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How Much Is Goodrx Gold

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How Much Can You Really Save With Goodrx

How much does GoodRx gold cost?

GoodRx says it can save consumers up to 80% off the price of prescription drugs. From my experience, the app does a great job of highlighting $4 generics and even medications that are 100% free!

Take a look at the prices I found when I searched GoodRx for 30-day supplies of five popular generic medications:

  • Lipitor : $8.25
  • Flonase, Cultivate : $11.19
  • Sterapred, Deltasone : $13.63

To make sure that you always get the lowest price, GoodRx recommends that you provide your pharmacist with a new coupon every time that you fill or refill a prescription.

What Is Goodrx Care

Powered by HeyDoctor, GoodRx Care offers online medical services starting at $19 no insurance required.

The service allows patients to chat online with a board-certified medical professional to discuss routine health conditions including high cholesterol, urinary tract infections, acne, hair loss prevention and more.

GoodRx says the private consultations take 10 minutes or less with no video or phone call required.

How Goodrx Profits From Our Broken Pharmacy Pricing System

CONTEXT2020 Economic Report on U.S. Pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefit ManagersTHREE EASY STEPS1. Start with the pharmacys bogus cash prescription price.usual and customary

  • One study of two generic antibiotics found that cash prices varied from $4 to $229 for one product and from $2 to $134 for a second product.
  • In , I discussed a Consumer Reports survey of retail cash prices for five commonly prescribed generic drugs. The survey found that cash prices for a basket of five prescriptions ranged from $66 to $1,351a 20-fold difference.

2. Save money for consumers by providing easy access to a PBMs network rates.the list pricethe price paid by the GoodRx consumer3. Collect a portion of the fee that the pharmacy pays the PBM. PROFITING FROM A CRAZY SYSTEMIn 2019, GoodRx collected an astounding $364 million in fees on $2.5 billion in consumer Rx spending.

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How Does Goodrx Make Money

Simple enough. But where does the referral fee come from?

Pharmacy Benefits Managers or PBMs that GoodRx partners with.

When a customer uses a GoodRx coupon, the process from the pharmacy standpoint is a little like insurance.

Pharmacies input the BIN and PCN number on the coupon and the PBM tells us the price to charge. Then, based on that price, The PBM then takes a percentage fee of that transaction and splits it with GoodRx.

Does Goodrx Sell Personal Medical Data

Gold Goodrx Prices / Top Prescriptions 10 Or Less Goodrx ...

GoodRx says it makes money from advertisements and referral fees, not by selling your personal medical data. Thats something the company says it wont do.

However, GoodRx does data in some cases. Heres how the company puts it:

Its common practice for companies to share data for advertising and analytics purposes, which is what GoodRx does. And the small amount of data that is shared cannot be linked back to an individual person, a GoodRx spokesperson said in a statement to GoodRx has also gone above and beyond in implementing an opt-out and data deletion feature that is available to all users.

GoodRx implemented the opt-out and data deletion feature after a Consumer Reports investigation. Heres how you can opt out of cookies and tracking.

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Wondering What The Physical Goodrx Gold Card Looks Like

So within ten days youll receive your GoodRx card in the mail. Ours took a little less than a week to arrive. A couple things that we like about the physical card, and the rest of the stuff you receive from GoodRx Gold in the mail.

So first everything arrives in nice packaging, which maybe this doesnt matter exactly, but in our experience companies who take pride in their product and presentation, they typically end up being a better company to work with.

Above is the professional mailer that everything arrives in. Inside youll find your GoodRx cards, and some additional perks. Next lets discuss the physical GoodRx Gold card that youll find inside.

So again, great professional presentation and packaging. Were not a fan of the glue sticky things that they use to adhere the cards inside the packaging. It can leave the card being slightly sticky on one side, but with a little elbow grease and some soap and water, the GoodRx Gold card is perfect.

