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What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry

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Why Should You Have Gold Vermeil Jewelry

What is Vermeil? And Other Questions about Gold-Plated Jewelry

Many women are using gold vermeil pieces to look exclusive and elegant. In the gold jewelry industry, gold vermeil jewelry is the best quality after then solid gold. And it is not too much expensive like solid gold pieces.

Gold vermeil allows the designers and craftsmen to create unique, and elegant pieces of jewelry. Also, it is totally hypoallergenic since the core metal is high-quality sterling silver.

At Pretland, our expert production team and designers made these special products carefully. And we guaranteed this quality with a certificate that you will receive with your product.

White Gold And Other Variants

If youve decided that gold vermeil is the right stuff for you, its time to look at whats available.

Remember that 10k is the minimum amount of gold that can qualify as vermeil, but you may want to dial that up to 14k or 18k, depending on your budget. There may not be a clear distinction between the appearance of these multiple products, but youre the one who will be wearing it.

Its also worth considering white gold vermeil as you browse for jewelry, especially if youre going for a big, bold piece like aDiamond Prong Cuban Necklace.

Maybe your skin tone works better with lighter, brighter material like white gold, or you think it will complement your wardrobe better. The key here is to ignore what everyone else is doing and buy the jewelry that you want most of all.

Some products even have a mix of different colored-gold vermeil, which can be a cool addition to your collection. Be sure you examine all your options and know whats going on before you make the final call.

What Do You Mean When You Say It’s Regulated

National consumer protection agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission in the US, regulate the label “vermeil” because it denotes a certain quality level.

However, the regulations are more lax in certain countries, and this can be dangerous territory for consumers.

For instance, in Canada, the requirement for vermeil is only 1.0 micron thick. This is very thin plating, and you can expect that your jewelry won’t last more than a couple of years with regular use.

However, jewelry brands based in Canada might call their products “vermeil” when they’re marketing in the US, even though it’s technically not vermeil according to US regulations. It’s an illegal practice, but it happens. Unfortunately, the people who lose out are the customers who expect a certain quality level but are in reality getting much worse.

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Who Wears Gold Vermeil

The White House does. The Vermeil Room or the Gold Room at the White House is decked out with gold vermeil.

You will find a wine cooler and tableware made of vermeil. The fixtures and furniture also contain vermeil.

It is also used for a lot of sports trophies, including baseballs Commissioners Trophy. All the Olympic Gold Medals are made of .925 silver and covered with 6 grams of gold vermeil.

The USA isnt the only one with a corner on the market for it. The Rohan Family of Strasbourg, France, has a toilette set in the museum there.

The pages of books can often be covered with vermeil which gives them a rich and elegant appearance.

The statue of Prometheus is also gold vermeil gilded.

Summary Of Characteristics Of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry vs Gold Plating
  • More affordable than solid gold but still a luxurious option
  • Unlikely to cause allergies and skin irritations due to the sterling silver metal base and low nickel content
  • Generally will last for years
  • Tends to look more like solid gold
  • Better investment than standard gold-plated jewelry
  • Wont discolour your skin

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Q How Long Does Gold Vermeil Last

One thing to know about the assurance of 925 gold vermeil is that it will last longer than other kinds of gold plating. Its the Cadillac of gold plating, if you will. That is due to the required thickness, whether it be 14k gold vermeil or 18k gold vermeil, and due to the durability of the base metal, sterling silver.

There is no doubt that you can wear gold vermeil will last several months without the plating rubbing off at all. The only way youd fail to get this much use out of it would be if you wore it every single day.

If youre really wanting to make your vermeil jewelry last, try not to wear it when sweating and keep it away from any other kind of moisture or wetness, since these are the things that cause tarnishing.

Image by Glaciermistco via Etsy

Gold Plated Vs Gold Filled

Gold plated pieces have a thin layer of gold on the outside with a base layer of a metal alloy. The metal base layer of gold vermeil pieces is always Sterling silver while gold plated pieces can have any type of base metal. The same goes for gold filled. Gold plated pieces may have a higher quality base metal than gold filled pieces which often have a low quality base metal. Many companies use gold plating or gold filled jewelry to hide a cheaper or low-end material underneath. Vermeil pieces hold their value because the base metal is Sterling Silver.

Figuring out what type of gold jewlery is the best option for you is a personal choice. You must take into account your personal style, your budget, and your allergies or sensitivities. Do you prefer low maintenance jewelry or are you okay with a little extra TLC? Answering all these questions can help you figure out what type of gold jewelry works best for you.

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Gold Jewelry : The 4 Types You Should Know About

Shopping for gold jewelry is not as easy as it looks. It’s not just about choosing the right design, though that is pretty important. But you’ll need to also consider which of the gold jewelry types you want to buy.

