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What Is 18k Gold Vermeil

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Your basic guide to gold jewelry (14k, 18k, 24k, plated, vermeil, filled) | hiypauline

How is gold vermeil made? At its core, vermeil jewelry is a gold-plating style that’s also known by the name silver-gilt. A few constituents determine whether a piece of jewelry can be classified as vermeil:

  • It must have a sterling silver base at its core with a layer of gold on top.
  • The gold in question must be at least 10 Karat gold.
  • That gold overlay has to be at least 2.5 microns thick.
  • Gold Colored And Gold Washed

    Thank you, next.

    Gold colored just means its the color of goldthere is zero gold anywhere on the piece.

    And gold washed just means the amount of gold is a few decimals above zero. If a company uses this term, its because they cant legally even say its gold-plated.

    Neither of these is gold jewelry in any sense of the word.

    My recommendation: Avoid at all costs.

    Is Vermeil Waterproof Can Vermeil Get Wet Can I Shower With Vermeil

    In short, no. No metal is truly waterproof as the minerals and deposits in regular tap water can dull or damage your jewelry over time. While showering with vermeil is typically okay to do it can hasten the degradation of your jewelry. Its best to refrain from showering with your vermeil jewelry daily because the soaps, shampoos, and conditioners you use can react with the metals.

    However, occasionally showering with your piece wont ruin it forever. Just dont wear your jewelry in the pool, hot tub, or ocean because it can permanently alter and damage your precious pieces.

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    Who Should Buy Gold Vermeil

    Are you wondering if gold vermeil is the right choice for you?

    Gold vermeil might be the perfect choice if you:

    Are tired of flimsy fashion jewelry. Have you ever bought gold fashion jewelry, only to see it break or rub off in a few months? Gold vermeil is the solution youve been looking for. Its often the same price but lasts years or decadesnot months.

    Are looking for the perfect gift. Most of my friends arent looking to spend thousands when they buy a gift for their BFF but nothing says cheap like gold-plated jewelry. Gold vermeil is the perfect combo of budget-friendly precious jewelry.

    Have sensitive skin. Gold vermeil is hypoallergenic, which means its gentle on your skin and doesnt make you itch like cheap pieces. All Blush and Bar jewelry is certified free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.

    Travel the world. Thieves love tourists with fine jewelry. Instead, leave your priceless itemswedding rings, gold necklaces, diamond earringsat home. Gold vermeil stand-ins are perfect for Instagram but give you peace of mind instead of risking family heirlooms.

    Want to look great on a budget. Even expert jewelers cant tell apart solid gold and vermeil. You can look the part for a fraction of the price.

    Value experiences over things. A gold ring can cost as much as a dream vacation. Were thrilled to read of Blush and Bar customers who save on jewelry for the experience of a lifetime. Some couples even buy vermeil wedding rings to afford their dream honeymoon!

    What Is Gold Vermeil Everything You Need To Know


    Gold jewelry has become more popular and widespread in recent years. The market is saturated with so many options that it can be hard to figure out whats worth purchasing. Well, were here with your full guide to gold vermeil. Were laying out all the pros and cons for you below. Theres so much information out there about different types of gold jewelry and were here to make it crystal clear.

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    Gold Electroplated And Gold Plated

    These terms are mostly the same, except electroplated has less gold than plated.

    Gold-plated jewelry uses any type of metalusually something cheap, like brass or copperand coats it with a microscopic layer of gold.

    I mean microscopic literally. The legal limit for gold electroplated is 0.175 microns, 1/500th the thickness of a sheet of printer paper.

    Your skin wears down that thin gold layer in a few months, and almost all household objects can scratch it off. Thats why gold-plated jewelry has nearly zero resale value.

    My recommendation: Not bad if youre looking for wear-it-once jewelry, but a poor choice for something you plan to keep for a while.

    Which Is More Durable Vermeil Or Gold

    The durability of vermeil and gold-plated jewelry depends mainly on the karat of the gold plating, its thickness, and the composition of the alloy used to make the core.

    Silver is a soft metal, and this is why you can expect a vermeil piece to be relatively easy to bend unless its core contains other metals that improve its hardness.

    Whether a gold-plated piece would be harder depends on the metals it is made up of some items may not be much harder than vermeil.

    The karat of the gold plating will determine whether its surface will be easy to scratch higher-karat gold is softer and less durable, whereas lower-karat alloys do not scratch and wear out as easily.

    In this respect, a vermeil piece can be more or less durable compared with a gold-plated item depending on the gold used to plate each piece.

    As for the thickness of the plating, you can have a vermeil piece whose gold layer is thicker than that of a gold-plated piece, or the situation could be reversed.

    Whichever the case, the thicker plating is likely to last longer .

    As you can see, neither vermeil nor gold-plated jewelry is undisputedly better when it comes to durability you just have to judge it on a case-by-case basis considering the karat of the plating, its thickness, and the composition of the core.

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    Gold Vermeil History: The Metal Of Royalty Presidents And World Champions

    Since ancient times, artisans have covered silver with gold. Even Homer mentions silver overlaid with gold in the Odyssey!

