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How Can I Buy Gold At Spot Price

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How To Buy Gold Below Spot Price

If youre interested in investing in gold today, you should be aware of the current spot gold price. Some investors prefer to buy gold bullion after a dip, or a moment when the price of gold falls significantly for a brief period of time. Other investors use dollar-cost averaging as their primary investment strategy, buying the same dollar amount worth of gold consistently, regardless of price fluctuations. Regardless of your investment strategy or philosophy, understanding how spot gold prices function is the key to any long-term success in the bullion market.

Where To Buy Gold

The simplest way to buy gold is through an app called Vaulted . Vaulted is an app run by McAlvany Financial Group and International Collectors Associates based out of Colorado. The app lets you buy fractional gold that is then stored at the Royal Canadian Mint. By purchasing it fractionally, you dont have to buy it by the coin or wait until you can buy an ounce . When you get up to an ounce, you can request delivery for a small fee.

Another alternative, and I dont know much about this company so do your due diligence, is Acre Gold. Acre Gold is like a layaway program for gold where you pay a monthly fee of $30 or $50, accumulate gold, and get a 2.5-gram bar sent to you when youve reached the price threshold, minus shipping and fulfillment fees. They periodically stockpile gold and each bar is then set at the price they buy it. If the price goes up in the meantime, you still get the old price. If the price goes down, you would get a bar after your next payment. Theres a one-time $12 membership fee. Its not a super clean way to buy gold but its another option.

If you want delivery immediately, you can go with a merchant. Its like ordering precious metals online.

But Im liking JM Bullion . I like it because on every product page they show you the current live Gold ask price, the prices are fair, and theres free shipping.

With gold at $1,219.68 an ounce , you can get this gold coin for just a premium of $34.99 or 2.86%.

You can buy other gold coins:

How Do You Invest In A Gold Mine

One way to invest in a gold mine is to invest in stocks of gold mining companies. They mainly support the mining business and gold mining stock prices follow the development of the gold mining industry. However, gold mining comes with risks, but keep in mind that it is a risky business that comes into play when it comes to investing.

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What Are Some Of The Factors That Drive Spot Gold Prices

Gold is not only bought as an investment, but it is also bought for use in other areas such as industry and jewelry making. The potential influences on the spot price are extensive, but the following list names some of the major ones:

  • Investment demand
  • Interest rates and/or monetary policy
  • Risk aversion or appetite
  • Geopolitics
  • Equity markets

Gold can potentially see stronger investment demand during periods of economic or geopolitical stress. For example, spot gold may potentially move higher during times of war or geopolitical unrest. From an economic standpoint, gold may potentially see increased buying from a stock market collapse or bear market. Interest rates and monetary policy can also have a significant effect on the spot gold price. Gold may potentially benefit during periods of ultra-low interest rates, as low rates make the opportunity cost of holding gold less. On the other hand, gold may potentially come under pressure as interest rates rise, due to the fact that gold does not offer any dividend or interest for holding it. Currency markets are another major driver of the spot gold price. Although gold is traded all over the globe, it is often denominated in dollars. As the dollar rises, it makes gold relatively more expensive for foreign buyers and may potentially cause declines in the spot price. On the other hand, a weaker dollar may potentially make gold relatively less expensive for foreign investors, and can potentially cause spot gold prices to rise.

Whats The Price Of Gold Per Ounce

How to Find the Spot Price of Gold Today, Per Gram &  Per ...

The price of Gold can fluctuate based on market conditions, supply and demand, geopolitical events and more. When someone refers to the price of Gold per ounce, they are referring to the spot price. The spot price of Gold is always higher than the bid price and always lower than the ask price . The difference between the spot price and the ask price is known as the premium of Gold per ounce.

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How Much Does One Ounce Of Gold Cost

These numbers show that the cost of producing an ounce of gold is actually more than $1,000 an ounce, well above previous figures. And since gold currently trades at just over $1,200 an ounce, that explains why mining companies made less profit than stars. The determination of production costs is also strongly region-dependent.

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What Is A Premium Over The Spot Gold Price

A premium over the spot gold price is a term that refers to the additional cost above and beyond the value of the gold content in any particular gold bullion coin, bar or private round. Typically, this additional premium covers the cost of manufacture and provides the distributor with a bit of cushion to make a reasonable profit. All physical gold items will be sold at some kind of premium.