If you go into a jewelry store, you might find yourself a bit confused when the salesperson asks if you prefer gold plated jewelry or gold vermeil. You might wonder what makes solid gold jewelry more expensive than gold filled pieces. Gold is one of the most expensive metals, but not all gold jewelry come with a really high price tag. If you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth, you’ll need to first acquaint yourself with the 4 types of gold jewelry below.

How To Care For Vermeil

What is Gold Vermeil?

This is an important part when answering the question: what is vermeil?

Now that you have some clarity on the question “what is vermeil?” it helps to understand how to care for your vermeil pieces.

Dust, pollution, perfumes, and cosmetics can affect the surface of your pieces. This might affect the gloss, something that you certainly don’t want to happen.

First, you should always apply perfume before wearing your pieces. Also, remember to remove them before taking a shower.

Try as much as possible to avoid exposing your jewelry to cleaners, hot water, and harsh chemicals. Ideally, you want to remove them before handling such solutions.

Substances, such as chlorine, can permanently damage the surface of your piece. Bear this in mind when using chlorine bleach or before diving in the pool.

When not using your vermeil pieces, remember to store them in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

To clean your jewelry, use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to buff it gently. Don’t be tempted to use chemical cleaners as they can easily strip the gold finish.

Over time, the gold layer is likely to tarnish. This is a common and natural property that adds a unique sense of character to the piece. Don’t fret when that happens.

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What Does Gold Plated Mean

Gold plated refers to jewellery that consists of a thin layer ofgold that is applied over the top of another affordable metal, suchas copper. The process of gold plating is done through putting theeconomical metal in a chemical solution that contains gold and thenapplying an electric current to the piece. The electric currentattracts the gold to the base metal, where it reacts leaving a thingold covering.

Many jewellers will use gold plating as a way to createaffordable goldjewellery. As the base metal is less expensive than solidgold, it allows for cheaper production whilst achieving that boldmetal look that so many adore.

Is Vermeil Gold Real

Vermeil gold is real gold because a minimum of 10k gold is required to be used in the gold plating. Just because .925 sterling silver is found in the base of gold vermeil, doesnt mean it is fake gold or considered a silver material. In the beginning of this article we let you know that gold vermeil is offered in the follow gold karats 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and 24k gold. Gold vermeil is real gold, and you can purchase gold vermeil in any of these karat varieties. 10k gold will have the lowest percentage of pure gold, followed by 14k gold which will have 58.3% pure gold, and 18k gold which will have 75% pure gold. 24k gold is 99.95% pure gold, and will be the most expensive gold vermeil material.

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Cons Of Gold Vermeil Jewellery

The cons are that the gold plating will wear over time, particularly in exposed areas or in pieces that get a lot of wear and tear , but in the case of gold vermeil the plating is almost always heavier than standard gold plated metal, meaning it will wear better and the finish will last longer, especially with proper care.

We never use gold vermeil for our rings, chains or bracelets for this reason. Our gold rings are all solid gold and any alternative gold coloured chains or bracelets we create are gold filled .

What Is Gold Vermeil Exactly

Differences with gold plated, gold vermeil, gold filled ...

Gold Vermeil is a quality standard used in jewelry to describe the quality of the gold plating used. It is the highest quality of plating you can get before considering gold-filled or solid gold jewelry.

The term “Gold Vermeil” is a trade regulated quality mark that applies to articles of jewelry featuring a specific thickness of gold plating over a sterling silver base. In other words, in order to claim that our jewelry is gold vermeil, we had to reach a specific level of quality of gold plating.

When we say our rings are made of gold vermeil, we mean that they are plated with 2½ microns of 14 karats gold over a sterling silver base.

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Filling Your Keepsake Cremation Jewelry

Filling your memorial jewelry is simple. Most jewelry pieces can be filled through a small screw opening with a provided filling kit. Each piece is shipped with a funnel, glue, and complete instructions on how to fill your jewelry item and how to clean and care for your keepsake jewelry item. Click here for more detailed instructions. If you prefer to have this process done for you, a funeral professional can assist you with the process.

Metals : Vermeil Gold

Confused between these various types of gold jewelry? You’re not alone! This is a common point of confusion among our clients, so we’re here to shed a little light on the subject.

All of our jewelry is made using solid materials, whether it’s sterling silver, gold, or platinum. We choose to use solid fine metals to provide truly heirloom quality pieces that can withstand the test of time and daily wear. Gold plated and gold filled jewelry is considered costume jewelry – while less expensive, these pieces will not last as long. Let’s really dig into the differences –

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The Best Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Theres a common theme here when discussing gold vermeil its all about trust. When you see that vermeil label, you know that youre getting a certain degree of quality and quantity, which goes a long way in a world of jewelry where things arent always 100% clear.

A big part of building and maintaining that trust is to stick with a jeweler you know and love, with plenty of positive feedback and transparent service.

