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Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It

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My Honest Review Of Golden Goose Sneakers

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It? An honest review. Should you buy them?

Maybe its because I had a really, really good month and wanted to reward myself. Maybe its because Ive been debating them for over 2 years now and I couldnt say no any longer. Or maybe its because everyone under the sun asks my opinion on them and it was finally time for me to be able to give you my thoughts. BUT I FINALLY bought my first pair and Im here to give you my honest review of Golden Goose sneakers.



A year ago, 2 for that matter, I wanted them but honestly couldnt really fathom paying over $400 for a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. I was that same way with designer bags years ago. We all change though and circumstances can lead you to make a purchase of something you thought you would never actually buy. Personally I had a great March while muddling though a rough 2020 and wanted to reward myself. Also, being in my line of work I think its good to know what trends and what items are truly worth the splurge so I can be an honest resource to my followers. So hence the big purchase.



As for the dirty look that are synonymous with Golden Goose sneakers? GG believes in producing things that are lived in, distressed and touched with life. Thats the thing about Golden Goose sneakers they come to you feeling broken in, casual and cool. Granted some styles are more dirty than others.




A Review Of Golden Goose Sneakers

So. Ive been wearing these puppies for the past couple of months now, and I can say, without question, that this is a really. cool. shoe. Theyve beat out my Converse, and I get why theyve become so popular. They are justreally cool.

In order to really lay it all out there for ya, though, I put together a Golden Goose Sneaker pros and cons listall are my own observations and honest thoughts on them.


  • the designers are from Italy, so, yeh. Legit footwear.
  • raised heel bed, which makes the shoe appear to be a bit smaller than it actually is. *this is just an observation, not 100% fact. I am 99% sure that that is how they engineered the shoe, though. I could feel it and even see it.
  • the overall style is just the epitome of everything a street-style sneaker should be sporty , with understated details in the star and its placement, unique colors of the soles, laces & of course, a proper amount of scuffing.
  • comfortable the foot bed is slightly cushioned & the laces can be worn more loose to make it a more roomy fit
  • all-leather never a bad thing. They smell good and I know that they will last.

Golden Goose Sneakers: Are They Worth The Money Plus Affordable Options

This week I did a poll on Stories asking your least favorite fashion trends! Among the replies were Juicy Jumpsuits, Overalls, Chunky Dad Sneakers, and of course, Golden Goose Sneakers. Today Im sharing my personal opinion on the very expensive sneakers, and giving you my two cents on whether or not they are worth the money! Plus, be sure to read to the end, Ill be sharing some more affordable options, as well.

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How To Clean Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers

Like all other sneaker brands, to maintain the quality and ensure longevity keep them fresh by cleaning regularly. Even though the pre-scuff marks may make it slightly more tricky to determine what should be washing off, keep your sneakers box fresh by following these simple steps.

  • First things first, as much as you may be tempted to, dont put them in the washing machine. This can damage your sneakers.
  • Always use a soft bristled brush or toothbrush to get rid of any dust or loose dirt first.
  • Mix a little soap with warm water to make a mild formula and grab a spare toothbrush to gently lift away more stubborn dirt.
  • Once de-laced pop the laces in your bowl of soap and water and scrub together to release dirt, then leave to air dry.
  • A trick to help the drying process after giving your sneakers a clean is to put crumpled up paper inside to soak up any moisture.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth and voila!

My Favorite Retailers To Shop For Golden Goose Sneakers

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It?

There are a lot of different retailers out there who sell Golden Goose, but my favorites are Farfetch and SSENSE. I find that they have the most diverse selection. If youre on the fence about them or overwhelmed with all of the different styles to choose from, I recommend trying out the minimalistic styles like the silver, gold or even a mix of silver/gold superstar sneakers. Or if youre looking for something a little wild and different, these leopard detail sneakers are my most recent purchase and they are sooo fun.

In any case, if you find that Golden Goose sneakers arent for you, they do offer free shipping and returns so you wont have to take any losses. Although, I really think youll love them just as much as I do!

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Golden Goose Sneakers: Are They Worth The Hype

As soon as I purchased my Golden Goose sneakers I got so many messages asking if they are really worth the price tag. Which is totally a legit question because they are a splurge purchase and definitely the most I have ever spent on a sneaker. These Italian made sneakers quickly became an it shoe and the trend is not going anywhere any time soon!

