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How To Earn Nintendo Gold Points

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How To Earn Nintendo Platinum Points

How to earn and spend Nintendo gold points.

Earning Nintendo Platinum Points requires a little bit of work, and youll need to actively complete missions to actually get them.

Head over to the list of active missions, and youll be able to see what you can do to earn more points.

Of course, youll need to make sure your account is all set up properly first, so be sure to do that.

Once youre certain everything is good to go, and that your account has as much security as possible on it, you can start earning Nintendo Platinum Points by completing the missions that are listed.

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Up Close With The Nintendo Switch

It’s true that we’re being a little ridiculous here. Most Nintendo Switch owners probably buy a mix of physical and digital games, meaning they’ll sometimes enjoy the higher 5 percent rate awarded to 3DS, Wii U and Switch games purchased on the eShop. The return rates aren’t really any worse than a credit card rewards system, either — up to 5 percent cash back really isn’t that bad.

Even so, the convoluted nature of the My Nintendo rewards program makes it feel, well, pretty unrewarding. Having to worry about when your rewards expire isn’t fun, it’s stressful. And finding out the copy of the new game you just opened up is too old to earn points isn’t rewarding at all — it’s a disappointing punch to the gut.

So much for loyalty.

Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Point Missions

  • Link Fire Emblem Heroes to a Nintendo Account Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear the Prologue. Reward: 100 Fire Embelm Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 1. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 2. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 3. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 4. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 5. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 5. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 6. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 7. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 8. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 9. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 10. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 11.Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 12. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points
  • Clear Chapter 13. Reward: 100 Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points

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How Much Is A Nintendo Switch Gold Point Worth

This equates to £3.00 in Gold Point value that you can apply to a future purchase of Nintendo Switch software on the official Nintendo website or in Nintendo eShop for Switch. Some content may be exempt from the earning or spending of Gold Points. The value of a Gold Point when used for digital purchases differs per currency.

Collect Even More Points

How To Earn Gold Points For Physical Nintendo Switch Games ...

Now that you know all about collecting Gold Points and how to spend them, I’ll let you in on a little tip that could have you rolling in coins in no time. In the past few years, a few first-party Nintendo games had a special promotion: If you pre-order one of these titles, you get extra Gold Points. If you were planning to pick up the game anyway, you might as well pre-order it and reap the benefits and get even more great Nintendo games with all those Gold Points.

Keep an eye out the next time you have an anticipated Nintendo game coming out soon. You can see news of these promotions and many other Gold Points promotions on the My Nintendo website.

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You Can Earn My Nintendo Gold Points On Nintendo Switch Physical Retail Copies

  • 41

You know how My Nintendo’s download-only focus has been a constant complaint, as it punishes those that opt for physical retail purchases? Well, that’s about to change.

Courtesy of the Switch linking into your Nintendo Account seamlessly, you can now earn some Gold Points from cartridges by using the + or – menus the cartridge needs to be in the system for it to work. You get less than you would with an eShop purchase but it’s better than a poke in the eye. This has gone live in Europe so far.

Details are below.

Just like on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, you’ll be able to get Gold Points on Nintendo Switch. However, the new console offers two ways to earn them:

Digital purchasesYou can earn points by getting your Nintendo Switch games digitally. Whether you purchase them directly on Nintendo eShop or redeem a download code, the points are collected automatically every time. This is similar to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS however, it now works directly with your Nintendo Account instead of having to go through a Nintendo Network ID as well.

Game CardsOn Nintendo Switch, you can also earn points for games that you bought at a retailer. You can do this directly from the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch. Press the + or – Button while the icon of the game you want to register is selected to get to the Options screen . Then, go to “My Nintendo Rewards Programme” and select “Earn Points”.

My Nintendo just got a bit better.

How To Redeem Nintendo Platinum Points

Redeeming the points isnt too hard to do once your account is set up. All you need to do is head over to the reward categories section of the My Nintendo site.

Once there, you can see a few different categories in which you can decide what to spend your Nintendo Platinum Points on.

Some of these things are themes, some of them are in-game boosts for the mobile games. Theyre all worth looking at of course, given that they are essentially free.

What you decide to spend your Nintendo Platinum Points on is entirely up to you, but at least you know exactly how to earn them and how to redeem them now.

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Bookmark This For When You Want A New Reward

With My Nintendo physical rewards popping up like daisies every week, Ive had a ton of requests from readers to explain what Platinum Points are, and how to earn them quickly.

