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What Size Dog Crate For Golden Retriever

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Best Configurable Puppy Crate: Life Stages Double Door Folding Dog Crate

How to Potty and Crate Train Golden Retrievers Puppies

MidWest makes a variety of high-quality crates for dogs and this model is particularly recommended if you need a sturdy, reliable wire crate that will grow with your puppy. The LifeStages line comes with a divider insert that splits the crate into separate compartments so you can limit your puppys space to exactly what he needs. As your puppy grows, the crate grows, too!

Life Stages Double Door Folding Dog Crate

Made of heavy-duty steel and wire mesh with roller feet to protect floor surfaces, this simple dog crate comes in your choice of size and single or double door options.

Advantages Of Plastic Crates

  • Lighter and hence more portable than wire, metal ones.
  • Bottom of crate can sometimes be used as an open dog bed if the crate is no longer wanted.
  • More sheltered, offering better insulation in colder climates
  • Better for those that whine and cry if they can see activity and want to be a part of it. Less visibility better for easily distracted dogs and a greater feeling of security for a dog.
  • Many are airline approved so can be used for air travel
  • Some models have attachable / removable food and water dishes.
  • More difficult than most wire crates for escape artists to get out of.

Dog Crate Sizes Chart For All Popular Breeds

This is a dog crate size guide for common dog breeds, designed to help you choose the right size crate for your pet. But first, let me tell you two things:

  • I have provided a weight and height bracket for each section, so you have a rough idea of which category your dog is likely to fall under.
  • Your dogs gender – as well as the possibility of mixed ancestry – affects her size. So, bear in mind that he or she may need a bigger or smaller crate than what is listed here.
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    Best Overall: Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

    Weight: 57 pounds | Dimensions: 48 x 30.5 x 32.5-inches | Material: Coated metal | Breed Size: Giant breeds

    • Removable base is easy to clean

    • Convenient foldable design

    • Only available in three sizes

    Parents of all types of pups will love Friscos folding metal crate. Made with lightweight yet durable coated metal, this crate is easy to fold down for storage or travel and can be set up without a single tool. Safety features include two doors for ease of access and exit, and upgraded locking technology that locks three different locations in one single step. A divider panel allows you to customize the crate to fit smaller pups, and, in case of accidents, the base is removable for easy cleaning.

    Be sure to measure your dogand consider his predicted full-grown sizewhen purchasing your crate. Available in three different sizes, this crate can accommodate a wide range of pups.

    Crate Training Is The Best Puppy Potty Training Method

    Pin on Dog Products

    Potty training a puppy is one of the biggest concerns for new puppy owners. Golden Retrievers are bright, easily trained dogs and learn to use the outdoors for bathroom needs very quickly. Crate training is the fastest, most efficient way to housebreak a Golden Retriever puppy.

    Puppies, by nature, will not defecate or urinate in their sleeping area. While there is a very rare pup that will defy this rule, nearly every dog will refrain from soiling their bedding area. Crate training is a tool to achieve a potty trained puppy and is based on the dog’s instinctive need to keep their bed area clean.

    An appropriately sized crate serves as the puppy’s bed, and the dog is placed in the crate when the rest of the family cannot supervise it. The puppy will not soil the crate as long as certain rules are followed . When the puppy is taken outside after each period in the crate, he will go to the bathroom in the appropriate location. After a short period of time, the dog learns that the house is not a bathroom and that the backyard is the appropriate location to do his business!

    Puppies should be placed in their crates at night for the first year: after that period of time, accidents are extremely unlikely. Most dogs will potty train in a very short period of time and become reliably housebroken after a month of crate training.

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    Further Resources For Helping You Pick A Dog Crate For Your Golden Retriever

    Here are some more highly helpful guides for finding the right dog crate:

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    What Can You Use To Predict Your Puppys Size

    Here are a couple of rule-of-thumb guides to predict your pups adult weight.

    Firstly, if your dog had puppies, an average newborn doubles their birthweight by one week of age. After that, their weight gain is a cumulative 5 10 % increase day on day.

    But by six weeks of age, small and big dogs gain weight very differently. Small breeds tend to gain 5 oz. a week, with larger breeds gaining nearly six times this at around 2lb 5 oz. a week.

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    What Size Crate Does A Golden Retriever Need

    Tom Thorpe Buying Guides

    Golden Retrievers are considered a medium-sized dog breed. If ever you are wondering what size crate does a golden retriever needs, the short answer is 42 inches. but is it really what golden retrievers need? Actually, even if I gave the exact measurement, it is more complicated than you think. The is just the safest possible answer. Obviously, you will need a crate size that is appropriate to your dogs size.