If you are someone that wears sneakers on the regular, I dont think you will regret it! The question, are they worth it? is subjective but in my opinion I think they are definitely worth the hype!

Below are some of the things I love about these popular sneakers and why!

1- They Are Unique Whenever each sneaker is uniquely designed, only a certain amount of them are made so I feel like that makes the sneaker you buy sort of one of a kind and I love that!

2- Comfort Level The comfort level of the superstar low star sneaker is a 10 out of 10! I wear them all of the time with my casual looks but I really put them to the test when traveling. I wear them so much whenever we travel and I cannot complain one bit about the comfort level. Before I purchased them I read a few reviews where people were saying that they felt they had to break theirs in first but honestly mine were comfortable right off the bat.

Shop Golden Goose and other styles:

The Verdict: Are They Really Worth The Money

I really did not think I would like Golden Goose sneakers. As I mentioned above, I fully expected to tell you to save your money and buy a different pair instead.

To my surprise, they are wonderful and incredibly comfortable! These sneakers are no doubt a splurge, but they are so worth it.

I can wear them with just about anything in my closet. I wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and loungewear and they add a cool element to every look. Their versatility allows me to wear them all of the time, which decreases their cost per wear something that I often consider when splurging on higher-priced items.

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Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Splurge An Honest Review

One of my most asked questions on : Are Golden Goose shoes really worth the Splurge?

I have friends, coworkers, and family ask the same question all the time? Why the heck would you purchase a dirty shoe and at that price? I was just like you before purchasing my first pair. I didnt understand the hype about a dirty looking shoe with a star on the side and different colored laces. Now that Im a lover of the brand myself, I thought it was time to answer one of my most asked questions and explain my obsession with Golden Goose Sneakers with you all. I want to share my favorite retailers that sell unique Golden Goose, retailers you can purchase at a discount and my favorite dupes!

I just purchased my 4th pair and honestly I dont know how my obsession grew so quickly! Im just plain addicted! I think its all the fun colors and unique styles the designers at GG create. Each style is 100% unique and only made in specific limited amounts. I love owning something that only a limited amount of people will own too. When I see a pair I love, I know I just need to have them. Im all about quality. I love owning a high end brand that you know was custom designed and hand made.

Why are Golden Goose so expensive?

The high price point maintains the individuality of the product and sets them apart from any other brand in the shoe industry. When owning a pair of Golden Goose, it shows you are into trends and high quality fashion.

Comfort & Sizing:

How to style?

My Favorite Styles:

So Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

Golden Goose Sneaker Unboxing and Review 𤩠| Francy & Hi Star | are they worth the splurge?!

In short, it comes down to these simple factors:

  • Each pair is made by hand in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage.
  • The hand-distressed aspect actually makes them more costly to produce than they would otherwise be if they looked new.
  • Most Golden Goose designs use multiple pieces of leather and patternsnot a single material for the entire shoewhich adds complexity to production processes and materials sourcing.

Luckily, we always have a large selection of Golden Goose sneakers for women, men, and kids, and constantly have the best pricing offer in the market.

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Does The Distressing Bother You

It does not, in fact, I prefer it! I know people that dont like the sneaker joke you spend hundreds on dirty shoes- it reminds me of a sweet dad joke that would say, You paid what for jeans with holes in them?! when youd walk out of Abercrombie & Fitch back in the day. Each scuff is handmade, so the moment you slip the sneaker on its like putting on your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. Because they are distressed a bit, they also dont require you to break them in. Ive actually never had a blister from a pair of GG sneakers, and while I cant speak for everyone, the general consensus on forums is that the distressing helps them already be broken in.

Im pretty Type A and wash my kids sneakers 24/7 because scuffs on them bother me. But with these being made to be distressed, well, its like trying to mend distressed denim. There is no need!

Golden Goose Sneaker Brand Identifiers

Italian craftsmanship is central to the Golden Goose brand, so all sneakers should be marked Made in Italy. Look carefully at the tags on the tongue of the shoe. Many say GGDB Made In Italy Size ___ some have a perforated GGDB, and you may see other variations as well, but according to Finch the printing on the tag should be bold with consistent fonts. Another place to pay attention to the fonts is on the counter, or outer heel of the shoe, where the brand logo should be neatly debossed with a slight arch. When authenticating, the font to watch out for is the traditional arched logo stamp on the exterior counters. This font will be serifed and have an arch. Again, this stamp will vary depending on the style, but styles with the traditional stamp are most counterfeited.

