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How To Purchase Gold And Silver

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Where To Buy Silver Bars

How to Buy Gold and Silver | Practical Guide

Silver bars can be bought in numerous places

Online dealers like Auction sites like eBay Coin or bullion shops near you

The best strategy here is to buy your silver bars from a reputable dealer. A trustworthy dealer provides sound education, helps you avoid pitfalls, and most importantly, sells high-quality products.

How do you know if youre dealing with a reputable bullion seller? Look for these things

If youre new, try comparing three dealers. Be sure to compare total costcommission, credit card or bank wire fees, and shipping and insurance. And keep in mind that cost isnt the only factor when buying silver bars: ease of ordering, delivery promptness, customer service, and buyback policies are all important to consider in where you shop.

One effective method for first-timers is to buy from two different dealers, so you can compare service, delivery, and cost. It also provides you with two vetted sources for future purchases.

How To Know If Your Gold And Silver Is Fake

Buying precious metals like gold and silver is fantastic way to ensure all of your investments are not in one basket.

For new precious metals investors, authenticating silver and gold can be really intimidating. How do you know if youre buying the real thing? Can you really be sure? What specific things should you look for when you invest in gold and silver?

Doing your research, as well as buying from a trusted source are two imperative steps when youre investing in precious metals. Can you imagine investing substantial amounts of money into gold and silver only to find out its counterfeit? The good news is there are several ways to ensue this doesnt happen to you.

Explore five ways to avoid buying fake precious metals today.

All Right So Where Can I Buy Gold & Silver Bullion

You can purchase sovereign gold coins from your local coin dealer or from an online dealer.

In both cases, deal with a firm that has been in business for years ideally a decade or more and has a well-respected brand. These firms have a reputation to protect and thus will be less likely to gouge you, sell you inferior product, or do anything shady/illegal. If possible, choose a firm recommended by a longtime gold buyer whos opinion you respect.

There should be no product quality difference whether you buy sovereign coins from a local or an online store. But there is an important advantage to buying from a local dealer: the relationship.

Its highly valuable to have a local dealer who knows who you are, values your patronage, and knows that he sold you good product. In a time of panic, bullion supply can quickly dry up as it did in supreme fashion in 1980, when coin shops had lines around the block of people desperate to exchange their dollars for gold. In that kind of limited inventory environment, being on a dealers preferred customer list getting first access to restricted supply if you want to buy more, or receiving discrete VIP treatment should you want to sell will be a tremendous advantage.

And a local dealer can be a font of useful intelligence and advice. Good dealers have their finger on the pulse of the PM market: are people net buyers or sellers? Are inventories tightening/expanding? Are premiums rising/falling?

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Are Precious Metals A Good Investment For You

Precious metals offer unique inflationary protectionthey have intrinsic value, they carry no credit risk, and they cannot be inflated. That means you can’t print more of them. They also offer genuine “upheaval insurance” against financial or political/military upheavals.

From an investment theory standpoint, precious metals also provide a low or negative correlation to other asset classes like stocks and bonds. This means even a small percentage of precious metals in a portfolio will reduce both volatility and risk.

Bgasc: Buy Gold And Silver Coins

How Smart Investors Buy Silver and Gold

With thousands of positive customer reviews, its not hard to realize why BGASC is an A+ BBB accredited business. They offer free shipping on orders $99 and up, and every order is insured while in transit moreover, they always ship your order the next business day.

They are one of the largest coin and bullion dealers in the US and sell nearly every type of US coin ever made. They also have a large selection of mints from other countries, such as China, Mexico, and Canada.

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What Is A Reasonable Premium For Gold And Silver

There are a lot of variables that go into answering this but once you get familiar and browse the extraordinary variety of Gold and Silver products, you will start to get a good feel of what is a good or bad over spot premium. Though the variables I mentioned are vast lets go over a few important ones, some folks never really consider.Take two of the same metal type and weight coins minted by two different governments. The 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf by the Royal Canadian Mint vs. the 1 oz American Silver Eagle by the U.S. Mint. Both of these Silver coins are absolutely stunning and serve as the premier Silver bullion for both countries respectfully but there is one difference. The 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf can be purchased at about the current market spot + $2.00 to $3.00 whereas its American counterpart regularly trades at about $4.00 to $6.00 over market spot price. Why is this?Well, in this instance its because the Royal Canadian Mint controls the refining process and the U.S. Mint does not. The Royal Canadian Mint has its own refinery whereas the U.S. Mint actually contracts several private mints to refine the metal and create the blanks used in manufacturing.Other reasons could be efficiency, volume, supply, volatility in the market, among many other variables.

