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How To Get Gold In Clash Royale

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Clash Royale Free Gems Cheat For 2021

Best Ways to Get GOLD Quick in Clash Royale! (2021)

These days the games with role-playing have become the most common in the world of gaming. And Clash Royale is one such game that is quite a fascinating and breathtaking game for pro-gamers. Being a fan of online games you would be knowing the value of game resources and how important it is for taking the victory. The same happens while playing Clash Royale where you need cheat codes that lead you to victory in the game. So if you are in a search for Clash RoyaleFree Gems Cheat for 2021 then you have landed on the right page.

We Tell You How To Get More Gold In Clash Royale The New Mobile Game From The Makers Of Clash Of Clans

If you havent yet started playing Clash Royale, Supercells follow-up to Clash of Clans, you will soon. Or someone you know will: friends, family, co-workers, etc. Its not only the most popular iPhone and Android game right now, its also making its developers a killing, raking in the dough.

Lets say for the sake of argument youve just taken your first steps into a game that is one part MOBA, one part collectible card game. One thing youve no doubt realized early on is that you need Gold to advance. Not only can you use Gold to buy more cards in the in-game shop, youll need it in ever increasing amounts to level up the units and buildings you already have once youve acquired enough copies of those cards.

So how can you get more Gold in Clash Royale? Well break down your options for you.

Silver Gold Magical And Super Magical Chests Can Be Bought In The Store Or Won In Battles Photo: Idigitaltimes

  • Takes 3 hours to unlock or 18 gems

  • Contains gold, cards and sometimes gems

  • Each time you go up an area level, the gold and cards received increases

Silver Chest Contents by Arena

There are eight arenas in the game and at each the silver chests will contain:

  • 20 95 gold coins depending on the arena level.

  • 3-11 cards which may be common, rare or epic, but there is no guarantee of a particular type.

A comprehensive chart with silver chest gold and cards by arena can be found here .

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Cheats In Clash Royale To Get Free Gold

Matt MillsGaming, Tips and Tricks0

The truth is that any player who has spent at least a few days playing will have realized that gold is a fundamental piece to be able to continue leveling up all the cards in their deck. For this reason, we have to know each and every one of the ways that the Clash Royale has to make us win free gold.

In this way, we will not be losing money practically given away, since this way we will avoid having to put it out of our pocket. Therefore, if you want to get free gold to be able to level up the cards and, in turn, gain experience, these will be the options that you will have at your fingertips every time you enter the game.


About Clash Royale Free Gems Cheat Codes For 2021

How To Get Free Clash Royale Gems

You would be aware of the value of the Gems and Gold earned in the Clash Royale being an experienced player. Gold and Gems both are in-app purchase offers of the game. Gold in the game helps you buy the card and go to the next level while the Clash Royale Free Gems helps you buy a different type of chest. It offers you a big discount on in-game purchases like bundles, inventories, gift cards, and legendary chest, etc. that will empower your character

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Donate Cards To Teammates In Your Clan

You did join a Clan, right? Its a big help to belong to one, so go ahead and take care of that now. Well wait

Jokes aside, donating cards requested by your clan-mates pays off. Youll get experience points to help you level up and get some Gold as well. Giving is worth it, so look for the Donate buttons in your Clan chat channel and give away some of the cards you dont need.

Clash Royale Wiki Guide

Gold is a super important resource in Clash Royale, as it is the resource you need to upgrade the cards in your Battle Deck. You can obtain Gold from winning matches and opening chests, or by purchasing Gold in bulk from the Shop by using the Gems you save up. Without Gold, you’re unable to upgrade or purchase cards in the Shop.

There are a few simple ways for making some quick Gold and saving up for new cards to add to your collection and upgrades. Following all of these steps on a daily basis will put you on the path to some quick bank, and help make your battle deck stronger.

Opening Free Chests Daily

All the chest you obtain in Clash Royale give you a set amount of Gold, but the free chests that are available every few hours are one of the most consistent ways to profit. Even when you aren’t winning in the arenas, you can still obtain free chests throughout the day. Make sure you check every 4 hours to open up new free chests and receive some free Gold.

