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Where To Get Gold Chains

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Choosing Your Gold Chain Or Necklace

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At Michael Hill we have a wide range of gold chains and necklaces crafted from minimum 10kt white, yellow and rose gold. Whether youre searching for the perfect gold necklace for a loved one, a mens gold necklace or a stunning chain for yourself, our extensive selection means youre sure to find something youll treasure.

Understanding The Difference Between Hollow Gold And Solid Gold

Most important when buying gold is if its hollow or solid. To many, this is a huge durability factor. How to tell the difference is by weight.

Hollow gold is easy to spot with a lower price tag. Then once you pick it up and feel the weight, you will know. Its so light that you may think its for display. Keep in mind it can be damaged quickly.

Solid gold is most sought after since it’s known to last the longest. As far as quality and durability, this is the best choice. You can wear it every day with no hassle.

Gold Chain Necklaces In A Variety Of Styles And Karats

In addition to rope and wheat chain necklaces, at JCPenney you’ll find a wide range of gold chain necklace styles. Necklaces made with a figaro chain have a distinctive look. Consisting of a pattern of three smaller links and then one elongated link, a figaro chain necklace has plenty of visual interest all on their own. Curb chain necklaces have links that fit together smoothly and lie flat. You can also choose a chain with chunky or delicate links, depending on your style. Other chain types include anchor, cable, and box chain necklaces, opening up countless ways to accessorize your outfit.

The chain construction isn’t the only choice you have, either. Our collection of gold chain necklaces mostly contains pieces made from 10K, 14K gold, though we also offer a limited selection of 18K gold chain necklaces. Find styles for men and women in white, rose, or yellow gold or choose a combination of those tones for a truly unique look. Whatever your choice, shop online today and save more with free shipping!

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Customizing Your Gold Chain

All gold chains available at Frost NYC can be customized to some degree so you get a look thats completely you. Tailor your chains to your own personal style with various lengths and widths or top them off with sweet pendant pieces that add to your swag factor. No matter which style you choose, you can be sure itll turn heads and catch eyes.

What Are Popular Styles Of Gold Necklaces

10mm Miami Cuban Link Chain in Gold  Jewlz Express

Gold necklaces come in a range of styles and designs, with popular options including gold heart pendants, gold initial necklaces, gold cross pendants and simple gold chains.

The style you choose will ultimately depend on your personal taste, or that of your loved one. Selecting a piece that reflects your own style and complements your existing collection will ensure you will cherish your gold necklace for a lifetime

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Can I Mix A Gold Chain With Other Metals

You can express your personality by mixing and matching your jewellery to reflect your own style, and this includes mixing different metals.

A yellow gold pendant can look stunning layered with a rose gold chain, and rose gold and sterling silver necklaces complement each other beautifully. Feel free to extend this to the rest of your jewellery, mixing your choice of gold and silver rings, bracelets or earrings. Any combination that makes you feel confident will guarantee you shine.

Gold Chain Buying Guide: 10 Things To Consider


Versatile and durable, its no wonder why people have been wearing gold chains since civilizations arose. In fact, archaeologists found gold chains and other gold jewelry remnants in Babylon in 1700 B.C. Even more surprising is that jewelers in ancient times kept pieces of gold jewelry around for centuries in case they needed it for repairs.

Some people just fail to understand how many different styles and uses a gold chain necklace has. People sometimes associate gold chains with rappers, athletes, and NYC socialites, the fact of the matter is that hip-hop culture now influences high-end fashion as well as mainstream style.

Whether youre buying a gold chain for the first time, or youre looking to know how to choose a gold chain to add to compliment the other gold chains in your collection, heres our gold chain buying guide with buying tips and tricks for saving money.

  • Computer or smarphone

Here at ItsHot, were one of New York Citys choice jewelry stores for many celebrities and trend-setters, and we offer a vast inventory of gold chain styles online. By prioritizing customer service and updating our jewelry inventory regularly according to customer demand, we hope to set an example for other online stores to follow. We pride ourselves in our customer service and the craftsmanship of our gold chain necklaces.

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Which Type Of Necklace Chain Is The Strongest

Strength and stability of the chain depends on two critical factors – shape and size of links and the interlocking patterns. Of all the chain styles listed above, the Wheat chain is considered as the strongest simply because it is made of four strands of intertwining oval links that are interlocked and twisted at a single direction.

The wheat chain resembles closely the pattern of a rope chain and has a smooth texture. It can be worn as a stand-alone chain or matched with a pendant. This chain style is light and doesn’t kink. Other considerable options in terms of strength are the Rope, Byzantine, and Cuban link.

However, bear in mind that other factors also play a critical role in the overall strength of the gold chain. One is the type of material used in making the said jewelry item.

For example, platinum is considered as the rarest and extremely durable. Yet still, its strength doesn’t compare to a less expensive material which is also considered as the lightest at the same time. This will be discussed comprehensively later on.

