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Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

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Why Golden Goose Is So Expensive


So why are Golden Goose Sneakers so Expensive? In short, it comes down to these simple factors: Each pair is made by hand in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage. The hand-distressed aspect actually makes them more costly to produce than they would otherwise be if they looked new.

How Do P448 Sneakers Compare To Golden Goose

These P448 sneakers are a great alternative to Golden Goose.

While I have never tried the Golden Goose sneakers myself, I do have a few friends who own and love them. After talking to them about their experience with the pricey shoes, researching reviews online, and of course trying the P448 sneakers, I found that there are a lot of similarities between the shoes.

Both the P448 and Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable to wear, Italian made, and are contenders in the luxury sneaker market. They both have a slightly distressed look and unique pops of colors and patterns. One thing the P448 sneakers don’t have, though, is the popular Golden Goose star on the side of the shoes. This could be a pro or con depending on your personal preference. Personally, I like the star, but at the same time, I feel like it may skew a bit too young for me personally. However, the biggest difference of all is that the P448 sneakers price tag is lower than the Golden Goose.

How Do Golden Goose Sneakers Fit

Golden Goose tend to be wider than other sneakers, and the sneakers have a taller leather insole that provides better cushion and comfort. If you already have a pair, did you notice you felt a bit taller, putting on these shoes?

This height advantagethe stiletto of sneakers if you willis one reason Golden Goose is so popular, but it also affects the sizing and fit:

  • Golden Goose shoes come in whole sizes only
  • Due to an approximately 3 to 5 cm difference in heel height, which slightly shrinks the length of the foot overall, as well as the width of the shoe, it is advised to size down to the nearest whole size if you are in-between. Otherwise, they fit true to size.
  • So if you typically wear a US 7.5 womens, it is best to order a US 7 in Golden Goose, a.k.a. an IT 37.
  • If you usually wear a US 8, order a US 8 a.k.a. an IT 38. The same applies for men.

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Our Favorite Golden Goose Sneakers

So heres my vigorous nod to Golden Goose Sneakers. Ya done good. Now, if you would just possibly consider doing a more affordable linemaybe at Target? Many of us would be really appreciative, thanks.

Are there any other specific items or brands that youve been dying to try out, but just cantbecause $ or cant be bothered? LET US KNOW. We want to really test things out see them in person, wear them in our everyday and share our honest thoughts with you.



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Our Latest Nordstrom Look


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What Makes Golden Goose Sneakers So Popular

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

Tuesday Bote – Dec 18, 2020

Over the past two decades, distressed chic a fashion trend wherein clothes and shoes are deliberately made to look worn out or even ruined has held sway among influencers and celebrities. For all that clothing and footwear look as though theyre one tear or scuff away from the dustbin , the whos who of entertainment and fashion cant seem to get enough of the look and are more than willing to pay top dollar for it.;

Dignified by the moniker street fashion, distressed chic has brought about items that have made fashion critics cringe in their bespoke boots. For instance, jeans with more rips than wearable fabric, thousand-dollar windbreakers that look as though they were picked up from the bargain bin, and perhaps the most democratic example of the trend sneakers that look so well broken-in that they have become the epitome of both style and comfort.

For those in the know, there are sneakers, and there are Golden Goose sneakers. The trend has also inspired high-quality Golden Goose alternatives, such as Oliver Cabells line of distressed sneakers. Given its popularity, one wonders – what makes Golden Goose sneakers so popular?

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This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

Sometime last week, the denizens of the internet noticed that Nordstrom carries a pair of distressed, dirty-looking sneakers. The shoes, by Italian sneaker brand Golden Goose, look like a pair of beat-up old Converse or, maybe more accurately, a pair of formerly white Common Projects that have seen better days and can be yours for the low price of $530 plus tax.

One Twitter user awful and insensitive. Another said theyre indicative of the absurdity of late capitalism. Scores of critics accused Golden Goose, which has sold similar shoes in the past, of fetishizing poverty. Localnewsaffiliates across the country latched on to the story. Orlando Sentinel writer Shannon Green referred to the shoes as the latest ridiculous example of trashion, the fusing of trash and fashion.

Its not hard to understand why in this time of growing income inequality, people were upset by a pair of calf-skin, $530 shoes that are supposed to look dirty and worn. After all, a worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 would have to work two forty-hour weeks to cop a pair of Golden Goose Superstars.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

Theyre the kind of shoes that will get its wearer thrown out of any fine dining restaurant with a strict dress code no matter what they cost. So why would you pay at least $400 for a part of shoes where new actually means pre-scuffed?;

If they didnt have a cult following, you could be forgiven for thinking that Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, Italian designers for Golden Goose, were this side of crazy;.;Out of the box, the shoes look worn and as though they need to be heading for the recycling bin before long. So why are they so expensive, and how have they been able to pick up a cult following among the elite?

