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How To Make Gold Name Necklace

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Different Gold Purity Levels

Easy Way to Hand Cut & Design A Name Necklace

How do you know the amount of gold is in the jewelry piece youre buying? Every piece of gold jewelry mentions its purity level, expressed in Karats. Here are the most common gold purity levels:

99.9 999

The Karats signify the gold-to-metal ratio. Any higher-numbered Karatage contains more gold and the lowest Karatages contain the least amount of gold.

Which one should you choose? Pure gold is best for fine jewelry youll only wear occasionally.

But what about a gold name necklace, an item youll want to wear daily? You should always choose the type of gold you prefer. But a middle-ground Karatage, such as a 12K or 14K gold name necklace, is recommended for first-time shoppers.

Fine gold is soft but is resistant to tarnishing. Lower-level gold, such as 9K and 10K gold, are more durable but tarnish easily. Middle-level Karatages offer durable gold and are less likely to tarnish.

Need More Jewelry Advice

Gold necklaces are extremely popular, especially gold name necklaces. But if you want to buy a gold name necklace, its important to know all about gold and how to maintain your necklace.

When youre ready to buy your necklace, there are several gold name necklace brands, options, and styles!

Do you need more jewelry advice? We can help you with all of your jewelry needs. Continue reading our website!

Bonus Section #: What If You Cant Find A Gold Name Necklace

What if you cant find a name necklace you like made of gold? There are many other metal options. These include:

  • Copper
  • Pinchbeck
  • Brass
  • Bronze

Both silver and copper are lighter in weight. While these dont have the same famous yellow hue that gold has, they offer different benefits.

Silver is better for formal occasions, though it is appropriate for daily wear.

Copper has many practical advantages when used in jewelry. Its easy to manipulate, perfect for name necklaces.

Bronze is made by combining different metals, usually copper, tin, and zinc. Bronze is strong, great for detailed jewelry such as name necklaces, and is affordable.

Brass has a distinguished gold hue and is an affordable alternative to real gold. Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc. This material is strong, great for sculpting , and is ideal for daily wear .

Pinchbeck is a metal thats made of copper and zinc and looks almost identical to gold. While its lighter in weight, it does tarnish over time.

Keep in mind, many of these material options arent ideal for formal wear.

You can also opt for a gold plated name necklace. These are made with another metal, such as silver or copper, and features a piece of gold wrapped around the metal.

Gold-plated jewelry is popular because you can use a higher-grade of gold, such as 20K and even 24K gold, and the piece is still durable. This is a better option for both formal and casual wear.

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How To Make A Beaded Necklace

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Creating your own jewelry can be fun for so many reasons: not only do you get to tap into your creative side, you also have the chance to make something completely unique that reflects your personal style. Plus, it’s very easy to make a beaded necklace. Read this article to discover helpful tricks on how to make a beautiful, beaded necklace.

How To Make A Name Necklace Online A Step

Personalized Mini Gold Name Necklace

Step One: Choose a brand or retailer you trust. Amazon is a great example. We will describe their services and products in-depth later in this article.

Step Two: Find a necklace you like. There is a wide range of reputable name necklace jewelers on Amazon, such as TinyName. It offers many types of necklaces, including styles, metal options, and other customizations.

Lets choose the 18K gold-plated horizontal name necklace. This necklace is one of their best-selling items, with an average 4.5 score of more than 4,100 reviews!

Step Three: To the right, you can find the entrance button to the customization form. Start by picking your preferred font from the available 12 styles. Then enter your name or your loved ones name. The name must be 15 characters maximum in length.

Step Four: TinyName automatically selects 18K yellow gold-plated as the material. But you have many different metal options, including a rose gold name necklace and silver.

Keep in mind, the material you choose can impact the final price of the necklace.

Step Five: Choose the chain length that most suitable for you. The jeweler provides five options for you to choose from: 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. The chain is in cable style with a lobster claw, an ideal choice for wearers of all ages.

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Purchase Name Necklaces From The Top Brands

Name necklaces are a serious trend and a wonderful gift. But you shouldnt order a name necklace from just anyone. Stores such as Amazon have trusted names that deliver high-quality jewelry pieces at an affordable price.

Do you need more jewelry advice? We offer plenty of resources for all types of jewelry. Continue reading our blog!

Personalised Necklaces Make Ideal Gifts For All Occasions

Personalised necklaces are a fan favourite of our personalised jewellery collection. Simply choose your preferred design, the desired text, chain length and metal, including quality yellow gold, rose gold, silver and stainless steel, and let us handcraft it to perfection.

These thoughtful custom jewellery pieces are perfect as a memorable gift for those important milestones, such as Mothers Day, birthdays, Valentines Day, graduations and so much more. And because they feature timeless, stylish designs, theyre sure to make a great addition to any jewellery box.