The insoles for Golden Goose sneakers are also quite consistent. Each will be stamped with black ink in a bold, sans-serif font, notes Finch. The stamp should include the style name of the sneaker, brand logo, a registered mark, and country of origin. The insoles should also be blind stamped with the European size and Genuine Leather in a serifed font. Also keep an eye out for a perforated GG and DB near the toe and notches on the edge towards the instep.

Ready to add a pair to your collection? Shop Golden Goose sneakers here.

Please note: Brand standards, logos and other identifying features may have changed since the time of publication.

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How Golden Goose Sneakers Are Made

On any given pair, the right shoe may not match the left shoe perfectly, and this is intentional. They are usually similar in terms of marks and distressing , but the patterns are not always identical. See the photos above and below for more detail.

Keep in mind that the presentation and storage box is sometimes distressed as well and varies by model. This is important to note because this is not a defect or damage from shipping and handling.

Youll also notice the interior lining, which is not smooth leather or unvarnished suede leather, but rather a loopback cotton toweling material, which makes the shoes warm in the winter and cool in the summer for your feet. This is also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are pleasant to wear year-round.

These are all subtle design cues that make Golden Goose sneakers so special.

Golden Goose Sneaker Sizing

Golden Goose Sneakers, Is It Worth The Money?

One of the most asked question I have regarding any of my Golden Goose sneakers are, “do Golden Goose sneakers run true to size?” or “how to Golden Goose sneakers fit?” The answer is true to size. I’m a small US 8.5. I wear a 38 in both the PURESTARS and Superstars. Since Golden Goose sneakers only come in whole sizes, I opted to size down since I typically don’t wear socks with them, and keep them loosely tied. However, if you’re between sizes and wear no-show socks or tend to size up in sneakers, then I would size up! To play it safe you can always order both sizes and send back the one that doesn’t fit best. After you know your Golden Goose sneakers size, they are all consistent between styles.

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How To Find Discounted Golden Goose Sneakers

I know these shoes are VERY expensive so I wanted to share ways that you can pick up a pair for less.

These sneakers rarely go on sale but one place that has flash sales every once in a while is SSENSE. You can also check RueLala,Vestiare Collective, and Gilt for flash sales. Find bigger selections at Farfecth,Net-A-Porter, and SSENSE. Or shop places like Nordstrom,Shopbop, and Revolve.

If you still dont want to spend the money, theres a Steve Madden dupe Ive tried that looks VERY similar and is also very comfortable! Find more dupes below

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable

Yes, they are! Granted, theyre not orthopedics, so dont expect to feel like youre walking on a cloud here, folks. Id say arch support is medium, and I have high arches. But Ive worn them *heavily* already, and so far, not a single blister or rub mark in sight, and zero pain of any kind. Ive worn them all day long for both work and play, as well as for travel, and even in booking it across an airport terminal with them NOT BEING TIED, I still was A OK.

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My Initial Thoughts On Golden Goose Sneakers

When I first saw Golden Goose sneakers, I wont lie, I was CONFUSED. Why the F were these dirty looking sneakers $500 or more? I couldnt understand it. Plus a little story, I once lusted over Christian Louboutin red bottom heels, and saved up $700 to buy them. Only to wear them twice, get insane blisters, and sell them on Poshmark because they were NOT worth the money!

Ever since my little $700 waste of a splurge , I have been very anti over-spending money on shoes. Trust me, Ive splurged on shoes like Stuart Weitzman or Aquazzura, and I rarely wear what I buy! I get nervous Ill ruin them, or theyll be uncomfortable.

After I got over the fact that Golden Goose Sneakers were insanely expensive, I started seeing EVERYONE wear them. But there was a clear divide. People hated them or loved them! I think the hate generally was over sticker shock, and I was one of those people!

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Money

Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing and Full Review- Are They Worth The Price?

I was told that Golden Goose sneakers are hard to break in and not very comfortable, so I never tried them. Theyre also $500+ sneakers and I felt like I couldnt justify spending that much money on a pair of sneakers. However, Golden Goose sneakers have become SO popular that I decided I needed to try them and review them so I could share my findings with you. Keep scrolling to see my verdict.

If you want to see more designer fashion finds, and dupes for less, be sure to watch this video.

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