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What Is The Best Gold Stock To Buy

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Best Online Brokers For Gold Stock

The 6 Best Gold Stocks To Buy Right Now!

The broker that you choose will have a huge effect on your success rate in trading gold penny stocks. Good execution, solid uptime and an intuitive user interface are just some of the features that you should look for. Consider the table below of reputable online brokers.

  • More limitations on available margin than competitors
  • Expensive mutual funds

China Gold International Resources

Year-to-date gain: 120.33 percent current share price: C$4.01

China Gold International Resources has two operational assets in China. The firm is currently working to optimize its CSH gold mine, located in Inner Mongolia, and its Jiama copper-polymetallic mine in Tibet.

The value of the miners shares began to rise in early February and peaked at C$4.47 on May 11.

In May, the company released its Q1 results, which featured a revenue increase of 83 percent over the same period in 2020 to total US$272.1 million the best quarterly performance in China Golds history. According to a press release, Mine operating earnings increased by 360 percent to US$83.8 million from US$18.2 million for the same period in 2020.

Best Gold Stocks List For You

As commodities continue to heat up in 2020, you may want to consider this gold stocks list for your portfolio. In fact, you can gain immediate access to trending stocks updates through the Investment U e-letter below. Sign up today and take advantage of this FREE newsletter that provides stock market insights from some of Wall Streets most renowned experts.

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Top Gold Stocks: Kirkland Lake Gold

Kirkland Lake continues to be my number one pick for investors seeking leverage to the price of gold. Indeed, this gold miner boasts some of the best fundamentals in the sector and is one of the highest-margin miners out there.

This reality has led Kirkland Lake to go on a giving spree to investors. The company has continuously raised its dividend yield, as the company is swelling with cash. Over time, I expect some of this cash to be used to replace some high-grade production that will be lost from a key Australian mine. However, until that happens, Kirkland Lake will continue to become cheaper and cheaper in the absence of a massive spike in its share price.

Indeed, this is a company Ive viewed as being undervalued for some time. Currently, Kirkland Lake trades at a valuation multiple of only 13 times earnings, despite the companys growing cash flow profile. Additionally, a 1.7% dividend yield really is the cherry investors get with this stock. I see more room for dividend increases on the horizon, making this a top gold stock Id invite investors to consider right now.

Big Cash Is On Its Way For You

Top Gold Stocks And The Best Gold Stocks To Buy Now

Newmont Goldcorp shares have been very volatile in the past one year, but investors seem to have sensed value in the gold mining stock in recent weeks, as evidenced by its near-17% rally since mid-March. Rightfully so, as Newmont’s production in recent months were hit because of COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, but its growth story remains intact. Newmont’s stock price has typically mirrored FCF growth, which is exactly why it’s such an appealing stock to own now. Let me explain.

Despite lower gold production in Q1, Newmont reiterated its full-year production outlook of 7.8 million gold equivalent ounces . Further down the line, Newmont projects stable GEOs production of around 8 million-8.5 million annually through 2025.

Here’s the real deal: Even if gold prices were to slump to $1,200 per ounce, Newmont could generate a whopping $3.5 billion in annual FCF over the next five years at an average annual GEO production of 8 million ounces. And for every $100 increase in gold prices, it could earn $400 million in incremental FCF. That’s huge, and it’s hard to find another gold miner with such incredible cash-flow visibility. For perspective, Newmont generated a record $3.6 billion in FCF in 2020 at a realized gold price of $1,775 an ounce.

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Invest In Gold Etfs And Gold Mutual Funds

Investing in gold ETFs and mutual funds can provide you with exposure to golds long-term stability while offering more liquidity than physical gold and more diversification than individual gold stocks. There are a range of different types of gold funds. Some are passively managed index funds that track industry trends or the price of bullion using futures or options.

The SPDR Gold Shares ETF , for example, holds physical gold and deposit receipts, and its price tracks the price of physical bullion. VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF , on the other hand, is a passively managed fund that tracks an underlying basket of stocks of gold mining and refining companies.

Gold mutual funds like Franklin Templetons Gold and Precious Metals Fund are actively managed by professional investors. These funds aim to beat the returns of passively managed index funds. In exchange, they charge relatively high expense ratios.

Just remember, like gold stocks you arent buying gold, just paper that is theoretically backed by debt or equity of mining companies or futures and options contracts for physical bullion. This means the value of gold mutual funds and ETFs may not entirely match up with the market price of gold, and these investments may not perform the same as physical gold.