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Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Splurge An Honest Review

One of my most asked questions on : Are Golden Goose shoes really worth the Splurge?;

I have friends, coworkers, and family ask the same question all the time? Why the heck would you purchase a dirty shoe and at that price? I was just like you before purchasing my first pair. I didnt understand the hype about a dirty looking shoe with a star on the side and different colored laces. Now that Im a lover of the brand myself, I thought it was time to answer one of my most asked questions and explain my obsession with Golden Goose Sneakers with you all. I want to share my favorite retailers that sell unique Golden Goose, retailers you can purchase at a discount and my favorite dupes!

I just purchased my 4th pair and honestly I dont know how my obsession grew so quickly! Im just plain addicted! I think its all the fun colors and unique styles the designers at GG create. Each style is 100% unique and only made in specific limited amounts. I love owning something that only a limited amount of people will own too. When I see a pair I love, I know I just need to have them. Im all about quality. I love owning a high end brand that you know was custom designed and hand made.

Why are Golden Goose so expensive?

The high price point maintains the individuality of the product and sets them apart from any other brand in the shoe industry. When owning a pair of Golden Goose, it shows you are into trends and high quality fashion.

Comfort & Sizing:

How to style?

My Favorite Styles:

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers And Costliness

GOLDEN GOOSE (GGDB) Superstar sneakers unboxing try on review // Cass Kinling

The Super-Stars are the first prototype to launch the GGDB star saga, having been built in 2007. Because of its casual, traditional, and contemporary style, this critical model has developed roots for a new approach to defining elegance. Check out the vintage influence, colour variations, and treatments of the famous Golden Goose sneakers for women online.

Golden Goose Fashion Sneakers is Expensive

Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo added sneakers to their catalogue in 2007 after releasing a rockstar-inspired ready-to-wear collection in 2000, with the intention of completing the look and lifestyle of the GGDB woman. The pair, both sneakerheads at heart, set out to develop a shoe that didnt exist at the time: something casual but high-end, handcrafted and collectible.

Golden Gooses shoes, unlike your stark white Stan Smiths or Supergas, are built to look fully worn-in right out of the pack. Each pair is hand-aged, scuffed, and finished with antique soles to make them look like youve had them for years.

Golden Goose Tennis Shoes

You already know youre a superstar; now its time for the rest of the world to realize it as well. Golden Goose Tennis Shoes, including Superstar low-top sneakers Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Guy, are on sale at the Shop. Golden Gooses Superstar low-top sneakers are a perfect example of why. Exceptional! Distressed light grey leather/fabric signature star patch on the side logo patch on the tongue front lace-up fastening flat rubber sole

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Is The Ssense Website A Reliable Site To Buy Gg Sneakers

  • Absolutely! Ive order 3 pairs from them and have had no issues expect for a few day delay in shipping this past Black Friday. They are authentic GG sneakers and the SSENSE site is actually one of the best places to find them marked down during their sale! Ive only spent full price on one pair of my GG sneakers and it was during a girls trip in NYC , otherwise, Ive gotten all my pairs from the SSENSE site or from Europe.

The Pros And Cons Of Golden Goose Sneakers

I bought my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers almost 2 years ago while pregnant with Ozzy. It was one of those moments when clothes didnt fit and I felt, I justified it real easily that day and since then I have purchased a few more #oops. This coveted sneaker brand created in Italy over 15 years ago offers a West Coast meets European skater vibe with their worn-in aka dirty look. Today Im sharing all my pros and cons to Golden Goose Deluxe sneakers!

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How Can You Tell If A Golden Goose Is Real

How to spot fake Golden Goose sneakers

  • Step 1: Check the stitching on the corner of the toe box on your Golden Goose sneakers. …
  • Step 2: Inspect the stitching on the heel of your Golden Goose sneakers. …
  • Step 3: Check the rear GOLDEN GOOSE / DE text. …
  • Step 3: Verify the stitching on the side of the Golden Goose sneakers.
  • Pros To Golden Goose Sneakers

