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How Much Gold In American Eagle Coins

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The Golden Eagle Coins Design

1/4 Ounce American Gold Eagle – Gold Coin Stacking

The 2016 1 ounce American Gold Eagle, for sale here on SD Bullion at the lowest 1 ounce Gold Eagles price online, shows the Augustus Saint Gaudens depiction of Lady Liberty, originally designed for the 1907 Double Eagle coin. On the reverse, the eponymous eagle flies to its mate and young in a nest. The reverse also has the United States motto, as well as the 50-dollar currency amount beneath the scene.

History Of The Gold American Eagle Coin

Prior to 1986, when the first modern Gold American Eagle Coin was minted, the American Eagle Coin looked a bit different. Its history can be traced back to 1792 with a few different official mints. These included the $10 original American Eagle Gold Coin, the $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle Coin, the $5 Gold Half Eagle Coin, and the $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin.

These four gold coins were referred to as “crown gold” and minted using 22-karat gold. This process continued until 1834 when the United States moved away from “crown gold” and switched to using a 0.900 fine gold standard for gold coins.

Throughout the 1800s, these gold coins were in circulation. However, in 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt discontinued their use. In fact, an executive order he passed made it a crime for United States citizens to hold any gold .

The discontinuation minting the coins and the executive order banning the possession of gold was due to the Great Depression. Roosevelt and the government were hoping that collecting the gold would provide protections for the banks to prevent them from going into bankruptcy. Citizens who held any gold coins were required to exchange them for paper currency to help increase the gold reserves of the Federal Exchange.

Since these unique coins are made using gold mined within the United States, they are seen as the backbone for the significance of gold bullion for the country.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Gold American Eagles

Yes! It’s almost always a good time to buy physical gold, especially when you’re looking at purchasing a gold coin that’s as sought after and timeless as the American Gold Eagle.

Gold American Eagle Coins have long been a popular choice for discerning gold owners. If you still have questions about coin sizes, history, or anything else, please call 1-844-307-1589 to speak with a knowledgeable Account Executive. Or if you’re ready to buy Gold American Eagles, feel free to order online or over the phone. U.S. Money Reserve is here to help enhance your portfolio today!

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The American Gold Eagle Coin

Do you want to invest in gold? The American Gold Eagle is the official coin of the United States and one of the most favored bullion coins when it comes to Precious Metals IRA investing. The coin has a high purity level, which meets IRS requirements for IRA investing. For more information on The American Gold Eagle Coin and how to invest in them, keep reading!

Coin Material & Gold Content

Value of 1987 $25 Gold Coin

Gold American Eagles are currently offered in one-tenth, one-half, one-fourth and full one ounce 1 oz sizes and are certified by the U.S. Government to contain the exact amount of gold that they are stated to carry. That means an American Gold Eagle contains 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% in copper. The gold is 22 karat the perfect density to be pure yet durable. The coins are minted with the additional small amounts of copper and silver to prevent wear and tear, thereby maintaining its resale value for years to come. The coins come from a hand-carved die that was then turned into a high-quality steel mold. The gold is melted and then cast into gold bars that are pressed 12 times until they are only half of an inch thick. They are then taken to a finishing mill to continue to reduce the thickness, depending on the coins denomination, and then cut into blank coins. The coins are polished with steel beads, cleaned, and hand dried. Next, the coins are reheated to re-crystalize the metals and prevent the coins from breaking. Finally, the coins are suitable to be pressed, and each coin is pressed twice, to ensure the highest quality engraving on your coin.

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American Gold Eagle Pricing

The American Eagle Bullion is a precious, valuable coin with its unique monetary value.

The value of American Gold Eagles is usually much greater than the listed face value. This means that while technically legal tender, these values are largely symbolic and can be used to demonstrate your allegiance with a specific political ideology or event in world history.

The face value of a coin is irrelevant to the intrinsic value or worth, determined by the price of gold.

Gold is a commodity that fluctuates daily, so its important to know the current price. Newspapers report gold prices each day and can be used as an easy way to monitor your investment value over time.

The value of the metal is usually higher because there is a cost to make coins and distribute them. The intrinsic value is the value that American Eagle coin investments use in their portfolio.

What Is An American Gold Eagle Coin Worth

The American Gold Eagle comes in four different sizes: 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz. Each size corresponds to a different face value. The face value of the 1 oz coin is $50. The face value of the ½ oz coin is $25. The face value of the ¼ oz coin is $10. The face value of the 1/10 oz coin is $5. However, the true market value of each coin is based on Troy weight and the current spot price of gold.