If you consistently do this throughout the day, you should be able to open anywhere from 2 – 4 free chests a day . Once you have two free chests on reserve to open, you won’t be able to obtain anymore until you open them up, so make sure you constantly open chests to get the most Gold you can per day.

Donating Cards in Clans

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How To Make More Gold / Money In Clash Royale

It might seem that you have everything that it takes in terms of gold when you start playing Clash Royale first, but you will soon find out that you need more and more. Getting gold in the game is not the easiest thing to do and unless you are patient and a smart player, you will start spending a lot of real life money for the in-game currency. I am here to help you not do that by sharing some Clash Royale tips on how to get more gold in the game and be able to upgrade all your cards.

Dont forget to also check out our Clash Royale cheats and tips article once youre done with this if you want even more useful information for the game. Now lets move on and lets see how to make more gold in Clash Royale

The easiest way to get more gold is, of course, the one that also costs you real life money: you can purchase Gold from the Shop by spending Gems . 60 Gems give you 1,000 coins, 500 Gems give you 10,000 and 4,500 give you 100,000. Its obvious from checking these numbers, that if you even end up paying gems for in-game gold, you should always go for the bigger rewards . However, you can still get decent amounts of gold for free!

These are, right now, the only ways of making more gold in Clash Royale, but I am sure that Supercell will change things around with future updates and they will give us more methods to make regular money to upgrade our cards. But until then, we can take advantage of what we have and still get enough to keep on playing and be good at the game!

How To Earn Gold Faster In Clash Royale

How To Get GOLD FAST & EASY! (Clash Royale Gold Tutorial) Best Method To Gain Gold!

Undoubtedly Gold is the most important thing in Clash of Royale since you can do everything with Gold. Unfortunately, Because of the upgrade costs in game,Earn Gold faster we are usually out of Gold and always have to wait a few more days until we have enough Gold. Today, I am gonna show you how to earn lots of Gold in game with ease!Earn Gold faster

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Slash Royale Event: Everything You Need To Know

This is going to be a never seen before event, which players may consider as a prelude to the update from Clash Royale. This will be the first time the Clash Royale community will witness an event like this for the upcoming nine days, every card will cost half the regular Gold price! This is similar to the Hammer Jam event in Clash of Clans where every building upgrade cost is given a 50% discount. The event was announced in a dramatic way, where the players followed the hashtag #RoyaleScrolls to discover the news of the events coming into the game.

How To Earn 300k Gold From Clash Royale Slash Royale Event

With a lucrative 300K Gold for players to grab, the event is a must to participate. Heres how you can earn that much gold from the Slash Royale event in Clash Royale.

  • Play the Great Gold Rush. You can earn up to 200,000 Gold depending on the arena youre playing on. There are 15 arenas in total, and destroying a tower will reward from 400 to 40,000 gold.
  • Claim the daily gifts. Theyll appear in the shop and the total accumulation of the gifts are as much as 50K gold.
  • Golds can be also earned by playing challenges. Participate in the Golden Mirror Challenge worth over 50K gold. The Triple Elixir Global Tournament is worth 25K gold.

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Other Benefits Of The Event

The reward list doesnt stop here because for the first time ever, players can buy Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary books by using gems from the multiple book offers. Besides, all the upgrades and Star Level upgrades will be cut in half. For example, if a card cost 50K previously, it will be 25K now.

We thank RoyaleAPI for providing us with extra information that was not easily available to extract from the in-game event.

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How To Get Fast And Easy Gold

How to get unlimited GEMS and Gold! (Clash Royale

Need gold fast? Cant buy or upgrade your cards? Follow this guide, and youll be on your way to leveling your cards in no time. This guide will go through all the ways to get gold and how you can maximize your gold-grabbing efficiency. Youll finally be able to upgrade that card to level 11 or buy that legendary youve always wanted.

Make sure you rate us down below, and enjoy!

Ways to Get Gold:

Many of these strategies involve being part of a good clan. Watch this video on how to find a good clan and make sure you dont get kicked out!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Get your second account/smurf in the same clan as you. This way, you can request epics you dont use like the baby dragon or rage and get easy gold from it.
  • Always do challenges with your excess gems. It is the best way to spend your gems by far, and its quite entertaining as well.
  • Buy the value packs for each arena they provide unparalleled value!
  • Play well in challenges. The rewards scale as you win, so a good performance will help you tremedously.
  • Always do the free challenges. Theres a lot of challenge-based tips in here, but you should always do the special event challenges that are free. Its free gold and cards. Whats not to like?

