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How To Wear Golden Goose Sneakers

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Vintage Havana Grande Sneaker $90

BEST BASICS: White Sneakers – Golden Goose, Common Projects, Veja, Reebok, Adidas | Mademoiselle

For those who want a bunch of stylish options but a price under $100, Vintage Havana is your best bet.

Sold at Macys, the $90 shoes come in six different style combinations, using leopard print, crocodile, cheetah and snakeskin to create fun Golden Goose dupes that look just as hip. While they do not come pre-stained, the off-white sole is perfect for a DIY dirtying, and no one will be the wiser.

My Favorite Retailers To Shop For Golden Goose Sneakers

There are a lot of different retailers out there who sell Golden Goose, but my favorites are Farfetch and SSENSE. I find that they have the most diverse selection. If youre on the fence about them or overwhelmed with all of the different styles to choose from, I recommend trying out the minimalistic styles like the silver, gold or even a mix of silver/gold superstar sneakers. Or if youre looking for something a little wild and different, these leopard detail sneakers are my most recent purchase and they are sooo fun.

In any case, if you find that Golden Goose sneakers arent for you, they do offer free shipping and returns so you wont have to take any losses. Although, I really think youll love them just as much as I do!

What Is A Golden Goose What Does Golden Goose Mean

A golden goose is a steady source of wealth and success. In the fable The Golden Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, Greek storyteller Aesop writes of a goose that laid one golden egg a day. The magic goose was killed by its greedy owner, who hoped to get all the gold at once. The moral of the story: those who have plenty want more, and so lose all they have.

Like golden goose eggs, we fully support a regular schedule of new drops of Golden Goose sneakers into your closet. But first, read on to understand why Golden Goose are so expensive.

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Easy Yet Stylish Ways To Wear Your Golden Goose Sneakers All Year ’round

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Chances are you’ve seen Golden Goose classic sneakers while scrolling through Instagram. The high fashion sneaker brand was started by designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo and is based in Venice, Italy. The brand has a cult-like following and has a major celebrity fanbase with people like Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, and Shia LeBeouf wearing theirs on the regular. Shia loves wearing his on the red carpet, and it’s as amazing as it sounds. On the other hand, Selena wore white Golden Goose sneakers while running around New York in a simple white tee and cropped jeans that made for a great low-key outfit.

The sneakers are a bit on the pricey side, ranging from $300-$600, but are considered a solid investment by many because of the quality. If you’re wondering how to style a pair, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, we have 10 easy yet stylish ways to wear your Golden Goose sneakers all year ’round. We’ve also rounded up some our favorite selects if you’re in the market to buy a pair of sneakers for yourself .

The Pros And Cons Of Golden Goose Sneakers

A Casual Way to Wear Golden Goose Sneakers

I bought my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers almost 2 years ago while pregnant with Ozzy. It was one of those moments when clothes didnt fit and I felt, I justified it real easily that day and since then I have purchased a few more #oops. This coveted sneaker brand created in Italy over 15 years ago offers a West Coast meets European skater vibe with their worn-in aka dirty look. Today Im sharing all my pros and cons to Golden Goose Deluxe sneakers!

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My Honest Review Of The Golden Goose Purestar Sneakers

Never thought I would see the day where sneakers were all I preferred to wear, but here we are! I’ve become more obsessed with sneakers in the last few years, but especially now with comfort being key. One of my favorite things to do on here is share reviews with you guys, and I have another one for today: my honest review of Golden Gooses PURESTAR sneakers. I get questions all the time like which Golden Goose sneakers to buy, are Golden Goose sneakers worth it, and do Golden Goose ever go on sale?! Now, with the PURESTARS, Im sure you guys will be wondering about Golden Goose PURESTAR vs. Superstar, and I plan to answer all this and more!

Its not news that I love Golden Goose sneakers and find them to be totally worth their price. GGs latest sneaker, the PURESTAR, is their most comfortable yet! The fit is flexible and extra cushioned, and thats just the start of why I love them. Keep scrolling to read my full review and see my full Golden Goose PURESTAR outfit of the day!

Coatigan | Sweater | Jeans | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Chanel Backpack | Earrings

Golden Goose Courts Controversy

Distressed footwear has long been part of the uniform of those who play by their own rules or march to the beat of their own drums: grungy, edgy, and certainly against all the standard rules of fashion.

However, there is edgy and there is going too far. Too far is where Golden Goose went in 2016 and again in 2018 when they released a pair of sneakers that looked more weather-worn than usual: in fact, what made these shoes distinct was the use of what appeared to be silvery duct tape keeping the shoes from falling to pieces.

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Why Golden Goose Sneakers Are So Expensive

While uniformity and precision are intrinsic to the luxury fashion space, the flip side is an appreciation for the uniqueness that stems from creation by hand. That means, just like we all have unique fingerprints, each pair of sneakers that comes out of the Golden Goose factory in Veneto is unique.

