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Where To Purchase Gold Bars

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Why Owning Silver Is Best

Buying Gold Bars – Everything You Must Know (Beginner’s Guide)

Owning precious metals such as silver can reduce the overall risk of other investments, such as stocks and paper currency. Stocks fluctuate every second of every day and are highly dependable on consumer and business trends. A solid investment in one stock could cost someone their life savings, while physically owning silver and gold sets that worry aside.

The value of paper money has been on the decline for many decades and could worsen as the government prints more bills during the economic downfall caused by the coronavirus . Precious metals have always held value and will help guard your portfolio against inflation, as they preserve purchasing power. Silver has never been, nor will it ever be valued at $0.

It is a limited resourcethus, it has the potential to gain value as demand increases. Unlike paper money, silver cannot be duplicated or recreated on a computer. As a result, silver stands to gain you a higher return on your investment.

How To Buy Gold Bullion

Investing in gold is always a smart decision in our view. Whether youre a novice or an experienced gold bullion buyer, its wise to educate yourself and do a bit of research. There are several things worth knowing so you can invest your savings wisely. To help you, we answered some of the most asked questions that we receive daily from our regular and new clients.

Where To Buy Gold Bullion

In this day and age, there is a variety of options for buying gold bullion, and you can even buy gold online. Pacific Precious Metals is a great place to buy as it offers both the chance to buy gold bullion coins and bars online and in stores.

Buying gold bullion coins online is convenient as you can go through our catalog on the website and add any bullion coin or gold bar you like to your shopping cart. All you need is an email address to register, and you can start looking for coins and bars. If you opt for gold buying online, Pacific Precious Metals will provide fully insured shipping, so your purchases will arrive safely.

Once you log in with your email address, you will also have the option to track your order and see the history of all your orders.

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The Advantages Of Buying Gold Bars

Tip: Youll get more ounces for your money with bars than coins.

The primary reason investors choose a gold bar is that its less expensive than a gold coin. Premiums are lower because coins have a more intricate design and thus greater labor and machining costs. Coins may be prettier, but youll pay extra for that appeal. The other advantage of gold bars is that theyre easier to store. A gold bar takes up less space than the same number of ounces of coins. In fact, bars were originally designed specifically for ease of storage.

Buying gold bars doesnt compromise any of the core advantages of gold: theyre portable, private, liquid, and will last forever.

Texas Precious Metals Gold Bars Are Superior

Where is the Best Place to Buy Gold Bars?

Gold Bars sold by Texas Precious Metals are superior because they are made of .999 or better pure, fine gold, guaranteed, and are beautifully crafted with finely-detailed designs on both sides.

We are one of the largest precious metals companies in the United States and we offer private storage at our underground Class 2 depository, Texas Precious Metals Depository, which is 100% fully insured by Lloyds of London. Finally, our mission is to provide value to customers through stellar, devoted customer service, low premiums, superior products, and easy ordering. Pure and simple.

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Will I Get Better Prices On Gold And Silver At My Local Coin Shop

Probably not. Small, local coin dealers have limited inventories and low sales volumes. As a result, they typically have to charge higher premiums on products than large national dealers.

That said, price isn’t everything. Beware of dealers that offer “too good to be true” pricing. In recent years, some dealers have tried to make a business model out of delaying delivery of product for weeks – or even months – and offering poor or non-existent customer service.

Your best bet is to find a reputable dealer with fair prices, prompt order fulfillment, and high customer satisfaction ratings. The good dealers as well as the bad ones will usually reveal themselves with a simple internet search.

Money Metals Exchange is happy to offer our local directory and will continue to be your one-stop shop for all things precious metals. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell precious metals for cash or even Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies, or you are are simply gathering information to make an informed decision, we will continue to provide transparent and fair pricing along with outstanding content and customer service.

Common Weights Of Gold Bars

The most common weights purchased by investors are 1 Troy oz and 10 Troy oz bars. 1 Kilogram bars are also popular among gold buyers because the weight combined with the singularity of a product offers a better value when you consider the cost of gold per ounce in that singular 1 Kilogram bar. However, gold bars are popularly offered in a wide range of weights that surpasses the variety of any other precious metal product. Youll find gold bars for sale in the following weights:

  • 1/2 Gram
  • 500 Grams

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Is Gold Bullion Pure Gold

Bullion is gold that’s been officially recognized as 99.5% pure. The purity is indicated on the gold as numbers 999, 9999, 99999, and this tells us the percentage to which bullion is pure: 99.9%, and so on. When you’re buying gold coins or gold bars, considering the purity is important since you want to get as much fine gold as you can for the price.

Best Comprehensive Offering: Apmex

How and Where to Buy Gold Bars – Mike Maloney


With more than 10,000 products to offer, APMEX makes our list as the online gold dealer with the best comprehensive offering.