Also, for whatever reason the overwhelming majority of prescription discount cards out there look kind of cheesy, to put it nicely. A lot of them have designs that make it look like a coupon clipping service. Or just overall the feeling they evoke might be that youre using some kind of government assistance card to help pay for your prescriptions. Some people are very sensitive about these kinds of things, and thats fair.

Heres the front side of the letter they send out to you.

Signing Up With Goodrx Gold

So now that we have established that GoodRx Gold is, in fact, a great way to save a substantial amount of money on your generic prescription drugs, lets explore what the sign-up process is like.

GoodRx gives you a legitimate free-trial offer for 30 days, so this is very much a completely risk-free offer. That said, and we touched upon this before, canceling GoodRx Gold should it not be a fit for your needs is extremely easy. You simply navigate to the account settings section of your account where you will then have two choices regarding your account. You can keep it live as is, cancel it, or pause your account.

So fear not, should you not find value in the GoodRX Gold service, canceling takes literally 90 seconds.

So now that we covered how you cancel your account, lets review the sign-up process.

GoodRx Gold has a very similar sign-up process to many other services that you are accustomed to using for the most part. Name, address, email, phone, theyll need the basics to get your billing set up.

We didnt try out signing up with Google+ or Facebook, but were certain it is a functioning option.

Please note that some images in this review will have details removed for privacy purposes. When you sign-up with GoodRx Gold your screen will not have anything obscured. Below youll find the billing account information section of the sign-up form.

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Benefits Of Goodrx Gold

  • Standard On Pricing Makes Finding The Lowest Rate Much Easier Typically you will find that GoodRx Gold will save you about $10 more per prescription than the regular discount card. HealthNetwork members have saved on average about $30 at point of sale, but that doesnt mean there are overall greater savings with our card vs GoodRx Standard or GoodRx Gold. Its all dependent on what pharmacy you use, and what prescriptions you require.
  • One GoodRx Gold membership is good for the whole family. You can add up to 5 more family members, and this even includes discounts on pet medications. So if Buster has a pricey prescription that helps with hip dysplasia, no worries, GoodRx Gold can be used to help reduce his medication costs.
  • GoodRx has been able to partner with thousands of pharmacies in order to accomplish this goal of providing even deeper discounts from their already significant savings. Just some of the participating pharmacies include, Kroger, Albertsons and SafeWay. You can get a complete list of Participating GoodRx Gold Pharmacies here.
  • Generic Pricing that is often less expensive than the cost of an insurance co-pay. For example, one of the most common prescriptions written is for Atorvastatin, also know as the generic version Lipitor. Under GoodRx Gold, 30 tablets of the 20mg pill would only be $5.60.

We know, everyone offers something like that. Heres the thing about many services that allow you to try something out for 30 days.

Not with GoodRx Gold.

How Does Goodrx Work

GoodRX and GoodRX Gold review

To find the cheapest price for your medication, all you have to do is visit or use the mobile app and type in the drug name.

Youll receive a list of the lowest prices at pharmacies near you. Heres an example:

If youve been going to the same pharmacy for years, its important to check GoodRx before you leave the house because there may be better options nearby.

You can even check prices while youre at the doctors office to make sure that you can afford your new script.

Once youve found the best price, either print out a coupon or have it sent to your phone. App users can just show the pharmacist the coupon from their device.

You can use GoodRx coupons whether you have health insurance or not.

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How Do I Refill My Prescription With Goodrx Gold

Cutting back on the overall time spent when picking up your prescription at the register. Refilling a medication with GoodRx Gold is just like having regular insurance. Just have to call ahead to the pharmacy for them to fill your refill. Like usual just make sure that they run the prescription through the GoodRx Gold prescription card.

Is A Goodrx Discount Card Worth It

Given the steep costs of seniors’ medications, prescription savings cards have become increasingly popular. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which cards are actually worthwhile. GoodRx is one of the most widely used and available prescription savings cards. The company is likely partnered with pharmacies near you, making it an excellent choice for seniors across the country.

