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Where To Get Golden Doodles

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Size Consideration : Health Complications

Mini Goldendoodle – The Miniature Size Goldendoodle

Another serious thing to consider are the potential health complications that come with mixed breeds. Though Goldendoodles are a quite healthy;breed;overall, the two parent breeds are prone to certain diseases such as specific cancers, and genetic illnesses.;

For example, due to how they are bred, mini Goldendoodles are more susceptible to things like: progressive retinal atrophy, Von Willebrands disease, bloat , Patellar Luxation, and Hypothyroidism.;

A;mini Goldendoodle;should be bred from the smallest healthy Goldendoodels and small;Poodle; not any;dog;that is small due to health reasons. A;reputable;breeder;will ensure this.;

A cruddy;puppy;mill may;breed;a;Miniature Goldendoodle;by taking the runt of the litter, this can provide some very serious health problems from infection predisposition and allergies, to;hip dysplasia;and more.;

Goldendoodle Rescue: 9 Best Places To Look

Are you looking for aGoldendoodle Rescue to adopt but dont know where to start?

There are many ways to find a Golden doodle in need of a home, but trying to find all those ways can be difficult and time consuming.

That is unless you like looking at the internet for hours at a time.

This is exactly what I did when we were looking for a doodle.

To save you time we have complied a list of the 9 best places to search for a Goldendoodle rescue.

Trying to decide between getting a Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle? In our post Goldendoodles vs Labradoodles we lay out the differences and why one might be better for you.

Is the Goldendoodle the right dog for you? Join us to find out why the Goldendoodle is not for everyone.;

List Of The Cons Of Owning A Goldendoodle

1. You will need to pay attention to the F-status of your goldendoodle.When you start looking for goldendoodles to bring home, then you may notice that some animals have an F-status associated to their designation. This lettering is a generational designation that provides a better understanding of the lineage of each dog so that you can tell from a glance how much retriever and poodle is there in the mix. If you have an F1 goldendoodle, then that means it is the direct offspring of a golden retriever and a poodle.

If you see an F2 goldendoodle, then that means it is a second-generation dog that had two goldendoodles as parents. If you have an F3, then that is a catch-all term for any dog beyond the F2 without going backward from the 50/50 mix. If you see an F1B goldendoodle, then that means back-crossing occurred, which is usually done to get the softer, curly coat from the poodle. That gives you a 75/25 poodle/retriever mix. If you have a F2B goldendoodle, then thats a two-thirds poodle mix.

If you are bringing a goldendoodle puppy home, then ask the breeder for the results of this exam before agreeing to any contract or price. When this information is not available to you, then you should treat the transaction as suspicious.

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Goldendoodles Vs English Goldendoodles

English goldendoodles have a lighter coat, stockier build and are more laid-back. The retriever part of the English goldendoodle is an English golden retriever, which originates from Europe. English golden retrievers contain the stockier and more laid-back traits, and have a lighter coat in comparison to their North American counterpart, whom are typically darker in colour and more slender, with a more active personality.

We favour English golden retrievers within our breeding program, and have traveled across Europe acquiring some of the finest European breeding stock to incorporate into our lines.

Many breeders in the United States use field retrievers to produce their goldendoodles. These retrievers are bred for field work and tend to be very lanky and hyper. As a result they tend to produce hyper, lanky goldendoodles. This is a good example of why research is essential to finding a conscientious;breeder.

Standard Goldendoodle Size And Weight


As a mix of a Golden Retriever and Poodle, a Standard Golden Doodle will weigh somewhere between 55 to 85lbs and stand 20 to 24 inches at the back. Keep in mind, the size of the dog will be determined by the individual litter and each one is unique. Our Standard Goldendoodles are the perfect sized dog for families.

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Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis In Goldendoodles

Subvalvular aortic stenosis is another one of the Goldendoodle health issues that comes from the Golden Retriever side. This condition is caused by a narrowing of the area underneath the aortic valve. This causes an obstruction or blockage of blood flow through the heart.

In mild cases, dogs with subvalvular aortic stenosis may just require increased monitoring to ensure the condition is not worsening. In more severe cases, long term medications or surgery is required. This condition can be rather pricey, as each echocardiogram to assess the heart runs around $500-$600 and thats not including the treatment!;

What Are The Names Of My Gololdendoodles Minis

Occasionally we call her Snickers, for short. Proud momma to 3 Gololdendoodles, 1 standard named Annie, 2 minis named Moo and Gracie . The reason I came to this page is we are receiving our little mini boy golden doodle this weekend and was searching for names. We have some ideas of Dudley, Tucker, Cooper, Murphy to name a few.

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Mini Goldendoodles Have A Moderate Energy Level And Are Easy To Train

The Mini Groodle is a moderately active dog who requires around 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise. They adapt quickly to most hot and cold weather climates, making them an excellent all-weather dog selection. This crossbreed is excitable but will match their energy level to yours, so plan on snuggling on the couch together.

