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White Gold Ring For Men

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Men’s Gold Rings At Michael Hill

Mens White Gold Ring

Whether you are searching for a stylish ring to add a shining edge to your look, or a wedding band to seal your commitment, our range of gold rings at Michael Hill are the perfect fit.

Are gold rings a good choice for men?

Gold rings are an excellent choice for men to wear, whether as a male engagement ring, fashion ring or a wedding band. Gold makes a timeless style statement, and choosing a piece of jewellery crafted in genuine gold means you will have a piece to last a lifetime. That is why gold is often the most popular choice for wedding rings, which are worn every day.

How do I choose a mens gold ring?

You can choose the best colour and style of gold ring for you depending on your personal style or, if it is a wedding band, you might choose to match your gold ring to your partners.

If you are looking for a gold fashion ring, then the most important consideration is your personal preference as well as the other types of jewellery and accessories that you wear. For instance, if you wear a watch or chain in yellow gold, choosing a yellow gold ring will give you an effortlessly polished look. Our range includes white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold rings, so you can find your favourite. We also offer black titanium rings with accents of yellow or rose gold, for a unique look and modern edge.

Which finger should men wear a ring on?

How do I find the right size for a mens ring?

Remarkable White Gold Brushed And Polished Mens Ring

This Remarkable White Gold Brushed and Polished Mens Ring is a high-quality piece of jewellery that will look stunning on any man. Crafted from fine white gold, this mens ring features an inset diamond in the middle of the band. The polished white gold finish surrounding this centre is contrasted with a brushed finish to

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We like to keep things simple. Free express shipping on all orders over $60, and if you need to exchange for a different style or size, no problem!


Here at Mens Rings Online, we take your safety and security seriously. That’s why we use SSL security sitewide, to ensure that both your personal details and payment information are kept safe.


Mens Rings Online is an Australian owned and operated family business. We’re also proud members of the Jewellers Association of Australia.


Buy Mens Wedding Bands Online From Canadas Most Unique And User

Temple and Grace was launched with the purpose of making it easy for Canadians to buy engagement rings and wedding rings online. Our male wedding ring collection has grown to be known as Canadas best. Follow these easy steps to lay your hands on the best mens wedding ring ever:

1) Select your precious metal in your favourite colour

2) Select your ring size

3) Select the ring width that you would like

4) Enter a personalised message. We can engrave this on your ring.

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The Tradition Of The Wedding Ring

The romantic celebrations associated with wedding bands go back to the ancient days. Wedding rings have symbolised eternity since the age of the Pharaohs. They are a constant reminder that love is eternal, with absolutely no beginning or end. During ancient roman times, wedding bands were given to denote a public pledge of marriage. This customary practise was then adopted by early religions and gold wedding rings became an integral symbol of the celebration of marriage. Today, a band worn on the ring finger continues to convey the same message of love, across the several cultures that exist around the world. Even in 2022, a wedding band symbolises commitment and a promise of lifelong togetherness.

Did you know about the interesting origins that exist around wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger? The Egyptians believed that the vein of love flowed straight from the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. Some of our popular wedding band styles that convey the same message of love even in todays age are our classic mens wedding ring collection. Our classic wedding band range delivers our promise of superior quality and fine Canadian craftsmanship. Remember, all Temple and Grace diamonds and precious metal is acquired through ethical sources. We treat our environment with care so that you can feel confident when purchasing a wedding ring for him, from us.

White Gold Panache For Your Special Occasions

Brushed White Gold Mens Wedding Ring

If subtlety is how you roll, here are a couple of white gold ring designs that you can sport on special occasions. Both the Dauntless Ruler Ring and the Noble Man Ring stand out by virtue of their simple charm. The Hardy Boys Ring and the Garret Ring keep the stonework to a minimum but overflow with the shimmering charm of white gold. While none of these rings sports too many decorations, they are a great way of making a sober and confident statement.

