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When Does Gold’s Gym Close

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Find Silver Sneakers Gyms Locations By Zip Codes

How To Cancel Membership at Golds Gym 2014 – 2016

The Silver Sneakers program is one of the most sought after benefits included with Medicare Advantage plans, as well as a few select Medigap plans, available in all 50 states. And, best part of it all its FREE!

The program enables senior citizens to enjoy benefits such as weights, bicycles, and swimming, at a level that they are capable of enjoying.

The senior wellness program isnt just about fitness, it offers a chance to meet people and the chance to create friendships.

The 5 Best Gyms With Tanning Beds Explained

Swimsuit season is right around the corner.

You want to hit up the beach looking buff and tan, and at some gyms, youre able to do both.

Of course, tanning beds are a bit of a specialty amenity. Not every gym has this. In fact, a majority of gyms dont.

But there are a few popular, national box gyms where you can find them.

So what are the best gyms with tanning beds near me?

When it comes to gyms with tanning beds, Planet Fitness is probably your best bet. Many locations offer tanning services, and its one of the most affordable gyms youll find around.

If you dont happen to have a Planet Fitness near you, then Golds Gym or Anytime Fitness can get the job done depending on the location.

Below Ill break down the major gym chains that tend to have tanning beds at a good number of their locations.

Remember, all gyms are different, and not every location operated by the same company will have the exact same thing.

Fitness First Guest Pass

Posted: The Fitness First guest pass is the perfect way to find out if this is the gym for you. There are so many options out there today that it can feel overwhelming picking the right health and fitness club that suits you best, especially when you consider the various services and facilities that can be found at each one.

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What Is Golds Gym

Golds Gym is one of the original names in commercial fitness. Joe Gold opened the first studio way back in 1965, and now the chain has over 700 locations across the United States and beyond.

Known primarily as a weightlifters and bodybuilders gym, Golds isnt just for meatheads. Most locations will also have tons of cardio equipment, group fitness classes, functional training, childcare, tanning, massage, pools, and more.

Golds Gym is a favorite of celebrities like The Rock, Keanu Reeves, Tiger Woods, Hilary Swank, and Jessica Alba.

Calorie Dense Foods: Which Food You Should Eat

Best Gyms in Richmond VA

Posted: Oct 01, 2018 · Grains and Bread Products. Among the foods with the highest calorie-density are whole grains. Bagels, homemade granola, muffins, oatmeal, popcorn, and rice, are excellent sources of filling yet calorie-rich foods. Rice has many calories, averaging 200 calories per cup. Brown rice contains 248 calories per cup.

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What Time Does Great Clips Open

Posted: What Time Does Great Clips Close? More often than not, Great Clips closing hours are 9 pm on weekdays. This is fantastic as it remains on the latest opening times in the industry, making it very useful to anyone needing an appointment later in the day after work or other commitments. Great Clips closing hours on Saturday are understandably

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What Time Does Golds Gym Close & Open On Weekdays

Most Golds Gym club locations open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday. While Friday hours are usually from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kids club is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on normal days. Please note that Gold Gym hours may slightly vary from one club location to another. Hence, you may find some of its locations that operate under hours that are slightly different from what we have discussed above.

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Gold’s Gym Files For Bankruptcy After Blow From Coronavirus Pandemic

May 5, 2020 / 10:27 AM / CBS News

Gold’s Gym has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the company announced Monday. Its 700 gyms worldwide will stay open as it looks to restructure during the coronavirus pandemic that has virtually shutdown the entire U.S. economy.

Last month, Gold’s Gym permanently closed about 30 company-owned gyms during the COVID-19 outbreak. The company at the time said the decision was made “to maintain the strength and growth of the potential of the brand as well as ensure the continued viability of the company for decades to come.”

The company said the filing Monday will not have further impact on its current operations and plans to emerge from bankruptcy by August. “The company will be seeking court approval to continue paying suppliers, vendors, and employees in the ordinary course on a go-forward basis,” they explained. “No single factor has caused more harm to our business than the current COVID-19 global pandemic.”

Gold’s Gym was founded in Venice, California, by former bodybuilder Joe Gold and “has been the world’s trusted fitness authority for more than 50 years,” according to its website.

Also Monday, apparel company J. Crew filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus. It, too, plans to reopen as soon as stay-at-home orders and other health restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted.

Who Can Use The Sauna At Golds Gym

Golds Gym Closed Indianapolis, Indiana

Firstly, pregnant women and people with various diseases cannot enter the sauna room due to health risks. Children below age 16 can also not use the amenity at this gym chain.

Typically, adults can enter the sauna room if they have a gym membership. Guests can also use this service by using the guest pass or accompanying a member.

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Donotpay Can Help You Sue Golds Gym

If youve already been scammed and are looking for a way to get a resolution, you may want to turn to the small claims court. DoNotPay is the recipient of the American Bar Association Louise. M Brown award for Legal Access. It can help you sue any company in small claims court easily and free of charge. Download it and let it help you sue Golds Gym. You can open it in anybrowser.

