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Who Qualifies For Golden State Stimulus

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When Will My Stimulus Payment Be Sent

Why many low-income people in California will not qualify for the Golden State Stimulus?

California’s stimulus payments are going out twice a month, or about every two weeks, though some may go out earlier or later. Those who qualify and have already set up direct deposit when filing their 2020 tax return can expect an electronic payment.

Most direct deposit stimulus payments will be issued before Oct. 31. If you filed a state tax return after Sept. 1, you might have to wait at least 45 days for the return to be processed and have a check issued.

As for paper checks, those will start going out Oct. 6, and will continue through January of next year. Paper checks will be sent in batches based on the last three digits of the ZIP code on your 2020 tax return. If your tax return is processed during or after the date of your scheduled ZIP code payment, the Franchise Tax Board says, you should allow up to 60 days after your return has been processed.

For a list of timeframes based on ZIP codes, check here. Note that you should allow up to three weeks for a check to arrive by mail once it’s been sent.

How Many Californians Have Received Their Golden State Stimulus Checks

To date, around half of those eligible have received their check. Andrew LePage spokesmen for the California Franchise Tax Board told an ABC affiliate that on This follows a previous batch sent on 29 October which reached more than 400,000 tax filers through direct deposit.

Physical Checks

At this point, the state has made all direct deposit payments. Those who will receive a physical check may have to wait until , depending on the zip code they live in.

All tax filers, or those eligible, needed to have submitted a tax return to the CFTB by 15 October to receive a check. Those who submitted their returns very close to the deadline should expect to wait between one to two months before they see their payments.

For those who submitted their return and provided direct deposit information after 1 September, a forty-five-day waiting period should be expected. If no direct deposit information was given at the point of filing, a physical check will be mailed, by the CFTB will need between sixty days to review the information and send the check.

Other Payments Coming Soon

Meanwhile, other related stimulus payments are likewise imminent from the federal government.

On December 15, for example, the sixth and final child tax credit will go out. That one will generally be for a few hundred dollars per eligible child in a household. However, some Americans will get much more than that.

Thats because, for some recipients, Decembers stimulus payment will actually be their first child tax credit check.

For a variety of reasons, some people signed up late to get the child tax credit advance payment this year. And so, instead of a sixth check offering the final slice of an overall payment of up to $1,800 per eligible child? These parents are going to get one lump-sum payment for the whole six-check amount in December.

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Find Out How Youll Receive Your Payment

If you qualify, you will receive your payment by either direct deposit or check in the mail. Typically, youâll receive this payment using the refund option you selected on your tax return.

  • Direct deposit: If you selected direct deposit as your refund option on your tax return
  • Paper check in the mail:
    • If you selected paper check as your refund option on your tax return
    • If you received an advanced refund through your tax service provider, or paid your tax preparation fees using your refund

File a complete 2020 tax return to get your stimulus payment. If you’ve already filed, you don’t have to do anything.

About California Golden State Stimulus Check

California stimulus checks: These Social Security ...

In February 2021, California lawmakers approved Governor Newsoms Golden State Stimulus program to send $600 payments to about 5.7 million of Californias lowest-income workers, with extra help for undocumented workers who file taxes.

This became known as Golden State Stimulus I.

In May 2021, Governor Newsom proposed sending the stimulus payments to Californias middle class, too.

California lawmakers approved the plan in late June 2021.

Under the expansion, taxpayers earning as much as $75,000 a year qualify.

Under the Golden State Stimulus II program:

Eligible Californians will receive a payment of $600, and an extra $500 if they claimed at least one dependent on their 2020 taxes, bringing the total maximum amount to $1,100.

However, some recipients of the first Golden State Stimulus payment may also qualify for an additional payment of $500 if they previously claimed a dependent.

Families with at least one dependent get a $500 boost, which increases to $1,000 if they are undocumented and file taxes.

According to Gov. Gavin Newsoms administration, two out of every three Californians are eligible for a share of $12 billion in Golden State Stimulus payments.

Heres who is eligible for Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II.

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Details On The California Stimulus Check

The Golden Gate Stimulus, a $3.8 billion deal passed in February, provides the new stimulus checks to Californians. It includes one-time stimulus checks for qualifying individuals.

California will send 5.7 million payments total, with two out of every three Californians being eligible. Eligible taxpayers in the state will receive one-time payments of $600. Qualifying individuals with ITINs usually immigrants and undocumented workerswill receive an additional $600, and taxpayers with dependents will receive an additional $500.

Expanding the criteria to individuals who filed with an ITIN was a strategic move by Gov. Newsom, including immigrants and undocumented individuals who were excluded from previous federal stimulus payment rounds.