    Why are Golden Goose sneakers so expensive ...
    • Limited quantities of each style. Why do I consider this a pro? The brand releases new styles each month and they go real quick! When I am paying this much for anything, I dont want to the exact color/style on 10 of my friends. Each pair feels unique and special, almost limited edition.
    • Already dirty. This baffles Jeff, like why am I paying for dirty looking shoes? As a kid, my mom would buy me bright white Keds and I would immediately go in the dirt to get them dirty or take a pen and draw on them. This made her so mad, clearly. Ive never liked the look of bright white shoes, now I just pay a lot of money for this look. Haha. I mean your shoes are always going to get dirty eventually, Golden Goose just speeds up the process.
    • Comfortable! I get this question a lot. Yes, they are super comfortable!
    • No shoe is identical. This goes back to what I was saying on limited quantities. Each pair is handmade and hand distressed. One of a kind, pretty cool right?
    • Cost per wear. The number question asked is are they worth the money?. I cant answer that for you. Totally a personal choice. However, look at all the shoes in your closet. Do you wear them a lot? I went through mine and found several pair of sneakers Ive spent $80-$150 on that I wore maybe 3 or 4 times. Yet, I wear my all of my GGDB sneakers ALL THE TIME! Like I said, cost per wear!
    • They look just as cool with dresses and skirts as they do with jeans and loungewear.

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    So Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Costly

    In brief, it comes down to those easy elements:

    • Every pair is made by hand in Italy, the place manufacturing unit employees make a good, livable wage
    • The hand-distressed side really makes them extra expensive to provide than they might in any other case be in the event that they regarded new
    • Most Golden Goose designs use a number of items of leather-based and patternsnot a single materials for your entire shoewhich provides complexity to manufacturing processes and supplies sourcing.

    Fortunately, we at all times have a big collection of Golden Goose sneakers for women, men, and kids, and always have the most effective pricing provide available in the market. We import immediately from Italy to the doorstep and associate with 200+ of Italys greatest unbiased luxurious boutiques to carry you the most effective choice.

    Uncover extra footwear protection: Iconic Shapethe Maison Margiela Tabi, How to find your size across different shoe sizing systems, and A Stylish Staycation with Saint Laurent sandals.

    Store;italist;for as much as 40% off on over 200,000 up-to-the-minute luxurious fashions for ladies, males, and youngsters from main manufacturers like;Golden Goose,;Fendi,;Gucci,;Miu Miu, and plenty of extradirect from Italys most interesting boutiques to your door.

    How Golden Goose Sneakers Are Made

    On any given pair, the right shoe may not match the left shoe perfectly, and this is intentional. They are usually similar in terms of marks and distressing , but the patterns are not always identical.;See the photos above and below for more detail.

    Keep in mind that the presentation and storage box is sometimes distressed as well and varies by model. This is important to note because this is not a defect or damage from shipping and handling.

    Youll also notice the interior lining, which is not smooth leather or unvarnished suede leather, but rather a loopback cotton toweling material, which makes the shoes warm in the winter and cool in the summer for your feet. This is also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are pleasant to wear year-round.

    These are all subtle design cues that make Golden Goose sneakers so special.

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    Are There Any Great Dupes Out There

    • First and foremost, Im in NO WAY saying you need these shoes. Do I love them? Yes. Does that mean that you need to splurge? Nope! Im all for everyone spending their money on what they want to spend their money onno judgement here. And Im always about people getting a great deal too. So, with that being said, if you still want to have the look, but you dont want to spend the money, there are some great dupe options out there! Ive linked up a bunch of options below, but keep in mind, I havent tried all of these! My number one suggestion for the best GG dupes that Ive tried are the Steve Madden Rezza Sneaker. They feel pretty much exactly like my real GG sneakers when I wear them, they are insanely comfortable and they look pretty much identical. .
    • The other more affordable option that are super comfy are the PP48 sneakers. These are still around $250-$300 but are the same Italian leather and are also so so comfy!

    Whether you want to wear them with a dress, denim, shorts, overalls, or really anything..they look DANG cute! I hope that Ive helped answer your questions in this post and if anything, if the real deal arent for you, I hope you can find a fun dupe from this.

    Whatever you love, can we get an applause that casual and comfy sneakers are on trend?! Im NOT a heels girl, so this is basically a dream for me!

    If I didnt answer one of your questions, leave it in the comments below and Ill make sure to get to it!

    Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run Small Or Massive

    DIY: How To Make GOLDEN GOOSE Custom SNEAKERS ($28 HACK!)

    Golden Goose sneakers are available in complete sizes .

    In case you are in between sizes or have slender toes, we suggest taking place a dimension: they have an inclination to suit wider than different sneakers, and the difference in heel height barely shrinks the size of the foot general.;

    When you have wider toes, and have bother discovering sneakers that match excellent, youll love Golden Goose! Go on your regular dimension, and benefit from the consolation .

    An additional phrase on consolation: Golden Goose sneakers come pre-distressed and weathered, so that you receivedt need to break them in. Merely put on them straight out of the field, and neglect about sore toes and blisters!

    When you have a job that requires you to face all day, take pleasure in lengthy walks or journey quite a bit, Golden Goose are the sneakers for you.

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