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What Is Quantiferon Tb Gold Test

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List Of Hospitals With Qft

Next generation TB testing with QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus

You can find hospitals near you that offer this kind of blood test to identify TB infection. Note that the procedure is highly specialized but you may also inquire about other types of TB tests.

Calamba Medical Center

Lung Center of the Philippines

St. Lukes Medical Center

Some other hospitals where you may inquire about the availability of the test include:

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Capitol Medical Center

VRP Medical Center

Diagnostic Use Or Instructions

QuantiFERON-TB Gold IT is an indirect test for M.tuberculosis infection and is intended for use in conjunction with risk assessment, radiography and other medical and diagnostic evaluations.

Choosing Clinical Laboratory Tests Wisely Guidelines:

The test has a very limited role in the diagnosis of TB. It should not be performed except in screening for latent TB infection in patients going on biologic therapy, or starting other immunosuppressants, or in the screening of TB contacts in conjunction with Public Health)

The following approaches are recommended for different groups:

Contact screening for latent TB :

  • Contacts aged 5 years and under: use a Mantoux test, especially if under 2 years of age.
  • Contacts > 5 years: use a Mantoux test or IGRA.
  • People with a known previous positive IGRA or Mantoux should be tested with an IGRA.

Healthcare worker screening for LTBI:

  • Use IGRA to screen health care workers for LTBI

Refugee screening for LTBI:

  • Refugee children aged 5 years and under: use a Mantoux test
  • Refugee children aged 6- 15 years and adults: Mantoux test or IGRA
  • An IGRA is particularly recommended in: BCG Vaccinated children and immunocompromised children.

Screening for LTBI in immune-compromised people

  • Use IGRA or Mantoux test to screen immunocompromised people where indicated.
  • In some situations a clinician may elect to use both a Mantoux test and IGRA

An IGRA is particularly recommended in the following:

Quantiferon Tb Blood Test Results

Conservatively, QuantiFERON TB blood test results typically take approximately six business days to be reported. For many people in busy metropolitan areas, TB blood test results can be available in as soon as three business days. A negative QuantiFERON lab report, when accurate, is the best result. It indicates that evidence of tuberculosis exposure cannot be found in the blood specimen. A negative lab test is similar to a negative TB skin test and, in most cases, does not require a chest x-ray for confirmation or other diagnostic studies.

What does a TB blood test result mean? Positive or indeterminate QuantiFERON TB blood test results typically mean that you will need to get a chest x-ray to confirm that you do not have active tuberculosis. Negative QuantiFERON Gold results imply that you do not have latent tuberculosis at the time the blood was drawn.

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Quantiferon Gold Tb Blood Test

The QuantiFERON Gold test, also known as a TB blood test, QuantiFERON test, QFT test and IGRA test, is a blood test that screens for tuberculosis . The QuantiFERON test was created to help identify people who have been exposed to a bacteria that causes tuberculosis known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, or M. tuberculosis.

What Are The Advantages Of The Quantiferon


This blood test can measure active and latent TB infections, but only in adult patients. The TST is still considered the standard for children. Only one visit is required for this blood test instead of multiple visits with the TST, which saves everyone time and money.

There are some additional advantages that this blood test has over the TST as well.

Improved specificity.Instead of needing to visually judge a skin test, there is a set of baseline markers that test results can be compared against universally to determine if a TB infection is present.

There is less bias.Because the results of the blood test are measured universally, there is no local bias present in reading the results.

It cant be boosted.The TST will eventually become an inaccurate measurement of a TB infection because of what is known as the âboosterâ effect. After several skin tests, it is common for false positives to be read. The QuantiFERON-TB Gold blood test eliminates this effect completely.

It is accurate.Individuals who have received a BCG vaccination in the recent past will not receive accurate TST results. This blood test eliminates the inconvenience.

Although the accuracy of this blood test is often better than the TST, it is not appropriate for some individuals. Be sure to speak with your doctor about this TB test and if it could be right for you.

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Quantiferon Gold Test Cost With Insurance

Most of the health insurance policies in the U.S. cover the cost of TB gold blood test. However, the coverage offered by private health insurance companies and national health insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid varies widely. So we recommend you to check the coverage of your health insurance plan before getting tested for TB.

Our quantiferon TB gold testing providers do not accept any kind of health insurance plan. But, on request, they can provide you with an itemized receipt containing all the details like the name and code of the test, and CPT code that is necessary for insurance reimbursement purposes.

An Alternative To The Tuberculin Skin Test

The QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube is a blood test for use as an aid in diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection .3 The test is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use with adult patients.

CDC Statement: “The greater specificity of the Quantiferon test and the requirement for only one visit are compelling advantages.”

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Price Of Quantiferon Tb Gold Test In The Philippines

Some people may not be familiar with this test but many hospitals are offering this procedure to diagnose infections of TB. Usually, this test is used as an alternative to tuberculin skin test. The cost of Quantiferon-TB Gold Test in the Philippines can range from Php 7,500 to Php 10,000 or above.

Note that the price is an approximate since hospitals and clinics may charge differently.

