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What Is Golden Rule Insurance

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What Is United Healthcare Golden Rule

Obesity in America | Golden Rule Insurance Company

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A leading provider of health insurance for individuals and families for 65 years, Golden Rule has been a UnitedHealthcare company since 2003. UnitedHealthcare’s personal health, dental and other specialty plans are offered in 41 states and the District of Columbia, and marketed under the UnitedHealthOne brand.

Secondly, where is Golden Rule Insurance accepted? States with the most Golden Rule Doctors:Florida. Michigan. Texas. Pennsylvania.

Beside above, is United HealthCare Golden Rule a Medicare replacement?

UnitedHealthOne products are primarily underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, which was purchased by UnitedHealthcare in 2003. Their wide range of health insurance plans, including Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, also includes other high deductible plans as well as more traditional co pay plans.

Is United Health One United HealthCare?

UnitedHealthOne has been in the health insurance business for over 65 years. It is a leader in U.S. health insurance companies and is in fact the largest healthcare insurer in the United States. It is the brand name of the parent company, UnitedHealthcare.

Is Short Term Insurance For Me

Short term insurance may be for you if you’re:

  • Unable to apply for Affordable Care Act , also called Obamacare, coverage because you missed Open Enrollment and you don’t qualify for Special Enrollment
  • Waiting for your ACA coverage to start
  • Looking for coverage to bridge you to Medicare
  • Turning 26 and coming off your parent’s insurance
  • Between jobs or waiting for benefits to begin at your new job
  • Healthy and under 65

For these situations and many others, Short term health insurance, also called temporary health insurance or term health insurance, might be right for you. It can fill that gap in coverage until you can choose a longer term solution.

Find A Doctor Or Dentist


Choose your plan’s network from the selection below. You can find your network on your ID card. Or look for the type of plan you have, and choose the network listed below the plan selection.

Choose your plan’s network from the selection below. You can find your network on your ID card. Or look for the type of plan you have, and choose the network listed below the plan selection.

You are now leaving this UnitedHealthcare website.

In just a few seconds you will automatically be redirected. Thanks for visiting! Come back and see us again soon.

Please Note:

Important Notice:

Network availability may vary by state, and a specific health care provider’s contract status can change at any time. In addition, only the office locations listed are in your network. Visiting a physician at any other location may result in reduced benefits. Therefore, before you receive care, it is recommended that you verify with the health care provider that he or she is still contracted with your network and at the location where you are planning to visit the physician.

Please be aware, providers are not required to accept repriced amounts for denied charges . Previously LabCorp routinely accepted the repriced amounts on denied charges. but has since changed their policy and are no longer accepting repriced amounts for denied charges as of 10/01/18.

State Disclaimers


for the Golden Rule Insurance Company California Grievance Procedures.



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Golden Rule Insurance Company

1940 81 years ago

Golden Rule Insurance Company was a provider of health insurance based in Indianapolis with operations in 40 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. It was acquired by UnitedHealth Group in November 2003.

It was closely involved in the establishment of health savings accounts and the related tax incentives. The company funded millions of dollars to prominent members of the Republican Party such as Newt Gingrich to support HSAs and to fight broader reform.

Membership in Federation of American Consumers and Travelers was required to buy certain insurance products.

The company was named after the Golden Rule.

Some Features Of Golden Rule Short

Cook Insurance Agency

Clients buying a Golden Rule short-term plan can browse from one to 11 months of inclusion in many states, and deductibles range from $500 to $10,000. Other features of the Golden Rule short term plan include:

  • Flexibility to drop coverage whenever you want to without any penalty
  • Quick, easy online application at consumers usually hear back within 48 hours
  • Provider discounts on medical care of up to 50% even before the deductibles are met. Consumers have access to UnitedHealthcares network of more than 650,000 physicians and health care professionals and 5,000 hospitals across the country
  • Ability to apply for continuous short term coverage after the original short term plan expires in most states
  • Choice of payment options, including direct monthly billing

Furthermore, Golden Rule has been the main supplier of health insurance for people and families for over 60 years and was turned into a UnitedHealthcare organization in 2003. UnitedHealthcares own health plans are offered in 38 states and the District of Columbia and advertised under the UnitedHealthOne brand.

