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Black And Gold Curtain Rod

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Choosing The Best Window Treatments

Installing Curtain Rod – Hang Curtain Rod – EASY DIY – How to

Choose rods you install over or above the window if you want your curtains to sit over blinds or away from the window a few inches. Don’t forget to invest in curtain rod brackets to hold the rod up. For dressing a naked window in one layer of drapes, you might consider the convenience of a tension rod. For more elaborate window decor that includes multiple layers of fabric, you may need double curtain rods. These are designed to hold two separate layers of drapes, so you can put curtains and a valance on one. You might also put light-blocking drapes over sheer curtains so you can pull back the layers to let as little or as much sun in as you desire. Pick the best of curtain rods in different material and save big with our sales.

What Other Black Curtain Rods Are In Style

Sometimes when you have odd-shaped or unique windows, it can be difficult to find curtain rods that look good and actually work. Thats why Kirsch has designed a variety of decorative curtain rod accessories. With the right curtain rod hardware, you can create a black curtain rod for any type of window. Below we discuss some of the other popular types of black curtain rods in more detail.

Simple Black Curtain Rods

Maybe youre just looking for simple black curtain rods. There are many options for those in the Kirsch Wood Trends Collection. Available in two curtain rod diameter sizes: 1 and 2, youll find over ten finials and end caps to choose from. Simple yet charming, these curtain rods are the perfect choice if your home uses dark wooden dressers, tables, nightstands, chairs, and other furniture. Additionally, theyll match a variety of draperies.

Kirsch Wood Trends Sherwood Finial This black wooden curtain rod finial features a smooth, painted surface with grooves at the base and a round cone-shaped body with a pointed accent at the end. With just the right amount of details, the Kirsch Wood Trends Sherwood Finial is attractive without being overpowering.

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Shop Curtain Rods& Hardware At Jcpenney

Black/Gold Scroll Urn Adjustable Curtain Rod #Scroll #Black #Gold ...

Hang drapes in all your windows when you invest in the right curtain rods and hardware. Shop the affordable selection at JCPenney for your window decor needs. From tension rods to with elegant finials, you’ll find plenty of options to help you dress your windows in the selection at JCPenney. Whether you’re redecorating an entire room, or simply adding a shower curtain, start with the tips below to ensure you’re selecting the right window curtain rod for your space.

Single curtain rods support one layer of drapes or add a double curtain rod. They’re an ideal choice when you want to add blackout drapes over installed blinds to cut down on the amount of sunlight entering your room. Single rods may also be the go-to option for adding a bit of color over naked windows or blinds with sheer curtains.

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Using Rub N Buff On Our Black Curtain Rod

Today I am back with more main bedroom updates! Last week, I showed you our new bed and mattress for the room and now its time to talk a bit about layout and a quick crafty project I did in here.When I painted the room, I ended up taking down the curtains and hardware so painting would be a bit easier. I wasnt totally sure if I would put the same curtains back up or even the same hardware. I kinda wanted to see the color in the space before deciding. Once I saw that beautiful blue-gray color on our walls, I knew that the curtains we have would still work well, but I wasnt sold on the black hardware that accompanied them.

Instead, I envisioned gold curtain rods up there, especially since the sconces over our nightstands will be gold too. Not wanting to spend money on new rods and time installing them, I decided that I should give the popular product Rub n Buff a try!

Black Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Iron curtain rods, especially wrought iron, are great for creating a strong and bold design aesthetic. The material itself is durable and can hold heavier draperies better than other curtain rod materials. Specifically in the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection, you can find a variety of styles and colors including a black cage curtain rod. .

Whether youre looking for a simple black iron curtain rod or a black and gold curtain rod, Kirsch 1-inch black curtain rods have numerous potential. With a smooth wrought iron texture, you can choose black or iron gold . Additionally, youll have the choice between a rod of six feet or seven feet nine inches, and can make it longer by connecting two rods with an internal splice.

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Playing Around With The Layout

Youll also notice that the dresser is now on the other side of the room. Once we put our king bed in place, the dresser just felt too squished in there. We will have new smaller nightstands eventually they come in April but even with smaller nightstands, the space still felt too tight on that side of the room.

Finn and I moved the dresser near the windows and I was kinda blown away by how much I liked it. I thought I would hate it! We lived with it for a few days without curtains while I waited for my Rub n Buff to arrive to do this project. I kept telling Finn that I didnt know if the dresser would stay in this spot once the curtains were in place. I thought it might just feel too weird with them behind the dresser.