Understanding Results Ofquantiferon Tb Gold

TB Blood Test: QuantiFERON Gold TB Blood Test Results Overview
Reference Range
Above 0.35 IU /ml Positive

*A Reference range is a set of values which helps the healthcare professional to interpret a medical test. It may vary with age, gender, and other factors. Reference ranges may also vary between labs, in value & units depending on instruments used and method of establishment of reference ranges

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Reminders On How To Do Qft

  • If you are using a butterfly needle, use a discard tube before the QFT-Plus tubes to remove the air along the butterfly tubing.
  • Remember that QFT-Plus tubes are vacuum-pressured to collect exactly 1mL of blood in each tube. The blood will stop filling the tube once the tube collected 1mL already. Thats why its very important that there is no air present in the butterfly tubing before attaching the QFT-Plus tubes for blood collection.
  • QFT-Plus tubes fill up very slowly. This might make you think that you hit a bad vein but be assured that the tubes are made to collect blood slowly.
  • After filling the tubes, shake them 10 times to ensure that the surface is entirely coated by blood. Over or under shaking will produce erroneous results.
  • The tubes should be delivered upright to the laboratory.
  • At the time of collection, the tube temperature should be between 17-25 degree Celsius.
  • Some healthcare institutions may require special training before a nurse or a phlebotomist can do a QFT-Plus test.

How Can I Save Money

Currently, QFT-G may be covered under your medical insurance plan. Talk with your insurance cover provider to find out whether this is the case. If you are looking for a new health insurance policy, consider browsing through hundreds for free at

Medical rebates are available only if the person is immune-suppressed.

Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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Quantiferon Test Vs Tb Skin Test

In the TB skin test, a small amount of fluid is injected into the skin of your arm, and the results are checked after 48 to 72 hours. Therefore, in order to perform this test, you must visit the doctors office twice. Quantiferon test is a controlled laboratory test that needs one patient visit. You can still get this test if you have already received the Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine. Hence, the results of this test will not be affected by the previous vaccination. Like the TB skin test, the test results do not distinguish between active and latent infection. Therefore, in terms of clinical judgment, we need to perform other medical and diagnostic evaluations.

Other benefits of this test include:

  • QuantiFERON test results are available within 3-5 days.
  • This is highly specific and sensitive.
  • This test is not subject to reader bias that can occur with the TB skin test.

What Do I Do If I Have A Positive Qft


A positive result only indicates the likelihood of infection and does not mean you have active tuberculosis or that you are contagious. Active tuberculosis is diagnosed through a combination of laboratory tests , X-rays and other clinical evaluations. Your doctor will advise you on the next steps if you have a positive QFT-Plus result.

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How Much Does The Quantiferon Gold Test Cost

Quantiferon Gold test cost ranges between $199 and $208 in different labs and facilities across the U.S. No prior appointment is required. Compare the price, order your test online and visit the nearest lab during lab business hours. Complete the procedure and get the results in your email in 2 to 3 business days. Doctor consultation is also available for further treatment or any kind of medical advice.

The following table shows the Quantiferon TB gold test cost at 2 of our partner laboratories network located across the U.S.

What Is The Quantiferon Test

QuantiFERON test is a blood test used to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacterium causes tuberculosis. This is an interferon-gamma test release assay commonly known as IGRA. In other words, this test is an alternative to the tuberculin skin test and is currently available in public health laboratories, hospitals, and commercial laboratories across the United States.

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Get Lowest Quantiferon Gold Test Cost At $199

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , TB surveillance data reported that 9029 new cases of TB were diagnosed in 2018 in the United States. Although the number of cases reported is low, it remains important for people at higher risk of getting tuberculosis to get tested for TB screening at an earlier stage to completely eradicate TB. TB is a highly contagious disease. So we recommend everyone who suspects the possibility of being exposed to tuberculosis bacterium to get tested for quantiferon gold blood test immediately.

The article below covers all the significant topics related to TB gold blood tests such as Quantiferon gold test cost, who should get tested for quantiferon gold blood test, preparation, risks, and how to get tested for TB gold test.

  • Quantiferon TB gold test cost.
  • What is a Quantiferon TB gold test?
  • What is a Tuberculosis ?
  • Forms of TB.
  • What are the complications of tuberculosis if left untreated?
  • Who is recommended for the TB gold test?
  • How is the TB gold test done?
  • Is there any preparation required before the test?
  • Are there any risks in the test?
  • What does the test result mean?
  • How to prevent Tuberculosis?
  • Provider Locations.
  • For our readers, who are very much interested in knowing the TB gold test cost beforehand, we begin with that section.

    Question 1 What Is Quantiferon

    Pathofast : TB Gold quantiferon – part 1

    The QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus assay is an in vitro diagnostic test that utilizes a peptide cocktail simulating ESAT-6 and CFP-10 proteins to stimulate cells in heparinized whole blood. Detection of interferon- by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is used to identify in vitroresponses to these peptide antigens that are associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. QFT-Plus is an indirect test for M tuberculosis infection and is intended for use in conjunction with risk assessment, radiography, and other medical and diagnostic evaluations. This test does not differentiate between latent and active tuberculosis .1

    CDC recommendations state that2,3

    • An interferon gamma release assay may be used in place of a tuberculin skin test in all situations in which CDC recommends TST as an aid in diagnosing adult M tuberculosis infections.

