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How To Do Zakat On Gold

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In Which Surah Zakat Is Mostly Mentioned

Paying Zakaat on gold / silver Jewelry by Dr Zakir Naik

The Quran discusses charity in many verses, some of which relate to zakat. The word zakat, with the meaning used in Islam now, is found, for example, in suras: 7:156, 9:60, 19:31, 19:55, 21:73, 23:4, 27:3, 30:39, 31:4 and 41:7. Zakat is found in the early Medinan suras and described as obligatory for Muslims.

Calculate How Much Zakat You Have To Pay:

Your Zakatable Wealth x 2.5% = Total Zakat You Owe for the Year

We hope this helps you understand the fundamentals of how Zakat is calculated!

To make the calculation easier, you can use our Online Zakat Calculator, where you can just plug in your numbers. It will even calculate the value of your gold and silver automatically.

What About Gold And Silver As Non

Gold and silver are subject to Zakat in all their forms but womens jewelry and, as just stated for men, a plain silver ring or a silver decorative sword hilt.

If a Muslim possesses gold or silver in any forbidden form , scholars agree one owes Zakat on them, and their value is added to that of all ones other gold or silver and Zakat paid on it collectively.

If Islam prohibits somethings use, it also forbids its decorative display. Ostentation is the cause for its prohibition. When the form of the gold or silver is prohibited , Islam deems that item twice-forbidden. If it is a work of art , one does not base its Zakatable value solely on the gold or silvers weight but on each pieces actual market value, which becomes subject to Zakat.

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How Much Gold Do You Have To Have To Pay Nisab

The nisab is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must possess before they become eligible to pay Zakat. This amount is often referred to as the nisab threshold. Gold and silver are the two values used to calculate the nisab threshold. The nisab is the value of 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver.

Do I Have To Pay Zakat On My Savings

Zakat on Jewellery

Other precious metals and stones are not zakatable unless they were acquired for the purpose of trade. Cash or its equivalent: Cash at home, in bank accounts, savings, money lent to others, saving certificates, bonds, shares, investment certificates and so on, are all taken into account when calculating zakat.

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Do I Need To Pay Zakat On My Gold And Silver

Gold and silver in whichever form they are in are all subject to Zakat.

If you own personal items made from a mixture of metals, then the gold/silver content is liable to Zakat in the mixed metal.

Some scholars are of the opinion that mixed metals are only liable to Zakat if half or more of the metal is gold or silver.

Can The Question Of Zakat On Womens Jewelry Be Summarized

no zakat on jewelry in two cases:

  • Womens jewelry for personal use whether of gold or silver, or other precious metals, gems, and stones that do not exceed customary amounts or commonly accepted measures of dimension and value.

  • A plain silver ring for men, or a silver-handled sword, or one with a silver-ornamented hilt, provided it is of real use and not a decorative piece.

  • pay zakat on jewelry in three cases:

  • On gold and silver jewelry kept as a store of value for the purpose of investment or increasing its worth, when it equals or exceeds the market value of 85 gm of pure gold in its appraised value . This is added to ones other gold and silver holdings to determine nisab and due Zakat.

  • On all jewelry or ornamentation in unlawful forms and used as decorations, utensils, or art or prohibited jewelry worn by men.

  • On all jewelry considered, in the common sense, extravagant, either in dimension, value, or amount, whether one wears it or not.

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How Is Your Zakat Used

Zakat is so much more than a yearly obligation. Its a revolutionary concept with the potential to ease the suffering of millions around the world. Its so important in our religion that it is mentioned over 30 times in the Quran, and very often together with the establishment of prayer.

Allah defines the true believers as those who are steadfast in prayer and give Zakat. Because of this, we are set apart as a people who strive not only toward inner refinement but also public service through our Zakat.

How then is your Zakat used to change lives? The purpose of Zakat is to make sure the poor and the needy, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged are looked after. Its meant to ensure that our collective wealth finds a way to those who need it the most.

At Islamic Relief, we strive to distribute your Zakat in a way that empowers people to break the cycle of poverty. Our goal is to provide relief, and ultimately bring people out of their difficult circumstances by helping them become financially independent.

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All That Remains Is To Apply 25 On This Which Gives Her A Total Zakat Amount Of 14913

How to calculate Zakat on gold that is 18k, 21k and 22k? – Assim al hakeem

How to calculate zakat on grains. Zakah on grains and fruits is compulsory because Allah Almighty says. Zakat is calculated by multiplying two by 4. The prevalent opinion of the scholars is that Zakat is required on all crops meaning grains vegetables fruits etc that reaches five wasqs based on the statement of the Prophet on him be peace.

101569 x 25 SGD 253923. Total zakatable amount x 25 Zakat. If it is not irrigated as our earlier table of Zakat rates showed the Prophet on him be peace set that Zakat rate saying in an authentic.

One which is self-irrigated either. If you own real estate property for less than one year it does not fall under the obligation of zakat. A 5 percent deduction from your savings and financial assets is not used to maintain your lifestyle.

