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Are Cartier Love Bracelets Solid Gold

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How To Spot A Real Cartier Love Bracelet

ⶠCartier Love Bangle, 18k Yellow Gold, REVIEW Ladies Bracelet – B6035517

Cartier LOVE Bracelets are one of Cartiers most iconic pieces of jewelry. They were first introduced in the 1970s and have become one of todays most desirable pieces of everyday jewelry for both men and women. Cartiers Love bracelets are one of the most counterfeited pieces of luxury jewelry in the world. Love bracelets are available in many variations, including

How Expensive Are Cartier Love Bracelets

Its the single most searched style of jewelry on the Internetand probably the most counterfeited. A piece so sought-out that Cartier keeps waiting lists. A design that debuted over 50 years ago and still makes every fashion editors must-have list. The bracelet beloved by women ranging from 22-year-old beauty billionairess Kylie Jenner to Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle . So how expensive are Cartier Love Bracelets right now?

If you want to go to Cartier and buy yourself a brand-new onethe store currently sells over 40 versions and most come in seven sizesits going to set you back between $4,050 and $56,000. But don’t get discouraged, you can buy pre-owned Cartier Love bracelets for as little as $3,200. If you know where to look.

At a Cartier boutique, the price of a Love Bracelet varies according to the metal , width , and whether or not the bracelet has gemstones. You can buy bangles bedazzled with a single diamond , four diamonds , 10 diamonds , and pavé diamonds . Maybe thats why Cartier promotes them with the slogan How far would you go for love?

All that can really add up. Especially when you consider thatDuchess Meghan notwithstandingthe trend is to pile on as many Love Bracelets as you can, buckle on a Cartier watch , and then add as many complementary Cartier styles as your arm can hold. Whats a jewelry lover to do?

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet Tip #: Do Your Homework

The simplest way to protect yourself from buying a fake Cartier Love bracelet is to do some preliminary research. Check out the official Cartier website for a little history on the collection. For instance, since the Cartier Love made its debut in 1969, anything dated before then is a forgery.

Also, look at official Cartier pictures to show you what a real Love bracelet should look like. Understand the design traits of the bracelet. For example, what are the different widths and styles available? How many decorative screws should there be? Love bracelet vs. Love cuff?

Also, check out all the Love bracelet pictures we have on the Gray & Sons website too since we have pictures of vintage and discontinued models in addition to current ones. There are differences in vintage and modern Cartier Love bracelets to consider. For instance, the Cartier logo on vintage Love bracelets is slightly different from ones on current versions.

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Love And Legal Protections

Given the staying power of the Love bracelet, and Cartiers practice of aggressively protecting its valuable designs, the jewelry company maintains an array of legal protections in connection with it, thereby enabling its legal counsel to police unauthorized attempts to replicate the iconic design, whether it be the hoards of Amazon sellers offering fake Love bracelets for little more than $30 or higher-end jewelry companies doing their best takes on the time-tested classic.

Cartiers enforcement efforts are founded, to a large extent, on its trade dress rights in the bracelet. A subset of trademark law, trade dress protection extends to the appearance of a product, assuming that such a configuration indicates the source and distinguishes it from other sources. Given the longstanding and consistent use of the Love bracelet by Cartier and the sheer level of fame associated with the bracelet, its design, and its source, Cartiers trade dress registration for the overall appearance of the Love bracelet not only makes sense , but is a valuable form of protection.

Cartier Biography And Important Works

Cartier Trinity Love Tricolor Solid Gold Bangle Bracelet (SOLD ...

For its extraordinary range of bracelets, watches, rings and other adornments, French luxury house Cartier is undeniably one of the most well known and internationally revered jewelers in the world among clients both existing and aspirational.

Perhaps 1847 was not the ideal time to open a new watchmaking and jewelry business, as the French Revolution was not kind to the aristocracy who could afford such luxuries. Nevertheless, it was the year Louis-François Cartier who was born into poverty founded his eponymous empire, assuming control of the workshop of watchmaker Adolphe Picard, under whom he had previously been employed as an assistant. Of course, in the beginning, it was a relatively modest affair, but by the late 1850s, Cartier had its first royal client, Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, who commissioned the jeweler to design brooches, earrings and other accessories.

Under the leadership of Louis-Françoiss son, Alfred, who took over in 1874, business boomed. Royalty around the world wore Cartier pieces, including Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the Maharaja of Patiala and King Edward VII, who had 27 tiaras made by the jewelry house for his coronation in 1902 and issued Cartier a royal warrant in 1904.

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How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet Tip #: Investigate The Hallmarks

Jewelry hallmarks are very important to understandthey are the codes that give insight into your pieces such as material, ID numbers, and trademark.

On a Cartier Love bracelets, there are several hallmarks to take note of. Void of any damage or aging, all markings should be crisp and clear. Smudged logos, uneven inscriptions, or sloppy finishes are red flags that indicate the bracelet is a replica.