Ways to Spend your Gold:

As always, hope you enjoyed and keep on clashing!

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Clash Royale: How To Get Gems

Lee StantonRead more August 12, 2021

As the premium currency of Clash Royale, Gems are any serious players best friend. They have numerous functions that improve any players gameplay. However, due to the scarcity of Gems, obtaining them can be difficult.

However, scarcity doesnt necessarily mean that you cant strategize methods to increase your chances of receiving Gems.

Keep on reading for the main methods of getting Gems. Well teach you how to get them and how you can use them. Theres always the option to pay real money, but Clash Royale also gives you Gems if you play often enough.

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How To Get Clash Royale Gold With Ease

In Clash Royale, you can earn Gold for free by:

  • Opening Chests.
  • Donating Cards.

Assuming that you are a casual player in Arena 10

Firstly, the easiest way to earn Gold in game is opening Chests . Try to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles every day to take all of that easy money. You can get about 80 Gold from every free chest, this means you can get about 320 Gold every day from opening Free Chest .

Donating is the other way to earn Gold in Clash Royale. Find an active Clan at here to reach your daily request/donate limit.

Some players think its stupid to give the hard-earned cards away, especially Epic cards. Yes, its pretty hard to get them but you can get XP and 5 Gold for every donated common card, 50 Gold for every Rare and even 500 Gold for every donated Epic card. Also, you can get those donated cards back whenever you want. The Gold is not taken from the player getting cards from you. Its just like you are selling cards but the buyers dont have to pay. Life is sharing guys!

Assuming that every day you donate 8 Rares, which takes 80 spaces in total of the daily donation limit. The rest should be 160 commons . Which means, you can get up to 8×50 + 160×5 = 1,200 Gold every day by donating card.

Assuming that you are just a normal player, who donates 5 Epic cards every Sunday, you can earn 2,500 Gold from those Epics . Besides, you can donate 8 more Rares and and 110 Commons, which gives you 8×50 + 110×5 = 950 more Gold.

How To Get Clash Royale Free Gems And Gold

How To Get FREE Gold | FAST & EASY! | Clash Royale Tips

In this article we will show you how to get Clash Royale free gems and gold. I have seen that heaps of players are searching for nice ways of getting Clash Royale Free Gems alongside opening chests and finishing accomplishments!

That is the reason today, I will show you the simplest method for getting those Gems for in a real sense free. This is 100 percent genuine and individuals have been doing this throughout recent years so you can trust me. Additionally, the strategy I will show you requires nothing connecting with your record data so dont stress over anything!

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Donate Cards In The Clan

To be able to use this trick you will have to go to a clan where the users are very active, generally, you will find the active clans looking in the high scores, a good way is to look for clans that are quite full, preferably if they speak your language to have more friends in the game. This is the amount of gold you will get by donating a card to your clanmates:

10 XP 500 Gold Only on Sundays!

Remember that in the highest arenas you can only give up to 360 cards in total. This is one of the easiest ways to get gold so daily without counting the epic card that you can ask for on Sundays, you will get 1,800 gold daily just by giving cards.

Learn more about clans in Clash Royale all the information!

Icipating In Clan Wars

Clan Wars involves five Clans fighting each other in various events. Youll get better rewards and Clan Trophies when you rack up wins. All Clan Wars last for four to five weeks.

If you participate enough times during a Clan War and your Clan reaches the Finish Line, youll get plenty of rewards. Even not reaching the Finish Line still rewards you with some loot. Occasionally, you can get Gems from participating in Clan Wars, but you wont receive the rewards until the end of the War.

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The Free Rewards Of The Pass Royale

For those who do not know yet, we have both paid and free. However, if you decide not to buy it, you can always choose to get the free rewards that will be given as we progress. So we can get the different chests that they give as a reward. In this way, we will be able to get more than 30,000 coins without having to spend money out of our pocket to get free gold in Clash Royale . Of course, in order for them to be available to you, you will have to be a player in Arena 7 or more.

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