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Are Golden Retrievers Good Dogs

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The Difference Between Guard Dogs And Watchdogs

Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs? ( Or A Bad Choice )

Both watchdogs and guard dogs work to protect their homes and human companions. However, watchdogs typically alert their human companions of possible intruders and suspicious activities as they become aware of such situations. Guard dogs do more than just alert people of danger.

They will do whatever it takes to protect their home and family, even if that means becoming aggressive and attacking an intruder. Guard dogs are not always aggressive they are trained to only use aggression and protective measures when a serious threat is perceived. They are generally kind toward people and other animals when a threat is not present.

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You Love Golden Retrievers Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Them

If you love playing with a furry friend for hours, a Golden Retriever is probably the perfect dog for you. These dogs are loving, playful and smart they have limitless energy and have a very even temperament. They are eager and amiable and are a perfect family dog. If you are considering welcoming a Golden Retriever in your family, here are five things you should know about them.

1. Coat and Colour

Golden Retrievers are distinguished by their golden-brown coat, they are well proportioned and a charming smile. Goldens have quite a wide head and snout, a brown nose, brown eyes and hanging ears. They have a sturdy neck, broad muscular shoulders and a broad chest. They have long, straight tails and have thick water-resistant fur. Their fur can be flat, wavy or even feathered and they can be any colour from cream to a golden brown.

2. Friendly, energetic and confident dogs

3. Golden Retrievers like to have fun!

Golden Retrievers tend to pick a lot of things up in their mouths like a stick or shoe. If they find something they like, they will carry it around for quite a while! Make sure he doesnt take a liking to one of your things, or it will become very slobbery. Retrievers are not the best guard dogs. They normally welcome strangers and are friendly with almost anyone. They have been known to sometimes bark at a stranger at the door though.

4. Nothing like seeing Goldens in action!

5. Taking care of Goldens

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Whats The Ideal Guard Dog

Guard dogs are meant to scare away strangers and alert their owners when unwelcomed characters are approaching, or any other form of danger is imminent. For this canine job, these dogs should possess certain qualities.

Here is your quick list of qualities that make ideal guard dogs:

  • Guard dogs should be large enough to instill fear in strangers.
  • They should be athletic enough to move fast and with ease when they sense danger.
  • Guard dogs should be fearless and courageous, attacking to defend when needed.
  • They should be loyal and stay by the owners side during an encounter, not easily lured with treats to the strangers side
  • Guard dogs should be intelligent, watchful, and alert so they can notice, judge and assess real danger.
  • They should manifest instinctual protective behaviors such as jumping between the owner and an impending source of danger and barking or growling when danger is sensed.
  • Guard dogs should be obedient, heading the owners command to attack when danger is real or keep off when danger is misjudged.

The rest of this article will explore whether the Golden Retriever possesses any of these qualities to qualify as a good guard dog.

Youll need to remember that Golden Retrievers werent built for guarding. Instead, Goldens were bred for hunting and retrieving. As such, theyll need to develop into guard dogs any missing qualities with training.

A Perfect Guard Dog Is Physically Strong

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Guard Dogs? 7 Best ...

Guard dogs should be robust, strong, and have a forceful bite and bark. These characteristics are critical in overcoming any invader and alerting the human family.

A sensitive dog will never be a good guard dog. A guard dog should have a loud bark in order to deter intruders. The majority of guard dog breeds have imposing appearances and large sharp teeth that can frighten even the most hardened criminals.

For the latter point, goldens are not actually the loudest barkers nor do Goldens bark a lot. However, despite their fluffy appearance, golden retrievers are actually surprisingly strong and have a muscular build. They also have quite a strong bite, and while it may not be one of the strongest dog bites out there, its still strong enough to do some serious damage to attackers.

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Examples Where Golden Retrievers Have Been Used As Guard Dogs

Yes. Golden Retrievers have been recently trained to guard and protect in all types of jobs. Check out this article on Bud, the first working Golden Retriever for the Navy. Bud protects the Navy base perimeter and searches cars. He does this while still keep the Golden Retrievers trademark friendly attitude.

Golden Retrievers have also recently been enlisted to work with police forces in the United States as support animals, but in India, these dogs have recently been added to their K-9 units. Golden Retrievers have been enlisted because of their hunting skills, intelligence, and good reputation.

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Top Ten Reasons To Not Get A Golden

Thinking about a Golden Retriever as a pet?