First, there is the obvious Cartier logo. Any Love bracelet should have the signature, and if it does not, then it is a fake. Second, there is the material hallmark. 750 means that 75% of the metal is composed of gold, such is the case of the 18k gold Love bracelet. Just to refresh, pure gold is 24k and 18 is 75% of 24which explains the 750 number on 18k gold. On the other hand, 950 indicates 95% platinum, which is what Cartier uses in their platinum jewelry. Third, there is the two-digit bracelet size. These numbers refer to the diameter in centimeters and the options are 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

Finally, modern Cartier Love bracelets have a serial number. Remember this is not a style number, but a number that is unique to that particular piece only. So, there will never be a duplicate of this number. There are several different serial number formats including five digits + one letter, two letters + four digits, and three digits plus three digits.

How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet Tip #: Scrutinize The Finishing

Again, Cartier prides itself in making extraordinary luxury goods. Subsequently, the Maison is going to ensure that every piece that leaves their ateliers is perfect. This means each screw on the Love bracelet should be perfectly straight and spaced out. Any misaligned screws means that you have spotted a fake Cartier Love bracelet. The bangle should feel well-made and secure when worn. The two halves of the bangle should align perfectly when screwing them closed. The closure screw should turn easily with the accompanying screwdriver.

When possible, getting a full set with a pre-owned Cartier Love braceletwith box, papers, and the mini screwdriverincreases the likelihood that it is genuine. Whats more, you can double-check that the serial number on the paperwork corresponds to the serial number stamped on the inside of the bracelet.

If anything seems off then it is better to walk away. A piece of Cartier jewelry should bring immediate joy, not doubt!

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About The Cartier Love Bracelet Screwdriver

The Cartier love bracelet is easily identifiable by the screw incorporated into its design. And though this screw is also seen in the necklace, the screwdriver incorporated in the bracelet is rather symbolic.

The screwdriver represents the fact that the bracelet allows and represents the wearer being locked in love with one person. This locking mechanism represents a commitment to their relationship with each other.

Beyond commitment, the screwdriver incorporated in the bracelet is an important design element for the bracelet. The love bracelet is oval-shaped, and it is designed such that it remains close to your body at all times, and the only way to remove the bracelet is by using the special screwdriver by Cartier.

Unlike other bracelets and types of jewelry by Cartier, the Love bracelet wasnt to be removed daily, hence the screw-design or the locking mechanism.

The screw on the bracelet, therefore, acts as defining details for the bracelet. It is also the feature that allows you to easily identify the Cartier love bracelet as a genuine or fake piece.

How To Spot A Fake Vs Authentic Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier White Gold Love Bracelet

Here are five ways to determine if your Cartier Love Bracelet is realor just a really good fake.

1. Closely read the hallmarks and logos.

Every Cartier Love bracelet is stamped with a hallmark that indicates the metal quality. Love Bracelets made out of 18K gold are stamped with 18K, 750 or sometimes both numbers. Platinum Love Bracelets, meanwhile, are marked with the numerals 950. If those hallmarks are not impressed on your bracelet, its definitely a warning sign.

And double-check the spelling and typography of the Cartier logo. It the brand name is misspelled or not in the iconic cursive font, your bracelet issorry to saya forgery.

2. Feel its weight and evaluate its quality.

Across its entire collection, Cartier uses only high-quality and durable gold and platinum metals. In turn, an immediate giveaway is the weight of the bracelet. Depending on their size and metal, a Cartier Love Bracelet should weigh between 30 and 38 grams . Fake bracelets oftentimes are comparatively much lighter than authentic Love Bracelets.

Also areas of discoloration or chipping metaleven more so if there is another color underneath itare indicators that the piece is not genuine.

Cartier is also very meticulous with their quality control. Therefore, the screws of the Love Bracelet should always be in perfect alignment.

3. Price compare.

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Is Cartier Love Bracelet Real Gold

Love bracelets are exclusively made in 18k yellow, white, or pink gold, as well as 950 platinum. Furthermore, all gemstones are of course real diamonds. So if particular Cartier Love bracelet you are looking at is made in silver, steel or any other metal other than the ones listed above, then it is a fake.

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Before joining Cartier, Cipullo worked with prominent jewelry fixtures, David Webb and Tiffany & Co, but it wasnt until the end of his relationship with the latter in 1969 that he designed the evocative bracelet. After his design was rejected from Tiffanys, Cipullo brought his template to Cartier New York. At that time, the once family-owned French brand had been sold and broken off into different international branches Cartier London, Paris and New York. It wouldnt be until 1976 that all three sectors were reunited, becoming Cartier Worldwide.

The initial design came to him on one sleepless night he recalled in interviews: It was 3 oclock in the morning, I was feeling very sad. I wanted something nobody could take away from me. Drawing inspiration from the physical exemplification of something as powerful as a chastity belt, Cipullo wanted to showcase his language for love in a lasting form. When others saw it, he believed, theyd know that that person was in a committed relationship.