To simplify the rules around paying zakat use the nisab values for 2021 below then enter your personal values into the calculator to determine your zakat contribution. Determine your zakat net worth. It will help you calculate zakat on startups and lots of other investments.

Subtract your liabilities from your zakat-eligible assets. And due to the statement of the Prophet . But pay the due thereof its Zakat according to Allahs Orders 110th or 120th on the day of its harvest al-An aam 6141.

It is a pretty simple calculation here. Enter the Value of Nisab in your local currency. Calculate how much Zakat you have to pay.

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How Is Zakat Calculated On Stocks Shares And Bonds

Scholars hold two major opinions on how to assess the Zakat of stocks, shares and bonds, primarily depending on who pays the Zakat on the wealth increase the corporation or issuing entity, or the individual shareholder.

For the purposes of individuals calculating their own Zakat which is overwhelmingly the case in our times the Zakat Calculator is calibrated for the stronger and simpler of the two opinions namely, Zakat comes due on profits, whether in the form of dividends or interest, or any combination of these, at the rate of 2.5% annually, provided that sum reaches the Zakat threshold of nisâb, the minimum quantity, or lower limits, that the Prophet, on him be peace, established as fixed thresholds at which a Muslim must pay Zakat from specific kinds of eligible wealth .

One does not calculate this minimum independently, but rather adds the sums of share or bond earnings to similar funds held by their owner, specifically other assets that amount to currency.

Nor does one establish separate Zakat Due Dates for these holdings, but rather uses ones established ZDD to calculate their Zakat payment, even if purchased the day before that due date. The passage of a year required on most Zakatable assets starts for all similar currency items in aggregate on the day after ones previous ZDD .

Gold Or Silver Designated For Personal Use

There are differences of opinion regarding whether or not gold and silver jewellery that is kept for personal use should be exempt from Zakat. According to the Hanafi school, Zakat is due on this gold and silver. According to the other schools of Islamic law, Zakat is not due on this even if it was used once in a given year.

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A Beginners Guide On How To Calculate Zakat

It is the month of Ramadan, and at this time many of us are wondering how to calculate Zakat. But lets take a step back and take the time to appreciate, what is Zakat? Why does it hold such importance in Islam?

At a time when many services and businesses are restricted, when borders are closed and many peoples livelihoods are uncertain, charities continue to provide aid and support. All over the world, humanitarian organizations are trying to make sure the most vulnerable people are not overlooked during this pandemic.

But they wouldnt be able to operate without the generosity of people who are willing to give at a time of crisis. As Muslims, giving charity is more than a means of earning Allahs pleasure, its also an obligation and a right we must fulfill, known as Zakat.

Those who put aside from their wealth a known right for the needy and the poor they are honoured in Gardens of Bliss.

Quran 70:24-35

To help you fulfill this important obligation, weve put together this beginners guide to Zakat. In the next sections, well cover everything you need to know to get started. The topics we cover will include:

  • What is Zakat?

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What Is Zakat And How To Pay It

How to Calculate Zakat on Gold, Silver and Wealth

Islam is a religion that gives the message of love and peace. It wants its followers to live in peace and harmony in the world along with people of other religions and assist each other in making the world a better place. It is this moto of making the world a better place and helping others that Islam emphasizes on charity.

In Islam, charity holds such a great place that it is an obligation on Muslims in the form of Zakat. In Islam, Zakat is one of the major pillars of Islam, and those who are wealthy enough, for them it is mandatory to give Zakat. However, when it comes to paying Zakat, there are different misconceptions that are prevalent among Muslims. The lines below discuss the importance of Zakat in Islam and the general misconceptions people have regarding it.


In Islam, Zakat is the fourth pillar. Zakat refers to purification in general and purification of wealth in particular, therefore, those Muslims who have wealth over a certain ratio, they are liable to pay Zakat on it and give it to those who are less fortunate and dont have sufficient means to live their life in a standard way.

Pertaining to the question of Zakat, the skeptic ones ask the question that why do they have to pay from their earned money and wealth to the others? The answer to which is as follows.

Importance of Zakat:

People Who Can Be Given Zakat:

In Quran, Allah Almighty says:

From this ayah of Quran, the following people who deserve Zakat can be extracted:

How to Calculate Zakaat

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How Do I Calculate Zakat On Jewelry Gold And Silver

Zakat is only due on gold and silver, and is not due upon any other metals or precious stones.

