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Rose Gold Oval Halo Engagement Rings

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14k Rose Gold 1.50ct Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo – Isabella

What is 18ct rose gold?

18ct rose gold is an alloy of 75% pure 24ct gold and 25% other hardening metals such as silver and copper. Rose gold gets its warm colour from the high percentage of copper that is included in the mix. 18ct, compared to other alloys like 9ct or 14ct, is the most resistant to damage over a lifetime of everyday wear, and therefore the recommended choice for a rose gold engagement ring.

What is the hallmark for 18ct gold?

The hallmark for 18ct gold is 750. This represents the 750 parts per 1000 that is made up of pure 24ct gold. You can find this hallmark stamped on the inside of all the rose gold engagement rings we have made in 18ct.

Are rose gold engagement rings popular?

Rose gold engagement rings are increasing in demand due to the way the softer rosy tones appear so flattering on many skin tones. Although rose gold originated in Russia in the 19th century, its popularity has risen to new heights in the 21st century.

Does an 18ct rose gold engagement ring require plating?

No, unlike white gold, rose gold does not require plating. As the colour is a result of the mixture of copper and rose gold in the alloy, this metal will retain its lovely warm tones and will not need to receive regular plating treatments like white gold does.

How Long Does A Custom Jewelry Piece Take To Create

A lot can depend on how complicated the design is, but rule of thumb is from start to finish is 3-4 weeks, but more complex customizations can take up to 6+ weeks. However, it is possible to complete a project much sooner than this. If you are interested in a custom jewelry project and have a shorter time frame we encourage you to get in contact with us today!

Want To Return Or Exchange Something

If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly accept items for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. All refunds will be issued to the original form of payment. All returns must be unworn and in sale-able condition. Returned merchandise should include all packaging. Please note used merchandise will not be accepted for refund or exchange unless defective.

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How Do I Choose An Engagement Ring

Theres a lot of choices that go in to finding the perfect engagement ring style. Heres a list of a few factors to consider:

  • Whats your budget?
  • What brands and styles do you like?
  • Do you want a diamond or gemstones?
  • Will your ring work for your lifestyle?

Remember you dont have to shop on your own. Book an appointment with a Kay expert for one-on-one help when you need that extra guidance.

Rose Gold Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Diamond Delicate Engagement Ring In 14K Rose Gold ...

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Rose Gold Halo Engagement Rings

Rose gold halo engagement rings feature a glimmering center stone and an aura of that wrap around the center stone. Increasingly sought-after, rose gold halo rings are a charming, classic style. First utilized in in the early 19th century, rose gold is a precious metal created from pure gold mixed with other alloys like copper. Learn more about rose gold in our .

feature a distinctive pinkish hue that complements a diamond or gemstone’s sparkle. A rose gold engagement ring is an excellent choice for those interested in both form and function: they are as durable as they are beautiful. To learn more about rose gold halo rings and discover which styles are our favorites, check out our guide on . For any questions on rose gold halo engagement rings, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of jewelry experts who are here to help.

Can I Customize Jewelry Online

Yes. We offer a full customization of most of the engagement rings we sell, from simple customization like switching out a center stone, to a more complete customization like taking two ring styles and combining them. We try to offer customization options and you can make the most out of them to design the perfect piece at the perfect price.

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Help Me Choose The Right Engagement Ring

Not sure where to start? Our talented jewellers can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can read our helpful engagement ring guide online. More…

Design something truly special with Larsen Jewellery. We specialise in custom-made rose gold engagement rings, as well as other metals of your choice. Our gallery is full of rings that are there to inspire you feel free to choose from one of our classic styles or create something completely unique and meaningful to you. Regardless of your budget or style, you can rely on our dedicated jewellers to handcraft a ring that truly speaks to your heart.

Please visit us at either our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms, where one of our master goldsmiths will sit with you to discuss your ideal rose gold engagement ring design. Our obligation-free consultation gives you the freedom to make an informed decision based on our information regarding the 4 Cs of diamond quality.

Meet the talented team at Larsen Jewellery who turn your ideas into stunning pieces. With decades of hands-on experience, our creative team are leading the way in Australian jewellery craftsmanship.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Showcasing a 3-Stone Oval Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Choose from our rose gold engagement rings below or create your own unique design. All the designs in the gallery can be personalised to suit your individual style and preferences. Read more about rose gold engagement rings

Rose gold is the least common of the three types of popular gold colours. Many engagement rings made using rose gold are made in combination with white gold, which is most often used for diamond settings. At Larsen Jewellery, we typically use 18ct rose gold, which contains 75% pure gold and provides the best combination of strength and purity.

Rose or red gold is an alloy of pure gold and other metals, such as copper, and can be made in 18ct, 14ct and 9ct, which refers to the amount of pure gold in the alloy. Rose gold is a malleable and ductile metal and is used to great effect in jewellery. Like white gold, rose gold is alloyed to achieve its rose colour and to increase its strength and wearability, making it perfect for jewellery. The colour of rose gold can vary as a result of its gold content, with 18ct rose gold being a warmer pink colour than 9ct rose gold. It is also a longer wearing metal than 9ct gold and is preferable for use in engagement rings.

Round Diamond Ring with Side Stones in Rose Gold

From: $4,350

As shown: $9,900

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What Jewelry Style Do I Want To Buy

The first thing to do is to decide whether you are buying a ring, bracelet, pendant, necklace or a pair of earrings. Whether it is going to be a solitaire, two stone, three stone piece, a diamond or a colored gemstone jewelry, its design and metal are few of the many factors that need to be considered.

Classic Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


Note about our images

All SH Jewellery photos & videos reflect actual SH products. We do not use CAD renderings to showcase our products, as we believe in giving our clients the most realistic representation possible.

Be wary of websites that use CAD renderings, as these do not reflect the real-life quality of their products. These jewellers actual products are often inferior to those showcased in their photo & video renderings online.

At SH Jewellery, we pride ourselves on our strict diamond selection criteria and proudly showcase the quality of our diamonds and jewellery craftsmanship using genuine photos & videos.

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Oval Engagement Ring Rose Gold

How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold (1.50 ct.)

The price you choose to pay for an engagement ring should be based on what makes sense for your life and finances. Some people budget three months of their salary, but again theres no hard rules.

Exploring our options online or talking to a Kay jeweler is a good way to get a sense of what you want and what your price range is for an engagement ring.

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