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How To Know Real Gold

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Advanced Fake Gold Detection Techniques

How To Tell If Gold Is Real – With A Magnet Test
  • Melting and Sampling spectrum detection: This is a more vigorous test, but is worth the effort and slight cost. Melting and sampling spectrum detection takes advantage of a thermo-analytical technique known as Differential Scanning Calorimetry. A sample of the gold to be analyzed is placed in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter alongside a reference gold sample. The same temperature intensity is applied both to the sample and the reference gold material. The difference in the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of the sample as compared to the reference is recorded. It is this heat difference that helps to analyze how different or similar a piece of gold is from the original. Fake gold is easily detected with this technique as it will have widely varying heat properties from real gold.
  • Metallographic Analysis: This technique has wide usage and can be found in literature where it has been used for detection of fake gold and silver coins. The results can similarly be applied for the detection of fake gold in jewelry production. Metallographic analysis applies the principles of metallography in the identification of fake gold. This often involves microscopy. Optical microscopy or scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive x-ray analysis are two types of microscopy often employed. Since the properties of real gold are already known to experts. A comparison of the sample properties with the expected ones will reveal the originality or otherwise.
  • Look For Bluish Or Greenish Tint On Your Skin

    This test is simple: It involves holding a piece of gold jewelry between your hands for a couple of minutes. The perspiration from your hands will either react with the metal and change the color of your skin or leave it unaffected. When real gold is in direct contact with your skin there is no discoloration. If the gold is fake it will cause your skin to turn black, blue, or green at the contact points.

    One exception to this procedure occurs if you test gold on your skin while wearing a liquid foundation. When gold touches the makeup it will turn your skin black at the points of contact. Removing all makeup before testing makes this test more reliable.

    Alternatively, makeup can also be used to test for gold authenticity. Put on a liquid foundation and add powder over it. Once the makeup has dried, press the piece of jewelry against your skin and then run it lightly over your skin where you have the makeup. If the jewelry leaves a black track on the makeup, you probably have real gold.

    Gold is extremely nonreactive, so real gold jewelry will never discolor your skin. But using the makeup test is a unique way to also check if its real.

    If there are discolorations in gold jewelry it means you have an alloy where there are other metals mixed in.

    The Basic Properties Of Gold

    Gold is found in nature as a pure metal . It has a distinct yellow color its resistant to chemicals its a good conductor of electricity and heat its not magnetic and it doesnt rust. Gold is highly dense, a property thats crucial for gold panning, and it has ayellow streak, a very simple feature that distinguishes it from fakes, like pyrite.

    Another important property of gold is its low hardness.Pure golditself is actuallyvery soft. Because of this, jewelry isnt made with pure gold, but rather an alloy . The metals that go into the gold alloys significantly influence the properties of the final alloy, specificallyits hardness and color.

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    Ways To Tell If The Gold Youre Purchasing Is Real

    Written by Top Buyer on April 1, 2020. Posted in Gold

    Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities on the planet. Because of its value, inexpensive jewelry can be made to look more expensive if it appears to contain gold, even if that gold is fake. If you have a , whether it is scrap or a valuable heirloom, you may be interested to know if it is an imitation or real gold. This is especially true if you are looking to buy such an item. Here are some ways you can tell if the gold you have or are looking to buy is real.

    Assay Marks And Hallmarks


    Hallmarks show that an assay test has been carried out on the gold object to confirm its karat rating. The reliability of the hallmark depends upon the country of origin. State-controlled assay offices imprint a mark onto the gold showing the year and place of assay together with the percentage of gold found, or the karat rating. The hallmark is very small so you may need a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe to see it clearly.

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    The Magnet Test How To Know If Gold Is Real

    a high strength magnet is absolutely necessary to perform this test. If you dont own one, you can buy this magnet to any ordinary iron store. The magnet test is easy and authentic yet needs little contention in terms of justifying the actual Gold properties. You must know that Gold is a non-ferrous metal. It does not attract Gold. Heres how you can perform this test-

    • Put your magnet on a decent distance to your item. Now see what happens.

    Result If your Gold item is coming into a strict contact with Gold then no doubt it is unreal. Sometimes magnet may slightly attract the Gold but does not keep on with they stay little magnetic. This means the Gold is not completely unreal rather plated or has some other material hidden. If your magnet is strictly attracting the Gold item then stop the test.