Golds Gym Permanently Closing All Alabama Locations

Golds Gym is permanently closing its three gyms in Alabama, saying the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic no longer makes it viable to operate the company-owned gyms, the company said Wednesday.

The three Alabama locations — Birmingham, Montgomery and Pelham — are among roughly 30 gyms owned by the company that will close. All of the gyms are company-owned in St. Louis, Alabama and Colorado Springs, Colorado locations owned by franchisees are not affected by Wednesdays announcements.

The fitness industry as a whole has been severely impacted by the virus as gyms shutter and people workout at home amid shelter-in-place orders around the country.

While the COVID-19-related closures have caused us to reassess the viability of some company-owned locations and make the difficult decision to permanently close about 30 gyms, we know that we will emerge from this stronger and ready to grow, the company said on its Facebook page Wednesday. Our focus is and always will be on our members in nearly 700 gyms in 29 countries around the world, and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is safe for our members, team members and communities.

Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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Make Your Body Produce Vitamin D

A tanning bed is designed to simulate sunlight.

Not only does this leave you with an attractive glow, but it also helps your body create essential vitamin D.

You can also find this vitamin in certain foods, such as cheese, certain cereals, and some fish. But sunlight can help you get more of the vitamin in an efficient manner.

Your body needs vitamin D to help prevent cancer, reduce your blood pressure, and decrease your risk of depression. If you live in an area thats not typically prone to sunlight for large parts of the year, then a tanning bed can help you get that vitamin D your body craves.

Infowars Bankruptcy Tossed In Deal With Sandy Hook Parents

Golds Gym Burnaby Closed !

Golds Gym has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the coronavirus forced it to shut down its workout venues nationwide.

The fitness chain stressed that its not going out of business even though the crisis forced it to permanently close 30 company-owned locations. The company plans to work through the restructuring process by Aug. 1 so it can continue to support its nearly 700 gyms around the world, president and CEO Adam Zeitsiff said.

Golds Gym has been the worlds trusted fitness authority for going on 55 years, and we are absolutely not going anywhere, Zeitsiff said in a video message announcing the Monday bankruptcy filing.

Texas-based Golds doesnt expect the restructuring to affect its franchisees, who are responsible for more than 600 of its gyms in the US and internationally.

The coronavirus has proved a significant bump in the road for Golds, whose original location in Venice, Calif., is known as the Mecca of Bodybuilding.

The pandemic kneecapped the company after it posted its strongest year of worldwide growth in 2019, it said. Golds said it was the first national gym brand to close its roughly 95 corporate-owned locations to stem the spread of the virus, and its franchisees have had to follow suit.

Golds plans to reopen gyms with social distancing and other safety protocols in place once local officials give the go-ahead, Zeitsiff said. The company is also offering free access to video workouts so members can exercise at home.

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Golds Gym Hours Of Operation

Posted: Golds Gym customer service phone number including steps to reach representatives, hours of operation, customer support links and more from Corporate Office Locate the Golds Gym corporate office headquarters phone number, address and more at .

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Golds Gym Opening Times Of Laurel Canyon Blvd In North Hollywood

The regular opening times of Golds Gym Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood are Monday to Friday 5AM-12PM, on Saturday 7AM-10PM, on Sunday 7AM-10PM. View the actual opening times of Golds Gym Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood in our branch locator.For more information about opening times on Sunday or late night shopping make sure to view the information in the designated blocks. If this Golds Gym isnt nearby your location you can use the Map & Directions tab to find the fastest route to Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood. This locations coordinates are specifically 34.184 latitude, -118.397 longitude.

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Welcome To Golds Gym Tennessee

Posted: Golds Gym Bellevue is a charming community gym located on the growing Highway 70S. This facility offers a wide range of classes including Hot Yoga and a large selection of equipment to accommodate all styles of fitness. As a family gym, we cater to all ages 1-100. Come visit Golds Gym, a trusted name in Fitness since 1965! Join this club!

Pumping Iron And Going Hollywood

Chest Session At Golds Gym – Getting Close To 100kg Bench Press

In 1974, freelance photographer George Butler and his partner, novelist Charles Gaines, called Sprague about the possibility of filming some of the bodybuilders in California. The two men had been responsible for Pumping Iron a book on the subculture of bodybuilding published that same year, which had met with financial success. The clear interest in bodybuilding from the general public encouraged the two men their work to the silver screen.

Despite the success of Pumping Iron the book, Gaines and Butler failed to secure any real form of funding for a movie. Studios were doubtful that a documentary on a niche subculture would garner any interest whatsoever. Not that the lack of support deterred the two men. Keeping costs to the bear minimum, Butler and Gaines managed to raise enough money for the necessary equipment and a contract for the star Arnold Schwarzenegger . Luckily for the aspiring film makers, they managed to secure a free venue for the majority of their filming, none other than Golds Gym. There the two men would film legends like Arnold, Columbu, Waller and countless others lift weights with unparalleled intensity.

