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Capture Observations In The Moment

How to complete a Teaching Strategies GOLD Checkpoint

With GOLD, assessment is an authentic part of instruction, not a disruption. Embedded in your everyday interactions with children in the classroom or at home, formative assessment is an effortless, organic part of your teaching day. You can easily capture, organize, and store notes, photos, videos, and digital samples of childrens work in the moment to make observations authentic, objective, and easy to remember.

Who Benefits From Our Connected Ecosystem

For the critical years, from birth through age 8, our developmentally appropriate, whole-child approach respects individual skill progression and empowers creative, confident, and caring learners through joyful, play-based investigations.

Our truly transformative approach to family partnerships demonstrates value and respect for all families, honors home language, links family engagement activities to classroom learning, models family interactions, and incorporates co-creation to center family perspectives.

Every teacher deserves a great support system. With robust coaching, tools to streamline admin tasks, instructional resources for all learners, on-demand support, real-time insights and plenty of encouragement, we reignite teachers passion for what they love most teaching.

With the integrated flow of data across connected workflows, administrators gain access to intelligent dashboards and reports on program quality improvement, family engagement, and compliance. Embedded tools and resources enable consistency in learning, whether in class, hybrid, or distance learning. Coaching and professional development options ensure teachers are supported every step of the way.

Detroit and Teaching Strategies made big gains for little learners in language, literacy, and family engagement.

Deliver Your Online Course

Implementation is the step in which you deliver your course to the target audience. In other words, the effectiveness of your course design will be tested and confirmed. A solid groundwork is critical for a smooth and successful implementation of all instructional strategies. A few key tips for implementation, based upon online learning best practices,

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Individualize Learning With One Platform Resources Of The Highest Quality And Connected Workstreams

Through the leading early learning platform, our ecosystem brings together essential content, tools, data, and support aligned to research-based objectives, empowering teachers to easily identify and respond to each childs needs.

Whole-child curriculum connected to assessment to individualize learning
Data and reporting to inform instruction and drive program efficacy
Incorporates all essentials for transformative family engagement
Intentional support for every professional development need, from beginner to expert

What Can Cdl Do For You

Teaching Strategies Gold Login
  • Instructional Support Services Take your skills to the next level
  • Our Initiatives
  • Learning Systems and Integrations
  • Engage and Inspire Your Students with a growing library of games, applications, study tools, & learning aids. Materia is designed to help you diversify your students’ online learning experience.
  • Obojobo is UCFs new online tool that provides a multifaceted interface capable of building, containing and utilizing instructional components.
  • ProctorHub is a Webcourses@UCF integration that assists faculty members with quiz and exam authentication while helping to curb cheating.
  • Teaching Online Preparation ToolkitThe Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit website is a comprehensive resource that provides the postsecondary community with the essential elements required to ensure a very high quality online faculty development program, including a sample course that may be imported into any learning management system and then customized.
  • This Blended Learning Toolkit is a free, open resource for educational institutions interested in developing or expanding their blended learning initiatives.
  • The Teaching Online Podcast , hosted by Dr. Thomas Cavanagh and Dr. Kelvin Thompson, is a monthly podcast for online and blended learning professionals conducted over a shared cup of coffee.
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    Myteachingstrategies Apps On Google Play

    The app is for teacher use only. Family Central users will not be able to log into the app. About MyTeachingStrategies® The Assess portion of MyTeachingStrategies® is powered by GOLD® and offers a streamlined, simplified way to conduct accurate, authentic, ongoing assessment of childrens development and learning from birth through third

    Media Message Design Tutorial

    Completing this Media and Message Design Tutorial will guide you through the redesign of content for your online course. Make sure you work through all levels of the tutorial. Assessment Message Design Media Components Maintenance Assessment Regardless of your discipline, putting your content message online requires careful examination of many factors. Moving from the initial

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    Teaching Strategies Gold Overview

    My TeachingStrategies GOLD is an assessment tool designed to monitor the progress of children from birth to third grade in key domains of learning. TSG provides a mechanism to holistically assess a student’s development across several domains. Data collected through TSG helps to inform instruction and lesson planning as well as provides information routinely to address individual needs of children. This information assists educators in identifying where a child is at in relation to their widely held expectations.

