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Men’s 18k Gold Chains

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Found a “gold” chain. Stamped 18k. Fake or real?

Celebrate your individuality this seasonwith amulets, chains, rings, and beads.

  • Explore these radiant designs that celebratethe fiery beauty of diamonds.

  • The perfect present for everyoneand any occasion.

  • Celebrate your union with wedding ringsand bands designed by a family of artists.

  • A restoration project in support ofthe Musée du Louvre.

  • Our Collection Of 18k Gold Chains

    TJCs fabulously trendsetting range of 18K Gold Chains in UK has been known for a lot the variety of designs and uniqueness of each piece. We bring you stunners of all kinds, made for all sorts of occasions. Be it for daily wear or to be draped on a certain exclusive and special occasion, we have just the thing for you. Here are some the designs that we offer:

    Plain Gold Chains

    One of the more classic and versatile ranges in our assortment presents plain gold chains. These constitute lush masterpieces that will define your style, made even more special with the intricate use of different kinds of links and sections. Our excellent display of 18ct yellow gold chains, especially, has been winning hearts. We present many different lengths and styles, all yours for the choosing.

    Statement Gold Chains

    Another rich and fabulous range presents chains moulded in lush and stunning, statement making designs. We have some unmissable designs that are sure to win a space in your prized jewellery box. Adorned with uniquely shaped links or available in graduating widths, these delights always have something new and unique to offer. If youre seeking something different than usual, dont miss 18K white gold chains.

    Men’s Gold Necklaces & Pendants

    Our necklaces for men feature essential chains, I.D. tags that can be custom engraved and pendants in sleek shapes that are classic and easy to wear. Add an edge to your style with Tiffany mens gold necklaces and pendants.

    • Men’s Designer Necklaces and Pendants | Gold & Leather

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    Ct Solid Gold Chains & Necklaces Uk

    Discover our wide range of solid gold chains, including chains in 9ct yellow gold, white gold and more. From iced out belcher chains and rope chains to heavy curb chains and Miami Cuban link chains, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect style to suit your look at Hatton Jewellers.

    The standard chain lengths range from 14 to 36 inches, coming in a variety of metals and weights. You can find full details of each luxury chain or necklace within the product descriptions, but feel free to use our live chat feature or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden store if you have any questions about a specific piece of jewellery.

    All of our new solid gold chains for men come with a certificate of authenticity and an official UK hallmark stamp, meaning you can buy any of our new chains and necklaces with full confidence.

    Finding The Right Necklaces For You

    18k Mens Luxury Gold Filled Solid Curb Cuban Necklace Chain 24"  10mm ...

    We are fortunate to know much of the worlds long and dazzling history of necklaces, as this type of jewelry was so treasured that it was frequently buried with its owners.

    Lapis lazuli beads adorned necklaces unearthed from the royal graves at the ancient Iraqi civilization of Sumer, while the excavation of King Tuts burial chamber revealed a sense of style that led to a frenzy of Art Deco designs, with artisans of the 1920s seeking to emulate the elegant work crafted by Ancient Egypts goldsmiths and jewelry makers.

    In ancient times, pendant necklaces worn by royalty and nobles conferred wealth and prestige. Today, wearing jewelry is about personal expression: Luxury diamond necklaces exude confidence and can symbolize the celebratory nature of a deep romantic relationship, while paper-clip chain-link necklaces designed by the likes of goldsmith Faye Kim are firmly planted in the past as well as the present. Kim works exclusively with eco-friendly gold, and these fashionable, fun accessories owe to the design of 19th-century watch fobs.

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    More About 18k Gold Chains

    The classic elegance and beauty of gold are undeniable. Worn and sought after since as long as time can tell, gold has been a sign of posh lifestyle. The glimmering and glamorous tone of precious metal has been used in making some remarkable jewellery designs and here, in TJCs range, weve got some unmissable ones for you. Read to know more about the chains made in gold.

    The shine of gold is everlasting. However, the purest form of gold neither as bright, nor as strong. To make gold stronger and easier to wear with a glowing shine, alloys are mixed in the metal. This is where different grades of purity come. The purest form of gold is known as 24K gold, where all 24 parts are gold. However, when some parts are substituted as alloy, the grade changes. In 18K gold, 18 parts of the mix are gold and the rest are other alloy, like zinc, copper, palladium. In doing this, the shine and strength of gold are made better.

    A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing 18k Yellow Gold Chain Men’s Chains Necklaces And Pendants

    A 18k yellow gold chain with diamonds or without diamonds is a classic piece of jewelry that can be worn to dress up an outfit or showcase your style. These chains are available on their own or as holders for pendants. On eBay, you can find many lengths and styles of 18k yellow gold chains for men.

    What are the available styles of men’s 18k gold necklaces?

    The available styles of these stylish men’s 18k chains made of yellow gold include:

    • Anchor – This is an alternating pattern of a round link interlocked with an oval link.
    • Belcher – This style of necklace consists of oval links rotated 180 degrees from each other in an interlocked position.
    • Box or rope – These are square links interlocked with each other and rotated 180 degrees from the neighboring link.
    • Curb – These are flat, interlocking links with a wide opening. They often have the widest mm measurement.
    • Figaro – This style of necklace has flat links that vary in size.

    What are the size options for men’s yellow gold chains?

    The thickness refers to the width of the chain links for jewelry, and this measurement is provided in units of millimeters, or mm. This measurement ranges from 3mm to 20mm. The available lengths of these classic 18k yellow gold necklaces for men range from 18 to 30 inches.

    What are some of the features of the men’s chains?

    The available features include:

    How do you choose a chain of gold for men?

    When choosing one of these 18k chains made of gold, consider:

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    Why Choose Tjc

    Our collection of online 18K Gold Chains has been known and loved for a lot of reasons. Among them, our variety is the biggest. We offer a diverse, rich, and breath-taking range thats going to leave you spell-bound. With something for everyone, this is where your style essentials are.

    Other than our wide range, we also bring you affordability. Our masterpieces of affordable 18ct gold chains promise designs that will easily fit within your budget. Our designs bring pocket-friendly value, a bargain that you wont be able to deny.

    Happy shopping with TJC!

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