Find A Reputable Seller

There’s no better place to buy your metals from than a professional bullion dealer. They will always be your most reliable and trustworthy option.

That begs the question: How do you identify a trustworthy gold dealer? Here are some quick tips.

  • Read customer reviews. What have past clients or customers said about this seller?
  • Check their Better Business Bureau profile. Anything besides an A+ rating is a red flag.
  • What is their product selection? Make sure the seller has the type of products you’re looking for.
  • Do they have clear policies? You want to work with a company that clearly states its policies for returns, cancelled orders, etc.

It’s also useful to comparison shop between several dealers. This will give you a sense of which sellers offer the best prices and the widest selection.

Whether you’re shopping for silver products at your local coin shop or are buying physical gold bullion, comparing prices is the best way to understand the current market. You may also want to read up on the latest market research from the World Gold Council.

Product selection is an important consideration when you invest in precious metals.

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How To Buy Gold/silver Bullion Coins & Bars

When investing in gold and silver for the first time, it is very easy for customers to become overwhelmed by the many options offered to them. Whether faced with the decision of which products to order or how much to pay, the choices can seem endless. Fortunately, customers can rest assured knowing that there is no right or wrong way to purchase precious metals. While there are some general guidelines to keep in mind when doing your initial research, buying precious metals is mostly a matter of finding out which options best suit your needs.

Rollover Or Transfer Your Retirement Accounts Into Precious Metals

How to Buy Gold and Silver

We can assist you with completing the application to establish your no-obligation new Self-Directed IRA . Once we receive your complete application and account statement, our IRA Department will contact your current account custodian and request that funds be transferred into your new SDIRA.

Once the funds are transferred and available, you will choose the IRA eligible gold and silver products that you would like to have in your new SDIRA. Once you decide which metals are right for you, your gold and silver will be shipped via insured courier to the depository of your choice where they will be inspected, cataloged and placed in their secure underground vault within your personal deposit box.

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Best Place And Way To Purchase Copper & Platinum

As in the case of gold and silver purchases, customers who intend to buy copper and platinum will benefit more from making their purchases online than at a local coin shop. Purchasing copper and platinum from an online vendor entitles them to the same advantages offered on online gold and silver orders such as easier accessibility, better pricing and more privacy. Furthermore, at JM Bullion, the transaction process remains the same regardless of which precious metals the customer chooses to purchase. While we respect the individual preferences of our customers, we would like to warn customers who intend to purchase copper and platinum locally that the availability of these precious metals will be dependent on the specific inventory of each coin shop.

So Once Ive Bought My Emergency Stack Where Do I Keep It

The first rule of owning bullion is to convince the world you dont own any. DONT TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT!

Greed and crisis do weird things to people. Dont make yourself a target unnecessarily by revealing your holdings or where youve stashed them.

Except perhaps to your spouse, or key family members you trust. You dont want the gold disappearing forever should you suddenly kick the bucket

The point of having an emergency stack is to be able to get your hands on it quickly should you need to. Some people put it in a home safe, some in a bank safety deposit box, some hide it in the walls or bury it outside. There are pros and cons to each. Youll need to decide for yourself which is the best option for your unique situation.

The main risks to holding precious metals on your own property are personal safety and loss. If you decide to keep bullion in your home, in a safe or elsewhere, the smart thing to do is to TELL NO ONE. The fewer people who suspect you have any gold, the lower your risk of robbery. As for loss, many insurance companies will not cover more than a small sum if your bullion is lost due to theft or disaster. Be sure youve reviewed your homeowners policy to know what your limit is.

Holding your metal in a bank reduces the theft/loss risks, but introduces others. For example, your access is more limited as it depends on the bank being open .

In the end, youll need to decide for yourself which option best fits your personal risk tolerance level.

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Try The Gold And Silver Magnet Test

A common test to see whether your gold and silver are fake is a simple magnet test. Both silver and gold are not magnetic, meaning they will not stick to a magnet, regardless of how strong it is. A mistake that most counterfeiters make is using magnetic materials in their phony products.

To test whether your precious metals are real, simply buy a cheap magnet and place it on top of the gold or silver item. If it sticks, youre dealing with a fake. If it slides off easily, there is a chance the item is authentic. Its important to note that sometimes counterfeit silver and gold are made with non-magnetic materials, too. Therefore, be sure to perform more than just this one test to authenticate your gold and silver.