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What Is Silver Bullion

Silver bullion is silver that has been cast or poured into bars, coins, rounds or ingots. Silver bullion can be used for industrial or medical applications or you can buy silver bullion as an investment. Many investors prefer to buy silver bullion in rounds, which are the same shape as a coin but do not carry any face value as legal currency.

What Is Gold Worth

How I buy silver bullion BELOW spot price!

The worth of Gold is determined by the current spot price. This price is determined by many factors such as market conditions, supply and demand, and even news of political and social events. The value or worth of a Gold product is calculated relative to the weight of its pure metal content and is measured in troy ounces. However, collectible or rare Gold products may carry a much higher premium over and above the value found in its raw metal weight.

Additionally, other factors such as merchandising, packaging or certified grading from a trusted third-party may influence the final worth of the Gold product you are purchasing.

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Benefits Of Owning Gold Bullion

There are many benefits to buying and owning gold bullion. Regardless of the type of bullion you choose to buy, all forms of gold come with a few inherent advantages. In particular, hedging against the uncertainty of the world economy and the weakness of global currencies is a popular reason to invest in gold.

Why Cant I Find Silver For Spot Price

The short answer is that you can. You can purchase silver contracts for the spot price of silver. The problem most people have with this is that you are buying paper silver not physical. While you can technically take delivery of physical silver when purchasing a silver contract, almost all futures are never delivered upon the process is long and arduous. Not only that, but silver contracts are sold in 5,000 ounce increments. So that prices out the majority of silver buyers.

Another way to purchase silver for spot price is also by buying paper silver. This would be in the format of an ETF such as SLV The iShares Silver Trust. This stock closely mimics the spot price of silver but most people would still have to pay brokers fees per trade. But buyer beware, there has been a lot of controversy with the SLV in the bullion world, so be sure to do your research.

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Defining The Spot Price Of Gold

The spot price for gold is the current price being sold on the day and time of the transaction, although individuals cant buy gold at a spot price. However, you can try to buy near its spot price. Gold prices are determined per ounce and on quality as well. Some get spot prices confused with futures prices.

The specific term for an ounce of gold is the troy ounce. A single troy ounce equates to 31.1034768 grams, though you may not see the word troy written out when purchasing it for example, its simply written $/oz.

Many factors can affect the spot price of gold, such as the value of a currency, speculations of the market, gold futures fluctuating, current global events, and the demand for gold. Spot prices update each minute across the world and will update in accordance with the given time zone. Major world markets like China, New York, and London will see these changes as they come.

However, these spot prices are not affected by product or shipping costs, nor do they depend on specific or rare gold items. There is no consideration when it comes to the critical aspects in producing gold, like manufacturing, design, transportation, etc. While you can watch the spot price of gold, theres no way you can purchase it at the spot price.

How Often Does The Spot Gold Price Change

Gold Price Decline: An Opportunity for Big Rewards

If youve done any research on the spot gold price you might be wondering how often the spot price of gold changes? The answer is very often. Gold is shifting in price constantly, with most exchanges updating their spot gold prices multiple times throughout each day. Always check here before buying any new gold item for the latest updates on the spot price of gold today. Big world events and political decisions almost always have some sort of an impact on the spot gold price, so its important to be aware of whats going on in the bullion market in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

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Can I Buy Gold And Have It Stored For Me

You can enjoy the benefits of owning physical gold bullion without the worry of having it stored for you. Delaware Depository allows people to buy, securely store, and sell gold without ever taking physical ownership of the gold. Storing your gold at home gives you instant access at all hours, though home security falls far short of the security measures at a storage depository. Many people will also choose to store gold in a safety deposit box at a bank. Banks are, of course, extremely secure, though you wont have 24/7 access to your gold.

Can I Buy Silver Below Spot Price

The lone individuals who can and often do buy physical silver bullion below spot price are silver scrap refineries, we buy gold stores, and silver bullion dealers who may bid or offer a price slightly lower than the fluctuating silver spot price. Often the bid price given is below silver spot price for silver bullion bars, conversely popular modern silver bullion coins typically yield bid prices at or even slightly above the silver spot price.

Currently, for new .999 fine silver bullion products, one should never accept a bid or offer price below 98% of the fluctuating silver spot price. If an individual tries to buy silver below spot price chances are you will run into a counterfeit silver bar or coin salespeople on websites like Craigslist or unproven silver bullion sellers on eBay.

Be very careful as Chinese counterfeit silver products are a real issue in our industry and are used daily to take advantage of unknowing or lowest price at all costs silver bullion buyers.