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Name Necklaces Buying Guide: 6 Top Brands Reviewed

Valentines Day is right around the corner in fact, every day is Valentines Day! Its difficult knowing what gift to buy your loved one. Plus, we live in the #TreatYoSelf era, which is why 51% of millennial women buy jewelry for themselves.

What is a great jewelry piece that works equally well as a gift for another as well as a gift for yourself? Name necklaces are taking over the jewelry landscape.

What is a name necklace? A name necklace is a customized piece of jewelry that features an individuals name. The TV show Sex and the City popularized this necklace style. The character, Carrie, wore the necklace throughout the entire show.

Many personalized jewelry brands offer high-quality name necklaces. But which ones are the best? Here are the top name necklace and personalized jewelry brands reviewed for buyers.

  • Purchase name necklaces from the top brands
  • Font Style Matters More Than You Imagine

    How to Make a Wire Name Necklace | by Michele Baratta

    The font style not only reflects the wearers personal tastes. When choosing the font, you should also factor into its comfort to the wearer and its maintenance. Even though the Carrie or script font style would be the prioritized choice for some, others may favor the Gothic style font for a bolder statement. However, similar styles like this have sharp corners, which may hurt sensitive skin.

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    Youre Rarely Buying 24k Gold

    24K gold is pure gold, not mixed with any alloys or metals. Pure gold is desired because it gives off an intense yellow hue. 24K gold is pretty rare this is why the price tag increases but also why most of the gold that you buy is a combination of different metals.

    Most jewelry is designed to be worn frequently, such as your gold name necklace. This is why the gold you buy is a combination of alloys. Most alloys are cheaper in price, also helping to reduce the price of your gold jewelry.

    Custom Gold Name Necklace

    Create a truly unique necklace with our collection of Personalized 14k Gold Name Necklace options. Our customer’s love the classic 14k Gold Bar Name Necklace which can be engraved on the front and back of the bar charm. For an anniversary order the 14k Gold Bar Cut Out Heart Name Necklace, which has a heart cut-out of the side. There are 14k yellow gold and white gold options, all of them are delivered with a personalized card message to send a sweet note along with the necklace. Adding a name to a jewelry piece makes it something to treasure for years to come, whether it is your own name of the name of someone you love including your significant other or children.

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    Making Your Beaded Necklace

  • 1Slide one bead onto the string. Then, slide the crimping bead in, and then add another bead about 1 inch or so down. Keep in mind that you’re not yet transferring your design onto the thread. These are necessary, preliminary steps that will secure your necklace.
  • 2Place one end of the clasp on after the crimping bead. Then, make a loop with the stringing material.
  • 3Thread the end of the stringing material through the clasp section. Then add the bead-crimp-bead combo, and use the crimping tool/chain nose pliers to crimp the bead into place.
  • If using bead thread, you may wish to put a dot of super glue of hypo cement on either end to ensure that the beads and crimp stay on.)
  • These steps will protect the stringing material from rubbing on the ends of the crimp bead, which may cause the necklace to break.
  • 4Slide your design onto the string. Once you’re satisfied with your design, carefully remove one bead at a time, and string it onto the thread. Be sure to leave about 3-4 inches of stringing material at the end.
  • Thread beads onto the stringing material until there are none left on your bead board.
  • 5Use a clasp section/ jump ring and the bead-crimp-bead combo. Try to push the remaining stringing material into the bead holes below the crimping bead.
  • 7
  • What Are Popular Styles Of Gold Necklaces

    Name Necklace Gold Personalized Name Necklace Custom Celebrity

    Gold necklaces come in a range of styles and designs, with popular options including gold heart pendants, gold initial necklaces, gold cross pendants and simple gold chains.

    The style you choose will ultimately depend on your personal taste, or that of your loved one. Selecting a piece that reflects your own style and complements your existing collection will ensure you will cherish your gold necklace for a lifetime

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    Buy From Bigger Brands

    Always buy from more prominent and well-known brands. You cant replicate their quality and their devotion to customer service. Compared to smaller brands, more famous brands have more style options. Consider the 6 Most Trustworthy Name Necklace Brands reviewed above you can make comparisons among them based on your needs before making the final decision.

    Create A Custom Name Necklace Or Bracelet

    Give the unique gift of a custom name necklace or bracelet from KAY. You can choose from a variety of metal colors when making a nameplate necklace. Add an elegant touch with cursive script or show some love with a name framed in a heart border. From celebrating a new mother to a pet, a personalized necklace is the perfect sentiment. Shop our selection online or stop by a KAY store.