Franco Nevada 5 Year Performance

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Mathieu Litalien

About the author

Mathieu is an individual investor and has been investing part-time for the better part of the past 20 years. He is primarily interested in fundamental analysis, focusing on the long-term and his portfolio is composed primarily of dividend-paying equities. Mathieu has a moderate risk profile and also looks for growth and value. His passion for finance and the markets have led him to his MBA and writing for Seeking Alpha and Stocktrades. Mathieu also focuses primarily on stock research and content production for Premium and the Stocktrades blog.

Top Stocks

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The Final Word On Investing In Gold Stocks

For many investors, precious metals are a constant in their portfolio. Others move in and out of gold and other metals as conditions warrant. Thats one reason why gold stocks can be an appealing option. Rather than hold the physical asset, investors can trade shares just like they do for other equities in their portfolio.

  • And if investors dont want to trade in the options market, they can choose to invest in the security of an exchange-traded fund or mutual fund. While these investments are not going to hold as much value for investors as holding the physical asset, they are a low cost way of maintaining a position in gold without the need to hold physical bullion.
  • However you decide to invest in gold, its important to understand that while gold is known as a true store of value, it can be volatile. Therefore investing in gold while not at a risk of going to zero does contain a level of risk that may be uncomfortable for risk-averse investors.

Best Gold Stocks In 2021

Top Gold ETFs Stocks to Buy Now

Investing in gold is considered to be a core strategy for many investors. Gold is considered a safe haven and a hedge against the volatility of the market. In general, when gold prices rise, it means investors are concerned about the value of currencies. This concern can be tied to monetary policy. For example gold prices soared in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The United States Federal Reserve Board began a program of quantitative easing that flooded the stock market with liquidity. While economists will debate the merits of this policy for decades, theres no question that it devalued the U.S. dollar and caused gold to climb.

  • In fact, in September 2011, the spot price of gold soared to $1,900 an ounce. In the aftermath of the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, gold prices are approaching these record levels again. That is making gold once again one of the most practical investments you can make.
  • And in 2020, investing in gold has never been easier, but it does require some research. The most common way for investors to buy and sell gold is by buying the physical metal itself, usually in the form of gold coins. However, exchange-traded funds are becoming a popular alternative because they mirror the price movement of gold without the obstacles that can come from the cost associated with buying gold directly.

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The 3 Best Royalty Gold Stocks To Buy Now

The price of gold on the stock exchange is rising. 3d illustration.


The big question on gold investors minds, for good reason, is why gold is not higher given the unprecedented money printing and rising inflation. The second question is, when will it change? asks Adrian Day, a money manager focused on resources sector specialist, a contributor to and the editor ofGlobal Analyst. Here he outlines his bullish long-term case for gold, the benefits of royalty streaming companies and his favorite specific investments within the sector.

To some extent, gold has simply been in a long consolidation after the extraordinary move early last year, when gold jumped over 30% from its end-March low to early August high.

The current gold bull market started at the end of 2015, when gold hit $1,051. Gold cycles, both up and down, tend to be long indeed, the shortest have been the last two, in the 1970s and from 2001 to 2011. And it is not unusual for gold to have mid-cycle corrections, often caused by an extraneous shock.

In the 1970s, gold dropped over 40% in a correction lasting 20 months. In 2008s credit crisis, it fell nearly 30% in eight months. So far, this pullback has taken 15% off golds peak price a piker by historical standards and has lasted just 13 months, well within norms for mid-cycle corrections. I would suggest that gold bottomed last March at $1,685, meaning the correction lasted less than seven months.

How To Buy Gold Stocks In Canada

There are several ways you can invest in gold stocks in Canada. If you are a Canadian, most banks have trading platforms that allow you to purchase gold stocks.

I personally use the discount broker Questrade. Questrade also allows you to purchase ETFs for free on its platform. You can open an account at Questrade for free here, and get $50 in free stock trades.

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Advantages Of Gold Securities

Along with some of the general benefits of gold ownership, securities offer:

  • Liquidity. Trading as they do on major exchanges, gold securities are obviously easier to buy and sell than bullion. No storage costs, either aside from any management or account fees your broker or fund manager might charge.
  • Compounded returns. While dividends offered by miners are typically average at best, they are greater than no dividends at all, which is what you get from physical gold. And there is also the possibility of appreciation in the share price.
  • Low initial investment. The most cost-efficient way to invest in general, mutual funds and ETFs let you in on the game at a far lower cost. With the spot price of an ounce of gold around $2,000, $180 for a share of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF equal to 1/10th of an ounce of gold is, well, spot on.