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Where Are Gold Eagles Minted

The entire family of Gold Eagle bullion coins is minted at the West Point Mint in West Point, New York. The West Point branch is the newest mint facility, gaining status as an official branch of the U.S. Mint in 1988.

West Point is the United States official production facility for gold, silver, and platinum American Eagle coins. The facility is also used as storage for part of the United States gold bullion reserves.

Within the West Point Mint, Proof American Eagles undergo a special minting process in order to achieve their beautiful proof finish.

The U.S. Mint goes to extraordinary lengths to produce a stunningly beautiful coin, including multiple strikes and polishing of coin blanks to obtain the design detail and shining field characteristic of the coin, says Philip N. Diehl, President of U.S. Money Reserve, former Director of the U.S. Mint, and the one who initiated the Platinum American Eagle program in 1995.

Purity Weight Sizes And Content Of The Gold Eagle

1 Ounce American Gold Eagle Coins – Good for Gold Investing?

The purity, weight, and content of the IRA-eligible American Gold Eagle bullion coin are guaranteed by both the U.S. government and backed by the U.S. Mint. How pure are American Eagle gold coins? Each Gold Eagle coin contains one troy ounce of .9167 pure gold that is combined with an alloy of 3% silver and 5.33% copper to enhance its wear-resistant durability. This is equivalent to 22 karats, which had long been the standard for English crown gold coins and for American gold coins minted before 1834.

Legislation authorized the Treasury to strike four legal-tender gold coins in sizes of one ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce. Each was assigned a face value the face value of the one-ounce American Gold Eagle bullion coin is US$50. The face values for the 1/2-ounce, the 1/4-ounce, and the 1/10-ounce Gold Eagles are US$25, US$10, and US$5, respectively. However, the bullion values of all of these coins far exceed their face values. In fact, the value of a bullion coin is tied directly to that of the metal it contains rather than its denomination this distinguishes it from a collectible or numismatic coin, whose premium can add value. Because American Gold Eagle Coins have lower gold content, they are usually sold with a lower premium over the spot price of gold than other IRA-approved coins.

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Where Does The Gold For Gold Eagles Come From

Every 22-karat Gold American Eagle Coin is made from solid gold mined here in America. This was another stipulation set forth by the Gold Bullion Act of 1985, which said:

The Secretary shall acquire gold for the coins issued by purchase of gold mined from natural deposits in the United States, or in a territory or possession of the United States, within one year after the month in which the ore from which it is derived was mined. In the absence of such gold, the Secretary may use gold from reserves held by the United States to mint the coins.

American Gold Eagle Coin Vs Buffalo Coin Whats The Difference

Both the American Gold Eagle and Buffalo Gold coins are stunning works of art. However, the artwork, original mint date, and pure gold content are different between these two beautiful coins. The American Gold Eagle features Lady Liberty on the obverse side and an eagle head on the reverse, while the Buffalo displays the profile of a Native American chief on the obverse and an American bison on the reverse. The American Gold Eagle was first minted in 1986, while the Buffalo came out 20 years later in 2006. The American Gold Eagle is 22-carat gold while the Buffalo is 24-carat gold. Learn more here: Gold Eagle vs. Gold Buffalo coin

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Proof Golden Eagle Coins

If youre a numismatists that loves to collect gold coins, then proof american gold eagles might suit you well. What is the difference between proof and BU coins? Basically it’s the strike that is applied during the minting process.

When you consider the design of the American Golden Eagle coins, face value and markings you wont notice any real difference other than the finish. However, this is one small noticeable difference in Proof American Gold Eagle Coins and that is the mint mark. The proof version of these coins will carry a mint mark to show what United States Mint facility produced that specific coin. Typically, the mint mark is a W which stands for the West Point Mint facility that strikes most US Mint gold and silver bullion coins.

The other major difference is the finish. When a mint creates a proof coin, the striking process leaves the coin with a much more beautiful mirror-like finish that collectors love. This type of finish is called mirror-like because some people say they can see a reflection of themselves in the field of the coin which is where this finish is really noticeable.

What Are American Gold Eagles Made Of

Value of 2002 $25 Gold Coin

22 karat gold is mostly used during the creation of the American eagle coins. The term “twenty-two karat” means that 91.67% of the coin is pure gold, and the rest consists of silver and copper in very minute amounts. What really differentiates American Eagles is that they are the only bullion coins whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government. Investors can buy them with 100% certainty, that the coins contain their stated amount of gold.

Trading gold is also much more reliable than trading stocks as the price can move independently outside the stock market. It is said to hold value much more reliably since all of the gold mined ever can fit into a 22 by 22 yards cube.

As well as regular mint coins, they also come as proof coins which can hold additional value.