California Stimulus Check Summary

Heres the bottom line:

The state of California will provide the Golden Status Stimulus payment to families and people who qualify.

There is Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II.

The Golden State Stimulus II payments are different from the Golden State Stimulus I payments.

To receive your payment, file your 2020 tax returns by October 15, 2021.

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Estimate Your Stimulus Amount

The Golden State Stimulus has been expanded so more Californians are eligible. Now people may qualify for the new Golden State Stimulus II. Use this tool to find out what you may receive.

This payment is different than the Golden State Stimulus I .

If you qualify, you only need to file a complete 2020 tax return to receive the Golden State Stimulus II payment.

When And How Will I Receive My Payment

California stimulus checks: These Social Security recipients qualify for Golden State payments

Heres the timeline for when you can expect to receive the $600 Stimulus Check for Californians:

Once your 2020 tax returns are processed and it is determined that you are eligible for the Golden State Stimulus payment, then heres what will happen:

If you filed your tax return between January 1, 2021, and March 1, 2021:

You will receive your stimulus payment beginning after April 15, 2021.

  • Direct deposits: Allow up to 2 weeks
  • Paper checks: Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for mailing

If you filed your tax return between March 2, 2021, and April 23, 2021:

You will receive your stimulus payment beginning after May 1.

  • Direct deposits: Allow up to 2 weeks
  • Paper checks: Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for mailing

If you file your tax return after April 23, 2021:

  • Direct deposits: Allow up to 45 days after your return has been processed
  • Paper checks: Allow up to 60 days after your return has been processed

Some payments may need extra time to process for accuracy and completeness.

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Your 2020 Tax Return Hasnt Been Processed Yet

Eligible individuals who submitted their 2020 taxes on time but whose returns have not yet been processed by the state yet should expect a delay in their payment, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

Taxpayers who filed after Sept. 1 and typically get their refund via direct deposit likely wont get the payment until up to 45 days after their return has been processed.

For those anticipating a payment by mail, expect a longer delay up to two months if the return hasnt been processed prior to their ZIP codes scheduled payment date.

On top of that, Some payments may need extra time to process for accuracy and completeness, the state notes.

California Stimulus Checks: These Social Security Recipients Qualify For Golden State Payments

California has distributed nearly 4.5 million Golden State Stimulus II checks to date, about half of the payments that are expected to be issued under the program.

But theres still some confusion about whos receiving the infusion of funds, including whether Social Security recipients will get them.

The short answer is, some do and others dont.

Thats because under the guidelines set forth by the state, only certain Social Security beneficiaries are eligible for Californias stimulus checks.

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Claim Your Golden State Stimulus

The COVID-19 pandemic created tough financial challenges for working families all across California.The Golden State Stimulus programs provides rapid cash support to millions low and middle income Californians.

There are two different Golden State Stimulus. You may qualify for one or both. Visit the page below for more on Golden State Stimulus I & II.

Do I Qualify for the Golden State Stimulus I?

You may qualify for the Golden State Stimulus I if you are a California resident, not claimed as a dependent, and either of the following apply:

  • Claim the CalEITC on your 2020 California tax return be October 15, 2021 to receive $600 or

  • File your 2020 tax return with an Individual Tax Identification Number and up to $75,000 to receive $1,200.

Do I Qualify for the Golden State Stimulus II?

You may qualify for the Golden State Stimulus II if you are a California resident, not claimed as a dependent, and all of the following apply:

  • File your 2020 California tax return by October 15, 2021 and

  • Have a California Adjusted Gross Income of $1 to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year

The Golden State Stimulus II provides $600 to taxpayers that did not qualify for GSS I and an

additional $500 – $1,000 if there is a child dependent and reported up to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year.

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How Can California Afford These Stimulus Checks

Its simple why California can afford to give out more stimulus checks, compared to other states: It has seen a jump in state revenue thanks to its progressive tax rate.

According to Cal Matters, a nonprofit publisher dedicated to explaining how Californias state capitol works, Californias progressive income tax has contributed an additional $10.3 billion in revenue than projected in January.

During the pandemic, the states wealthiest individuals were not as harshly affected by the pandemic as others. Plus, many of those individuals are in the technology sector, which saw high profits during the pandemic total capital gains in California reached nearly $174 billion in 2020.

How To Claim Your California Stimulus Check

The next round of California stimulus checks will hit bank accounts soon. It is estimated that more than 9 million Californians qualify for the stimulus payments. In this post, we will explain in detail what the Golden State Stimulus is, who is eligible, when payments will be made, and answer the most frequently asked questions about the stimulus checks.

