • Stella Grace 14k White Gold 5/8 Carat T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring

    • $1,130.00sale

      Charles & Colvard 14k White Gold 1 3/4 Carat T.W. Princess Cut Engagement Ring

    • $3,400.00saleReg. $8,500.00

      The Regal Collection 14k White Gold IGL Certified 1 1/2 Carat T.W. Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    • $1,970.00saleReg. $4,925.00

      The Regal Collection Princess-Cut IGL Certified Diamond Frame Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

    How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring

    Diamonique Three Stone Princess Cut Ring, 14K Gold on QVC

    The price you choose to pay for an engagement ring should be based on what makes sense for your life and finances. Some people budget three months of their salary, but again theres no hard rules.

    Exploring our options online or talking to a Kay jeweler is a good way to get a sense of what you want and what your price range is for an engagement ring.

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    What Do Princess Cut Engagement Rings Mean

    Princess cut engagement rings are beautiful in the most unique way. They are square-shaped and brilliant cut, giving them glamour and class. The princess cut diamond has a square shape with sharp corners and a pyramid profile that makes them majestic when compared to round brilliants. If you are a woman who is a true romantic at heart, this stone will manifest the beauty, style, and edge of a hopeless romantic.

    Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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    Lab Grown And Natural Diamonds

    To complete your engagement ring, choose from our large selection of certified natural and lab grown diamonds. Whether you are looking for a 1 carat diamond or a 5 carat diamond, you are sure to find something that matches your expectations. Save 40% or more by choosing from our lab grown diamond collections.

    All Ritani diamonds are certified by independent diamond grading laboratories. Our earth grown diamonds are certified by either the AGS or GIA the two most respected independent grading labs in the world, while most of our lab grown diamonds are certified by IGI, the most respected independent lab diamond grading labaratory.

    If you need help selecting your White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Rings, reach out to us at or chat now.

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    Princess cut engagement rings are alternative to the more popular round brilliant cut or halo engagement rings. Its a combination of tradition and fashion. Princess cuts have square shapes with clear lines and acute angles. Choose princess cut diamond rings you will get a unique, modern shape and amazing sparkling appearance for a lower price. The princess cut diamond is a bit cheaper than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight. So princess cut engagement ring is the perfect choice for an elegant bride-to-be.

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    What Kind of Princess Cut Ring Is the Best For You?

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    What Kind of Princess Cut Ring Is the Best For You?

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    Popular Princess Cut Ring Collections

    Gabriel & Co., a renowned designer that pairs passion with unmatched artistry and advanced technology, creates unique designs that are breathtaking. Elegant, heirloom-quality halo rings feature the squared edges of the princess cut diamond. The sparkle from the glittering halo adds brilliance to the center stone. Three stone rings highlight a triad of princess cut diamonds that represent a couples past, present, and future love. Captivating entwined rings feature twisting shanks adorned with delicate diamonds. These rings show the beautiful balance between the soft fluidity of the shanks and the crisp edges of the princess cut stones.

    Love Story creates elegant princess cut rings with a vintage flair. Styles such as their squared halo rings are the perfect combination of old-world romance and modern appeal thanks to the contemporary princess cut center stones. This line is completely customizable, using hand-selected diamonds to create rings that are as unique as the love stories of the brides who wear them. Shah Luxury is a leading designer in the realms of technology, innovation, and design. The Carizza collection features intricate details and mixed metals paired with large, luxurious center princess cut stones. Promezza showcases fashion-forward silhouettes draped in delicate diamonds, double halos, and continuous side stones.

    What Size Diamond Is Best For An Engagement Ring

    The most popular diamond size chosen for engagement rings is a 1.0 carat center stone. However, couples can opt for both smaller and larger diamonds. Another great and more affordable option at James Allen is lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are the next generation of diamonds that give you the benefit of purchasing a larger size diamond at a more affordable price.

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    Characteristics Of Princess Cut Rings

    A princess cut diamond is an exceptional choice for diamond bridal jewelry. The cuts distinctive square shape was created in the 1960s and since then has gained popularity as a delicate, feminine alternative to the highly favored round cut. Today, it is the second most popular choice for engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds geometric appearance brings a modern edge to bridal jewelry and it is the perfect fit for any style such as a stunning solitaire, a symbolic three stone ring, or a sparkling halo design. Todays most sought-after designers create magnificent princess cut rings in innovative silhouettes that offer something for every bride.

    How Do I Choose An Engagement Ring

    Absolute 1ctw Cubic Zirconia Princess Cut 14K Ring

    Theres a lot of choices that go in to finding the perfect engagement ring style. Heres a list of a few factors to consider:

    • Whats your budget?
    • What brands and styles do you like?
    • Do you want a diamond or gemstones?
    • Will your ring work for your lifestyle?

    Remember you dont have to shop on your own. Book an appointment with a Kay expert for one-on-one help when you need that extra guidance.

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