During the late 60s and early 70s, chains, statement earrings, beaded styles and interchangeable pieces were popular, which made the simple sturdy gold bangle stand out among the trends of the time. Reminiscent of tools and fixtures that youd customarily find in a hardware store, Cipullos style was akin to everyday living, but in a grandeur interpretation that Cartier was able to reproduce using the highest-quality materials.

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Why Does The Cartier Love Bracelet Come With A Screwdriver

As mentioned above, the screwdriver was incorporated into the bracelet as a unique design element. On top of this, it meant to offer a tight fit on the wrist while also symbolizing the commitment of the lovers to each other.

The screwdriver is what gave the bracelet the name the modern love handcuff. It secured the bracelet and the love or commitment between the two people.

Then there is the fact that the screwdriver was incorporated in the bracelet because the bracelet was not meant to be removed every day.

So, what is the screwdriver made of?

How Much Is A Cartier Love Bracelet Worth

Cartier Trinity Love Tricolor Solid Gold Bangle Bracelet (SOLD ...

Speaking in very broad strokes, a classic Cartier Love Bracelet on TrueFacet will resell for $5,000, earning any consignor upwards of $4,250. But some variations of the Love Bracelet can resell for over $8,000! The earning potential of your Cartier Love Bracelet is influenced by its size, metal type and overall style.

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The Love Bracelets Cultural Impact

However, in the new era of social media and online influencers, Cartier saw a dramatic shift in the demographic of customers purchasing the bracelet that had once been synonymous with love for such a long time. In 2014, multihyphenated brand owner Kylie Jenner posted an image on Instagram of her wearing more than $50,000 worth of Cartier Love Bracelets on her one wrist, which many publications noted were more than a semesters worth of tuition for a college student. At only 17 years old, Jenner already had a huge following and impact among Millennials, and it could be reasonably argued that her Cartier stacked bracelet style inspired a slew of young influencers and fans to purchase a bracelet.

A quick scroll on a YouTube search for the Cartier Love Bracelet will reveal hundreds of thousands of videos featuring the young clientele that Cartier has been attempting to tap into since its reorganization in the early 70s. Videos featuring influencers and prospective socialites reviewing the historical cuff reach thousands in views almost as much as the subsequent videos of these young individuals getting stuck in their purchase. It is likely that neither Cipullo nor Cartier could have imagined that the bracelet has become a mainstay from Gen X to Gen Z. What was once a symbol of love, albeit an expensive one, has snowballed into a social marker worn by many and seen by millions more throughout Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

The Cartier Love Bracelet: The Story Behind One Of The Most Iconic Pieces Of Jewellery

The Cartier Love bracelet is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery ever designed. First created in 1969 by Italian jewellery designer, Aldo Cipullo the iconic piece of jewellery was designed in the New York workshop of the French jewellery house. A bracelet first made from silver and plated in gold, before Cartier began designing the iconic piece in solid gold and diamond-studded versions.

Modelled after medieval chastity belts, the bracelet quickly earned the nickname of modern love handcuffs for its inability to be removed from the wrist without the help of a special screwdriver. Due to this, the bracelet was worn as an every day item and was credited with changing the way we wear jewellery. Before the Cartier Love bracelet, high-end pieces of jewellery were only worn on a special occasion to compliment a particular outfit. The simplicity of the bracelet, combined with its difficulty to be removed meaning that women started to wear luxury jewellery items on a day-to-day basis.


Today, the Cartier Love bracelet is still on of the most desired pieces of jewellery for for many individuals and you dont need to be coupled up to purchase it. Accompanied by rings, earrings and necklaces, the bracelet forms part of an entire Cartier Love collection. Now available in solid gold, white gold and rose gold, the luxury jewellery brand offers many variations of the iconic bracelet, including the favoured studded diamond finishing.

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Cartier Love Bracelet Gold

Solid Gold Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet Thin 18K Yellow Gold Size 17

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Buyers Beware: Vintage Cartier Love Bracelets

If youre shopping for a pre-owned Cartier Love Bracelet and find one at a jaw-dropping, seems-to-good-to-be-true cost, read on. You may be mistakenly browsing a vintage Revson Bracelet that is not worth the same value as an authentic Cartier Love Bracelet.

In 1970, Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo partnered with Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon Cosmetics, to design a special-edition Love Bracelet.

Although the Revson Bracelet looks virtually identical to the original, there are two major design points that distinguish it from the standard Love Bracelet. The Revson Bracelet was electroplated to cut down its retail cost. It is oftentimes misleadingly advertised as an 18K Aldo Cipullo Love Bracelet but is in fact only gold-plated and therefore less expensive. The second key design difference of the Revson Bracelet is that it has a screw on only one side and a hinge on the otherwhereas the original unscrews on both sides.

Revson Bracelets are also stamped with Aldo Cipullo Gold Electroplate and Charles Revson, Inc. Real vintage Cartier Love bracelets meanwhile are stamped with the Cartier name only and most originals are not engraved with serial numbers.

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