    As I have clear above Gold is a non-ferrous metal I do not get attracted by the magnet in all respect, its completely your real and has properties Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

    How To Tell If A Ring Is A Real Gold

    Gold is a precious metal that has been valued as the supreme one of all. It has a lot of positive and unique characteristics. Among other things, its gloss and shine are fantastic, and it attracts the eye of many, especially women.

    Additionally, gold never corrodes, and you can see many benefits of using it for different purposes, including designing rings, jewellery, and teeth. The density of gold is the highest compared to all other metals, and that characteristic makes it even more valuable.

    Some of the relevant and trustworthy ways to tests the gold ring you can find online are simple and doable at your home. The most common are mechanical, visual, and chemical ones. Lets see.

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    How To Tell If Gold Is Real

    Jewelry professionals and experienced investors know how to test if gold is real. This is because gold has unique physical and chemical properties. So, when it comes to gold bullion or jewelry, knowledge is power!

    In this article, we’ll explore how to test gold at home. There are several tests you can choose from when testing gold at home. These include the magnifying glass test, hallmark test, skin test, makeup test, float test, scratch test, the magnet test, acid test, and more. You need to know if your gold is real, and if it is, what its fineness is. Read on to see how you can DIY.

    Testing Gold With Household Items

    How to know if your gold is real or costume jewelry
  • 1Drop the gold into a jug of water to see if it sinks. Get a container big enough to hold both the water and the gold youd like to test. The water temperature you use doesnt really matter, so lukewarm water is fine. Real gold is a dense metal, so it falls directly to the bottom of the jug. Imitation gold is much lighter and floats.XResearch source
  • Real gold also doesnt rust or tarnish when wet, so if you see a discoloration, you probably have plated gold.
  • 2Put a few drops of vinegar on the gold. Set your jewelry or gold piece onto a flat surface. Use an eyedropper to apply a bit of vinegar and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Real gold wont change color, but fake gold will.XResearch source
  • You can also submerge the gold in a glass container with vinegar for 15 minutes. This is a slightly riskier method because vinegar might damage semi-precious stones on gold jewelry.
  • 3Find any noticeable discolorations where the gold has worn away. Gold is pretty soft for a metal, so plated gold often rubs away over time. The best places to check are around the edges of jewelry and coins. These spots often rub up against your skin and clothing throughout the day. If you see a different metal underneath the gold, you know your item is plated and not considered real gold.XResearch source
  • For example, a silver coloring might indicate silver or titanium. A red coloring could mean copper or brass.
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    Real Gold Sinks In Water

    Because pure gold is denser than other metals, a gold item will sink quickly and directly to the bottom of a tub or bottle of water. Fake gold can float or fall more slowly. Real gold also wont rust or tarnish when exposed to water, while gold plated items can show discoloration.

    Have you tried any of these ways to test your gold?

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    What The Gold Stamp Means

    If you do find a number marking on your gold item, heres how to read it. There are two different numeric scales used in hallmarking. The numbers 1 to 999 or 0K to 24K may be used to show the amount of gold in the item. The numbered system is European and the K scale the U.S. ranking. For the European system, the number can be transferred easily to a percentage, so 200 is 20% gold and 500 is 50% gold. For the U.S. system, 24K is 99.9% pure gold, 18K is 75% gold, 14K is 58.5% gold and 10K is 41.7% gold. Anything less than 10K is considered fake.

    This piece shows the 14K stamp on the back of the bracelet.

    Shows 14k gold stamp

    This piece shows 585, which is the same as 14K but expressed as a % of gold used in the piece.

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    How Do You Test Gold At Home

    Before testing your gold at home, you first need to know the properties of gold and why gold is a durable metal.

    Gold can dissolve only in nitro-hydrochloric acid.A single acid can not dissolve gold but reacts to a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid as it can dissolve.

    Resistant to oxidation.Gold will not rust or tarnish like brass, aluminum, and copper.

    Non-magneticReal gold is not attracted to a magnet.

    It has high conductivity, both thermal and electronically.Gold is indispensable in electronics as it is a great conductor because it does not tarnish or corrode easily.

    Ductile Gold can easily be transformed into thin circuit wires that can be used as an industrial solder and jet engine fabrication.

    SectileGold is relatively a soft metal to make it firmer. It is combated with either silver, nickel, copper, or platinum.

    MalleableGold can easily be pressed into thin sheets for use in dentistry for filling teeth.