The spherical row of diamonds that adorns the Royal and Resolute Ring is sure to lend you a heavy dose of magnetism. There is no way one can fail to notice the air of regality this ring lends to you. And as far as the Supremo ring is concerned, the hint is once again in the name. Make your special occasions a tad more memorable with this fabulous piece decked with rubies and diamonds. However, if the occasion calls for something a little more ornate, go with the Master Class Ring or the Casanova Ring. Supreme in all possible ways, these rings are embellished with the mega sparkle of clustered diamonds. These special occasion rings, without an iota of doubt, will make you just the man for the limelight.

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Mens White Gold Ring Designs: Let Your Ring Make A Style Statement For You

If you are an unconventional man with a sophisticated taste in jewellery, white gold rings are just the thing for you. Not only are these rings sturdier than their gold counterparts, but they are also more stylish and look magnificent on all skin tones. So in case you are looking for fashion faithful rings that are high on elegance and low on maintenance, the mens white gold ring designs at BlueStone are your best bet. From fashion and fusion to everyday wear and engagement rings, this collection is eclectic enough to fascinate you. Fabulous designs, stunning stonework, and an element of classiness come together to make each ring in this range a masterpiece. Take your time to explore our radiant white gold rings and you will surely find your impeccable fit.

Summer Style And Color For Him

Celebrate your individuality this seasonwith amulets, chains, rings, and beads.

  • Explore these radiant designs that celebratethe fiery beauty of diamonds.

  • The perfect present for everyoneand any occasion.

  • Celebrate your union with wedding ringsand bands designed by a family of artists.

  • A restoration project in support ofthe Musée du Louvre.

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    Benefits For Shopping With Itshot

    All jewelry is made from 100% real gold, genuine real diamonds, and gemstones. We offer appraisal certificates. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We guarantee our products are more high-quality and budget-friendly than the retail market and other online suppliers. Our supply chain allows us to offer you stunning items at a fraction of the price. We offer a cheap prices for big and small diamond rings for men without losing quality, craftsmanship, or style.

    Each transaction is safe and secure on our website. We are an NYC store and proudly offer FREE US shipping, the best price guarantee, worldwide shipping, and a 30-day return policy.

    The Finest Quality Materials For Men’s Real Diamond Rings

    Classic Luxury: Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands and Rings in 18K

    We offer lots of different types of rings for men with real diamond that is finely crafted with sterling silver, platinum, 10k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, white gold, and two-tone gold for your personal preference. On ItsHot, you can find a ring with diamond for men filled with blue sapphires, onyx tablets, black, and yellow diamonds, along with other colorful precious and semi-precious gemstones arranged in decadent clusters dripping with prestige.

    Located in New York, ItsHot is one of the most popular jewelry NYC stores to shop online. We carry all the hottest styles for luxury men’s diamond rings designed with fine metals. We offer white and black diamond wedding bands, big gold engagement rings, custom pinky rings, solid and hollow statement rings, and many more. Browse over 1000+ diamond rings for guys, including diamond signet ones, men’s wedding bands, and so much more. Do you have a particular men’s diamond ring in mind? With our large collection for sale, we are confident you will find something for your specific refined tastes.

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    About Men’s White Gold Rings

    At Gemvara, we believe that the ring you wear should be as unique as you. That’s why we make all our Men’s White Gold Rings to order, one at a time, in your choice of gems and precious metals. Make a bold statement or say something subtle. You can also add your own personal meaning to any of our Men’s White Gold Rings, creating a beautiful memory and brilliant reminder. We use only the highest quality materials to craft our Men’s White Gold Rings with meticulous attention to detail. Our precious metals are recycled or responsibly mined. We hand-select each conflict-free gem in to perfectly complement your selection from our Men’s White Gold Rings. Lustrous 14k white gold is bright and eye-catching in any design. We also offer every style in premium 18 karat white gold, which has the added luxury of higher gold content. The final finishing touch to all Gemvara’s white gold jewelry is plating with rhodium, a platinum group metal, for an extra bright white finish.The profile, textures, and details of our Men’s White Gold Rings add individuality and style to everything you wear. When our work is done and you open that box, you’ll see your design from our Men’s White Gold Rings is even more striking when brought to life in the finest precious materials.

