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Gold Hardware For Kitchen Cabinets

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Trending Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas For 2021

White Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Handles

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One of the easiest and most affordable ways to refresh your kitchen design and embrace a new trend without changing your entire space is by switching up the kitchen hardware! Small details like this have the power to completely transform your place and give it an incredible style boost. In this article, we will go over the latest kitchen cabinet hardware trends for 2021 and present you with our favorite ideas.

If youre considering a budget-friendly remodel, then your best bet is usually to paint your kitchen cabinets and upgrade the hardware. Weve written extensively on how you can repaint your kitchen cabinets in one of our previous blog posts and now we are continuing our affordable remodel advice by focusing on the hardware.

There are many different types of kitchen hardware that you can use on your cabinets and drawers. When choosing the appropriate hardware you should consider the overall design and look that youre going with but also take into consideration practicality, since the kitchen is an area where all the action happens. You definitely want your knobs and pulls to be easy to use and clean. Some of our favorite trendy kitchen cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls include Mushroom knobs, Arendal cup pulls, Davenport knobs, glass knobs, etc.

How To Install Cabinet Handles:

Step 1: Assess Placement

Figure out exactly where on your cabinet the pulls look best to you. Maybe its perfectly centered, or up towards the top. Hold it in a few different spots and take the time to figure out what you like.

Step 2: Get out your Tools

You need to use Cabinet Hardware Mounting Kit to make it really easy for you . It *really* helps make marking out the spots to drill so much easier.

I also made a template on paper that I could hold up on my cabinet and make sure I was starting out at the same spot every time.

Step 3: Measure & Drill

Your preferred placement is probably going to be different from mine, depending on your cabinets and pulls. But basically you use your measuring tool to identify the spots to drill and mark them out with a pencil.

Always measure twice , and then drill.

Take your time. You dont want to mess this up. No pressure or anything )

Its best to drill 3/4 of the way through from the front, and then drill that last bit from the back. That way you get a clean hole.

If you go all the way through from the front with your drill, you may have a bit of the cabinetry finish flake off the back around the hole.

Step 4: Screw-In Pulls

Once your holes are drilled, its just a matter of taking a screw driver and mounting the pulls.

The fun part!

There is something about the combo of grey and gold that makes me all kinds of happy.

The fun thing about kitchen hardware is that it is easy to switch up over time.

Shop the Look:

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware can make an immediate impact in a room. From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, door and drawer hardware pulls together a rooms overall design and adds the crowning touch to a newly remodeled kitchen.

The details in a new kitchen, such as the cabinet hardware, make a huge difference in achieving a certain look or style. To understand the impact that hardware can have, its helpful to look at it as an accessory, like a piece of jewelry that completes an entire outfit. Just like you can dramatically change your appearance by adding a different accessory to your attire, you can do the same by getting new hardware for your drawers and doors.

Changing out hardware is also an ideal way to update or refresh your rooms look.

From cabinet knobs and pulls to the interior doors, completing the kitchens design includes making hardware decisions. The finish on interior doors hardware should also be considered, especially in todays popular open floor plans. Coordinating interior door hardware with the rest of a kitchens fixtures and finishes creates a cohesive look.

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Light Grey Cabinets With Small Gold Knobs And Pulls

This kitchen boasts light grey cabinets with gold hardware on a warm wood floor. Three black lamps hang from the ceiling to illuminate the white countertop. Light wood shelves attached to a white tile all are above the counter. A white hood with a light wood trim hangs over the stainless steel sink. Light shines into the kitchen from the window between the wood shelves and the stoves hood.

Brushed Brass And Its Style

Back lit cabinets Gold hardware
  • The brushed brass finish may be modern and contemporary as far as trends go, but we are seeing this color in pretty much every home design.
  • The old world feel of the “gold” tone make brushed brass knobs and pulls great for more formal glamours settings like eclectic, Tudor, Hollywood Glam, Luxe or American Colonial.
  • The simplicity and elegance of the brushed brass finish make it the go-to color in more comfortable, less formal settings like mid-century modern homes, vintage, or transitional.
A light wood vanity features brushed brass Euro pulls and gold fixtures for a warm and delightful bathroom design!

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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Hardware Transitional

  • Highest rating: 5
  • Lowest rating: 1
  • Descriptions: Sep 14, 2015 Beautiful kitchen features white shaker cabinets adorned with gold hardware paired with white marble fitted with a curved stainless steel
  • More : Sep 14, 2015 Beautiful kitchen features white shaker cabinets adorned with gold hardware paired with white marble fitted with a curved stainless steel

White Farmhouse Kitchen With Brass Hardware

Another stunning example of well-paired copper hardware comes in this kitchen design by Karr Bick. The white farmhouse kitchen cabinets look enchanting with copper hardware. The rustic and vintage-inspired look of this kitchen is completed with beautiful white quartzite, a white subway tile backsplash, and white moldings.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

If youd love to spruce up your farmhouse kitchen on a budget, we suggest you try switching up the hardware. Have you considered stainless steel kitchen cabinet hardware for your space? We love how the modern stainless steel pulls look in this farmhouse kitchen designed by Kitchens by Rose. The maple cabinetry looks incredible with wood countertops and a beige backsplash.