Mini Groodles are eager to please and very smart which means they are incredibly easy to train. This dog will not need many training repetitions because of how swiftly he learns commands. In particular, Mini Groodles make good agility dogs and the retriever in their bloodlines means that many learn to swim and love it.

Miniature Goldendoodles are active enough to help you stay active too, so pick up that leash and head to the park!

Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue

getting 2 mini golden doodle puppies

The Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue specializes in;Poodles; Poodle mixes and other non-shedding hypoallergenic companion dogs. Located in Fairfax, Virginia their primary service area is Northern Virginia. Like many of the other rescues on our list they use foster homes to house and evaluate dogs in their care before putting them up for adoption.

Established in 2013, SCPR has helped over 800 dogs find permanent homes.

You can find the Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue at their website and also on and Petfinder.com

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Setup Goldendoodle Grooming Equipment

  • Attach your Goldendoodle to the grooming table or pet leash.; Using an elevated surface helps a lot because it will prevent your dog from jumping off the table.; In addition, you wont have to bend over for a significant amount of time.
  • Place your equipment on the table so your Goldendoodle can see it.; Once they start recognizing the equipment they will slowly become more cooperative over time.
  • Give your dog some long-lasting treats like a bully stick or horn if they arent cooperating.
  • Sometimes Goldendoodles dont cooperate too well and youll have to use a muzzle to prevent them from biting you.; Im a fan of positive reinforcement though, so I try to give my dog lots of treats so they can cooperate with me.

    Selecting The Right Puppy

    Puppy Selection

    It is always better to get the right temperament puppy for your family over picking one based on color or gender. A pretty face will not matter much if you and your puppy do not get along and does not fit in well with your familys lifestyle.

    It is important you dont remove a puppy from his Mom and litter before eight twelve weeks. The time they spend with their Mom and siblings is critical to their development. Puppies removed too early tend to be nervous, bark a lot, and bite because appropriate behavior is learned at their mothers teat. Many long-term behavior problems can be attributed to a puppy removed from the litter much too soon.

    Socialization is a large issue they learn with their littermates and one that should be ongoing. Although Goldendoodles are social creatures and generally get along with both people and other dogs, there are always exceptions to the rules. It is important you introduce your dog to new experiences and people. Never take your dog into fearful situations because traumatic experiences can result in lifelong anxieties.

    Introduce your puppy carefully to other dogs that you know could serve as a good role model. Dogs learn a lot from each other. Just like you dont want your kids hanging out with bad influences, the same rule should apply to dogs

    If you want a miniature Goldendoodle, make sure one of the parents is a toy poodle or you will have a much bigger dog on your hands than you expected.

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    What Are Miniature Goldendoodles

    A Miniature Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a miniature poodle . Their average weight is 30 lbs with some being as small as 22 pounds or as large as 45 pounds. They have been bred since the 1990s. The Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross, a first generation and because of that they exhibit what is called hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is a phenomenon in referring to that fact that the pups produced from a first generation cross grow to be healthier than either of the parent lines. In other words, the best traits of both parents are passed down. The miniature Goldendoodles life expectancy is 15 to 17 years.

    Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

    Mini Goldendoodle Testimonials

    Delaware Valley originally started as a rescue for Golden Retrievers. Naturally, since 2012, the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue has been also rescuing Goldendoodles since they are a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever. It all started when 24 retired Goldendoodles needed to be adopted after a nearby breeding operation was shut down. All of these retired Goldendoodles were adopted quickly so youll have to sign up on their adoption list.

    The DVGRR doesnt only rescue and adopt Goldendoodles out, but they also help Labradoodles. Simply fill out the form and mention that you are interested in a rescue Goldedoodle for adoption. However, the DVRR does have pretty strict guidelines for rescuing. You must have a fenced yard, younger children arent recommended around the dogs, and you cant leave the dog unattended outside. To date, the DVGRR has rescued and adopted out over 5,663 dogs.

    Goldendoodle Rescue and Adoption Details:

    • Address: 60 Vera Cruz Road, Reinholds, PA 17569

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    Our Goldendoodles Are Allergy

    Based on our owners’ allergy trials, we have produced Goldendoodles that have proven to be Hypo-Allergenic Dogs / Non-Allergenic Dogs. These dogs are available upon request. We can schedule a test visit to determine if one of our puppies would be a candidate for your particular allergy issue. We can also do a T-shirt test to assist in determining if you can tolerate one of our puppies. Our parent dogs are from some of the best lines with many champions in their bloodlines. We do hip, heart, eye, and DNA testing on all of our parents. We offer a full two-year health guarantee on all of our puppies and a lifetime of support and rehome/rescue assistance if needed. Our puppies have current medical records and come with a State Certified Health Certificate. All puppies are well on their way to being crate trained when they go home and have all been well socialized with children. All puppies are child-tested and mother-approved.;

    This Hybrid Is Hypoallergenic And Perfect For Owners With Allergies

    Have you ever wanted a dog but your allergies prevented you from owning one? Do you love dogs but cant stand vacuuming up furry hairballs all the time? The Mini Goldendoodle might just solve both problems.

