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Mens Gold G Shock Watch

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Simple Steps To Set The Correct Time On Your G

Casio G-Shock Dream Project Solid Gold: 35 Pieces, 300 grams, G-D5000-9JR Casio Watch Review

Press the MODE button as many times as needed until the day of the week and time are displayed. This is called Timekeeping Mode.Once you are in Timekeeping Mode, press and hold the ADJUST button for two seconds, until you hear the first beep. Use the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons to scroll through the different cities until you reach your time zone. Once you have stopped on your time zone, press the MODE button to set daylight savings time . Use the FORWARD and REVERSE buttons to switch between OFF and ON. After choosing the appropriate Daylight Savings Time setting, press adjust once more time and your watch hands will begin to rotate on their own, This means you’ve successfully set your G-Shock watch.

A Fusion Of Strength And Beauty

Bezel case

After sculpting the form through repeated forging, cutting and polishing, artisans apply mirror polishing and hairline finishing to the surfaces in pursuit of flawless beauty. The case back surface is finely machined to remove any unevenness and assure an accurate fit with the cushioning parts.

Legacy Of The Universal Ratio

Display aspect

The LCDs approximately 16:10 aspect ratio approaches the angle of human vision. Adopted in pursuit of clear visibility, this ratio has been handed down from one model to another since the origin to benefit from its closeness to the Golden Ratio, which is considered to represent the most beautiful proportions in nature.

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Our Commitment To Quality

The use of metal material requires the most advanced processing technologies to reproduce the design of the first G-SHOCK model. We apply leading-edge forging and cutting technologies in our commitment to evoking the beauty of finely inscribed details and to attaining a finish that maximizes the beauty of the metal textures.The result is a level of quality that sets a new standard for tough watch design.

Breakthroughs In Functional Innovation

Casio G

Dedicated design module

We have leveraged our proprietary high-density mounting, miniaturization and power-saving technologies to install multiple functions without increasing the watchs size. This innovative functional evolution has included such achievements as simultaneous installation of Bluetooth® communications and radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping.

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How Soon Will I Get My Refund

Once your returned item is received and inspected, you will be notified via an email. You will also be informed about the approval or rejection of your refund request. If approved, the refund request will be processed within 5 – 7 working days after approval. Free/Gift with purchase items not included inside your return shipment will have their value deducted from your return total.

Why Buy Your Next G

J.R. Dunn Jewelers is an official retailer for all the watch brands we sell. Weve been fortunate to be selected by Casio G-Shock and over 30 other major designer jewelry and watch brands to represent their products, both in store and online. This means you are guaranteed to receive genuine G-Shock watches and accessories when ordering online. Products will always be in their original packaging, new and unused, along with the factory warranty and after-sales support. The products you purchase come directly from G-Shock headquarters and into our inventory. Shop confidently with free shipping, free returns and convenient financing options.

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Forged And Molded Bezel

Undergoing about 20 forging processes, as well as cutting and polishing, the bezel is precisely crafted from a highly uneven molding to a back surface shape that determines the precision of its assembly.

– Hairline and Mirror Finishes

Circular and radial hairline finishes are applied to the raised and low portions of the bezel, and the slanted surface is polished to a mirror finish.

– Gold Ion Plating and All-Mirror Finish

Mirror finishing is applied to the metal bezel. Gold coloration is achieved with an IP process.

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