    That said, if you are on a hunt of finding the right crate and ideal size for your golden retriever, I have something for you to offer. This article will examine what sized crate does a golden retriever need that has an adequate size and also reviews some of the best crates for your furry friend.


    How Long Does It Take For Golden Retrievers To Reach Their Full Size

    Dog Crate Sizes: How to Size a Dog Crate for a Perfect Fit

    While maintaining the energy and personality of a puppy for their entire life, Golden Retrievers only take around one to two year to fully physically mature.

    At this point, their bones will be fully grown, and they will require the same amount of physical exercise as an adult dog. Their mental maturity on the other hand, can take up to three years before being fully developed.

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    In A Hurry Here Are Our Top Choices

    TopTop MidWest Homes for Pets Life Stages Fold & Carry Double-Door Dog Crate Size: X-Large – 48″ L x 30″ W x 33″ H
    TopTop AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Cage Crate For Dog or Puppy – 42 x 28 x 30 Inches
    TopTop New World 48″ Folding Metal Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Plastic Tray Dog Crate Measures 48L x 30W x 33H Inches, Fits XL Dog Breeds Check Today’s Price

    There are many crates available in the market. But, which one should you use for your Golden Retriever? We will help you select the best crate for your Golden Retriever.

    Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers If I Live In The Uk Australia Canada Europe Or India

    If you order through Amazon, they usually have the capacity to ship to most countries, but you can check if they ship to your country on the product page.

    Different crate manufacturers ship to different countries.

    When ordering directly from the crate manufacturer, check what countries they ship to on the product or check out page.

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    Familiarity With The Environment

    Now that youve managed the hardest part its time to get your dog used to being in their new bedroom.

    Leaving the door still open you want to leave them in the crate for a short time and encourage them to stay inside.

    You want your dog to start lying down in the crate and expecting those tasty morsels without needing to come out of the crate. To achieve this, you will start dropping the treats into the crate through the bars on the side of the crate. As before, repeat this many times and try spreading the treats around the crate as its likely to encourage lying down.

    If your pup comes out, just repeat the steps to get him back inside. This will also give you a good practice of tying it all together as one behaviour.

    What Size Crate Should You Get For A Puppy

    Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers: (Sizes, Materials ...

    If your budget allows it and youd prefer to buy different-sized crates for your dog throughout their growing period, you can use the same method as above.

    But lets face it pups grow fast so that money wont last! So, if you choose to do this, I would advise you not to spend too much money on your first purchases. Once she reaches adult size, you can opt for more expensive, stylish crates that she can enjoy for longer.

    Below is another handy money-saving tip Id like to suggest.

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    What Is A Good Crate Size For Golden Retrievers

    Most of the time, fully-grown Golden Retrievers will require a large or extra-large crate size. In many cases, this means purchasing a crate thats around forty-two to forty-eight inches long.

    If you dont want to purchase two separate crates for a puppy and an adult, you can look for a crate that includes a divider. These dividers allow you to section off parts of the crate as your Retriever continues to get bigger. As they grow, you can section off less and less of the crate until your Golden Retriever can use the entire space.

    However, if theres more than enough room for your Golden Retriever to walk around, the crate might be just a little too big. Unnecessary large crates can inhibit house trainingyour Retriever may be tempted to use the bathroom on one side of the crate and then lay on the other side.

    Best Dog Crate For Golden Retriever

    Most people believe that the occasional enclosure of dogs within dog cages is cruel and inhumane. However, it is often a necessity.

    Although most dogs run off when its time to get into their crates, the enclosure is not as cruel or inhumane as most people presume.

    A dog crate is a wire, plastic or metal cage with a door where a dog is kept for transportation or security purposes.

    These cages arent just essential for providing a hygienic personal space to your canine buddy, but will keep them disciplined.

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    What Size Crate Does A Lab Need

    Today we are going to help you to decide what size crate your Lab needs. Labs are big dogs, but crates shouldnt be too large or you risk them using it as a toilet! So what size crate does a Lab need to stay comfortable, but also clean indoors? Well look at factors including your dogs age, size and the shape of the crate!

    When choosing a crate for a fully grown Labrador, youll need to buy a 36-inch or 42-inch crate. If they are a puppy youll need a smaller model, or a divider for your large crate. But the best dog crates on the market differ wildly in size even on this spectrum, as well as materials, so picking one suitable for a Labrador can seem daunting. But weve got some great options, and ways you can pick the exact right match for your dog.