  • Shipping can be slow

  • Prices tend to be higher than top peers

American Precious Metals Exchange has built itself into a global precious metals powerhouse since its founding in 2000. It’s not surprising that it has the largest selection of precious metals products, making it our choice as the online gold dealer with the best comprehensive offering.

In addition to a wide range of gold and silver bullion and coin products, APMEX also has an extensive selection of platinum, palladium, and copper products. Its coin selection is a virtual United Nations, representing coins from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and beyond. APMEX is also one of the best sources for collectors, offering a wide variety of coins and old banknotes.

While APMEX doesn’t have the lowest prices around, its significant sales volume allows it to be competitive. Using the Gold Eagle coin as a barometer for pricing competitiveness, APMEX is offering the 1 oz. coin for $1,889 as of Dec. 1, 2021. That’s just 6% above the spot price of gold at $1,782, which is reasonably competitive. APMEX also offers bulk discounts on bullion and coins on purchases up to 19, 20 to 99, and 100 or more.

If you want your gold stored, APMEX will ship it to Citadel Global Depository Services, one of the world’s largest private storage facilities, for an annual fee.

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Buy Your First Gold Bar

The advantages of buying gold bars are numerous. When youre ready, browse gold bars online and call 1-844-307-1589 to receive a free one-on-one consultation regarding your overall financial goals. Experienced Account Executives are standing by to answer your questions and help you choose the right gold bars and coins for your portfolio!

Gold Mutual Funds And Etfs

Rather than investing in a single company tied to gold, you invest in a basket of gold-related securities through gold mutual funds or ETFs. Gold funds may track the price of gold, include the stocks of multiple gold mines and refineries or provide exposure to gold futures and options.

Top gold mutual funds and ETFs include:

  • iShares Gold Trust
  • Invesco DB Gold Fund
  • Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund

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Why Buy Gold Bars

Gold investors buy gold bars because they are the most affordable way to buy gold. Theyre high quality gold bullion made by a mixture of national mints like the Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint, and private mints like the Sunshine Mint or Switzerlands Valcambi. You can buy 1 ounce gold bars, 10 ounce gold bars, 1 kg gold bars, as well as 1 gram gold bars, 5 gram gold bars, 50 gram gold bars, and more. When you buy gold bars in larger quantities, you lower the price per ounce of gold. By reducing your costs when you buy gold you protect your savings and make it easier to see returns on your gold investments. The premium on gold bars is generally lower than on gold coins, even in higher quantities.

Q: How Much Does A Gold Bar Weigh

Can i buy AU Gold Bars rough 99.98% purity 100kg available to ship to ...

A: A standard gold bar is pretty heavy. It weighs about 400 ounces, or 27.5 pounds. Thats the type of gold bar stored at Fort Knox. Its about the size of a regular brick.

However, the kind of gold bar you would buy for your portfolio doesnt weigh that much. For instance:

  • A 1-oz. gold bar weighs 1.097 ounces . Thats about the weight of a slice of bread.
  • A 10-oz. gold bar weighs 10.97 ounces . Thats about the weight of a grapefruit.
  • A 1-kilo gold bar weighs a little over 2.2 pounds. Thats about the weight of 1 liter of water.

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What Are Gold Bars

One of the best ways to mint and sell gold bullion, gold bars are popular items among precious metal investors. Bullion is gold of exceedingly high purity, which many investors use to diversify their portfolio and hold their wealth. Bars take the shape of a square or rectangle, which makes them more convenient to store than other forms of bullion, like coins or nuggets. Usually, the terms gold bar and gold ingot are used interchangeably to describe gold pressed or poured into a rectangular shape.

There are many sizes and styles of gold bars. At Scottsdale Mint, you will find each gold bar is stamped with its weight and other markers of value, such as the bars metal content and fineness as well as Scottsdale Mints logo. You can also find all manner of gold coins and gold nuggets if these investments are more appealing to you.

What To Expect In Gold Bullion Bars

Beyond the size, shape, and style of the gold bars available to you from JM Bullion, you can expect a few commonalities among the bars offered. The vast majority of gold bars today are refined with .9999 pure gold content regardless of weight or type . Minted ingots are originally available in most cases housed inside of tamper-evident protective packaging and come with an assay card that verifies the weight, purity, and metal content of the product as judged by a certified assayer. In most cases, gold bars also have a unique serial number issued by the refiner. When bars are available with a serial number and assay card, that card will also reflect the individual serial number as engraved onto the surface of the bar.

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Private Mints Vs Government Mints

While the difference in ownership is obvious due to their names, there are a few other significant differences between government mints and private mints.

The crucial difference is that bullion coins produced by sovereign mints are made for legal tender for that country. Private mints also produce bullion for purchase, but they’re not created as currency.

