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What Is Better 14k Or 18k Gold

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Knife Edge Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

14k vs. 18k Gold: What does it mean and what’s the difference?

This gorgeous knife edge milgrain diamond engagement ring pairs wonderfully with 18kt rose gold. It has a vintage look to it, from the vintage-inspired metal milgrain accents. It also has a knife edge shape, hence the name. This ring combines traditional and modern perfectly, it has a wonderful balance between the two. Additionally, the stunning engagement ring is finished with 0.27 carats of round accent diamonds that make the center round diamond stone stand out even more.

Is 14k Or 18k Yellow Gold Better

That totally depends on your personal preference! If you have a particularly active lifestyle or work a lot with your hands, you might want to opt for 14k gold for its higher durability. How yellow you like your yellow gold to be might also influence your decision but remember that if you choose an engagement ring style with several accent diamonds, that could change the ring’s overall effect. Considering durability and look, and aiming for a balance of those two factors according to your personal taste and priorities, is probably the best way to decide.

Most Popular 18k White Gold Engagement Ring:

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most popular 18k white gold engagement ring is the classic six prong half round solitaire by Brian Gavin. The first thing youll notice about this setting is that the head configuration features a bit of extra flair, which creates the illusion that the head is actually a six prong crown. The ring shank tapers differently than the traditional six prong solitaire pictured above. The classic knife edge style solitaire by Brian Gavin features the same head configuration, set atop a knife edge ring shank, which is not actually sharp like a knife. Rather the outer edge of the ring shank comes to a slight point in a kind of > shape, hence the name.

Unlike the 14k white gold solitaire engagement rings featured above, which are die struck and mass produced to accommodate diamonds within a range of carat weight, e.g. 1.00 to 1.25 carats these settings are custom made-to-order, the prong configuration is specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions of the diamond which you order.

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K Gold Wears Down Easier Than 14k

Because 18k gold has so much more soft gold in it, its going to scratch and wear down much faster than a 14k piece of jewelry. This is especially important if youre picking out rings and also do a lot of work with your hands.

If youre reading this to pick the metal for your wedding rings, remember that your engagement ring is going to rub against the wedding band if you wear them together. Take the karat of the engagement ring into account here, because it may wear down your wedding band or vice-versa.

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The more the ring touches other materials, the more scratches it will accumulate. Make no mistake, both 14k and 18k scratch and wear down eventually. But 18k does this much faster and you will find yourself taking it to be polished much more frequently.

Because of this, we recommend buying 18k gold for pieces that are not heavily worn, like earrings or tiaras. A bracelet or ring will wear down faster, and you may want 14k gold on that.

Making The Right Decision

What is the main and most important difference between 10k ...

How do you make the right decision? We recommend considering which is more important to you budget, durability, or prestige? We personally believe that 14k gold is a perfect option for a majority of people as it combines appearance, price, and durability the best.

With 18k gold, you start to sacrifice affordability and durability, only to gain maybe a slight appearance advantage and the prestige of having 18k gold.

18k gold is more valuable from a cost perspective however, we dont view 14k gold as lesser or cheap. Some people may view it that way and hold firm that they want 18k gold. If you feel that way, understand that you will pay more for it and will have to be more careful with your jewelry.

If you are looking specifically for an engagement or wedding ring, we highly recommend going with 14k gold. You already know how expensive engagement rings can be, and going with 14k instead of 18k gold is one easy way to save money.

14k gold will also be more durable, which is something you really need to keep in mind for any jewelry you are planning to wear every day. 14k gold will hold up better when worn daily.

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Reasons To Choose 14k:

There are a few different factors that will help determine if 14K gold is right for you. First, if your significant other works with their hands, 14K might be the way to go, as its more durable than 18K. Additionally, some styles can only be made in 14K gold because they need the added durability that 14K offers. This brings us to the second reason to choose 14K since it has less gold in it, its more affordable, which makes it a great option if youre looking to maximize your budget. Finally, if your significant other prefers a softer yellow gold color, 14K yellow gold engagement rings are the way to go.

Advantages Of 18k Gold

18K golds biggest advantage is its purity. As the purest form of gold thats practical to use in an engagement ring, an 18K gold ring offers the gorgeous appearance of near-pure gold with most of the practical benefits of an alloy.