Every season, Golden Goose introduces new styles with new finishes and treatments, all of which relate back to the technical skill of its Italian artisans. Then, like a pair of jeans might be pre-distressed, scuffs and small marks are applied to each pair to give them an authentic touched by life feel.

Once they reach the consumer, rather than being pristine, theyre immediately ready for wear, because they already have that pre-loved look.

And though they may look used, they start with the highest-quality materials that Italian shoes are known forfull grain calfskin leather, premium cotton laces and loopback cotton lining. Think of them as the undercover luxury sneakernow imitated many times over, but never duplicated.

Golden Goose sneakers are pricey for a few reasons. Each pair is uniquely handmade and hand-distressed, which actually means it takes longer to produce them.

Additionally, each model is designed differently from the others and given new color-ways each season, so the distressing varies by model, gender, and season as well.

Golden Goose Sizing Guide Faq And Tips


How do the Golden Goose Sneakers fit?

The Golden Goose Sneakers fit true to size.

Should you consider to size up or down with a Golden Goose Sneaker?

Golden Goose Sneakers come in half sizes, and they fit true to size.So in general you should choose half a size up, if you desire a less tight fit.

Is the Golden Goose Sneaker a comfortable sneaker?

Oh yes, Golden Goose Sneakers are very comfortable sneakers in the luxury world. For short distances as for long walks.

Do Golden Goose Sneakers come in Childrens sizes?

Yes, Alexander McQueen Sneaker starts from EU size 25, US size 4, and UK size 1.

Are Golden Goose Sneakers easy to clean?

The Golden Goose Sneakers are made to walk, so theyre likely to get dirty. On the whole, theyre super durable and low maintenance.Carefully remove the insoles and laces from your Golden Goose Sneakers insoles SHOULD NOT go into the washing machine. Put the shoes in the washing machine on the delicates cycle . The Laces can be washed using a linen bag or by hand for the best result. Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach at all costs.Do NOT tumble dry air dry your Golden Goose Sneakers. Reinsert the insole and laces and get on with your day.Our main preference is to clean your sneakers by hand, in a bowl with water and soft detergent, cleaning with a brush and a wet cloth.

Do you wear socks in Golden Goose Sneakers?

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Why I Think Golden Goose Sneakers Are Worth The Price Tag

To answer that question simply, they go with EVERYTHING. Leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it. Unlike certain styles of shoes that can only be worn in certain seasons, these can be worn all-year round. They have become a staple piece for my closet and something Ill always bring with me if Im doing any sort of traveling because I dont have to worry if theyll match with a particular outfit and theyre great for any destination.

Im all about comfort and have always loved the cozy, casual look. These sneakers incorporated into my closet so effortlessly and check all the boxes in terms of the style I was looking for.

Golden Goose Perfect Sneakers For Skinny Jeans

Golden Goose Sneakers Look Amazing With Jeans

This post is a little different for The Jeans Blog, but equally as relevant! If youre ever looking for a perfect pair of sneakers to wear with your jeans, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand are it! Now this post isnt sponsored by the brand in any shape or form, Im basing it off my love for their shoes and how amazing I think they are with our beloved jeans.

My favourite way to wear their low tops is with my jeans cuffed or cropped, so you have ankle showing between the bottom of the jeans and the top of your Golden Goose. This creates such a sleek silhouette, you cant go wrong! If youre opting for their high tops though, a super skinny jean, tucked into the opening of the sneaker, is always a good idea as it keeps things look clean!

My reasons for loving Golden Goose sneakers are for a few reasons:

  • The shape and design of the shoe
  • The broken in, battered look
  • The comfort

The shape and design is amazing because theyre really low profile, extremely sleek, and slim, so they dont ever make your feet look bulky. I have size 40 feet, and instead of sneakers making my feet look wide or long, these actually create the illusion of them looking smaller, which I really appreciate. Flat shoes that actually make your feet look dainty? It never seemed possible, but its true.

A plain silver pair against white leather, you cant go wrong with these for a classic statement! !

Styling Ideas For Jeans And Golden Goose Sneakers

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Golden Goose Sneaker Review & How I Tie The Laces

This dedicated Golden Goose post is long overdue as many of you know how much I love my Golden Goose sneakers and just how often I wear them. Theyre my absolute favorite shoes EVER. I even bought my husband, Mark, a pair of Golden Goose for his birthday so in case you didnt know, Golden Goose has sneakers for men too! By no means are they an affordable everyday purchase with most ranging between $380 to upwards of $500, but they are worth every penny in my opinion. Ill share why I love them so much and a quick & easy video tutorial on how I tie the laces as Ive had a few who were curious about that.

Journee Collection Adair Sneaker $60

Houston Fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her ...