    After getting to know the properties of gold, one can now try gold simple gold testing at home. They are several ways that include

    Magnifying glass testYou will need a magnifying glass and your gold sample to perform this test.Carefully inspect the sample through the magnifying glass to find essential real and fake gold clues. If any discoloration is seen on your gold sample items, it means the gold is not authentic or some gold plate on another material.

    How To Tell If Gold Is Real Or Fake Guide To Finding The Perfect Purity

    5 Main Differences Between Real and Fake Gold: Do You Know ...

    Fact checked by Kidadl Team

    Gold has been around for ages, and it is considered one of the most precious metals.

    For thousands of years, human civilizations have made use of gold in their architecture, currency , art, ornamental objects, and gold jewelry. Gold across the world is renowned for its association with beauty, power, and wealth. Its property of malleability and resistance to tarnishing is just the cherry on the top.

    In the history of gold, it is considered to be the harbinger of prosperity and development in human societies. Gold was the first metal we discovered. It was found in its natural state, in the form of shining nuggets, on the bottom of a river bed. In those days, gold was found abundantly all across the world in river streams. If we go back millennia when gold wasn’t treated as money or commodity, many Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and other cultures went to war in their quest for gold, because it had intrinsic value like no other.

    It was during 700 B.C when gold was first treated as money by Lydian merchants who just stamped lumps of mixed gold known as electrum. But how do you tell if a piece of gold jewelry is real gold or gold plated? And in the worst circumstances, how can you tell if gold is fake? In this article, we have discussed the difference between pure gold, fake gold, and plated gold and the steps to testing gold. Read on so you can easily test gold at home!

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    Test It With Your Skin

    Perhaps the easiest method on this list, the skin test measures the level of impurity in a gold item by merely holding the object in your hand. Just make sure the area of skin youre testing against is clean of anything that might interfere with the reaction, such as lotion. Because of real golds properties, it shouldnt result in any discoloration or staining of your skin the way brass might leave a greenish tint.

    To run the test, hold the item in your hand for a few minutes. Base metals will react to the sweat on your skin and create a chemical reaction. As a result, your skin should turn green or black depending on the metal or alloy its reacting to. If there are no marks on your hand, then you can trust that the item in question is real gold.

    Liquid foundation presents an alternative way to test whether something is gold. After applying a thin layer to your skin and letting it dry, gently rub the gold against it. If that results in a line or black streak, then the gold is likely genuine.

    Look For A Letter Mark

    If the has the letters GP, GF, or GEP stamped on it, these indicate that it is not made of real gold. GP means it is gold plated, GF means it is gold filled, and GEP means it is gold electroplate. That is, the jewelry is made of some other metal with a thin layer of gold on top. While this gold plating may be real, it is an insufficient amount of gold for the item to be considered true gold.

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    The Density Test: Use Water To Test Density

    This is a decent way to tell if your gold jewelry is real without any risk of damaging it, but it requires a few tools and some knowledge of math.


    This test only works for jewelry that is supposed to be made of gold only. Any attached jewels or parts that aren’t made of gold can make the results of the test inconsistent.

    So How Can I Test Gold At Home

    How to Know if Your Jewelry is Real Gold or Plated

    Now that you know golds properties, the following tests will help you determine if your gold is real, and what is its true purity. Below are the most common ways to test gold, and you should always do more than one to test your gold. These include simple procedures from how to test gold at home to using gold testing machines for getting the most accurate results. First, we will start with DIY gold testing.

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    Test : The Float Test

    For jewelry youve got at home you can always do a quick float test to see if it is real or fake! All you need is a cup of water.

    Drop the jewelry in the water and see what happens. Real gold will sink, as it is a heavy metal. If the jewelry floats, more than likely, it is not real gold.

    If it doesnt immediately sink or does not sink all the way, you may have jewelry that simply has less real gold than you thought it did.

    Another Word Of Caution

    This article only lists five of the easiest methods to test your gold. As said before, a skilled craftsman may be able to replicate most qualities of real gold using other elements, so even if your piece passes a few of these tests, it’s always good to conduct others, just to make sure. The more tests it passes, the more likely it is to be genuine gold.

    There are other ways to test your gold, but these usually require special materials or special tools.

    And finally, remember, however, that it is always better to have a professional test your gold piece.

    Good luck!

    Here are some tests you can try at home to see if silver jewelry is fake.

    This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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