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What Is Golden Rule Health Insurance

Short term health insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company a UnitedHealthcare Company which has been offering short term insurance for more than 30 years. Get the Best Quote and Save 30 Today.

All Insurance News Health Insurance Company Golden Rule Health Insurance Companies Health Insurance Insurance

Are The Rates Affordable

We looked at the rates for a 30-year-old male, which are readily available and easy to locate on the UnitedHealthOne site. Since there are so many different plans, we are listing some of the more common affordable health insurance options.

Short-term medical starts at $44.40 and goes up to $64.20.

Dental insurance plans start at $27.95 in California and go up to $76.90 a month. Rates in Indiana are a bit lower which is not surprising and start at $21.03.

Hospital and Doctor insurance is not underwritten by Golden Rule in California. The Indiana rates start at $52.59 a month for this product.

The last rates we gathered are for term life insurance. A 10-year term policy with a death benefit of $25,000 came in at $6.81 a month. A 20-year-term policy at $200,000 has a monthly rate of $56.33.

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Golden Rule Health Insurance Plans

History | Golden Rule Insurance Company

Health insurance plans are offered by various types of insurers, including the Golden Rule Health Insurance Company. This company is a unit of UnitedHealth, which is one of the largest health insurers in America. The company has a provider network that includes many doctors, hospitals and specialists all across the country. Many Golden Rule health insurance plans are available with various coverage options, depending on the health plan that was selected.

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Golden Rule Health Insurance

Do you want to save on your health insurance? Vista Health Solutions is the right place for you to go to. We offer self employed health plans, plans for working individuals without health benefits, and family plans. Simply type in your zip code and we will generate quotes from major insurers in your area like Golden Rule health insurance quotes. Vista Health Solutions specializes in health plan benefits for over twenty years. Customer support is another aspect we are good at. We have representatives ready to assist you by phone, by email or chat .We answer all of your inquiries. With Vista, you can be sure that youre working with a company that is reliable and customer-friendly.

Golden Rule health insurance is a subsidiary of UnitedHealthOne. They are one of the leading health insurance provider of Golden Rule health insurance plans. Golden Rule has an Excellent rating by A.M. Best and Strong . Golden Rule health insurance plans include Health Savings Account , High Deductible Plans and Copay Plans.

History Of Golden Rule Insurance

The organization was established in 1940, and in 1976, J. Patrick Rooney became the CEO. During the 1980s, he moved the organization from Lawrenceville, Illinois to Indianapolis. However, he resigned from the organization in 1996. In 1981, the organization sued the Educational Testing Service and the Illinois Department of Insurance, asserting that the ETS assessment for Illinois insurance specialists victimized individuals from minority communities. Furthermore, in August 1991, the organization reported that it would pay half of the educational cost for 500 low-income youngsters in Indianapolis, and the organization was then bought by UnitedHealth Group in 2003.

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Golden Rule Insurance Company In Arizona

Golden Rule Insurance Company

UnitedHealthOneSM personal insurance products are offered by UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company or Golden Rule Insurance Company, both part of the UnitedHealthcare family of companies.

Our health plans take advantage of the UnitedHealthcare network of doctors, hospitals – one of the nation’s largest – for quality care at significant savings. These networks and providers are available all over the United States.


There’s No Cost For Our Assistance And These Are The Best Rates Available Anywhere

Rehabs That Accept Golden Rule Insurance Plans

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Triterm Medical Insurancef51 Could Help You Stay Covered Longer

TriTerm Medical Insurance is a short-term health insurance plan designed to last for nearly 3 years,F51 with preventive, doctor office visit, Rx coverage and more. TriTerm is available in select states.

  • Preexisting conditions covered after 1st term
  • Preventive care/Rx drugs covered on most plans
  • Copay plans available

Were A Local Team Of Professionals Here To Help

We strive to give our customers the benefit of our years of experience and to give consumers the right answer to their questions, whether or not it results in the sale of a policy. We take the time to get to know you and understand your needs. We have many options to fit your specific needs.