First, we will explain what the California Stimulus Check #1 and #2 are about .

Next, we will provide eligibility requirements for each and how much you are likely to receive and the California Stimulus Check 2 Calculator.

Lastly, we will provide the payment schedule for when the Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II will be made.

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You Receive Your Ca Tax Refund By Mail

California began issuing batches of stimulus payments by direct deposit back in late August but only started sending paper checks out by mail earlier this month. As a result, those who typically get their state refund through the mail should expect a delay possibly even through the new year.

Additionally, where you live can also affect when you get the payment, as mailing times are based on the taxpayers last three digits of their ZIP code.

The Franchise Tax Board provided the following timeline of when it expects mailed payments to go out:

Last 3 digits of ZIP code/mailing time frame

  • 000-044: Oct. 6 through Oct. 27
  • 045-220: Oct. 18 through Nov. 5
  • 221-375: Nov. 1 through Nov. 19
  • 376-584: Nov. 15 through Dec. 3
  • 585-719: Nov. 29 through Dec. 17
  • 720-927: Dec. 13 through Dec. 31
  • 928-999: Dec. 27 through Jan. 11, 2022

Californians Getting More $600 And $1100 Stimulus Checks Next Week: Here’s The Latest

Deadline to apply for Golden State Stimulus coming soon

Another check is on its way to two of every three California residents through the Golden State stimulus program.

California stimulus checks provide direct cash relief to those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Though a fourth stimulus check isn’t on Washington’s agenda, and enhanced federal unemployment benefits expired for millions last month, an estimated 9 million Californians are getting some extra relief aid in year two of the pandemic.

A third batch of Golden State Stimulus II payments is getting sent out on Oct. 5. The first batch, amounting to 600,000 payments, went out Aug. 27, and the second batch, on Sept. 17, was much larger, with at least 2 million Californians receiving the benefit. Approximately two-thirds of California taxpayers are eligible for a payment of $600, and some qualifying families will receive an additional $500.

These state-only checks are part of the $100 billion “California Comeback Plan” aimed at providing immediate relief to families and business that’ve been the most negatively impacted by the pandemic. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office called it “the biggest state tax rebate in American history.”

Read on to find out if you’ll be getting a Golden State Stimulus II check, what you need to do to get your money, and when your check could arrive. Also, here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 child tax credit, which is providing the vast majority of families across the US with advance monthly checks to help cover expenses and basic necessities.

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Check If You Qualify For The Golden State Stimulus Ii

To qualify, you must:

  • File your 2020 taxes by October 15, 2021
  • Have a California Adjusted Gross Income of $1 to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year. For this information refer to:
    • Line 17 on Form 540
    • Line 16 on Form 540 2EZ
  • Have wages of $0 to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year
  • Be a California resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year
  • Be a California resident on the date payment is issued
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer
    • A dependent is a qualifying child or qualifying relative. Go to FTB Publication 1540 for more information about a qualifying child and qualifying relative

To receive your payment, file a complete 2020 tax return by .

If you dont qualify for GSS II, you may qualify for GSS I.

Could My Stimulus Be Seized Or Offset To Cover Debt I Owe

According to the Franchise Tax Board, the state’s stimulus payment is not subject to garnishment for child support or spousal support, for example, or offset for debts owed to state agencies.

Here’s everything we know about the other stimulus aid that might be coming your way. And here’s more about the expiration of pandemic-era unemployment benefits.

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California Adjusted Gross Income

You must have $1 to $75,000 of California AGI to qualify for GSS II. Only certain income is included in your CA AGI . If you have income that’s on this list, you may meet the CA AGI qualification. To receive GSS II and calculate your CA AGI, you need to file a complete 2020 tax return by October 15, 2021. Visit Ways to file, including free options, for more information.

Income included in CA AGI

Generally, these are included in your CA AGI:

  • Wages and self-employment income
  • Gains on a sale of property

Visit Income types for a list of the common types of income.

Income excluded from CA AGI

Generally, these are not included in your CA AGI:

  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income /State Supplementary Payment and Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants
  • State Disability Insurance and VA disability benefits
  • Unemployment income

You would generally not qualify for GSS II if these were your only sources of income. However, if you have income that is included in CA AGI in addition to this list, you may qualify for GSS II.

For information about specific situations, refer to federal Form 1040 and 1040-SR Instructions and California 2020 Instructions for Form 540. Go to Line 17 of Form 540 for CA AGI.

If you receive Social Security

You may be wondering whether or not you qualify for GSS II if you receive Social Security income. Social Security income is not included in CA AGI. However, if you have $1 or more of CA AGI , you may qualify for GSS II.

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