Below a Canadian detective speak on the matter in the year 2013. The problem of counterfeit silver bullion has only grown in size and scope since.

More often than not, these counterfeit silver frauds go undetected for years or even go unreported due to embarrassment or due to other reasons.

You simply do not want to be one of these victims, and we certainly want to make sure that remains so.

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What Is The Value Of Gold Shares Per

Gold is generally priced in dollars per ounce. However, the price of gold can be quoted in any currency per ounce, gram or kilogram. The price of gold is constantly changing and can be influenced by many different factors.

How to invest in gold? You can invest in gold by buying physical gold, buying the gold futures, investing in gold ETFs, and investing in gold mining companies.Tips to invest in goldWhen considering investing in gold, dont limit yourself to just buying physical gold like coins or bullion. Alternatives to investing in gold include buying shares of gold mining companies or gold exchange-traded funds . You can also invest

What Is The Spot Gold Price Today

How YOU can buy Silver or Gold bullion AT SPOT! A Cheap way to invest!

The current spot gold price today is $1845. Like we explained above, the spot price of gold is malleable and changing constantly. Factors like market speculation, world events, and other things are always changing the price of gold. The spot gold price is a global quote it should not change from country to country. An ounce of gold is worth the current spot price of the precious metal, regardless of where you plan on buying your gold.

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Can I Buy Gold At Spot Price

Due to lower price premiums currently in the gold bullion industry, various high volume gold bullion dealers , have at times offered one time buy gold at spot price opportunities for new customers. The buy gold at spot price offer is done as a ‘loss leader’ mostly to encourage investors to become new customers and to get on their email list for future product promotions.

After all, there is no one easier to sell gold bullion to, then someone who has already bought gold bullion.

Others might even get some cheap debt-fueled sales subsidies by large corporations who may be trying to bolster their top-line revenues and perhaps further gain bullion trading market shares on their platforms.

Physical gold bullion dealers make little to no money in these gold at or next to spot price offers. Most often it is a loss in terms of overall costs associated with such transactions, yet some gold bullion dealers do so in the effort to gain new customers to market products to. They are ultimately hoping to bolster their bullion business growth for the long term.

We strongly suggest that on any gold bullion at spot price deal you may come across, that you perform proper gold buying due diligence on the gold-selling counterparty.

Stick with established high volume gold bullion selling businesses that get highly ranked on hard-to-rig gold dealer review websites.

Are Spot Gold Prices The Same Everywhere

Gold is traded and used all over the world for investment purposes, jewelry making and as a medium of exchange. Because an ounce of gold is the same whether it is in the U.S. or in Japan, the spot gold price is theoretically the same everywhere. Of course, differing currency values can have an effect on gold as well, and dealer premiums can also vary. Using the spot price of gold, the yellow metal can be bought anywhere using any currency. For example, if the spot price of gold is $1100 per ounce and you were looking to buy gold in Japan, you could figure out the necessary currency conversion to buy gold using Japanese Yen. Gold is traded all over the world, and thus its price is always on the move. Some of the major hubs for gold trading include the U.S., London, Zurich, India and more. The spot gold market is essentially always open, as markets follow the sun. Keep in mind that gold is typically bought for a premium over spot and sold at a discount to spot.

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What Is A Troy Ounce Of Gold

A troy ounce of Gold is equal to 31.10 grams. Its a unit of measure first used in the Middle Ages, originating in Troyes, France. You may notice that this is slightly heavier than the 28.35 grams weve come to expect from the standard ounce . Troy weight units are primarily used in the Precious Metals industry.

Is The Cost Of Production Factored Into Gold Bullion Products

Can I Buy Gold at Spot Price?

Although the spot gold price is currently around $1800, many 1 oz gold products might cost more than the spot price of gold. This is because the cost of production for a gold product for a given distributor is built into its price. This is often called the premium over spot. Certain gold products, such as gold coins, rounds, and novelty items, have a higher premium than others. Gold bars are generally considered the cheapest way to buy gold, because these products come with the smallest premium over the spot gold price.

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Beware Of Signs Of Fraud

While there are a number of legitimate ways to invest in gold, there are also a number of gold-related investment scams.

These scams my center on inflated claims regarding stocks of gold mining companies, claiming the stocks price is linked directly to gold prices. Or they may claim you can make a lot of money with little risk through a financing agreement, or that a company will store your gold for you.

You should always be wary of the seven red flags of fraud, but for more information on gold fraud, be sure to read this CFTC advisory.

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