Modern Style: Functionality And Elegance In One Place

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Since this style is defined by clean and simple shades, white integrates perfectly within its borders. There are also such features as the inviting feel, individuality, and functionality. When it comes to small details, such as the hardware, this style emphasizes practical use rather than form.

Although gold is quite bold to fit such a minimalist context, the appropriate choice of finish, which is not too sparkling, and a simple form will suit such a setting. In this respect, accompany the white cabinets with the most common handles that are easy to use and without eye-catching effects. Nevertheless, the visual interest will still be part of this space since the gold effect adds individuality to a seemingly simple design.

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The Benefits Of Brass Door Hardware

Choosing he hardware in your home is like choosing the perfect jewellery to go with your favorite outfit!

The benefits of brass door hardware, metals that contain brass have anti-bacterial properties due to the oligodynamic effect. Un-lacquered brass door handles effectively disinfect themselves in as little as 15 minutes.

Brass is a durable metal, resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for door pulls

Take Advantage Of Gold Undertones

Classic gold has very yellow undertones . But if your room has more cool tones, a yellow gold might not work for you and could make your room feel dated and builder-grade, rather than something you put your stamp of personality on. Consider instead a gold with some silver or green undertones, like a champagne gold.

If yellow gold just isnt your thing, look for gold hardware that has a rosy hue. The rose undertones give the gold fixtures a warm feel. Depending on the finish you want, you can either set a trendy or classic vibe in your kitchen or bath.

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White Cabinets With Gold Hardware

This kitchen boasts a large backsplash wall made from square offset white tiles. A silver pot filler sticks out of the wall over the back and stainless steel stove. White cabinets with gold hardware sit next to the stove. Garlic cloves are placed on a grey napkin on the white countertop.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Brass Hardware

Is Gold Cabinet Hardware too Trendy?

We are in awe of this gorgeous mid-century crisp white kitchen with brass hardware. KraftMaster Renovations has truly designed a masterpiece of a kitchen. The flat panel white cabinets with brass pulls create a modern look that works incredibly well contrasted against the more mid-century accents like the chairs, shelves, and wall tiles. Once again we can see that you cant go wrong when you match the cabinet hardware with the faucet. Brass kitchen hardware definitely catches your eye, dont you think?

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Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets With Vintage Hardware

This whimsical, vintage-inspired farmhouse kitchen features incredible rustic kitchen cabinet hardware. The transitional kitchen was designed by Laura Schwartz-Muller and we love how she paired the shaker cabinets with vintage kitchen cabinet hardware. The large farmhouse sink and old-school light fixtures both add wonderful touches to this design.

Our Favorites Include Cabinet Parts Etsy And Knobs4less

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

Whether you’re updating a vintage dresser or searching for knobs and pulls for cabinets as part of a refacing project, the right hardware can make your furniture more beautiful and functional. “Hardware is like the jewelry on your cabinet design, or the cherry on top of a sundae,” says Helen Stapper, president of Cabinet Style Studio LTD in Chicago and a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Have fun with it, since it’s your final-touch accent and can add charm!”

We scoured the internet for cabinet hardware retailers and evaluated them based on pricing, selection, return policy, and current shipping estimates.

Here are the best places to buy cabinet hardware online.

  • Clear in-stock and ship info

  • Wish-list feature

  • Daunting massive selection

  • Slow-to-refresh filters

Cabinet Parts was started in 1997 by two friends, and the site gets generally good reviews for customer service. They have more than 30,000 products from 70 companies, and use several shipping centers within the United States, so generally, you get items quickly. To make shopping easier, each product page lists the number remaining in stock, as well as estimated ship dates.

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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Contemporary kitchen cabinet hardware is usually minimalist and simple, offering a clean and streamlined look to the space. In this kitchen design by Colmar, gorgeous stainless steel pulls paired with flat-panel cabinets in dark cherry wood color. This trendy kitchen also features a multicolored backsplash and beautiful granite countertops. This is an excellent example of a contemporary kitchen that is not overwhelmed with ornate detailing.

What Is The Difference In Gold And Brass Cabinet Hardware

KITCHEN REFRESH Clean With Me | Replacing Kitchen Hardware | White Kitchen with Gold Hardware

Hands down, the question we get the most about cabinet hardware finish is – what is the difference between the gold and brass knobs and pulls?

In a previous series of articles, we took a deep dive into cabinet hardware finishes and looked at the gold tones and earth tones.

Here, in this article we will COMPARE the gold and brass cabinet hardware of two different brands Cosmas and Diversa.

We will take a look at the antique brass, brushed brass, and gold colored finishes side by side. This quick at-a-glance look will showcase the similarities and differences of the cabinet hardware finishes in brass and gold finishes.