For example, the U.S Mint makes the American Gold Eagle and the American Silver Eagle. These have a face value of 50 dollars and 1 dollar respectively, and while they are legal tender, as in you could use them to purchase a dollar’s worth of goods, you should never actually do that, as their market value is much higher than their face value.

Private mints make bullion coins that are not a part of legal tender and therefore don’t have a face value shown on the coin and are not considered a currency. If the item being manufactured is in the shape of a coin, it is referred to as a gold round while if it is rectangular, it is a gold bar.

Examples Of Spot Prices

Where To Buy Gold Bars – Before It’s Too Late!

An asset can have different spot and futures prices. For example, gold may have a spot price of $1,000 while its futures price may be $1,300. Similarly, the price for securities may trade in different ranges in the stock market and the futures market. For example, Apple Inc. may trade at $200 in the stock market but the strike price on its options may be $150 in the futures market, reflecting pessimistic trader perceptions of its future.

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Basics About Gold Bars

Many investors appreciate the value of precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. A gold coin crafted at a mint is typically smaller than a gold bar made at a refinery. Very large and serious precious metals investors typically invest in a bar over coins, rounds, or fractionals because they are generally the most cost effective way to acquire physical gold bullion and they come in a wider range of sizes. Small bars are made by stamping or minting rolled gold sheets. The largest bars, such as kilo, 100 ounces, and 400 ounces are generally made by pouring molten metal into molds. Markings are usually made by presses.

Gold Bars As An Investment

Gold is a safe-haven currency. It is a very stable, safe and reliable investment that anyone can make. Investors use Gold as a means of storing their wealth over time. This is because Gold is a hedge against inflation. Subsequently, Gold also increases in prices during times of economic crisis. As we have seen recently with the COVID-19 Pandemic. There was a huge economic downfall, which resulted in Gold reaching new all time highs. Those who invested in Gold prior to the pandemic and a great return on their investment. We make buying Gold Bars in Canada very simple. When you buy Gold bars in larger quantity, you get lower price of gold per ounce. Additional to that, you can check the spot price of gold on our website. Check for gold bar price and make decision to invest in more valuable precious metal.

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Sizes & Shapes Of Gold Bars

The difference between mint bars and cast bars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to variations in gold bars. The U.S. Gold Bureau carries a plethora of different sized bars, both cast and mint. One of the most important factors people take into account when buying gold is what size to purchase. As stated previously, gold can be found in almost any weight you can imagine. The single gram or 1 gram bar is about about as small as you can go when it comes to gold bars with investment potential. Sometimes referred to as the “small bills” of the gold world, these tiny bars are just about the size of a thumbtack. The 5, 10, and 20 gram bars are the next steps up in terms of gold bar weights.

The 10 gram bar is often popular because it is still quite tiny, but carries an attractive amount of heft to itself. This is because gold as a metal, although soft and malleable, is still quite heavy. The 20 ounce bars are also popular, in part due to their similar feel and weight of the ubiquitous 1 troy ounce gold bar, which actually weighs just over 30 grams. It’s even possible to purchase bars that weigh as much as 50 grams or heavier. These are heavy bars but fit well in the palm of one’s hand. One advantage of buying bars in larger sizes is that the price-per-ounce ends up being less than if you were to buy exclusively in small amounts. Just like in most commodities, it can be smart to buy gold in bulk.

Hold Your Retirement In Your Hands Learn How To Buy Gold Silver And Other Precious Metals And Have Them Delivered To Your Doorstep

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Inside this FREE Guide You’ll Learn
  • How Gold Bars Give You Complete Control
  • How You Can Grow Your Retirement
  • How to add Gold to a 401k Tax & Penalty-Free

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The Many Uses Of Silver

Silver is known for being the best at conducting electricity and heat, as well as a great reflector of light. The common, white mineral is vital in a variety of industrial, consumer, health, electrical, and energy-related sectors, including:

  • Electronics: Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity and is used in electronics such as TVs, phones, computers, tablets, etc. Silver is required to produce circuit boards, microwave ovens, LCD screens, and more, ensuring its demand indefinitely.
  • Jewelry: Silver is attractive and reflective and is often turned into jewelry for stylistic uses. It is cheaper to mold than gold and resists oxidation and corrosion. Silver can be tarnished but shines for a lifetime with some polish.
  • Silver has excellent light sensitivity and has been used in photography for centuries. Unlike digital photography, traditional photography uses film covered in silver crystals that create a vivid picture when exposed to light.
  • Bars, Coins, and Rounds: Silver is an international commodity and currency that can be a safe haven during tough economic times like these. Silver bars, coins, and rounds can produce a variety of collectibles and currency that can replace risky stocks and investments.

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