    Currently, TSG is required in the following areas:

    • The ADE Exceptional Student Services team requires PEAs to use TSG for preschool-age children on an IEP. This requirement is in effect for the 2022 to 2023 school year.
    • Exceptional Student Services uses data from TSG for Arizona’s submission of IDEA Part B data. By reviewing trend level data, ADE ECSE makes statewide decisions on professional development and identifies supports needed throughout Arizona.
  • Head Start preschools are required to use an ongoing progress monitoring system to assess enrolled children. The majority of Head Start preschools in Arizona use TSG.
  • All schools that serve kindergarten students are required to use TSG to assess their kindergarten students within the first 45 days of enrollment.
  • How To Access A New Teaching Strategies Gold Account

    First Look-Teaching Strategies GOLD® Documentation App

    To receive access to a Teaching Strategies Gold account, the following steps must be completed:

    • The program achieves Star Level 2, 3, 4, or 5.
    • One administrator AND one educator from each age group in the program attend the Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold training. *You can register for this PD atdieecpd.org
    • All remaining staff who will use TSG , watch the TS Gold Orientation Video.

    Once your program has met each of the above requirements, please complete the TSG Access Form and follow the directions on the form to submit it.

    Every Delaware Stars program that completes the above requirements will receive one program copy of the Objectives for Development and Learning . If your program has not already received their one program copy, please complete the ODL Request form to request it.

    We are here to help! DIEEC has Technical Assistants who are trained to support your implementation of Teaching Strategies Gold. If you are interested in setting up a time to talk about the supports that are available, please reach out to Kristy Smith by email at or by phone at

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    Gold Documentation Apps On Google Play

    Capture the momentand set preliminary levels directly from the app! The GOLD® Documentation is a free app created exclusively for teachers using the GOLD® assessment system. It enables teachers to easily capture documentation in the moment using their favorite mobile device. This user-friendly app is free for all GOLD® users and can save teachers valuable time in the classroom.

    How Do I View My Teachers Login Template Title

    Jul 20, 2018 · Choose a program, site, primary teacher, classroom, and one or more child record whose documentation you want to view . You can filter by keyword, which filters words and phrases from observation notes . You can filter by checkpoint period . You can filter by Date Observed . You can filter by author .

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    Teaching Strategies Gold Account Login

    Teaching Strategies Gold Account Login. Find the Login info Teaching Strategies Gold Account Login. How to Teaching Strategies Gold Account Login? Check on sites are below.

    Table Of Content:

    Forgot Username? Forgot Password? … Forgot Username? Enter the email address associated with your account. … Forgot Password? Enter the username associated with …

    Instructional Best Practices Using Technology

    Teaching Strategies Gold Sign In : Kiddie University Centers Now Using ...

    The following instructional best practices using technology are broken down into four categories: Pedagogy Organization Interaction Assessment Pedagogy The Guidelines for Synchronous Assignments is a list of endorsed best practices that you may wish to explore and/or implement in your online course. Organization Instructional Design Well-designed course pages, rubrics, lessons, and assignments are paramount to

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    Teaching Strategies Early Childhood Curriculum

    Comprehensive early childhood curriculum, assessment, and training resources for early childhood educators. The online home of The Creative Curriculum, brought to you by Teaching Strategies, a dynamic company serving infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, Head Start, school-age, and family child care programs.

    What Is Teaching Strategies Gold

    Teach Strategies GOLD is the system we use to track what your children are doing in the classroom. This site also allows for parents to log in and communicate with their childrens teachers. To understand more, check out these flyers:

    Made with Love by Creative Thought Solutions

    Privacy Overview

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    Design Your Online Course

    Successful online courses start with effective planning for overall design and outcomes. By identifying your course goals and learning objectives, you achieve a clearer picture of how to best design a structured and engaging course. A strong understanding of the needs of your learners and how your course can meet those needs is important to

    Understand Each Childs Needs Based On Developmentally Appropriate Milestones

    RTS My Teaching Strategies – GOLD: Introduction

    The assessment model used in GOLD follows widely held expectations for children from birth through third grade and enables a whole-child approach to assessment. Color-coded progressions guide teachers toward selecting and adapting activities that support each childs development and learning. Meaningful reports inform classroom practices and individualized instruction.

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    Teaching Strategies Gold Observation Sheets Worksheets

    Teaching Strategies Gold is an observation tool used for children from birth through age 6. It assesses over 72 individual objectives through anecdotal observations. Keeping track of these objectives is challenging for teachers. I created this recording tool to keep all of my assessment data in one . Subjects:

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