What Is A Flat Chain Necklace Called

How to Untangle/Unknot Gold Chains Easy

Basically, the flat chain necklace refers to the Herringbone chain. As discussed earlier, the Herringbone chain is composed of tightly connected thin and flat metal links.

However, it is also considered as one of the least durable chain style and may easily kink up. If you are not into the Herringbone chain, you may opt for the Mariner chain as your flat style alternative.

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Gold Chain Necklaces For Any Style

Dress up your unique style and choose from various gold chain styles to complete your ensemble. Frost NYC carries everything from box chain necklaces,rope chain necklaces, Figaro chain necklaces or even paper clip, rolo chain, cable chain, herringbone chain and curb chain necklaces.

Our high-quality selection of mens gold chains will, for sure, help hook up your hip-hop jewelry collection. Youll find everything from a rose gold and yellow gold chaintwo-tone vibe to 10K white gold and diamond-cut14K gold chainnecklaces for your everyday look to iced-out pieces that are guaranteed to catch everyones attention. Each of our chains is crafted with a top-notch finish that will always maintain its luster. For a baller like you who wants to make a lasting impression, Frost NYCs chain necklaces are a great way to show off that swagger.

Customizable in length and width, elevate your wardrobe wishlist and create the gold chain necklace, bar necklace, gold bracelet or choker you desire. Add an extender and choose a classy or slick gold pendant that defines you as a man and showcases your taste in style.

Explore Frost NYCs best sellers and new arrivals to keep up with the most in-vogue look so you step out in style.

Eight Of The Most Popular Gold Chain Styles

Thinking about adding a gold chain to your jewelry collection? Good choice. The gold chain is arguably one of the most fundamental pieces in a mans jewelry lineup, standing as a steadfast symbol of style, wealth andwho are we kidding?swag. Layered, tucked in, or fitted with a pendant, gold chains do it all. But when you start shopping for them, youll quickly notice that theres a slew of options on the market, with variation in size, shape, and length. If you arent sure which chain style is best for you, consider a few of our most popular options:

  • The Cuban Link Chain The Cuban link chain, also known as the Miami Cuban link chain, is a cable chain featuring oval-shaped links that create a rope-like pattern. As you might have guessed, these chains come from the edgy street fashions of Miami, which evolved from the hip-hop style of the 70s. This chain style had a massive resurgence a few years back, and its still super-hot.
  • The Rope Chain Are you familiar with the dookie chains that rose to fame in the 1980s thanks to hip-hop trailblazers like Slick Rick and Rakim? These chunky rope chains set us up for our modern-day obsession with the rope chain, even though weve significantly dialed things back with regard to this trend. Rope chains can be slim or chunky like the old-school ones, but they all feature a twisted rope look featuring oval-shaped links.
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    Tips For Choosing A Chain Length

    Here are some style tips for different chain lengths. Figure out which length of gold chain necklace will go the best with your wardrobe.

    • Short, choker-style chain necklaces go with just about anything, short of a suit and tie. Its unusual to wear them under a turn-down collar or a dress shirt, but if you can pull it off, go for it. Wearing a choker chain above low collars will make the chain stand out, showing off its full size.
    • Mid-length chains that end around the base of your neck are typical for simple, plain gold metal chains. You can show off more of the chain links visibly with a T-shirt an open shirt collar as opposed to a dress-shirt collar.
    • Long chains are good for pendants and charms. The ornaments you attach to them will really help to elevate casual outfits. To wear a long chain with effortless style, opt for a V-neck or a collared shirt with few open buttons if you want the pendant to be visible.

    You can always send your chain back to us for a readjustment if you dont like the length. However, if you can avoid the trouble by buying the right length in the first place, it saves time.

    Check out our guide on how to choose a chain length and chain width for men for more help figuring out the best chain length and width for your style.

    How Do I Untangle A Chain

    Jewelry Unlimited

    You can untangle a chain by using a straight pin to carefully pull out the knots. This is useful for a fine chain that becomes tangled with small knots that are difficult to loosen with your fingers. Lay your tangled necklace on a hard, clean surface. Then use straight pins to gently pull the knots apart. If the knots are too tangled, you can try adding a small drop of baby oil to help loosen them.

    Importantly, if you feel the knots arent budging, dont force them! You dont want to damage your fine chain. Bring it in to your nearest Michael Hill store for expert jewellery care.

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    Best Places To Buy Gold Chains

    The best deals are found online. Jewelers who sell online can offer better deals because they don’t have to worry about rent or other costs associated with a having a physical store.

    Shopping online is more convenient because you can take your time and browse different listings until you find some chains that you like. There also won’t be any push salesman trying to sell you something overpriced.

    Just make sure that you buy from a reputable online seller. There are some .