Top 10 Reasons NOT to get a Golden Retriever Printed with Permission – Cheryl Minnier

  • YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OUTSIDE ONLY DOG Part of what makes Goldens Golden is their affectionate, people loving nature. This trait makes them VERY unhappy when they dont have a high amount of interaction with you. A Golden confined to the backyard can become destructive and LOUD! Imagine if you left your children alone most of the time until they reached adolescence. The wild child you are picturing is similar to what will happen to a Golden left alone that much. If you arent planning on your dog becoming one of the family a Golden is not the breed for you!
  • YOU DONT LIKE DOG HAIR Goldens shed a little all year round and then a couple of times a year- look out! If you have a problem with Golden fuzz becoming part of your dietary fiber or youre compulsive about always dressing in black this is not the breed for you! Goldens also need regular grooming to keep their skin and coat in good condition. You can easily learn to do this yourself or have your dog professionally groomed, but grooming time is something to factor into the amount of time you will need to spend caring for your dog.
  • YOU ARE A CLEAN FREAK Muddy paws, nose prints on every window in your house and car, and did I mention the hair? Enough said If you cant relax and enjoy it, you and your dog will both be miserable.
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    They Have Noble Stature

    Most pet owners love the attention their pet gets, and would certainly be delighted to know that Golden Retrievers are bound to “turn-heads”. Golden have a noble stature and are very easy to notice since they stand out from other breed of dogs, thanks again to the attractive and glistening fur.The maximum height of a male Golden Retriever is 24 inches whereas a female is typically 23 inches, so expect your pooch to stand out, particularly among a sea of common poodles and pugs.

    An Incredible Sense Of Smell

    Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs? (Or Too Friendly)

    When you think of an incredible sense of smell you probably think of working and police dogs like German Shepherds, but golden retrievers have one of the strongest senses of smell in dogs.

    Their noses makes them amazing hunting dogs that can track down birds no matter how far they glide after being shot, and they are able to track them down even in areas where there are lots of smells.

    There are many hunters that swear that out of all retrievers, goldens have the strongest sense of smell and their goldens can track down birds that their friends dogs often cant.

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    Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Smart

    Although they love to have fun , theyre very smart.

    According to Dr. Stanley Corens book, The Psychology of Dogs, theyre the fourth smartest dog breed.

    Only Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds are smarter.

    Theyre intuitive and give you the feeling that youre hanging out with a furry little human toddler, and not just a regular dog.

    This leads us to the next point

    Reason #: They Have Several Common Health Problems

    Golden retrievers are not exactly the healthiest breed.

    Some common health problems for them include:

    • Hip and elbow dysplasia
    • Hemangiosarcoma
    • Skin problems

    Youll notice that there are several cancers listed above .

    60% of golden retrievers are affected by cancer, which is more than double the average for all dogs.

    Doctors and scientists are working to solve this issue , but it is a sad truth about golden retrievers.

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    Joint Diseases In Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers suffer from high rates of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

    The Orthopedic Foundation of America evaluated the hip X-rays of 148,000 Golden Retrievers and found 20% dysplastic. Over 42,000 elbow X-rays were evaluated and 11% were dysplastic. For comparison, Flat-Coated Retrievers have a 4% hip dysplasia rate and less than 1% elbow dysplasia rate.

    Other common orthopedic health problems in Goldens include luxating patella and osteochondritis.

    Goldens are prone to tearing or rupturing the cruciate ligament in their leg. Repairing it is an expensive surgery with a long recovery time.

    Panosteitis can occur in young Golden Retrievers.

    Are Golden Retrievers The Best Family Dog

    Good Morning! TGIF!

    If youre skeptical about dogs, dont be there are so many reasons to love them, especially golden retrievers. Out of all family puppy breeds, theyre the most highly sought after. Are you wondering: are golden retrievers good family dogs? Then you should know that theyre one of the best-rated family dogs.

    In fact, you might say that theyre the perfect family dog breed. When a golden retriever and family interact, it comes very naturally, as theyre very eager to please and well-tempered.

    You rarely run into golden retriever behavior issues because of their eagerness to please their owners. The most youd experience is chewing, jumping, and digging, which can all be rectified with training. So the golden retriever is a good family dog. If you have children, another question you may have is: are golden retrievers good with kids? Unfortunately, some dog breeds can be great with teenagers and adults, but terrible with younger children.

    The good news is, golden retrievers are good with kids! So if youre looking for dogs that make good family pets, this is one to look at. They make perfect family dogs.

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    Recommended Golden Retriever Feeds

    • Royal Canin Golden Retriever Veterinary Formula 28

    This Royal Canin puppy food is specially formulated to meet all your dogs nutrient needs for the first 12 months of his life. It contains balanced levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, calcium, and high-quality digestible proteins that provide optimal muscle development.