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    Read Product Reviewswith Photos

    Before ordering your name necklace, always read the product reviews. Customer reviews can provide a better outlook on the quality of the jewelry.

    You should also trust the product reviews that include photos. Photos will provide a better look at the appearance of the jewelry and how they look when worn.

    Get Personal With Our Exquisite Personalised Jewellery In Australia

    how to make jewelry name necklace |Tutorial gold silver laser cutting engraving

    Whether youre treating yourself or hunting for a unique, priceless and affordable gift, our personalised jewellery options allow you to wonderfully express what’s in your heart and add meaning to your jewellery.

    Our personalised jewellery collection includes a timeless range of name necklaces and pendants, bracelets, and rings, which you can customise with a name or an important date. Add stunning name jewellery to your collection, or to someone who means the world to you.

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    Preparing The Design And Layout

  • 1Arrange your beads on a flat surface, like a table or a desk. Play with the beads until you find the design you like best. Try different color variations, perhaps even think of having multiple layers of string. You might want a choker that wraps around your neck a few times, or maybe just one long loop.
  • 2Place your bead board on your flat surface. A bead board is a tool that greatly facilitates the process of stringing beads, and improves your design skills rapidly. You can use it to measure the length of your necklace, while keeping the beads in place. If you plan on making necklaces regularly, or even occasionally, you should have a board at hand.
  • Place your beads in your chosen design at the number zero, and measure the length of your necklace using the numbers and dashes along the sides.
  • Use the channels for laying out beads.
  • The tray insets are for holding beads and findings.
  • 3Cut your determined length of beading thread, plus 6 inches. For example, if you’d like to make a collar, cut a total of 22 inches of thread .
  • 4Gather 2 crimp beads, 1 clasp, and the beads for the desired necklace. The next part will give you tips on how to thread beads properly.Advertisement
  • Gorgeous Personalised Rings And Bracelets Available Now

    For a gift they will always cherish, give that special someone a custom jewellery ring that includes their birthstone or zodiac sign, or a dazzling sterling silver bracelet. Our selection caters to everyone, with bracelets, rings and other personalised jewellery essentials for women, men and children.

    No matter which personalised jewellery style you go for, you can rest assured knowing these classic, glamorous and versatile pieces will complement any ensemble, from your casual everyday look to a formal dress or suit.

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    Shop Bevilles For Personalised Name Necklaces In Australia

    For over 80 years, Bevilles has led the way, sourcing ethically sourced gems and crafting high quality personalised jewellery in Australia. We invite you to visit one of our stores, where our experts will be happy to assist you.

    Or shop our incredible personalised jewellery range now and receive free shipping over $100 Australia-wide. Please note that delivery can take up to 12 weeks for custom made orders, and that these orders are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

    Soufeel Overlapping Heart Two

    14K Gold Maria Style Hearts Name Necklace

    Want more than just one name? Soufeel offers a two-named necklace with an overlapping heart design, perfect for your loved one. Soufeel necklaces are popular because of their customization options. You can write out full names, use first letters, or initials.

    Keep in mind, this is a 14K gold plated piece. You can choose either silver or copper as the base metal.

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    Categorized By Metal Or Material

    The most common metals include gold and silver. You can also opt for different materials, such as diamonds, colored gemstones, and even shells and pearls.


    Gold has been cherished ever since ancient times. Gold is renowned for its beauty but also for its protection against tarnishing.

    Real gold is soft, so gold is often combined with other metals for durability. Youll know how much gold is used in your name necklace by looking at the Kara. Gold jewelry with higher karats contains more gold, and gold jewelry with lower karats contains less gold.

    Here are some standard gold karats youll see in gold name necklaces:

    Different gold jewelry classifications represent the type of jewelry youre buying. Gold-plated is a familiar label youll see. Gold-plated jewelry is made of a different kind of metal with a gold encasing over the base metal.

    Youll also see different colors of gold. Besides yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are the most common. These colors develop due to the various metals mixed in with gold. For example, a white gold name necklace will have a certain amount of nickel, zinc, and copper and rose gold has higher amounts of copper.

    Sterling Silver

    Silver is another common metal youll see in name necklaces. Silver is a soft metal, which is why many jewelers opt for sterling silver. Sterling silver mixes copper in with silver, resulting in a more durable piece of jewelry.

    Other Materials

    Can I Mix A Gold Chain With Other Metals

    You can express your personality by mixing and matching your jewellery to reflect your own style, and this includes mixing different metals.

    A yellow gold pendant can look stunning layered with a rose gold chain, and rose gold and sterling silver necklaces complement each other beautifully. Feel free to extend this to the rest of your jewellery, mixing your choice of gold and silver rings, bracelets or earrings. Any combination that makes you feel confident will guarantee you shine.

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