How To Buy Gold Stocks Mutual Funds And Etfs

3 Top Gold Stocks To Buy [or sell] This Quarter

Investing in a gold stock, ETF or mutual fund is often the best way to get exposure to gold in your portfolio.

In order to buy a gold stock or fund, youll need a brokerage account, which you can open with an online broker . Once your account is funded, youll be able to pick the gold-related assets youd like to invest in and place an order for them on your brokers website.

Keep in mind that individual stocks and ETFs are purchased for their share price which can range from $10 or less to four figures but mutual funds have a minimum investment requirement, often of $1,000 or more. Learn more about how to invest in stocks and how to invest in mutual funds.

» Need guidance? Check out our full roundup of the best brokerages

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Heres One Of The Best Gold Stocks To Buy For The Long Term

Kinross Gold is a Toronto-based company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold properties around the world. Shares of this gold stock have plunged 30% in 2021 as of close on October 6. However, the stock has climbed 4.9% week over week.

Investors can expect to see Kinrosss third-quarter 2021 results on November 10. In Q2 2021, the company delivered metal sales of $1.98 billion for the first six months of the fiscal year up from $1.88 billion for the same period in 2020. Adjusted net earnings increased to $349 million, or $0.28, in the year-to-date period compared to $321 million or $0.26 per share in the prior year.

This gold stock boasts a very attractive price-to-earnings ratio of 5.5. Of course, it will be heavily reliant on price fluctuations in the spot price in the months ahead. Fortunately, investors can also rely on its quarterly dividend of $0.03 per share. That represents a 2.1% yield.

The Problems With Gold Stocks

All that said, gold stocks as a whole kind of suck, to be blunt.

Gold stocks as an industry have been terrible at capital allocation and have given investors dismal long-term returns.

As shown in the chart below, gold miners as a group have vastly under-performed the price of gold, the very thing that they produce:

This was during a period that included record high gold prices followed by moderate prices, and all they did by the end was cut investors money in half.

There are a lot of reasons for this, including:

  • Mining has always been a difficult business. Its capital intensive and often involves difficult jurisdictions in poor regions of the world where corruption is high.
  • Gold companies have little or no control over the pricing of their own product. They can only control costs to some extent.
  • There is not a lot of institutional ownership in gold miners its kind of the wild west with a lot of retail investors owning the shares.
  • Gold mining is a small and fragmented industry, and management is not very good. CEOs in this industry tend to have low insider ownership, dis-proportionally high pay, and dismal results.

The result of all this is herd behavior. When gold prices go high, gold miners invest a lot of money in new mines and acquisitions. But when gold prices fall, it makes those investments turn out very bad. Its like they never account for the possibility that high gold prices might be brief, and usually are.

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Gold Stocks And Options Trading

In recent years, more experienced investors are trading options on physical gold. This is because options trading is a way to, potentially, make a profit while putting less capital at risk.

Options trading means trading in gold futures. A futures contract is traded on an exchange. Buyers and sellers negotiate a specific quantity and price for gold at a specific date.

When you buy an option you are buying the right, although not the obligation, to buy or sell a specific equity at the option price. Essentially youre betting on price action to occur in a specific direction. If youre right, it can be very profitable. If youre wrong, youre simply out the premium you paid to buy the option.

The Best Gold Stocks To Buy In Canada Today


Canadian investors should consider snatching up gold stocks like Kinross Gold Corporation in early October.

More on: KGCK

Historically, gold has been an attractive target during periods of volatility. The spot price of gold has held below the $1,800/ounce level since the middle of September. Gold bulls were rewarded in 2020, as the yellow metal rose above the $2,000/ounce price level for the first time in its history. However, that momentum gave way to a rising stock market and a red-hot crypto space. Investors should not dismiss precious metals at this stage, especially with inflation on the rise. Today, I want to look at some of the best gold stocks to snatch up in the beginning of October.

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How Do You Invest In Gold Stocks

Investing in gold stocks is less expensive and offers more liquidity as a way to get involved with precious metals. However, gold does not exist as a company that you buy shares of. Instead when you hear the words gold stocks it means you are directly buying shares of a mining company such as Barrick Gold or you are buying into a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund .

  • When you invest in a mining stock, youre not investing directly into physical gold. And while its true that shares of a mining company should have a correlation to physical gold, the correlation is often a loose one. This is because mining companies have opportunities and challenges that are unique to their sector.
  • Also as corporations, they have an obligation to their shareholders. While this can sometimes affect capital growth, many mining stocks do pay a dividend which can make them a desirable addition to a value investors portfolio. For example Newmont Corporation pays a dividend yield of 2.74%.

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