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How Many Different Gold American Eagle Coins Are Available

The U.S. Mint produces bullion and proof Gold American Eagle Coins in 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/10 oz. sizes, as well as a burnished version. Sizes, prices, denominations, and diameters vary from coin to coin. Bullion American Eagles compare as follows:

Gold American Eagle Bullion Coin Details

View Price

American Eagle Gold Coin Price History

There is no clear history of the historical prices of American Eagle gold coins, and this is because there are many versions of the coin. However, to learn more about the American Gold Eagle and other rare coins, please check out our rare coins price guide, in which we will send you a comprehensive guide for you to learn more about coin investing and as well as the industry more in depth.

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Product Details For 1 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin:

  • Mint Facility: United States Mint
  • Denomination: 50 dollars US
  • Date: 1986 through the present
  • Type and Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Purity: 91.67 percent gold, 5.33 percent copper, and 3 percent silver
  • Gold Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Diameter: 1.287 inches or 32.70 millimeters
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Design Obverse : Standing Liberty
  • Design Reverse : Nesting Eagle Family
The packaging of the American Eagle 1 oz gold coin will vary depending on the number of coins purchased.

Quantities of 9 or fewer are shipped well protected in plastic coin flips. Ten or more coins will be placed in original mint tubes which can contain up to 20 coins whereas, 500 gold coins are shipped in the original red monster boxes.

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

The American Eagle Gold 1/4 oz. Coin

The American Gold Eagle is one of the most recognizable gold coins in the world today. First produced in 1986, this coin features an image of Lady Liberty holding an olive branch and a torch in a classic design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Tucked into a corner of the design is the Capitol Building on the obverse. The name of the coin, however, comes from the design by Miley Busiek on the reverse side, which features a male bald eagle guarding his family.The reverse design of the coin also features the face value and weight of the coin. A 1 ounce American Gold Eagle, for example, will have a face value of $50 and state that it is 1 ounce of fine gold. First produced because of the Gold Coin Bullion Act of 1985, collectors and investors may also order coins in 1/10, 1/4, or 1/2 ounce sizes.Two forms of the American Gold Eagles are available. The most common form is the brilliant-uncirculated striking, but proof forms of the coin are also available. Collectors and investors should assume these gold coins are BU unless the listing states that they are proof coins or circulated coins.

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American Eagle Gold Coin Price Charts

Through the years, gold has been sought for the stability, liquidity and diversity it can provide to an investment portfolio and the gold American Eagle is no exception. Research historical pricing data and track the latest prices with our interactive gold American Eagle price charts.


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American Eagle Gold Coin Design

Obverse Side

The American Eagle Gold Coin is an official American gold bullion coin and was introduced in 1986 by the U.S. Mint, after the release was authorized by the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. The American Eagle is available in four sizes: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. The U.S. government guarantees that the coins contain the stated amount of actual gold weight in troy ounces. Law also requires the gold to come from American sources, alloyed with silver and copper in order to be more wear-resistant.

Reverse Side

In addition, the reverse side features the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN GOD WE TRUST, and E PLURIBUS UNUM, as well as the weight and face value. As the American Eagle Gold is a popular collectors item, the U.S. Mint also produces a proof version at the West Point Mint in West Point, NY, which carries the mints mark W beneath the date.

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American Gold Eagle Coin Design

The American Gold Eagle coin front side, also called the coins obverse, features a throwback to the classic $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin design.

On this modern 22k gold coin we find Lady Liberty who holds a torch and an olive branch with the U.S. Capitol Hill in the bottom left background. The gold coins year of strike and the word LIBERTY is also engraved on the front of this popular gold coin.

The Gold Eagle coin backside or reverse design is by Miley Busiek. Struck on the back of all Gold Eagle coins is a large male eagle clutching an olive branch flying over a nest containing a female and baby eagle. The fine gold weight of the coin, its legal tender face value, IN GOD WE TRUST and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are all stamped on the backside of the American Gold Eagle coin.

What Is The Best Size Of Gold Eagles To Buy

2018 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle $10 Coin

The best size for Eagles depends on your investment goals. Generally, the 1 oz. coins will carry a lower total premium over spot price than smaller denomination coins. However, the 1/10 ounce or 1/4 ounce coins may be more convenient, or a better fit for new gold buyers or a gold buyer with a limited budget.

Just be aware that the convenience of lower weight bullion coins comes at a cost and that cost is a higher premium over spot price..

If you cant really decide what makes sense for you, you might choose to split your investment between the lower premium 1 Ounce Gold Eagles and the slightly more convenient 1/2 Ounce Gold Eagles. Ultimately, it really wont make that big of a difference, because all American Eagle coins are liquid and easily sold.

Buying Physical Silver

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