This extra purity can be especially obvious with 18K yellow or rose gold, which tends to show a warmer, more vibrant tone in 18K than in 14K gold.

The higher purity level of 18K gold also makes it less likely to trigger skin allergies than 14K or 10K gold. Although 18K gold still contains nickel and other alloy metals, theyre only present in small quantities, making the risk of contact dermatitis or other allergic reactions very small.

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Do 14k And 18k Rose Gold Differ In Color

Due to the different levels of yellow gold, copper, silver, and sometimes zinc in the rose gold variations, 14K rose gold and 18K rose gold do differ in color. Typically, 18K is an alloy metal that is 75% gold and 25% copper and silver. 14K gold is around 58% gold and 42% copper and silver.

  • 14K rose gold has a deeper pink color because of greater amounts of copper.
  • 18K rose gold has a much lighter pink color.

Its very interesting to see how the rose gold composition impacts its coloring. This is an important factor to consider when making a decision about 14k vs 18k rose gold.

While the amount of yellow gold in 14K and 18K rose gold remains consistent, not all 14K rose gold will look alike, and not all 18K rose gold will look alike. Rose gold jewelry will vary from a reddish hue to a champagne hue depending on the mix of copper and silver, and sometimes zinc.

Which one is better based on color is completely determined by personal preference. If you prefer a reddish hue or desire a more vintage look, 14K rose gold will suit you better. However, if you prefer a pale pink color, you will likely prefer 18K rose gold. Both variations of rose gold look beautiful on all skin tones and pair well with other metals too. While you can mix 18K rose gold and 14K rose gold jewelry, if you want consistent coloring across all of your jewelry, be sure to shop for one type or the other.

How To Tell The Difference Between 14k And 18k Gold

14K vs 18K Gold? What Should You Choose?

Not all gold is created equal. This is why you will always have different gold categories to choose from whenever shopping for jewelry. Generally, gold is differentiated by its Karat rating, and the most common varieties are 14K gold and 18K gold. As a shopper, it is essential to know how to differentiate these two types of gold despite their many similarities. Also, it is crucial to learn how to tell if the jewelry is gold-plated or solid.

But, before we look at these differences, lets find out the ideology behind the term Karat.

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Get Expert Advice To Pick Your Diamond Engagement Ring Wisely

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Best metals for a diamond engagement ring: Diamond Registry consultants recommend

Here is the list of top metals our clients pick for their diamond jewelry pieces. Feel free to use this rating for your inspiration!


Platinum is the most expensive setting for an engagement ring but its truly worth it. The remarkable traits of this metal are outstanding glow and hypnotizing white color. Also, its very caring to your skin: platinum doesnt cause allergies and looks great on pale and dark skin alike. Match it with a D-color diamond to create a truly royal piece of jewelry!

White gold
Yellow gold
Rose gold

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K And 18k Gold Overview

We consider both 14K and 18K as gold mixed with an alloy, a combination of several other metals. The ratio of metals determines the type. With a 14 to 10 ratio, 14K gold contains approximately 58% of pure gold and 42% other metals such as nickel, copper, rhodium, and zinc. The alloy is much stronger than pure gold, meaning it is perfect for durable jewelry and accessories that will last for a lifetime. 14K gold is also known as 583 gold.

On the other hand, 18K alloy refers to 18 parts of pure gold and six parts of metals like nickel, copper, silver, and zinc to increase its strength and resistance. 18K gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% of other metals. It has more richness and vivid color than 14K gold, so jewelers use it to produce fine jewelry. 18K gold is also known as 750 gold.

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Which Gold Is Best For You10k 14k 18k And 24k Gold Karat Compared

If youre looking for an engagement ring or another piece of gold-based jewelry, you should know that the type of gold you select can have a massive impact on its appearance, its feeling, and even its durability. In the engagement ring world, the type of diamond you choose should be your main focus – but gold is a close second.

But what is a gold karat, exactly? And how should you decide between the different gold purity levels? What are the pros and cons in each karat grade?

Reasons To Choose 18k:


To help decide whether 18K gold is the choice for you, consider the following factors: Since its purer and has less alloys in it, 18K is preferable if your significant other has a metal allergy. 18K yellow gold also has a brighter look to it than 14K, which may be preferable to 14Ks more subtle tone. If your significant other has a job that doesnt involve a lot of hand work, then 18Ks durability should fare fine.