    French artisans popularized the technique in the 1700s, using a method called fire-gilding. Because of golds brilliant shine, they called the technique vermeille, which means rose-colored.

    Todays artisans use a process calledelectrolysis. This bonds the gold to silver with electricityand is much safer than the dangerous furnace technique of days past!

    While you might not have heard of gold vermeil before, its all around you.

    Did you know that Olympic gold medals are gold vermeil? So is the Pulitzer Prize and even some of Great Britains Crown Jewels!

    The famous Vermeil Room at the White House is so named because its full of decorations made ofyou guessed it!gold vermeil.

    But the most common use for gold vermeil today is in jewelry. It contains pure silver and gold but is much more affordable than traditional solid gold jewelry.

    Wed forgive you for thinking this Blush and BarClementine Choker 3-in-1 Necklace is solid gold! Its actually 18k gold vermeil and costs a fraction of what youd expect.

    Is Gold Vermeil Waterproof

    What is Gold VERMEIL?!

    No, its not. Although it is safe to wear in the water, excess water wearing might cause it to lose its shine easily. As mentioned earlier, removing before getting into the water is going to be the best bet.

    Gold Vermeil jewelry is actually pretty common because it creates the look of a piece of jewelry being gold but its actually not. This does make the jewelry stronger than before because of the added vermeil layering and it also makes it more affordable as well.


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    How To Clean Gold Vermeil

    Now that we understand exactly what is gold vermeil jewelry, lets talk about how to clean it. With care and a little maintenance, gold vermeil jewelry will shine long term. Here are some helpful tips for how to care for gold vermeil jewelry:

    • Store your gold vermeil in a safe jewelry box that is lined with fabric. This will keep it safe from dust and grime when youre not wearing it.

    • Keep gold vermeil away from heat as it can alter the shape of the jewelry.

    • Wipe your gold vermeil jewelry with a cotton or microfiber cloth or towel and warm soapy water. This will help minimize the buildup of natural skin oils or grime that can influence the sheen and condition of the gold vermeil.

    • Do not use harsh chemicals on gold vermeil as it will discolor the jewelry or tarnish the gold coating.

    Where Can I Find Gold Vermeil Jewelry

    At Veatge we are extremely transparent about the materials we use in each of our jewelry. Our jewelry is handcrafted with sterling silver and a solid layer of 18k gold vermeil. Our Gold vermeil jewelry is free of nickel and safe for people with metal allergies, the plating is done right here in the USA with manufacturers who have been in business for 70+ years. Some of our gold vermeil jewelry has been a crowd favorite, and we can barely keep in stock.

    Gold vermeil jewelry is different from gold filled jewelry, which we will discuss in a separate blog post by comparing different metals.

    Below are some of our most popular gold vermeil jewelry. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions regarding our gold vermeil.

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    Is Vermeil Gold Real

    Vermeil gold is real gold because a minimum of 10k gold is required to be used in the gold plating. Just because .925 sterling silver is found in the base of gold vermeil, doesnt mean it is fake gold or considered a silver material. In the beginning of this article we let you know that gold vermeil is offered in the follow gold karats 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and 24k gold. Gold vermeil is real gold, and you can purchase gold vermeil in any of these karat varieties. 10k gold will have the lowest percentage of pure gold, followed by 14k gold which will have 58.3% pure gold, and 18k gold which will have 75% pure gold. 24k gold is 99.95% pure gold, and will be the most expensive gold vermeil material.

    The Final Word On Gold Vermeil

    18k Gold Vermeil Indian Moonstone Ring By In Association ...

    Gold vermeil is one of the most interesting inventions in the jewelry world.

    Once reserved for ancient rulers and French royalty, todays techniques have made gold vermeil possible for anyone to own.

    Whether youre looking for a quality gift or hypoallergenic everyday piece, gold vermeil fits the bill.

    Want to see what kind of styles are possible with gold vermeil?

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    Will 18k Gold Turn Your Finger Green

    The same way that its possible, but unlikely, for 18k gold to tarnish, its also possible, but unlikely, that it will leave a green mark on your finger. Why will 18k gold turn skin green for some but not others?

    All gold other than 24k will have non-gold metals mixed in to add hardness. The most common metal additive is Copper. Copper is known to tarnish. Jewelry items with lower purity have high Copper contributions, and a much greater chance of oxidation and tarnish.

    Because of that, 18 karat gold is far less likely to oxidize or leave a mark on your finger than 10k or 14k gold for example. Despite the high level of purity, some people still get green or black marks on their skin when they wear 18k jewelry. The cause often comes down to one of the following issues.

    • Hormone levels
    • How sweaty your hands are
    • Skin composition. The PH of your skin and sweat can influence marking
    • Medications that youre taking and the way they impact your body
    • Lotions and hand creams that you use

    If you notice marks being left on your fingers, you may want to try changing any lotions or skin creams that you might be using to see if things change. You can also create a clear barrier on the inside of your ring with clear fingernail polish. That coating should help to stop the marks on your skin until the barrier wears through. Youll need to reapply the clear nail polish every few weeks to keep the coating intact.