However, once I got these curtains in place, I actually didnt mind them behind the dresser. The furniture is pulled an inch or two away from the wall, so Im still easily able to close the curtains at night. I never in a million years thought that this layout would work in this room, so Im pleasantly surprised and very happy with the new layout. Plus, I feel like it helped my conundrum of the one side of the room feeling full and the other side feeling empty. Im digging it.

Black Metal Curtain Rods

DIY Double Hung Copper Curtain Rod

If wrought iron is not quite your style, you can achieve a similar look with designer metal curtain rods. Of course, it depends on the brand, but often these curtain rods provide a sleek and modern look. Black metal curtain rods are easy to match with other metal accessories in the home, but make sure you buy black metal curtain rod brackets from the same designer and collection to ensure your colors match.

Have unique windows? The Kirsch Designer Metals Collection features a variety of curtain rod hardware to create long black curtain rods, black ceiling mount curtain rods, black double curtain rods, black bay window curtain rods, and more. These applications can often be attained by using specific curtain rod brackets or joining two rods together with an internal splice or swivel socket for corner rods.

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Getting Started: Lets Choose The Material

The best place to start when shopping for black curtain rods is to decide what curtain rod material you want. Though similar colors are available, you get a different ambiance depending on the material you choose. After a specific material is selected, you can choose other more decorative curtain rod hardware, like finials to make more of a statement.

What Were Looking For

Size: Curtain rods can be inside-mounted, or hung within the window frame, or outside-mounted, which allows the curtain to cover the edge of the window frame. For inside-mounted rods, simply measure the width of your window. For outside-mounting, Megan Hersch, the owner of Studio MG Interiors and online interior-design service RoomLift, recommends measuring about 12 inches wider than a window on either side, so you can pull the drapes off of the window when you open them. She recommends hanging the rod about halfway between the window and the ceiling for a very tall ceiling, place the rod about 16 inches above the window.

While most of the rods on this list are telescoping, that design does leave a visible notch in the middle of the rod, which Hersch says is not a big deal, but it is a telltale sign that a rod is not custom size. If you want to avoid the telescoping-rod notch, weve also included an affordable option for custom-cut rods.

Material: When buying curtain rods, look for materials that are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and dont bow or flex under the weight of drapery. Metals like steel or iron are the most common many curtains also have a decorative outer finish, like wood veneer or brass.

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Black Bay Window Curtain Rods

For many, bay windows or other types of corner windows pose a challenge when it comes to drapery hardware. However, with the right products, tools, and knowledge, you can have a beautiful bay window curtain rod in just a couple of hours. The key component for this type of application is called a swivel socket. These items connect two curtain rods together and rotate from flat to 90 degrees, giving you the specific degree/bend you need for your windows. You can create black bay window curtain rods with Kirsch Wood Trends, Designer Metals, and Wrought Iron Collections. Learn more about these swivel sockets below:

Modern Black Curtain Rods

PrimeBeau Brushed Black Gold Window Treatment Drapery Curtain Rods with ...

To create a modern black curtain rod, we recommend the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection. The smooth and glossy texture in these pieces will match the other dark shiny metals in your home. In addition to the black curtain rod finials below, youll find another 15 finials/endcaps to choose from ranging in simplicity and sophistication. Whether your modern look is extravagant or neutral, these pieces wont disappoint.

Kirsch Designer Metals Pandora FinialOne of the most popular designs from the Kirsch Designer Metals Collection is the Pandora Finial. This black ball finial for curtain rods elegantly combines simple and sleek ideas to make a true designer look. Intricate grooves at the base add sophistication to the design.
Kirsch Designer Metals Artemis FinialAnother popular black curtain rod finial in the Kirsch Designer Metals collection is the Artemis Finial. It features many raised oval grooves along the finials circumference. Additional accents are added throughout the finial to create a more elegant and fashionable look.

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Find The Perfect Black Curtain Rod

Have questions about which black curtain rods would look best with your windows? Contact the friendly staff at Drapery Rods Direct. With years of industry experience and product knowledge, we can answer all of your questions and provide insights into what style or color may look best based on the draperies you have already chosen or plan to choose. We can be reached 9 am-5 pm eastern time Monday through Friday at 251-5009 or by email at .

We look forward to helping you find the perfect black curtain rod.