Good news! This is that guide. Itll walk you through the entire process comprehensively, from starting a My Nintendo account to some of the more advanced ways of earning digital bread.

Make an account, then grab all the easy missions first

As a recap, Platinum is basically a make-believe currency that lets you earn small rewards in mobile titles or digital rewards, like 3DS themes and game discounts for non-Switch systems. As you can clearly see, the latter use is outdated, and has been for some time, basically putting My Nintendo in a dormant state. But with physical rewards arriving recently, its given the service a second wind.

So this step is the easiest. Go make a My Nintendo account, then link your proper Nintendo account. Head to the missions section: this is your dashboard, where youll start making notes of what to do to earn Platinum Points.

Make a few quick changes to get some easy points. Link your Nintendo account, turn promotional emails on , and link various social accounts for more points. If youre uncomfortable with this prospect, link bogus accounts. Also dont forget to tour the Mario 35 site and click around for more easy points.

Know the weekly resets

My Nintendo resets are on Mondays at 12AM. Only Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp resets on Sunday mornings.

You Can Now Get My Nintendo Gold Points When You Purchase A Nintendo Switch Online 12

How to Earn My Nintendo Gold Points for Nintendo Switch Game Cards [Nintendo Switch]

Nintendo has revealed a new limited time offer for those who buy a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Read on below to learn more:

Limited time offer: Buy a Nintendo Switch Online membership and get My Nintendo Gold Points

Been thinking of purchasing or renewing your Nintendo Switch Online membership? Well, this deal is as good as gold!

For a limited time, you can get My Nintendo Gold Points when you purchase a Nintendo Switch Online 12-month plan. This offer also applies to auto-renewals and both individual or family plan options.

Typically, you wouldnt get Gold Points with a Nintendo Switch Online membership purchase, so consider this a little bonus from us to you. This promo will run from now until May 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Please note that the number of bonus Gold Points changes depending on your country, so look at the chart below for more info:

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You Can Now Apply My Nintendo Gold Points To Eshop Purchases

By Jordan Boyd

Back in February, Nintendo announced that My Nintendo users would be able to purchase titles on the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch eShop using gold points starting sometime this month. That time has finally arrived.

Now, 100 gold points on an My Nintendo account are equivalent to $1. When making purchases on the eShop, players will be awarded five percent back on eligible purchases in the form of gold points. So for a game thats $59.99, players will get 300 gold points or $3. You can apply points at the checkout screen on the eShop. Its important to note that physical purchases will only get you one percent of their Nintendo eShop price.

While games with DLC on Switch will earn you gold points, DLC on 3DS and Wii U titles will not. Furthermore, gold points will expire in one year, on the last day of the month in which they were earned. For physical software, you earn points by registering the title via the home menu.

For more information or any other questions you may have, you can check out the official post from Nintendo. In other Nintendo related news, you can check out a demo or some new gameplay of the upcoming Switch exclusive, Kirby Star Allies.

Nintendo Points: All You Need To Know

In 2002, Nintendo launched a loyalty program that made their services enjoyable and rewarding to the players. They named this program My Nintendo. This rewarding program gives fun and excitement to players who play games and interact with Nintendo.

In line with this, the reward system works by allowing players to earn points from using software or purchasing games. They can then spend their earned points on rewards such as digital games or discounts. What gives more excitement is that anyone with a Nintendo Account can use My Nintendo for free!

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How To Redeem Gold Points On Nintendo Switch


Every Nintendo Switch game purchase you make, whether in the eShop or a physical game, earns you Gold Points. Those points can be used toward purchases for things like background themes for your 3DS, Prima game guides, and discounts for Wii U purchases. You can also exchange your Gold Points toward purchases made in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Here’s everything you need to know about Gold Points and how to use them.

About Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Life on Twitter: " My Nintendo Gold Points Can Be ...

Having a Nintendo Switch Online membership is a way to supercharge some of your favorite Nintendo Switch games with additional online features. Member benefits include:

  • Playing compatible games online with your friends. For example, you can visit your friends islands in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, play online multiplayer in the Super Mario 3D World+ Bowsers Fury game, and more!
  • Backing up your save data for compatible games.
  • Using voice chat with the smartphone app.
  • Member-only offers.

Learn more or purchase your membership at .

*Please note, if youre using Gold Points while pre-ordering a game, you will not be able to set how many points can be used.