Youve got a lot of options for jewelry with the rise of the internet, but not all brands look after their customer base as well as they should. Hold yourself to a higher standard of quality, and make sure you only buy gold vermeil jewelry from companies with a rock-solid track record.

Developing a relationship with a jeweler is a huge asset in the digital world, and the peace of mind you get in return is worth it.

Gold vermeil has a history of high standards, so keep a high bar for the jewelry you purchase.

Gold Vermeil And Color

What is Gold VERMEIL?!

Gold Vermeil Pendant by Kalliste NYC. See it here.

To the naked eye, vermeil usually looks like real gold, and it would be hard to tell the difference without testing the metal. The higher the karat is the brighter yellow the tone will be. While 22k to 24k gold vermeil piece appears bright yellow, 10k to 12k pieces looks duller.

Opal Rose Gold Vermeil Ring by Rose and Choc. See it here.

Since gold vermeil jewelry shines the same way as real gold, its a great option if you want to build a high quality jewelry collection without breaking the bank. It can be found in yellow gold, white gold, rose goldand even black gold. When it comes to antique vermeil pieces, expect them to look rosier due to the higher amounts of copper added to the gold alloy back then.

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What Does Vermeil Mean

Its actually pretty straight forward! Gold vermeils meaning is very specific. Vermeil jewelry has a legal definition in the United States. It is any piece of jewelry that consists of a Sterling Silver base layer with solid gold electroplated on top. Any piece of jewelry marked as gold vermeil must meet these requirements below:

  • Sterling silver must be the base material. Sterling silver is a metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. What is Sterling Silver? This is a standard material and precious metal you may see this represented on jewelry as the stamp 925.
  • The gold plated layer must be at least 10k gold but can be anything from 14k to 24k gold.
  • Be plated in gold at least 2.5 microns thick.
  • Whats The Best For Me

    The best type of gold jewelry that’s suited for you depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, how often you wear your jewelry, whether youll be able to take good care of it, and more. We love gold filled and gold vermeil because they’re both affordable, yet high quality enough for everyday wear. Heres a chart that summarizes each type of gold jewelry.

    We hope this post was educational to you and helped you understand more about the different types of gold available! Let us know if you enjoyed the post in the comments below, or if you have any questions 🙂

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    How Is Vermeil Jewelry Different From Gold Plated Jewelry

    Vermeil actually is a special kind of gold plating with very high-quality requirements. Standard gold plating only needs to be 0.5micron. And there are no regulations regarding the base material. That means that the base often is of lesser quality. It might even contain nickel to which a lot of people are allergic.

    Also, the very thin layer of gold used for simple gold plating can wear off quickly. When not done well, the gold finish even can chip off altogether.

    To sum it up: Vermeil is gold plating, but gold plating is not always Vermeil. Pretty rarely, actually. Buying Gold Vermeil means you will get an affordable alternative to solid gold with the highest standard of gold plating.

    How To Buy Vermeil

    What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry? Facts You Should Know Before ...

    Buying a piece of vermeil jewelry can be a reasonable investment if you know what you want. If care for well, a good vermeil piece will last for decades. See examples.

    As you already know, there are different gold products in the market when it comes to jewelry. The biggest problem is that gold jewelry pieces are easy to replicate.

    Unreliable sellers can take this advantage to sell you products that are not vermeil or even gold at all.

    When shopping online, you want to look at the vendor feedback to establish their honesty. The seller must provide some form of guarantee when making a purchase.

    Pricing is another important factor to consider. Basically, if the price of a piece is as low as that of sterling silver or gold-plated pieces, then that’s a red flag. You should run as fast as you can.

    It also should not be as costly as solid gold pieces. Let the seller provide you all the details of the piece, including the size and thickness of the gold layer.

    As I said before, modern vermeil pieces tend to look like real gold. You might need to test the metal to be sure about what you are buying.

    Some jewel pieces will have a standard silver purity value on the gold surface. That denotes that the base of the piece is silver.

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    Gold Vermeil And Durability

    Due to the thickness of its gold plating, vermeil lasts longer than other plated jewelry, making it a great choice if you cant afford real gold. However, durability is all about the karat and thickness of the gold plating. The minimum plating required is 2.5 micronsthe thicker it is, the longer it will last.

    While pure 24k gold is too soft for jewelry, it works well for vermeil, since the silver base metal is hard. However, the higher the karat number, the softer the plating is, and the easier it will wear away. If youre looking for the most durable piece, opt for 14k or 18k vermeil.

    Usually, gold vermeil can be re-platedand restoring it to original state will require the standard thickness of 2.5 microns.

    If youre looking for an heirloom jewelry piece, keep in mind that vermeil pieces tend to show their age more, and the gold plating will likely wear off over time, revealing its silver base metal.

    We can say these pieces are great when you want to spend less on jewelry and look luxurious, but think twice before considering them as investments or sentimental heirloom jewelry.

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