Still from Pumping Iron

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Cancel Gyms Gold With Donotpay

Canceling your Gyms Gold membership is notoriously difficult to do. It will take you forever to put together a valid request. Even if you do everything right, the gym may still refuse to stop charging you under suspicious excuses. DoNotPay can help you easily cancel your membership in less than two minutes.

Heres how to use DoNotPay to cancel Golds Gym:

  • Open DoNotPay in any web browser.
  • Type in Gyms Gold as the service you wish to cancel.
  • You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we cancel your subscription.

    Golds Gym Fitness Center Student Life

    Posted: Mar 20, 2013 · Golds Gym Fitness Center. Golds Gym San Antonio Medical Center is located by the recreational sports complex on the west side of Central Campus. Generally, most students are automatic members through their Fitness Center fee. Contact the Office of Student Life if you have any questions.

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    Golds Gym Business Hours

    Golds Gym is an fitness club with locations across the United States as well as locations overseas. The company was in the late 1965 in Venice Beach often considered the Mecca of Bodybuilding. As the company expanded operations, the name became well known among the average fitness enthusiast. If you want to reach out to the customer service department, you can during regular business hours by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

    Golds Gym Closing 30 Gyms Including Alabama Locations

    Golds Gym

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Golds Gym announced that it is closing 30 of its locations, including its three locations in Alabama.

    Golds Gym President & CEO Adam Zeitstiff said, The unprecedented COVID-19-related closures have caused us to reassess the viability of some company-owned locations,” which included the three in Alabama.

    The three Alabama locations displayed on the Golds Gym website are:

    • Eastchase in Montgomery – 2300 Berry Hill Road Montgomery
    • Birmingham – 3427 Colonnade Parkway Birmingham
    • Birmingham – 2244 A Pelham Parkway Pelham, AL

    Golds Gym says it is continuing to find ways to help its members continue their fitness journeys in Alabama.

    Golds Gym has nearly 700 gyms in 29 countries worldwide.

    Most Read

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    Benefits Of Working Out At A Gym With Showers

    Most people shower after a workout because they dont want to smell. They want to scrub away any sweat so that they can go about their day with peace of mind.

    However, a lot of people dont realize there are also some health benefits to gain!

    So even if youre just headed home after working out and dont need to shower right away, you still might want to grab a quick rinse at the gym before you leave.

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    Golds Gym Regular Business Hours

    • Weekdays: The club is open Monday through Thursday 5:30am to 9pm and Friday 5:30am to 8pm, local time. The Kids club is open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:30pm, local time.
    • Weekends: The fitness club is open for business Saturday 8am to 2pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. The Kids Club is open Saturday 8:30am to 11:30am and closed Sunday, local time.

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    How Do I Cancel My Golds Gym Membership

    Golds Gym members can cancel by signing a cancellation form in person at a Golds Gym location or by mailing a certified letter to the membership department. You will need to obtain the proper mailing address for the certified letter from where you originally signed up for the membership.

    You Cannot Cancel Your Glolds Gym membership via phone or online.

    West Covina Gym Amenities

    Gold’s Gym closed

    Golds Gym West Covina is jam-packed with the latest fitness amenities and wellness offerings. Are you looking for a West Covina gym with a pool? Perhaps you are interested in finding a local boxing ring? Or a nearby spa, sauna, and steam room? Our memberships include all of this wrapped up into one with the addition of upgraded cardio equipment, functional training, free weights, nutrition counseling, resistance machines, and so much more. For parents striving to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle, the fun, experienced, and exciting in-house childcare professionals at our West Covina gym help you access a worry-free workout. Click here for a closer look at our West Covina gym amenities.

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    You Can Track Your Subscriptions With Donotpay

    Americans spend as much as $237 on subscription services each month. They dont even use most of these services they pay for. You dont need to waste money like that. DoNotPay can help you track all your subscriptions and get rid of the ones youre not using. All you have to do is link your bank account or email securely to our app.

    Can you cancel with

    All Golds Gym Locations In Alabama Including Pelham Closed Permanently

    Gold’s Gym locations across Alabama are closing permanently due to COVID-19, including the Pelham location.

    PELHAM Following a temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak more than 30 Golds Gym facilities will be permanently closed, including all of the Alabama locations.

    On March 16 the company temporarily closed all corporate owned locations to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, the company made the decision to shut down operations at approximately one-third of their locations.

    After over 16 years in the Birmingham-metro area, Golds Gym in Alabama will not be reopening due to the COVID-19 crisis, said the Birmingham location Assistant General Manager Melanie Douglas.

    Douglas said that upwards of 30 corporate owned clubs would be affected by these closures. This includes all three of the locations in Alabama which are in Birmingham, Pelham and Montgomery.

    There is a potential for the clubs to be reopened in the future, but that would be dependent on franchisees.

    I am unsure of the state of all the franchise clubs nationwide. As that is the sole decision of the franchisee which corporate cannot make that decision for, Douglas explained. We are hopeful that a Golds Gym franchise owner will decide to keep our legacy going in Birmingham, although that is just hopeful speaking and thinking on my part and just pure speculation at this point.

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