First though, before we jump into comparing the brass and gold cabinet hardware, let’s all agree that those cabinet hardware finishes can be super confusing and really tricky to match.

If you have started the process of trying to coordinate or compliment a kitchen faucets, then you already know that tones, hues, names and manufactures can get wildly bewildering!

The tricky part of cabinet hardware selection is sometimes all about the name and the photography.

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Black Shaker Cabinets With Copper Hardware

This inspiring designer kitchen by Vanessa Deleon shows us exactly how gorgeous black shaker cabinets can look with copper hardware. This kitchen also features a stunning beige backsplash that is completely following the tone with the flooring and the kitchen island. The luxurious kitchen also features copper and black tones on the stove hood. We love that they mixed the matte black faucet with copper-colored hardware and still ended up with a cohesive and well-designed look.

Two Large Gold Lamps Above A Black Kitchen Island

Two large gold lamps illuminate a black kitchen island with a white countertop. Large gold knobs are attached to the cabinet doors behind four backed barstools. A glass jar filled with branches sits on the countertop. A beautiful grey and white marble wall form a large backsplash for the stove on the far wall. Two thin white cabinets sit on each side of the far marbled countertop.

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Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

Weve already made our case for white cabinets with black hardware, but have you considered adding black hardware to grey kitchen cabinets? This traditional kitchen design by Glenbrook looks elegant and sophisticated. The raised-panel grey cabinets look magnificent with black pulls and knobs. We also love the incredible ceramic backsplash in this kitchen.

Is Gold Cabinet Hardware Too Trendy

Kitchen trends for 2015

Gold cabinet hardware is definitely trending in kitchens, BUT keep in mind that both gold and silver are the two most classic fixture metals. Either one will always be a classic choice even if it isnt the hottest trend at the moment.

So, yes, gold hardware is a huge trend right now and this trend will die down , but dont let that stop you from getting what you want.

As I wrote in How to Choose Timeless Design Finishes vs. Trendy, it is absolutely OK to add some trendy finishes to your new home build or renovation. Adding just a little bit can go a long way.

The goal is to keep your design foundation classic and timeless so that your home can grow and evolve as your style grows and evolves.

You can mix in trendy finishes that are easy and inexpensive to change in the future when they are no longer trendy or you tire of them!

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A Little About The Brushed Brass Finish

Brushed brass color and tone can vary from one manufacture to the next. We take a look at this in our blog “Comparing Brushed Brass Cabinet Hardware: Cosmas Hardware and Diversa Hardware”. It is a quick and worthwhile read if you are interested in comparing the two manufacturers.

Generally though, brushed brass has a warm golden brass finish and yellow brass undertones. The hardware is “brushed,” meaning the original coating of the finish was run through a machine leaving fine, linear brush strokes. This technique adds a beautiful depth to cabinet hardware and fun fact – the brushing process hides pesky fingerprints! We don’t know if this is on purpose, but it is a fantastic feature – especially in the kitchen.

Gold Champagne In The Kitchen

  • Fixtures: Many kitchen hardware fixtures like faucets and lights come in gold tones, and matching the same finish can be tricky. However, these champagne gold cabinet knobs and pulls look great when paired with similar gold colors. It is unnecessary to be all matchy-matchy! The same warm gold color in different shades makes a beautiful monochromatic look that balances a room.
  • Appliances: Gold champagne has an unoffensive finish. Yes, it is gold colored, but it is also warm and soft at the same time. Because of this warmth, the gold champagne cabinet hardware balances stainless steel and white appliances. They complement black, gray, slate, and taupe oven and refrigerator finish.
Different shades of gold and brass are mixed in one kitchen and the result is a stunning cohesive design

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Mixing Knobs And Pulls On Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming and figuring out how to choose kitchen cabinet hardware to match decor can be a daunting process. To keep things simple, figure out your budget for cabinet hardware, then search pinterest and google for inspiration and search or Wayfair for the type of hardware you like.

Most of the time, you can find designer cabinet hardware or similar on Amazon . I literally will search designer sites to get the brand name and style of the cabinet hardware and then search on Amazon and the majority of the time, I find the exact match or something very similar for a fraction of the cost. Take a little extra time and research pricing.

Our kitchen renovation below at our old house features white shaker kitchen cabinets with simple nickel arched cabinet drawer pulls and handles.

I opted to match our cabinet hardware with the faucet and lighting fixture finish. As you can see below, we mixed the knobs and pulls again on the kitchen island adding the pulls to the drawers and the knobs to the cabinets.

When I say finish, I mean the color. In this case, our faucet, lighting and cabinet hardware are all nickel finish. Nickel finish cabinet hardware is transitional and classic.

A modern 5 arch cabinet pull or handle on the bottom cabinets and a coordinating cabinet knob on the upper cabinets is an easy, affordable way to add architectural interest to your kitchen cabinets and create a custom look on a budget.

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