In order to calculate Zakat on silver and gold you must take into consideration the following:

  • The purity of the gold and silver within the jewelry.
  • 24K gold is considered pure gold
  • To find the purity percentage of your gold, you must divide the karat value of your gold by 24
  • The weight of the gold and silver within the jewelry.
  • This is the true grammage of the amount of gold or silver within the jewelry and is based on the purity percentage
  • To find the true grammage of your gold or silver, you multiply the total weight of gold or silver in your jewelry by the purity percentage
  • The value of the gold and silver within the jewelry.
  • This is determined by the current value of gold and silver on the Zakat calculation date
  • For example, if you have 100g of 18K gold, you would calculate as follows:

    • Purity Percentage = 18/24
    • True Grammage = 100 x Purity Percentage
    • Value = True Grammage x Current Value of Gold
    • Zakat Due on Jewelry = Value x 2.5%

    Calculating Zakat Of Gold


    Assalamualaikum ustadz. Id like to ask about zakat of wealth. I have about 100 grams of gold bullion on July. Then in August, it underwent a cutback to 88 grams . 6 months afterward I bought more gold about 7.5 grams. How to calculate its zakat obligation?

    Thank you, may Allah reward you greatly.

    From: Taufik Hidayat


    In the name of Allah. Peace and prayer of Allah be upon His messenger.

    Zakat of gold, silver, and money isnt compulsory until some requirements regarding it are fulfilled, namely:

    The owner is a muslim.

    The owner is a free man, not a slave.

    The gold, silver, and money are entirely owned.

    Its amount has reached the nishab of zakat.

    Its amount isnt diminish for a full one year period.

    The Messenger of Allah peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

    Theres no zakat for gold which amount is below 20 mitsqal and silver below 200 dirhams.

    According to Mujam Lughah Al-Fuqaha, 1 mitsqal equals 4.24 gram thus, 20 mitsqal is 4,24 gram x 20 = 84,8 gram.

    Our government has defined the nishab for gold for zakat is about 85 gram of pure gold. This is also the opinion of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Shalih Al Uthaymeen, and this is our stance. And Allah knows best.

    If a person has gold weighing about 85 gram or more, he is not obliged to pay for zakat until he has that 85 gram of gold or more for a year without ever reduced from it.

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    When Do I Pay Zakat

    Zakat is paid annually. It is due on every lunar year on the day that your wealth exceeded the minimum threshold known as nisab. However, there are specific wealth categories that are due immediately when you receive whats known as a windfall.

    There are two general categories of Zakat-qualified wealth, with two distinct Zakat payment times :

    • GROWTH WEALTH: This includes currency, gold, silver, business assets, and livestock. The Zakat you pay on these wealth types after 12 full lunar months passes on your full ownership of them, counting from the date of acquisition of each.

    • HARVESTS / WINDFALLS: You need to pay Zakat immediately on crops, honey, and produce, as well as extracted minerals and discovered treasure, at the time of their harvest.

    The Zakat you pay on growing wealth is out of their profit or potential profit. Harvests and windfalls are considered growth and income by themselves, which is why Zakat is due when it is harvested.

    For more nuances on when you need to pay Zakat, refer to the Zakat Handbook here.

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    How Do I Know If I Need To Pay Zakat

    Do we need to pay zakat on gold for personal use? Ramadan Essentials | Islamic Relief UK

    Like any other obligation in Islam, Zakat is only mandatory if certain conditions are met. As we know, Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear.

    The majority of scholars agree the basic conditions for Zakat are that it is mandatory for Muslim adults, of sound mind, who own the minimum amount of Zakatable wealth, or Nisab, for at least one lunar year.

    You should know there are some schools of thought who put forward that Zakat is also due upon minors who have wealth or inheritance if they meet the other conditions: Muslim, complete ownership of the wealth for one lunar year, and meet the Nisab threshold.

    Of course, this doesnt apply to childrens allowances or Eid money, but rather applies to minors with trust funds and inheritances. The details and technicalities are beyond the scope of this blog post, but you can consult with your local scholar for more details. We just wanted to make you aware of this possibility.

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    What Measure Determined The Value Of Gold At That Time

    Weight determined the value of the silver dirham and gold dinar as currency in the time of the Prophet, on him be peace. He established the weights of Makkah as the Muslims standard measure for currency based on the weights of the dirham and dinar of the Makkans. This remains in force for calculating Zakats niâb on gold.

    Why Has Allah Imposed Zakat On Gold

    Allah has forbidden hoarding of gold in severe terms in the Quran because of its essential value to the economic life of the community and because that obsession quickly becomes a sickness of the human soul.

    Yet as for those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in the path of God give them heavy tidings of a most painful torment on a Day Hereafter when gold and silver shall be heated in the Fire of Hell. Then their foreheads and their sides and their backs will be branded with it : This is what you have hoarded up for yourselves! So taste now what you used to hoard up!

    Hence, the Prophet, on him be peace, instructed Muslim guardians to invest the money of the orphans in their care so annual Zakat payments would not consume it before they come of age and assume investment control of it.

    The detailed answer:

    Gold in all its forms coin, bullion, and handicraft and whether held as personal or business wealth, accrues due Zakat every lunar year that it reaches its established Zakat niâb of 85 grams, excepting jewelry women use to adorn themselves.

    There is unanimous agreement among Muslim scholars that any Muslim who owns gold or silver must pay Zakat on it as currency. This means there is Zakat on all money. The Prophet, on him be peace, said: On silver, 2.5% is due.

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