    Gold Vermeil Plating Thickness

    At this stage, we have to talk in terms of microns of thickness. Gold plating usually has a thickness of less than 1 micron. With gold vermeil, the thickness starts at 2.5 microns and can be thicker. Anything less than 2.5microns would not be considered gold vermeil.

    Do also bear in mind the material used under the gold vermeil. This should be either pure silver or sterling silver. Both affect the final price and value of the piece.

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    Is 18k Gold Real

    While 18 karat gold isnt completely pure, it still has very high purity, compared to other options like 10k and 14k. The fact that non-gold metals have been added doesnt make 18k gold fake.

    Again, these metals are intentionally added to improve the practicality of gold for many purposes that it couldnt serve well in a pure form.

    The 18k mark clearly discloses the fact that the piece isnt made of pure gold. This helps consumers to be well informed before purchasing jewelry.

    What Is Gold Filled

    The Difference Between Solid Gold vs. Plated, Vermeil and Filled

    Gold filled is a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base – usually jeweler’s brass. The layer of gold consists at least 1/20th of the jewelrys total weight. The gold is usually 14k gold, but sometimes may be 12k gold .

    Gold filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry. Since the gold is mechanically bonded to the base rather than plated, it cant rub off. It has the same qualities as solid gold jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Gold filled jewelry is also great for people who are allergic to metals, as the material will not cause an allergic reaction.

    Gold filled jewelry is our material of choice we use gold filled where ever we can, as its higher quality than vermeil and gold plated, but still not as expensive as solid gold. Our favourite 100% gold filled jewelry pieces include: Golden Sun Studs, Gypsy Coin Necklace, Gypsy Hoops, Beaded Stacker Ring, Personalized Coin Necklace, and Aqua Tear Drop Necklace.

    Gold filled jewelry is perfect for everyday wear, as it can handle the wear and tear of daily life – and it’s very affordable. With proper care, gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime!

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    What Makes Monica Vinader Special

    We are a contemporary jewellery brand that was founded in 2008.We combine beautiful metals with vibrant gemstones to createelegant pieces you’ll adore. From simple studearrings, to gorgeous layerednecklaces, to everyday stackingrings, to friendshipbracelets for a sentimental gift, you’ll find your perfectpiece at Monica Vinader.

    The Break Down: Plated Filled Vermeil And Solid Gold

    Plated, filled, or solidits all too easy to get swept up in the confusion surrounding jewelry materials, gold in particular. Our designs are made with recycled solid gold, which, unlike plated, filled or vermeil, is built to last and wont rub off or change color over time. One of our core values as a company is qualitywe want to make sure that there is longevity in your VRAI pieces so you can enjoy them for years to come. Since were serious about our materials, we felt it was time to explain the difference between plated, filled vermeil, and solid gold.

    Gold Plated

    When something is gold plated, its gold content is usually less than 1%. This means that the piece is a base metal that takes a quick dip in a gold bathhence the plating. While plated pieces may possess the same luster and gold appearance at first, this layer is often quick to fade when washed, rinsed, or rubbed too hard, leaving behind discolored skin and dirty looking jewelry. Most fashion jewelry is gold-plated, which allows the cost to be as low as possible.

    Gold Filled

    Gold Vermeil

    Gold Vermeil is a common type of gold plating, which uses sterling silver as the base metal. Vermeil is more hypoallergenic and has a thicker layer of gold than normal gold plating, which is why you’ll see it in stores selling fine jewelry. However, with enough scuffs and scratches the plating can wear off.

    Solid Gold

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    Gold Vermeil Vs Gold Plated Jewelry

    Gold-plated jewelry refers to jewelry that has gold plating of approximately 0.5 microns thick. It does not require sterling silver to be used as the base material, and usually uses brass as a base metal. Since the plating is so thin, the gold color will wear very quickly compared to gold vermeil. Gold plated usually has brass, nickel, and/or copper as its base metal it also tarnishes. Gold vermeil is superior to gold-plated jewelry.

    What Does Vermeil Mean

    18K Gold Vermeil Aries Medallion

    Its actually pretty straight forward! Gold vermeils meaning is very specific. Vermeil jewelry has a legal definition in the United States. It is any piece of jewelry that consists of a Sterling Silver base layer with solid gold electroplated on top. Any piece of jewelry marked as gold vermeil must meet these requirements below:

  • Sterling silver must be the base material. Sterling silver is a metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. What is Sterling Silver? This is a standard material and precious metal you may see this represented on jewelry as the stamp 925.
  • The gold plated layer must be at least 10k gold but can be anything from 14k to 24k gold.
  • Be plated in gold at least 2.5 microns thick.
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    Where You Can Find Durable 18k Gold Jewelry

    Now that we’ve reviewed gold-plated, gold-filled, and solid gold jewelry, you might have realized that as long as you are buying quality 18K plated jewelry, youre getting all of the benefits for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for jewelry that’s the highest quality for the best price, you might want to consider our CRAFTD durable 18 Karat gold-plated jewelry.

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