These kicks have style, and just a bit of discoloration on the sole for a slight nod to Golden Goose.

From DSW, the sneakers come in four different styles, all of which still have the same star and darker off-white sole. The red and black pair as seen above feature a trendy leopard star, while the other options include a blue and white sneaker with a leopard print back, a black and white pair with a burgundy star and a white and light pink pair with a black star and gray back.

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Pros To Golden Goose Sneakers

  • Limited quantities of each style. Why do I consider this a pro? The brand releases new styles each month and they go real quick! When I am paying this much for anything, I dont want to the exact color/style on 10 of my friends. Each pair feels unique and special, almost limited edition.
  • Already dirty. This baffles Jeff, like why am I paying for dirty looking shoes? As a kid, my mom would buy me bright white Keds and I would immediately go in the dirt to get them dirty or take a pen and draw on them. This made her so mad, clearly. Ive never liked the look of bright white shoes, now I just pay a lot of money for this look. Haha. I mean your shoes are always going to get dirty eventually, Golden Goose just speeds up the process.
  • Comfortable! I get this question a lot. Yes, they are super comfortable!
  • No shoe is identical. This goes back to what I was saying on limited quantities. Each pair is handmade and hand distressed. One of a kind, pretty cool right?
  • Cost per wear. The number question asked is are they worth the money?. I cant answer that for you. Totally a personal choice. However, look at all the shoes in your closet. Do you wear them a lot? I went through mine and found several pair of sneakers Ive spent $80-$150 on that I wore maybe 3 or 4 times. Yet, I wear my all of my GGDB sneakers ALL THE TIME! Like I said, cost per wear!
  • They look just as cool with dresses and skirts as they do with jeans and loungewear.

Golden Goose Dupes Look Alikes And Star Sneaker Alternatives

Ready for the best Golden Goose dupes? The sneaker gods have spoken again. Three words, Golden Goose sneakers. These cute star style sneakers have exploded in popularity as a celeb and blogger favorite sneaker. Whether its the side star or the worn in dirty look, its VERY trendy right now! The GG sneakers can be dressed down with a casual jeans and tee outfit or even used to dress down a dress or skirt. Okay, this is all fine and FABULOUS BUT Golden Goose sneakers are VERY pricey and something not a lot of people want to splurge on. I mean, cmon its basically a dirty sneaker, ha! SO Im rounding up some of the best Golden Goose dupes and look-a-like sneakers out there and telling you where to shop or buy them! Why own one $500 shoe, when you can own 10 $50 pairs that look exactly the same. AM I RIGHT?

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More Golden Goose Dupes

Shop Red Dress and Shop the Mint are SUCH great quality and they both a selection of designer dupes! I have the gold sequin version and I have worn them daily for the past few months with little to no wear and tear!!! I give these an A+ AND you are supporting a small business by purchasing a pair.

As always, the Nordstrom Rack versions are also a great deal. Originally held at the flagship Nordstrom stores, they are bringing in various dupes from past seasons but they are still so cute!

Lulus carries a bunch of these kicks as well not as much selection, but again, you know the quality is going to be excellent. Look for sales that run between 10-20% and include the promo code or discount code when you check out!

Caught In The Sun White And Silver Sneakers $46

How I bought Golden Goose sneakers for $148!!

For an all white look check out this stylish and affordable pair of kicks from Red Dress.

The white sneakers feature the iconic star in silver glitter, but the dirt and stains are up to you. For $46, you may as well get a pair to preserve in its clean white state and another to dirty up. They also come in a dusty rose color, for some more variety in your sneaker collection.

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Oliver Cabell: Modern Shoemaking With A Heart

At Oliver Cabell, we take pride in crafting footwear of exceptional quality and comfort, including our Golden Goose-inspired line of distressed sneakers. Each pair of sneakers, driving shoes, and boots is made with sustainably-sourced Italian leather and undergoes rigorous quality control. Not only that, whatever your style, theres bound to be a pair of Oliver Cabells thats perfect for you.

We are making a difference when it comes to modern shoemaking. Our enterprise pairs together sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices with our dedication to making high quality footwear a combination that constantly delivers on the promise of comfort and elegance.

Whether youre a weekend warrior who loves to take long walks or an urbanite whos constantly pounding the pavement, theres a pair of Oliver Cabell sneaks for you

Crafted using traditional European shoemaking methods, each Oliver Cabell shoe is made to the highest standards of quality and environmental compliance, making it a great choice for those going in for mindful modern living.

The companys use of sustainably-sourced Italian leathers as well as its emphasis on treating its people as stakeholders in its continued success speaks well of its commitment to both exceptional and responsible manufacturing.

Tasteful, stylish, and ethical, every pair of Oliver Cabells embodies casual elegance and comfort that you can happily wear anywhere.

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