    Choose A Gold Chain Length

    Gold chains come in many lengths, and you can customize many styles to your preferred length when buying one. You might be wondering, what length of chain should I get?

    The length of chain that you choose to wear will have a different effect on your overall look. For example, a 16-inch chain sits closer to the neckline and rests above your collarbone. The most common length, the 18-inch gold chain, rests on your collarbone.

    The longer chain lengths will lie on both your skin and onto the clothing, which can create a more dramatic effect compared to the more subtle look of a shorter chain.

    You can see on the chain length size chart where each different chain length will fall on your neck, chest, or abdomen when wearing it.

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    Mens Chains At Michael Hill

    At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of mens jewellery, from classic styles that transition effortlessly from work to weekend, to statement pieces designed to showcase your individual style.

    Our collection of mens chains are made to last and include curb chain and figaro styles. The curb chain is made up of identical interlocking links. The curb design can be made up of large links for an eye-catching chain, or tight knit intricate links for an understated effect.

    The Figaro chain is an Italian inspired design that consists of two or three identical small links, interspersed with one larger link to create a distinct pattern.

    A timeless gold chain for men or silver chain for men is also the perfect gift idea. A fine quality piece of jewellery makes a lasting gesture for significant birthdays and milestone celebrations such as engagements and anniversaries, with the additional bonus that a chain will allow him to always wear your gift close to his heart.

    What Type Of Gold Chain Do You Want

    Gold chain buying made EASY!

    You have the option of choosing real gold or gold-plated. We recommend buying a real gold chain.

    Gold-plated jewelry is much less expensive, and it can be a decent option in some cases. However gold-plated jewelry is not considered to be real gold. It might look nice at first, but it’s susceptible to wear, tarnish, and rust. Overtime you will need to pay to have your gold chain re-plated.

    Real gold is much more durable, and it’s a better choice for everyday wear. In addition, gold-plated chains don’t have much of a resale value. With real gold you can always sell it for at least its scrap value. This makes it both a stylish piece of jewelry, and an investment that can go up in value.

    In addition there are solid and hollow chains. Hollow chains are lighter and cheaper, but they are less durable and more likely to get dented. If you end up breaking the chain then it can be tough to repair it. Therefore in most cases it’s best to go with sold chains.

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    How To Value A Chain

    Make sure you don’t overpay or get ripped off. Use our gold jewelry calculator to find out what the chain’s exact gold value is. If you know the karat and the gram weight then you can get the scrap gold value.

    Also remember that size doesn’t matter as far as cost goes. It’s all about the weight. A longer or thicker chain can be less valuable than a smaller chain that weighs more. It’s also possible that someone could try and pass off a hollow chain as a sold chain. This is why knowing the weight is so important.

    Ideally you want to pay as close to the scrap gold value as you can.

    If you are looking to buy a new gold chain then the price will be expensive anywhere you shop. You can expect to pay a premium of 60-100% over the scrap price of gold. That’s normal for new jewelry and you are not paying for just the gold- you are also paying for the craftsmanship. Used jewelry is typically more affordable. Also note that custom-made chains will cost more.

    If you think you’ve bought a fake then there are gold authenticity tests that you can do at home.

    What Is The Best Chain Length For Men

    Most mens chains and necklaces range from 50cm 60cm in length. To decide on your perfect necklace length, decide where you want it to sit and what you will be wearing it with. A 50cm chain will fall approximately level with your collarbone, making it perfect for wearing over the top of a crew-neck shirt. A mens necklace with a 55cm length will land around your upper chest, and is ideal for wearing underneath collared shirts. 50 55cm chains are also a great length for heavier chain styles. 60cm chains will fall slightly closer to your mid-chest and give you a more elongated look.

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    What Are Necklace Chains Made Of

    Necklace chains can be made of a wide spectrum of materials. A smart buyer considers this factor because the material used to produce the chain can have a significant effect on the item’s overall durability, flexibility, look, and feel.

    A lot of neck chains are made of sterling silver with a bit of copper in the mix. Although the combination shouts durability, silver necklace chains get easily tarnished.

    A much more expensive alternative is gold. But pure gold is not a good option in making jewelry since such material has high malleability. How pure a jewelry item is made of gold is referred to karat.

    A 24K gold chain is 100% pure gold whereas am 18K item is composed of 75% pure gold.

    Basically, gold is mixed with other metals which directly affects its strength and color. The combination of gold and non-gold metals produce what is referred to as an alloy. These non-gold metals include silver, copper, nickel, zinc, and palladium.

    White gold is a product of combining gold with metals like palladium, nickel, and silver. On the other hand, rose gold is a gold alloy with high copper content.

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    Here comes platinum, the rarest of them all. And since it’s hardest to find, platinum is considered as the most expensive as well as the heaviest. On the brighter side, platinum is super durable and is resistant to scratch.

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