I’ve been with GR now for a couple of years. You’ll not find a friendlier, more helpful group of people anywhere. They not only found me great insurance at a great price but are always ready to help with any of my questions. A++++ service!

Golden Rule Insurance Associates was amazing how they helped and advised me on my insurance needs. Jenny got me the best insurance quotes and with more coverage than what I had previously for a whole lot less money. I highly recommend them.

Changed insurance companies after 20 + years with one company. It was hard to make that change, they gave me a quote and followed up with me but was not pushy. When I was ready to make the change they made it easy, We saved a lot of money switching, the employees are professional and very welcoming

You all can shop for the best rates and you have good customer service. Your response time has been mostly prompt and I value that. I also appreciate how your agents explain insurance so that I can understand what I am purchasing. Thank you Golden Rule!

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What Is Golden Rule Insurance Company

Golden Rule Insurance Company was founded in 1940 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and became a part of UnitedHealthCare in 2003. Golden Rule health coverage products are sold in the U.S. under the UnitedHealthOne banner, which is the branding used for individual products that are underwritten by a variety of subsidiary companies owned by United.

The companys product lineup is centered on individual health insurance plans. The company has a history of political support for candidates pushing the increased use of HSAs in health care reform. Our research, however, did not show any products from Golden Rule that utilize an HSA this may be due to the states in which we looked or a change in their offerings.

The insurer underwrites a variety of health insurance products under the UnitedHealthCare name. These include dentists, vision insurance coverage, short-term medical, supplemental health, and prescription drug plans. Currently, there does not appear to be any major medical plans offered by Golden Rule .

Golden Rule continues to operate out of Indianapolis and offers their health plans in 40 states as well as the District of Columbia.

What Products Does The Insurer Golden Rule Offer

What is a Copay?

Which of the companies under the UnitedHealthOne brand will underwrite the insurance depends on the state of residence for example, when we attempted to get product information for California we found only dental, critical illness, vision, and prescription discount plans available. Hospital and medical indemnity coverage is offered in the state by a different UnitedHealth subsidiary.

Because of the wide range of health plans and the various versions of those products make it difficult to provide details, we have tried to give an overview of each of the products the company writes. We drew from both California and Indiana to get a look at the products not offered in one single state.

Short Term Medical

The insurer has a variety of short-term medical or temporary health insurance plans designed to provide catastrophic coverage for those that are in between major medical plans for a variety of reasons, including job changes.

Golden Rule plans we saw in Indiana range from 60/40 coinsurance up to 80/20 coinsurance. Deductibles are either $10,000 or $12,500. These are high because this type of plan is meant to be in place to protect against catastrophic medical bills, and not for regular ongoing medical care.

Hospital and Doctor Insurance

The companys Hospital and Doctor health plans pay a flat rate per day to cover fees for inpatient hospital care that are not paid for under major medical insurance.

Dental Care


Golden Rule Critical Illness

Golden Rule Accident

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Read This Article To Find Out What Golden Rule Insurance Is

With the consistent changes in healthcare, you need a well-known organization that can educate you regarding all your alternatives when you are hoping to purchase health insurance. UnitedHealthOne has been in the health insurance business for more than 65 years. It is a forerunner in U.S. health insurance organizations and is the biggest healthcare insurance company in the United States. In addition to this, it is the brand name of the parent organization, UnitedHealthcare. Their health insurance items are composed through Golden Rule Insurance Company.

Golden Rule Insurance Company was a supplier of health insurance situated in Indianapolis and working almost in 40 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. It was bought by UnitedHealth Group in November 2003. Furthermore, it was firmly engaged with the foundation of health savings accounts and the associated tax incentives. The organization financed a huge number of dollars to unmistakable individuals from the Republican Party like Newt Gingrich to help HSAs and to battle more extensive change. Participation in the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers was needed to purchase certain insurance items. The organization was named after the Golden Rule.

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    Health Insurance Made Simple

    Find health insurance, help for out-of-pocket medical costs, dental insurance and more.

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    Affordable Care Act plans cover preexisting conditions along with a list of essential health benefits. During an ACA Open Enrollment period, you’re eligible to sign up for any plans available where you live.

    New Jersey Affordable Care Act Health Plans, call 1-800-273-8115.

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