    One of the essential characteristics of this crossbreed is its low shedding factor. Mini Groodles who have more Golden Retriever in their genes will have longer fur and therefore some minimal amounts of shedding. Those Groodles with more Miniature Poodle in their genetics will rarely shed at all.

    Although no breed is entirely allergen-free, the Miniature Goldendoodle is as close as you can get. Its the perfect dog for easy clean-up and for avoiding allergic reactions.

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    What Color Will My Goldendoodle Puppy Be

    Due to an infinite amount of different Goldendoodle colors, its almost impossible to tell you what color your Goldendoodle puppies will be without a DNA test.; For instance, just because a Poodle is black doesnt mean that the dog is likely to produce all black puppies.; In order to correctly tell, you will have to look at the dogs genetics including the genotype and phenotype.;;

    Running a DNA test will show the different types of alleles that are present and whether they are dominant or recessive genes.; Alleles come in pairs, so for instance, B is a dominant black allele and b is a recessive black allele. Its relatively common for a black dog to mate with another black dog and the offspring is brown.; This comes from a combination of the dominant and recessive alleles.

    Do Goldendoodles Like Other Dogs

    BEFORE YOU GET A GOLDENDOODLE ð Please watch! ð? Shocking things Iâve learned about goldendoodles

    Friendliness towards humans and friendliness towards other dogs are two completely different things.

    Most Goldendoodles are fine with other dogs, as are their parent breeds.

    It has been found if they grow up with their littermates until they are at least eight weeks of age then they are more likely to be sociable and friendly towards other dogs and animals.

    They learn canine social skills by being around the other pups.

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    Golden Retriever Meets Poodlethe Perfect Canine Companion

    If a breeder does their due diligence in selecting the right parents, crossing purebred dogs of different breeds results in puppies that are healthier than either of their parents. This is because the two breeds are generally prone to different genetic problems. Hybrids such as goldendoodles are only likely to inherit a health problem that is common to both the poodle and the golden retriever two breeds that share few common diseases. Goldendoodles, therefore, have what is referred to as hybrid vigor, and can be expected to live healthier, longer lives than their purebred parents.

    A hybrid dog combines the traits and characteristics of its purebred parents; with careful, conscientious breeding, the resulting pups may end up with the best attributes of each. In the case of the goldendoodle, the blend of the golden retriever and the poodle produces a smart, friendly, loving, social, playful dog. They tend to have the gentle, loving, and desire-to-please nature of the golden retriever, and the goofy liveliness and intelligence of the poodle. Like the golden retriever, they are gentle around children and the elderly, and because they love to work, they often make excellent therapy dogs. The goldendoodle is the go-to breed of choice when we select a dog to donate to a charitable organization.

    Letter To Grca From A Goldendoodle Breeder:

    I am shocked and insulted by your information on the Golden Retriever Club of America web site concerning Golden Doodles. We breed these dogs with every caution and 2 years of research and have had wonderful results.

    In my opinion your bias and negative comments are uncalled for, perhaps you should purchase one and find out for yourself before you make such bold statements.

    Nancy ________________

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    Do Mini Goldendoodles Bark A Lot

    Mini Golden Retriever & Poodle mixes arent known for being noisy, but for being gentle and friendly. Still, each dog is unique and some are more vocal than others. But since theyre generally viewed as infrequent barkers, you can find out in this section if this mixed breed can serve as a protector of your home.

    Patellar Luxation In Goldendoodles

    Frankie the Mini Golden Doodle

    Patellar luxation one of the more common Goldendoodle health issues as it comes from both parents of the breed. The knee joint is supposed to be located on a groove at the end of the femur. Luxating simply means out of place, so a patellar luxation is essentially a knee dislocation. This can cost between $1,500 to $3,000 to correct.

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    Our Puppies Get Started On The Right Paw

    All of our puppies are loved and socialized from the minute they are born. They are stimulated using the Early Neurological Stimulation Biosensor Program. We expose the puppies to new sounds, smells, surfaces to walk on, people of all sizes, dogs, etc..

    We start introducing our puppies to the crate at 3 weeks. By 8 weeks they are all sleeping in individual crates at night. This early head start to Crate Training makes the transition to your home less stressful for the puppy and you!

    Because your new Goldendoodle Puppy will be a family member for life, our goal is to match you with the right puppy. Our puppies are temperament- tested using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. This, along with your puppy application, phone interview, emails, pictures and our first hand experience since 2004, helps us match the perfect puppy to your family and lifestyle.

    If you are looking for an Emotional Support or Comfort Dog, PTSD Dog, Epilepsy Alert Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog , Therapy Dog, or Special Service Dog, we can help you pick the right temperament.

    Golden Retriever Rescue Resource

    Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, GRRR, Inc. specializes in re-homing abandoned strays & unwanted Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixed dogs. They serve Ohio, Michigan & Indiana. They limit their range of adoptions to places where they can do a home visit.

    The Golden Retriever Rescue Resource is an all-volunteer non-profit golden retriever rescue

    You can find the Golden Retriever Rescue Resource at their website, and also on and Petfinder.com

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