GoodRx offers two products: a free discount savings card and a monthly subscription called GoodRx Gold, which increases your savings. Their free discount card can save seniors up to 80 percent on their prescriptions. Savings like that really add up, considering the average senior-aged 65 to 79 fills 20 prescriptions each year.1

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Goodrx Gold Program Updated With Telehealth And Mail Orders

Members can now receive significant discounts on doctor visits, prescriptions and mail delivery.

GoodRx is expanding its subscription program, GoodRx Gold, to provide members with exclusive discounts on online doctor visits and free mail delivery via the GoodRx app in addition to the exclusive lower prices on prescription drugs that are already available. Thanks to the improvement of medical software development services, new opportunities are opening up for both patients and doctors. With these new offerings, GoodRx Gold now makes every step of a patients healthcare journey easier and more affordable, from seeing a doctor to filling the medication you are prescribed, all without leaving your home.

Why does it matter?

Using the 5-star rated GoodRx app, GoodRx Gold members can now see a licensed healthcare provider to receive treatment in the comfort and safety of their own home. Visits for members start at just $10 and patients can be seen for over 150 conditions, including cold and flu, UTI, cold sores, acne, birth control, COVID-19 screenings, refills for common medications and more. If the patient is prescribed medication, they can use a GoodRx Gold discount of up to 90% at pharmacies near them or have it sent directly to their house via free mail delivery.

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What Is Goodrx Gold

GoodRX Gold Review

GoodRx Gold is a monthly membership program that provides dramatic discounts on prescription drugs and healthcare services for you and your family.

For $5.99/month, GoodRx Gold membership provides exclusive access to low drug prices for individuals. For families, choose our $9.99/month plan and add up to 5 family members your kids, grandma and grandpa, and even pets!

It’s so easy to save. Just show your card when you fill a prescription at thousands ofparticipating pharmacies in the United States.

Over 1,000 prescriptions for under $10 with GoodRx Gold. That’s a savings of up to 90%. GoodRx Gold prices can even be lower than your insurance copay.

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Final Thoughts On Goodrx

I was excited about GoodRxs unique features everything from the streamlined search menu to the refill reminders to the pharmacy locator. I was surprised to learn about the additional services available through GoodRx Care. The telehealth service provides affordable online health care by connecting you with a doctor even if you dont have insurance.

Ive saved hundreds of dollars on prescriptions simply by showing my GoodRx discounts to my pharmacist, and I wouldnt mind upgrading to the GoodRx Gold plan for more savings. If youd like to save hundreds of dollars on prescriptions, GoodRx does an accurate price comparison and shows a list of nearby pharmacies. As a free prescription-discount service, GoodRx makes it easy and convenient to get lower-priced prescriptions at a pharmacy or delivered straight to your door.

GoodRx is one of my favorite prescription discount cards of 2022.

I would recommend GoodRx if you want
I wouldnt recommend GoodRx if you want
  • Medicare and insurance pricing: ou wont be able to use GoodRx with insurance or Medicare, but you can use it in place of insurance.

Is Goodrx Gold Better Than Goodrx

It depends on your needs. GoodRx Gold does provide better discounts, but comes at a monthly cost. If you have a prescription that falls into its top 1000 prescription drugs, then you could save big each time you use it at the pharmacy.

If you do not use prescriptions often or can get the drug at a lower cost through your insurance, skip the membership fees and go through your insurance plan.

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Examples Of Popular Prescription Costs With Goodrx And Goodrx Gold:

Benzonatate 30 Capsules 100MG

  • GoodRx Gold: $8.56
  • Publix Cash Price: $207.51
  • Walgreens Cash Price: $239.46

GoodRx Gold Savings Summary: This time we found a savings of about 50% from standard GoodRX, which was just over $15.00, not too shabby. More interesting though, is the thought of having to pay the actual list cash price without GoodRx at all. Crestor are one of the top 10 most prescribed drugs nationwide. It didnt matter if you were paying cash at CVS, Walgreens or Publix, without GoodRx or GoodRx Gold, this prescription would set you back $200 or more. Thats an incredible amount of savings!