    Feeding amounts are carefully adjusted with each stage of development according to breed characteristics, so you dont have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding your little pup.

    • Wellness Simple Natural Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe Adult Dog Food

    Made with real deboned chicken as the number one ingredient plus healthy whole grains like oats, this food provides all the energy your big adult Golden Retriever needs for his day-to-day activities. It has no hormones or antibiotics and does not contain any wheat, corn, or soy ingredients which can cause allergies in some dogs.

    • Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior

    Formulated with natural ingredients to support muscle development during the vulnerable stages of your dogs life, this food is also suitable for older dogs who have become less active but still have high nutritional needs.

    • Victor All Breed Dog Food

    Train Him To Resist Impulses

    Since Goldens are naturally friendly and food-motivated, youll need to train him to be wary of strangers even the ones who speak calmly and quietly no matter their body language, and also the same resistance and distrust of treats and food. Not only can it be a distraction, but intruders can also give food to dogs that is laced with sedatives, or worse.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Good Swimmers

    Yes, Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers and love to play in the water even if its cold outside. However, there is a high chance that they will try to retrieve anything they see floating on top of the water which can be dangerous because it could attract sharks or other large predators. Watch your pet closely when hes playing at the beach so you dont have to say goodbye too soon.

    Reasons That Make Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs

    Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time

    Golden retrievers can defend you due to their devotion, intellect, and size. However, their soft and kind attitude may not make them the greatest choice for the job.

    A golden retriever, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want a family dog thats huge and noisy enough to deter most dangers while still having the ability to protect you in the extreme cases where its needed.

    Here are five characteristics that make a golden retriever a guard dog:

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    Activity Level And Exercise Requirements

    Goldens are a Sporting breed and need regular exercise, and this is most pronounced during puppyhood . While most Goldens can adapt to a less active lifestyle once they are mature and trained, puppies and adolescents often have energy to burn. If not given an appropriate outlet, this energy may be channeled into behaviors that are destructive and appear hyperactive. And even though the puppy is mentally still a youngster, physically he may be a strong and sizeable dog that can be difficult to manage when energy is pent up. Rule to remember: A physically tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy!

    Appropriate outlets for youthful enthusiasm include brisk walks on lead, swimming, chasing a ball in a safe enclosure, play dates with known safe dogs, and even obedience, agility, tracking, and field training sessions. Activities such as jogging and biking with the dog are too stressful for a young Goldens developing joints, and are not recommended until he is at least 12 months of age. Even then, the dogs veterinarian should be consulted and perhaps a hip x-ray obtained to assess hip joint status, prior to gradually introducing these kinds of activities.

    Everyone Is Inherently Protected By Goldens

    A Golden who takes the side of a thief in difficulty with an irate audience is an extreme example of an excessively protective Golden.

    This is especially true if youve taught your Golden Retriever to be compassionate, which comes easily to these dogs. Golden Retrievers will provide assistance to anyone who appears to be in need.

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    They’re Full Of Energy

    This superior breed of dog has great energy and endurance. The reason why theyre full of energy is because in the early days when the breed was developed, they were used to spending long periods of time outdoors, often working for their masters at strenuous activities that required physical effort and stamina.The fact is that they thrive on activities like this because theyre full of energy. The flip side to this is worth pointing out here too. If their exercise needs are not met in the context of their high levels of energy, this dog can become destructive, especially if he is a young dog and kept in a confined space. The simplest way of putting it is to say that the Golden Retriever is primarily an dog for outdoors because theyre full of energy instinctively due to their breeding and experience.Whether or not you can meet their exercise and stamina needs is worth considering carefully before you decide to have this superior dog as a pet.

    Smart Obedient And Watchful

    Oh what a good boy!ð¤ð?¾ð

    Goldens are also very smart and observant dogs. They love being a part of everything going on and you wont find them snoozing in the corner in the middle of the action. They expect to be included in everything, too, so nothing will get past them.

    Golden Retrievers are also notoriously obedient and will listen to any commands that you give them. These traits mean that your watchful and intelligent dog will be on the lookout and if you ask a dog to attack, he will attack.

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    Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs

    The main reason dogs evolved was because they were protected by humans, we appreciated their services as guard dogs to our homes and livestock, and with centuries, this mutually beneficial relationship turned into companionship where we have become emotionally attached to each other.

    To understand why goldens are not the perfect guard dogs we wish they could be, you first need to understand what makes good guard dogs in the first place.

    A perfect guard dog should have the following personality characteristics:

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