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Pros Of 14k Gold Jewelry

  • Durability: Thanks to the higher ratio of alloyed metals, 14-karat gold is more durable than 18k gold, offering better resistance to wear and tear. For this reason, its ideal for day-to-day use, and this type of gold is the preferred choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. 14k gold jewelry can withstand manual labor, sports, and other rigorous activities, making it perfect for those with a more active lifestyle.
  • Affordability: 14k gold jewelry contains less pure gold than its 18k gold counterpart. This, of course, will have its impact on the pricing of the gold jewelry. A 14k gold ring, for example, will cost slightly less than the same ring style made from 18k gold.
  • Availability: In the world of gold jewelry, 14k gold is widely popular and available throughout the world. When it comes to engagement rings, 14k gold is by far the most popular option, and it accounts for almost 90% of sold rings both in the US and other Western European countries.

K Vs 18k Gold: Which Is Brighter

Is there a color difference between 14k and 18k gold? Yes, there is. Generally speaking, these two types will differ from each other in brightness & hue.

Pure 100% 24k gold as pictured above is bright reddish yellow in color and keeps this tone in high karat jewelry. Depending on alloy and karat, its hue can be more or less intense.

Since 18k contains more gold parts, the color of an 18k gold ring will be, roughly said, brighter and intenser than a 14k piece that contains more alloy.

But the color of your gold ring will depend not only on its gold karat but on the kind of alloy you have in it.

In the modern jewelry market, there are the 3 most popular kinds of gold: yellow, white, and rose gold. These different hues of gold are determined by an alloy used for them. Each alloy gives gold a different coloration. For example, there are alone more than 100 varieties of rose gold and each has a slightly different color.

So, we cannot say for sure that your 18k gold ring will be brighter than a 14k piece. A ring of 18k white gold WONT probably look brighter than a 14k yellow gold only because it contains more gold inside. The color depends on alloys used for rings.

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K Vs 18k Gold: Which Is Most Durable

Gold as a chemical element is considered a heavy metal because of its high density, which comes from the fact that each of its atoms is individually very heavy.

Still, these atoms make the gold soft and malleable as well. Actually, gold is so soft that in fact, one gram of it can be beaten into a sheet covering nearly a square meter.

  • Logically, the purest 24k gold is the softest karat type of all. 24k gold is too soft for complicated jewelry manufacturing.
  • 18k is already more resistant to scratching, bending, and scuffing compared to a higher-karat gold because it also contains other metals harder than gold.
  • 14k is the most durable compared to 18k and higher karat gold. It has about 45% of the other metals mixed in to make it harder and more durable.

What this all means to you & your gold jewelry

  • 18k gold piece compared to 14k will scratch, wear down, bend, and break more easily. It is typically considered as a special occasion gold, such as engagement rings, anniversary rings, etc.
  • You can wear your 18k and other solid gold pieces in the shower: water will not damage the metal itself, but it can reduce the shine. So its not highly recommended.
  • 14k gold provides more resistance to wear and tear. Your 14k ring will wear down more slowly than an 18k piece. It will be a nice choice for those with more active lifestyles. It holds up better in sports, manual labor, & other regular activities.
  • Both solid gold pieces like 14k and 18k can last beautifully for many years.

Which Is Better 14k Or 18k Gold

14k vs 18k Gold: Which one to choose for your Engagement Ring?
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14k gold is more affordable than 18k since it contains less pure gold in the metal, and because it contains a higher percentage of alloyed metals it provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear. … 14k gold can be an excellent choice for those with more active lifestyles.Read more

  • What should I choose: 10k, 14k or 18k gold?

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K Gold: Affordable And Durable

Gold that is rated as 10k is the least pure gold, although it is the most durable and affordable gold to purchase. Gold with a 10k designation would be appealing for someone who works in an environment where jewelry can potentially be damaged or scratched. For example, perhaps an auto mechanic wears a 10k gold wedding band so that he doesnt scratch it during work. Perhaps the doctor who washes her hands many times during the day needs a durable wedding band. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are often made up of 10k gold.

Although purchasing 10k gold helps your wallet, this type of gold could hurt your skin. The gold in 10k pieces is mixed and combined with other metals, which can often be responsible for allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can range from contact dermatitis to itchiness and blisters. Therefore, people with sensitive skin may want to avoid this type of gold.

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