Searching For & Purchasing Medications With Goodrx

How Does GoodRx Make Money?

Finding medications and savings on GoodRx couldn’t be easier. For this part of our review, we used the GoodRx website. We were impressed with the amount of information GoodRx provides, including side effects, drug info, drug images, and more. Plus, we couldn’t believe how many discounted options were available.

Pro Tip: The pharmacy you usually go to may not always be the cheapest. Be sure to shop around using the GoodRx website or app to find the pharmacy in your area that offers the best deal on your medications.

For our test, we looked up Simvastatin, a popular cholesterol medication commonly prescribed to seniors. The average retail price is $25.99, but that depends entirely on the pharmacy. The search showed us seven nearby participating pharmacies. Our lowest price for this medication using the GoodRx free savings card was just $4.23 from Kroger Pharmacy. With the GoodRx Gold plan, the price dropped to $2.62. Below is a look at the pricing for Simvastatin at our local pharmacies.

Estimated Retail Price

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How Much Do Prescription Drugs Cost With Goodrx

If you like to get more savings on a consistent basis, you may want to upgrade to the paid GoodRx Gold plan. It starts at $5.99 a month for an individual or $9.99 a month for up to six family members, including pets. The below chart outlines what prescription medications typically cost with GoodRx compared to what they cost with no coverage.

How Is The Price Of My Prescription Set

Before we dive in, it helps to have a basic understanding of how prescription pricing works.

Now understand this: Prescription pricing is extremely complicated in the United States.

It would take pages for us to adequately cover all the intricacies. So instead, we are just going to cover some basics.

Simply put, if you are paying for a prescription with insurance, your insurance company sets the price you pay. Or more specifically, your pharmacy benefits manager does.

Typically, this comes in the form of a copay, which is just a fixed amount you pay for medical services. Generally, the copay is much less than the actual cost of the medical service and your health insurance covers the difference.

Heres an example.

You go into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription medication and show them your health insurance card.

The pharmacy submits a claim to your insurance for the prescription and, if approved, your insurance tells the pharmacy what copay to charge. For example, on a medication that costs $200, they might say your copay is $20.

The pharmacy would then bill your insurance company for the remaining $180 and the insurance companys PBM would decide how much to reimburse the pharmacy.

This is just one example, but the point is you dont usually pay the actual cost of the drug.

You pay the amount set by your insurance company.

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When Should You Use Goodrx

If you are uninsured or if you will be paying without insurance for a particular medication, then GoodRx could be useful.

In these cases, GoodRx can help you get a baseline for how much you might need to pay out of pocket, in addition to potentially helping you save money with a coupon.

Just remember, the prices GoodRx lists on its website are not necessarily the best prices available since they only display and offer coupons for partners and paying advertisers.

So use it more as a guide than an absolute truth.

Drawbacks Of Goodrx Gold

Save Even More On Prescription Prices With GoodRx Gold ...

This is a pretty short list, but here it is.

Availability of drugs and available pharmacies to fill the prescriptions.

A little background information, and or a peek behind the scenes of the pharmacy industry if you will. Heres something youre not supposed to know about the pharmaceutical industry. Regardless if it is a drug maker or a massive pharmacy chain, they are typically not big fans of companies like GoodRx. Why is that? Well, its complicated, but the short explanation is that companies like GoodRx bring transparency and easily accessible information to consumers about prescription drug costs.

So what does this mean? It means that not all major pharmacies are going to participate with GoodRx Gold. It means that with GoodRx Gold, you might have to go a little further to get these seriously discounted prices. That said, depending on your prescription requirements, an extra five minutes of driving could mean saving hundreds of dollars at the pharmacy in one trip.

GoodRx has been doing a ton of hard work over the years to get to this point there are at now where they have negotiated the lowest rates we have ever seen on more than 1,000 of the most commonly prescribed generic drugs. Often their pricing with GoodRx Gold is below a typical insurance co-pay.

Note: We used Boca Raton, Florida as our test area.

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