    Important Aspects To Consider When Choosing Wedding Rings For Men

    At Temple and Grace, we often meet Grooms to be, who havent worn jewellery, and in particular rings, before. In this case, it is vital to take into consideration the day to day activities performed by you. For example, the sport/s you play, your hobbies, job etc. It is important that you select a ring that is suitable and comfortable to wear while performing these activities or tasks. Some of the other important points to check when buying a mans wedding band would be to check on allergy information, if any. Although rare, men and women could be allergic to a certain metal. Precious metal such as Platinum 950 or Palladium which have a high purity of fine metal are hypoallergenic and hence do not cause any allergies.

    Enjoy a personalised Wedding Ring shopping experience

    Canadas largest choice of mens two-tone gold wedding rings

    Two tone precious metal bands have been our best-sellers. You can opt for a white gold ring with a hint of rose gold, or a stunning yellow gold and white gold wedding beautifully amalgamated into one. Two tone wedding rings for the groom have been very popular all through 2019, and the trend seems to be continuing through 2022.

    Shop from a wide range of precious metals

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    White Gold Rings For Men

    Buy Men’s White Gold Rings Online And Shine Every Day

    Jewelry For Less

    The ring you use as your daily wear has a lot to say about you. It reveals your personality just as easily as it drops a hint about your taste in fashion. In short, your daily wear ring is the best place where anyone can start nitpicking. But the Modern Royalty Ring doesnt seem to be giving much of a scope for your critics. This blue sapphire ring made of 18kt white gold combines lustrous style, fabulous fashion, unparalleled eloquence and much more.

    Tough as gold, sturdy as diamonds and charming all over, the Firm and Swanky Ring brings out the spunk in you. This diamond ring made in 18kt white gold is as elegant as it gets. If you have a chic stance in you, this ring is the best way to show it off. With the Regalia Ring, everything you need to know is in the very name. Made of plush panache and royal flair, this ring is studded with a pale purple iolite stone. Once you take a look at this ring, you instantly know that its going to make a standout addition to your precious collection. You can wear this ring to office too, to make an immaculate impression.

    Beat the stereotypes with the glittering white shine of the Rebel at Heart Ring. Make heads turn at work every day with the iridescent glow of this diamond ring and rule your workplace with your ornate charm and glaring spunk.

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    Gift Him Some Sparkle

    Ladies, are you searching for the perfect ring to spring a surprise for your man? Your search ends now and here. You can now buy mens white gold rings online at BlueStone from the comfort of your home. The Orar Ring and the Riam Ring for Him make great gifts on your anniversary. When you want to declare your undying love for him in a playful way, opt for our Tony Forever Yours Ring. With the words forever yours imprinted around the band in black, this piece is a unique way of personal expression and a fine pick for Valentines Day.

    All these rings will give you a fair idea about the wonders we have in store for you. We have kept our mens white gold ring prices reasonable. As a pioneering market leader, we champion the cause of quality. Along with our exhaustive collection and try-at-home service, thats exactly the point that we are trying to make.

    No products are available in thisrange meeting your selected filters

    Show me designs which can bedelivered by tomorrow.

    Celebrate Your Union The White Gold Way: Wedding And Engagement Rings

    In the world of wedding and engagement jewellery, white gold is the new hot word and for the right reasons. Rings made of gold have long been the choice of couples, but the glitter of the yellow metal is slowly giving way to the radiance of white gold. At BlueStone, we celebrate this changing trend with an exclusive array of mens wedding and engagement ring designs made of 18kt white gold.

    Our engagement ring collection includes classy pieces like the Olavi Ring, a classic band with a two-tone twist. For couples looking for diamond-studded pieces, we have the Euphoria Band and the Francesco Band. The Business Magnate Ring and the Masterclass Ring are some of the hot-selling items in the mens wedding ring collection. Thats not all. There is more to explore and marvel at. Go through our collection and buy mens white gold ring designs that fit your style and budget.

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