    Metal Wire Crates And Kennels

    Golden Retriever Puppy Specialists Crate Training

    Wire dog crates are the most common types of crates and are often made from metal. They are rectangular and made of robust metal bars.

    There are two-door options with these crates single or double doors. This is often decided by the amount of space available in your home though its always easier to get a two-door if you have space.

    They are collapsible and can be folded away and stored if needed. This is also useful if trying to move the crate between rooms trying to get a Golden Retrievers rather large dog crate through a door while still unfolded can be a challenge, believe me Ive tried.

    The metal also makes this a very chew-proof type of crate. Its also fairly escape-proof with doors often having bolt locks at both the top and bottom of each door. Some have finer guards around the bottom of the crate to stop your dog clawing outside of it.

    A plastic tray is often provided for the bottom of the crate. This is for placing padding or bedding on the bottom for sleeping it. It also means the crate can be cleaned a lot easier should accidents occur.

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    Can A Dog Crate Be Too Large

    A dog crate should not be too large as it can affect your dogs house training.

    For instance, they will be more likely to use it for other purposes, including as their bathroom.

    • According to biologists researching wolf habits, wolf dens typically measure 40x50x20 inches.
    • Therefore, based on the adult size of a Golden Retriever, look for an approximately 42 dog crate.

    Specifically, a dog crate with dimensions of 42x24x30 inches will normally be a good size for your adult Golden retriever.

    Crates designed for large-sized dogs are heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable.

    What Is A Puppy Divider

    Weve mentioned puppy dividers a few times, but unless youve used one in a crate, you probably dont know what were talking about. A crate divider is commonly called a “puppy divider” because it allows you to buy a crate that will fit your pup when hes full grown but comes with a divider that creates a temporarily smaller space within the crate to keep him safe and cozy while hes a puppy.

    Crates that come with a divider often include the ability to move the divider into different positions to make the crate space larger as your dog grows.

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    How Long Do You Plan To Crate Your Dog

    Before buying a crate, the first question that you should ask yourself is whether you plan to crate your dog only while he or she is a puppy , or if you intend to use the crate for most of your dogs life. The answer to this question will influence your ideal crate size.

    Some reasons why many pet parents continue to use a crate throughout their dog’s lives are to:

  • Provide their dog with a safe, familiar place
  • Avoid problems and mischief that can occur while their dog is left at home unattended
  • Make traveling and outings, including visits to the vet or groomer, stress-free
  • If you plan to use a crate only while your dog is a puppy, then you need a crate that will fit your puppy for the first 2-3 months of its life.

    Traveling By Car How To Choose A Travel Crate For A Golden Retriever

    How to Crate Train a Golden Retriever Puppy

    There are several sizes of crates, each adapted to the morphology of your puppy or Golden Retriever adult .

    To know which one to choose, measure the dimension between the animals head and the ground, the height of the box must be at least 3 cm higher. Then, it is necessary to measure the dimension between the nose and the base of the tail, the length of the body should be 12 cm longer to allow your Golden Retriever to stand and move inside.

    Of course, it will also be necessary to check that the chosen cage contains in the trunk of your car.

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    Now You Know What Size Crate You Need Which Style Should You Choose

    The sheer number of different styles of dog crate on the market is quite startling. There are crates made of wire, plastic, wood, cloth and many more besides.

    As explained on, each type comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, meaning not all types are a perfect fit for all dogs or all owners.

    It will be useful for you to know the benefits and drawbacks of each type of crate so you are fully armed to make the correct buying decision, so Ill briefly discuss these now.

    How To Pick A Crate For Golden Retriever

    Any dog crate can the best crate for golden retriever, its just a matter of what you need and that largely depends on how your dog acts and how big he is. These are the two main things we are here to talk about in this guide and the things we learned about these crates along the way.

    Typical Crate Size For The Dog Breed If youre looking for the right size of crate for a golden retriever, youll typically want to buy a 42-in long dog crate. This of course depends on if the dog is male or female and how theyre bred. To not make a mistake, you should make sure that the crate is at least 4-in longer and taller than the dog. That being said, you might even get away with buying a 36 inches long golden retriever crate.

    An Abundance Of Crate Types There are a lot of crates that can house golden retrievers. They can be flimsier like soft crates, or sturdier like heavy-duty crates. Its important to know that a soft crate will only survive a dog that has been crate trained, while sturdier crates can handle aggressive dog behavior. Wire crates are the middle ground between the two and can be used as training cages for dogs while plastic crates will either require you to have a calm dog, or they will handle aggressive behavior that really depends on the plastic material type.

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