Black French Door Curtain Rods

You can also use decorative drapery hardware to enhance your french doors appearance. However, making sure your doors can still open and close properly without your drapes interfering can be a little tricky. Consider buying matching black curtain holdbacks with your black french door curtain rods to keep your draperies out of the way when the doors are open. No matter what type of french door curtain rods you are interested in, you can trust Kirsch to have the products you need.

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Valance Curtains & More Window Treatments

Youll find a huge variety ofcurtains, blinds, drapes, and shades, perfect for outfitting any room of your house without breaking your budget. Our selection ofelegantcurtains, window panels, and window valances makes Big Lots a great stop for home and office window treatments. Choose from sheer curtain panels, room darkening curtains, blackout curtains, thermal curtain panels, valances, and more.

Enhance your window treatments and add simple and earthy design to your room with our roll-up bamboo shade selection. Easy to install and operate, ourbamboo blinds and shadeswork well with many décor styles from neutral to modern.

Black Farmhouse Curtain Rods

Bay Window Curtain Rod – Explained

If your homes style incorporates more farmhouse-type trends, you can create a black farmhouse curtain rod with the Kirsch Wrought Iron Collection. This collection was designed specifically to blend old-world influences with modern touches for those wishing to explore a strong and bold design. Along with the finials below, when shopping Kirsch Wrought Iron, youll also find finial options to create a distressed black curtain rod.

Kirsch Wrought Iron Petite Faucet Finial A small, cube-like finial, the Kirsch Wrought Iron Petite Faucet Finial is exceptionally well-crafted and will compliment almost any decor. The finial is simple with a textured surface, giving modern farmhouse vibes, perfect for creating a comfortable and welcoming space in your home.

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My New Gold Curtain Rods

Heres a look at the room beforeAnd now

I absolutely adore it. Not only is the paint color so pretty, and so much warmer than that before picture, but the gold hardware really looks gorgeous against the blue walls.

The room is far from being finished, but it already looks so much better to me. It feels full of personality.

Im really happy I gave Rub n Buff a try for this project too. I bought a tiny tube and only used about a quarter of it, so Ill definitely have to use it on another DIY around the house.

It was also a lot easier than I anticipated. Finn went to the grocery store when I first started this project and I was all done by the time he got back. He was pretty amazed at how quickly this project went down.

Black Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods

For tall windows where there is not enough room to mount your brackets on the wall above the window, you should use ceiling mount curtain rods. Black ceiling mount curtain rod applications are easy to assemble. Essentially the only difference between a standard setup is using ceiling mount brackets instead of wall mount brackets. Kirsch offers the following ceiling mount brackets that can be purchased in black:

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Black Curtain Rod Options

There are many different black curtain rod options available to choose from depending on your needs and taste. You can find modern black curtain rods as well as more traditional designs. Black curtain rod brackets also come in a variety of styles to complement the look of your window treatments.

When shopping for black curtain rods, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The weight of your curtains – heavier curtains will require sturdier rods.
  • The width of your window – wider windows will need wider rods.
  • The style of your room – choose a rod that compliments the overall design scheme.

If you need help finding the perfect black curtain rods for your home, contact Drapery Rods Direct today! Our experts would be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your needs.

My Best Rub N Buff Tips

Maison Condelle 86"  Royal Gold Curtain Rod Set In Black

Determined not to screw it up this time around, I read lots of tutorials about how to best use Rub n Buff. I found this one from Jenna Sue Design the most helpful, especially because she shows you how the various gold colors actually look when you apply them. That was crucial for me because I had no clue which color to choose for this project. After reading her post, I decided to order a small tube of European Gold to cover the black curtain hardware.

From her post, and many others that I peruse, I also learned that you should wear gloves and apply the product using a soft, yet stiff, makeup brush. I looked through my makeup drawer and found an old concealer brush that I no longer use and designated it my new Rub n Buff brush. A brush like this one would work well.

Heres a look at the curtain rod hardware before. Its black and I had four rods, six rings, and four end caps that I needed to paint for this project. I started slowly and I got the hang of it quickly. Here are some key takeaways

  • A little bit goes a long way. Dont use too much! Just put a little bit on the plate, dip your brush in, and then apply it.
  • Once you get the product on there, its on there. So apply a little and add more as you go.
  • I found it easiest to use circular movements as I went.
  • Wear gloves because it can get a bit messy.

I was seriously amazed by how quickly these pieces transformed. Id say it took me about an hour to get everything coated.

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