Bottom Line: Is Gold A Good Investment

Buying Gold With Silver

Gold has been a commodity for thousands of years. Its value has been relatively stable historically, and it tends to perform better when stocks are down. For these reasons, gold is a popular investment strategy for many people who want to diversify their portfolios. However, most financial advisors dont recommend putting more than 10% of your assets in gold.

If youre looking to invest in gold for retirement, you might consider a gold IRA. Gold IRAs are investment retirement accounts that are backed by gold. They work similarly to a traditional or Roth IRA but hold bullion or coins instead of paper assets. To learn more, research how to find the best gold IRA company.

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Best Way To Buy Gold And Silver

In todays digital online world, we seldom own assets that we can physically see and touch that hold and increase their value despite . Gold and silver are the only currencies that have been in use for the last 5,000 years. What is the best way to buy gold and silver in todays markets?

Assets such as gold and silver are ruled by the law of physical supply there is only so much gold and silver available. When you buy gold or silver, you can physically see the item and weigh it yourself if you chose, so it is much easier to determine the actual value.

Where does gold and silver bullion come from? After the metal has been mined and then refined, it is generally sold to bullion banks. These banks are the middlemen between the suppliers and the buyers.

Just like a normal bank is the middleman between you and the governments reserve bank, bullion banks are the intermediaries between the gold suppliers and the buyers.

Gold producers sell to the banks, despite what the market demands at that particular moment are, and buyers purchase from the bank. The bank stores the gold, handles financing and basically distributes the gold across the globe for investment or industrial purposes, or jewelry. The buyers in this instance are the companies or mints that sell the bars or coins.

Speculating On The Price Of Gold & Silver

For those looking to go beyond a defensive position in bullion, there a number of options for risk-seeking investors to speculate on the price of gold and silver.

Those who wish to bet on the price of precious metals rising or falling can trade within the growing number of ETFs and ETNs tied to the price of gold and silver.

ETFs/ETNs are securities that trade on the financial markets much like a stock does. They are essentially funds that have exposure to the price of the precious metals, either by owning bullion or futures contracts.

Its very important to understand that most ETFs/ETNs are not fully-backed by bullion. They are exposed to counter-party risk, which is why they are often referred to as paper gold or paper silver. Dont think of owning them as the same thing as owning an equivalent $amount of bullion.

The main reason to own an ETF/ETN is as a bet on where the price of the underlying metal is headed. If your time horizon for the bet is short, ETFs/ETNs can be the better choice: theyre extremely liquid and they dont have the premiums and storage/shipping fees that come with buying physical bullion.

The most heavily traded ETFs/ETNs are GLD and SLV, which are heavily stacked with futures contracts. For folks looking for funds fully-backed by bullion, Sprott offers PHYS , PSLV , and CEF and VanEck Merk Gold Trust offers OUNZ, which has the additional option of converting your stake to physical bullion which it will ship to you upon demand.

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Is Gold A Good Investment

If youre looking to strike it rich with a modern-day gold rush, youre probably in the wrong place. Over the past five years, golds price increased by approximately 36% while the S& P 500 increased by 104% during that same period. So why all the hype?

Because some view gold as a safe haven from inflation and extreme market dips. For instance, during the 2007-2008 bear market, the overall stock market plunged 33%. Gold, meanwhile, only fell 2%.

That said, gold prices can be very volatile, meaning gold isnt an entirely safe investment. In fact, you can easily craft a well-diversified investment portfolio without gold entirely.

But if you want some of that golden gleam in your investment account, aim for it to occupy only a small percentage of your investing dollars.

Shop Gold Prices And Silver Prices

Buying Gold and Silver for Beginners (How To)

Precious Metals prices are perhaps the most important factor to consider when building your investment. Dont underestimate the importance of relying on a reputable source. Make APMEX your hub for Gold and Silver prices.

Simply look to the very top of the APMEX website, on any page, for instant updates on Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bid and ask spot prices. With one click, interactive charts show the daily price progression of APMEXs most popular Precious Metals offerings. More in-depth pricing information is also available on the website. Comprehensive historical pricing data going back 30 years is available free through APMEX for Gold and Silver prices, as well as Platinum and Palladium prices.

How are Gold and Silver prices determined? A number of factors are taken into consideration. Precious Metals prices are influenced by current events, market speculation, currency values, supply and demand and buying power. But rest assured that regardless of these factors, Precious Metals retain intrinsic value as a tangible and fungible commodity.

The best way to stay on top of price fluctuations is to become an APMEX account member and register to receive price alerts by email or text message. There is no better way to maximize your buying position, as well as your sell or exit strategy.

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