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Gold Belly Mother’s Day

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Donate To An Organization That Supports Gold Star Mothers And Families

Mom’s Learning to Belly Dance – Gold

Many organizations are dedicated to supporting Gold Star Mothers and Families emotionally and with other benefits. Specifically for mothers, you can donate to the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. Other organizations to consider are Snowball Express and, but do your own research and determine where your money is best donated.

History Of Gold Star Mothers And Family Day

Though the exact roots of the tradition arent totally known, it was during World War 1 that the gold star came to symbolize that a family member had fallen in battle. Around that time, the term Gold Star Family came to mean that you were a surviving family of a person who died in service and families hung banners with a gold star outside their homes. The tradition has since been authorized and seeks to ease the grief of mothers and families while reminding that no one truly serves alone.

Gradually, there came to be many ways for grieving family members to honor their loved ones with symbols worn or places outside the home. In 1918, President Wilson allowed grieving military mothers to wear a traditional black armband featuring a gold star. Soon after, it was approved for families to cover the blue star on the service flag outside of their home with a gold one. As of 1947, Gold Star family members can also display the Gold Star Lapel.

Though Gold Star Mothers and Family Day isnt observed as a National, federal holiday like Memorial Day, it was declared by Congress in 1936 to be the last Sunday in September though, at the time, it was only known as Gold Star Mothers Day. It was in 2011 that President Obama amended the declaration, declaring the day to include families as well as mothers. Today, the holiday includes any immediate family member and authorizes that person to display the Gold Star Service Flag.

The 7 Best Mother’s Day Movies To Watch On Netflix

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Gold Star Mothers And Familys Day: September 25 2022

From The American Presidency Project, Proclamation 10264Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, 2021

Our Nation is forever indebted to those who gave their last full measure of devotion to defend our peace and security. We are devastated by their loss and inspired by their sacrifice. When we remember these fallen service members, we must also honor the people who mourn their losses. We remember them every day, and on this day, we pay special tribute to their surviving families.

From American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., Who We Are, Our History, Organization:On June 12th, 1984 the Ninety-Eighth Congress of the United States granted the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. a charter. Sec. 3 lists the objects and purposes for which the corporation is organized, shall be those provided in its articles of incorporation, and shall include a continuing commitment, on a national basis.

Gold Star Mothers And Familys Day


Our Gold Star Families are a vital part of our nations military community and we are dedicated to honoring their sacrifice.

On the last Sunday of September, our nation observes Gold Star Mothers and Familys Day, honoring surviving mothers and families of fallen service members. It is meant to honor the service members ultimate sacrifice while acknowledging their familys loss, grief and continued healing.

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Gold Star Mothers And Family Day Timeline

President Wilson authorized mothers who had lost a child in the war to wear a traditional black mourning armband featuring a gold star.

Started in Washington, DC, The American Gold Star Mothers Inc. quickly spread across the country. In 1929, the organization obtained a federal charter to support mothers who were often separated from their ailing or dead children.

Since this date, Gold Star Mothers Day has always fallen on the last Sunday of September.

The Gold Star Service Lapel, in addition to the Gold Star Service Flag, is authorized to be displayed by surviving family members.

President Obama amended Gold Star Mothers Day to include families as Gold Star Mothers and Family Day on September 23, 2011.

Origins Of The Gold Star

The Gold Star symbol began during World War I. At the start of the American involvement in 1917, families hung banners with blue stars representing family members in the services. If the service member died in combat, the family changed the blue star to gold.

Grace Darling Seibold, founding national president of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., began efforts to cope with the loss of her son, Lt. George Vaughn Seibold, by devoting her time and efforts to not only working in VA hospitals but also extending friendship to other mothers who experienced the same loss.

On June 4, 1928, 25 mothers residing in Washington, D.C. laid the groundwork to build an organization founded on delivering the bond of mutual love, sympathy, and support of the many loyal, capable, and patriotic mothers who while sharing their grief and their pride, have channeled their time, efforts and gifts to lessening the pain of others.

Hear Gold Star Mother Eunice Eckards story about her son Gunnery Sgt. Christopher Eckard who was killed in action while deployed to Afghanistan:

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