    • An IGRA is preferred for testing persons who have received Bacillus Calmette-Guérin as a vaccine or for cancer therapy.

    • An IGRA or a TST may be used without preference to test recent contacts of persons known or suspected to have active TB with special considerations for follow-up testing. IGRAs offer the possibility of detecting M tuberculosis infection with greater specificity than with a TST. If IGRAs are to be used in contact investigations, negative results obtained prior to 8 weeks after the end of exposure typically should be confirmed by repeat testing 8 to 10 weeks after the end of exposure.

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    How Is The Quantiferon Test Done

    First, your blood sample is collected using a needle and tube. Then studies are done on the sample in the laboratory, and finally, the results are sent to your doctor.

    In this test, a persons immune reactivity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis is measured. The basis of the test is this: White blood cells infected with tuberculosis secrete a protein called interferon-gamma in contact with the bacterial antigen.

    Quantiferon Tb Gold Test Positive Treatment

    The quantiFERON TB gold Test positive treatment includes the following steps

    • Special medication prescribed for the period of 6 to 9 months.
    • Use of gamma interferon therapy to monitor the treatment of tuberculosis.
    • The treatment is a long procedure owing to the slow growth of the M. Tuberculosis bacteria and also takes a lot of time to kill the bacteria.
    • Doctors can change the medication in course of the treatment in response to the emergence of drug resistant organisms.

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    Qft Performance Interpretation And Use

    Tuberculin testing is performed for persons who are 1) suspected as having active TB 2) at increased risk for progression to active TB 3) at increased risk for LTBI or 4) at low risk for LTBI, but are tested for other reasons .

    QFT Performance

    Aliquots of heparinized whole blood are incubated with the test antigens for 16–24 hours.* The antigens included in the test kits are PPD from M. tuberculosis and PPD from Mycobacterium avium . The kits also include phytohemaglutinin , and saline . After incubation, the concentration of IFN- in the separated plasma is determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay .

    QFT results are based on the proportion of IFN- released in response to tuberculin as compared with mitogen, or / × 100 = percentage tuberculin response.§ The difference in the amount of IFN- released in response to tuberculin as compared with avian sensitin is expressed as — / × 100 = percentage avian difference. A computer program is available from the test manufacturer that performs these calculations and interprets the test results.¶

    QFT Interpretation

    Interpretation of QFT results is stratified by estimated risk for infection with M. tuberculosis, in a manner similar to that used for interpreting TST with different cut-off values. QFT results indicative of M. tuberculosis infection include the following three criteria:

  • and are both > 1.5 IU and
  • percentage avian difference < 10 and
  • percentage tuberculin response > 15 or > 30 .
  • Tb Regional Training Centers


    Valuable resources are available from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention The CDCs Division of Tuberculosis Elimination has funded five TB Regional Training and Medical Consultation Center . These centers provide training, technical assistance, medical consultation, and the development of education materials to TB programs and healthcare providers . To learn more about the RTMCC that covers your region, visit

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    Question 2 How Does Quantiferon

    The QFT-Plus assay is a blood test for M tuberculosis infection that is based on measurement of a cell-mediated immune response. A peptide cocktail simulating the mycobacterial proteins ESAT-6 and CFP-10 stimulate the patients T cells in vitro to release IFN-, which is then measured using ELISA technology. The test detects infections produced by the M tuberculosis complex, which includes M tuberculosis, as well as certain non-tuberculous mycobacteria, including M kansasii, M szulgai, and M marinum. BCG strains and the majority of other non-tuberculous mycobacteria do not harbor ESAT-6 and CFP-10 proteins thus, patients either vaccinated with BCG or infected with most environmental mycobacteria should test negative. Results should always be interpreted in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings.

    Tb Gold/gamma Interferon Test

    The Tuberculosis screening test, also known as QuantiFERON®-TB Gold or TB Platinum QuantiFERON® is used for screening tuberculosis. This test can be done when you have a high risk of exposure to TB. TB is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB primarily targets the lungs but may affect any area of the body such as the urinary tract, central nervous system, bones, joints, and/or other organs. The screening test measures the body’s immune response to antigens derived from these bacteria.

    It is recommended that you should either wear a sleeve-less or a short-sleeved shirt. Wearing a shirt with full- sleeves that can easily be rolled-up is also fine.There is no need to disturb your diet routine before the TB test. You can eat and drink normally. Inform your doctor if you are on any medications or have any underlying medical conditions or allergies before undergoing the test. Your doctor depending on your condition will give specific instructions.

    The TB test includes the following procedures:A health practitioner wipes the inner forearm with alcohol and let the skin dry.Using a 1cc syringe and a tiny needle, the practitioner injects a small amount of PPD solution just under the first layer of the skin.The injection forms a small bubble of fluid that looks like a blister.The skin is examined by the practitioner at 48 and/or 72 hours to see if a local skin reaction has occurred.

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