Offer valid once per Nintendo Account until 5/10/21 at 11:59 p.m. PT with the purchase or paid renewal of a Nintendo Switch Online 12-month Individual Membership or Family Membership. Gold Points will be issued within 14 days of purchase, are earned based on the price of the membership on Nintendo eShop, and will vary by country and currency. A Nintendo Account is required to receive and redeem My Nintendo points. Terms apply. .

For a limited time, earn #MyNintendo Gold Points when you renew or purchase a #NintendoSwitch Online 12-month membership. Offer ends 5/10/2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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How To Add Your Gold Points For Game Purchases On Nintendo Switch

Every digital game you purchase on the Switch or 3DS eShop rewards you with Gold Points that can be used for purchases in the Switch eShop.

Gold Points from eShop games are super easy to redeem. It’s automatic. As soon as you buy a game, the points are added to your My Nintendo Account. Just make sure your Nintendo Network ID is linked to your Nintendo Account before you make any purchases so all of your eshop game purchases from your various consoles will share the Gold Point rewards.

Physical game cards that you purchase for your Switch require a few additional steps to secure your Gold Points.

  • Insert the game card into your Switch.
  • Select the game you want to redeem points for from the Home screen.
  • Touch Options in the lower right corner of the Home screen, or press the + button on the right Joy-Con controller.
  • Select My Nintendo Rewards Program from the Options menu.

  • Select Earn Points for this software.8 Select OK to finish the process.

  • You now have Gold Points in your My Nintendo loyalty program account.

    Gold Points for physical games can only be redeemed within one year of the game’s original release date. Make sure to do this process before then.

    Uses Of My Nintendo Points

    Gold points can be used in purchasing a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, Nintendo switch titles in eShop. On the other hand, Platinum Points can be used to obtain download codes for digital titles, earn discounts on games, and unlock items in mobile games.

    However, with a little legwork, a player can cash his Platinum and Gold Points in a way that he can use them for essential discounts on digital downloads. Sometimes, hell be able to find the right game at the right time associated with a lower price.

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    How To Earn Gold Points For Physical Nintendo Switch Games: Step

    Now lets go through the process of earning Gold Points from your physical Nintendo Switch game.

    Theres a couple of things you should know before proceeding:

    Gold Points can only be earned from a physical game

    • within 12 months of its release
    • only once

    You will not receive Gold Points if the game has been available longer than 12 months or if the Gold Points have already been redeemed from the Nintendo Switch game card.

    You will also need to and connect it to a Nintendo Switch profile on your system to earn Gold Points.

    *I will be using both Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers for the purposes of this guide*

    Whats The Best Way To Get Free Nintendo Points

    How to Earn Nintendo Gold points (CASH) from your Nintendo Switch

    Grab Points is not dissimilar to Points Prizes. They claim to have one of the most extensive rewards programs online. With GrabPoints, you earn Nintendo point code free by doing regular tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps. Stuff that you basically do on the internet every day.

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    My Nintendo Wiki Guide

    My Nintendo includes Missions that allow the user to undertake small tasks to earn points that they can then use for Rewards, discounts, the rare physical item, downloadable things, and in-game purchases.

    Note that completing a mission does not automatically unlock it, and you will have 30 days to accept the reward in the Rewards section of My Nintendo. It’s also important to note that any Points earned will only be available for 6 months, and will be taken out on the first of that month.

    How To Gather Gold Points

    Every time you buy a game, you gain a certain amount of Gold Points whenever you purchase it for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, or the Wii U. So, if the game is $49.99, you’ll gain 5% of that in Gold Points to your Nintendo profile. So, that would be 2.5 points, which would most likely round up to 3 points.

    You also gain Gold Points for the physical copy games that you add to your devices, although it’s not quite that much. For every physical copy game, you add to your Nintendo Switch, you get only 1% of the costs added to your profile. So, in the $49.99 case, you would gain .5 of a point, which would round up to 1 point.

    Although it will take some time to gain some points in order to actually get a game for free, it’s a great idea to get a little bit of a game paid for you. If you’re a frequent buyer of games than this aspect will definitely be beneficial to you.

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    Solution 2 Make Sure Your Points Didnt Expire

    As Nintendo explains, Gold Points expire 12 months after you collected them and cannot be redeemed. So, if your Nintendo Points are not working, make sure they havent expired.

    How to check if Nintendo Points have expired

    • Step 1 Click on the Menu icon
    • Step 2 Select Points summary
    • Step 3 Click on Points history this is where youll find the list of the points that have already expired
    • Step 4 Click on the month filter to see the monthly history of your points.

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