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Black Gold Black Diamond Ring

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Engagement Rings With Black Diamond

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The ultimate symbol of love and commitment, the engagement ring has been a part of human culture since the Roman times . Nothing shows a woman just how precious she is to you like a diamond. But engagement rings with black diamonds are becoming more and more popular, as these gorgeous stones are just as precious and rare as their colourless counterparts but can make for a striking fashion statement at a reasonable price.

Buying the perfect engagement ring for your loved one can be a daunting experience for a lot of men, and its understandable that you should want to get this important purchase just right. Engagement rings with black diamonds can be the perfect piece of jewellery to help you pop the question, as the distinctive stones can bring a unique twist to a proposal that can really make your future fiancée feel truly special.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Dont be. Weve put together a quick overview of suggestions to help you find the engagement ring with black diamond you are looking for.

Vintage Black Gold Ring With Black Diamond


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Pros And Cons Of Black Diamond Rings

A pro of a black diamond is that the price per carat is significantly less than that of a colorless or fancy colored diamond. However, theyre much more susceptible to damage than their colorless counterparts. This is because black diamonds are actually made up of hundreds of tiny fractures, which give them their color, says Jay.

You should bear this in mind when considering a black diamond for an engagement ring . A treated black diamond is a grayer stone that receives a high temperature and pressure treatment to turn it black. They have a similar look to natural black diamonds but are less costly.

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Black And White: The Best Combination

Its a classic combo in the world of fashion: black and white. But did you know that one of the best colour combinations in the world of jewellery is that of white gold and black diamond? The stunning and classy look is sure to make your loved ones heart skip a beat.

The cool, greyish colour of the white gold enhances the striking look of the black diamond in a spectacular way. If you wish to give her a ring that has the absolute wow-factor, then a white gold engagement ring with black diamond is definitely something to consider.

Promise Ring with Black Diamond

For some, an engagement ring may not be the preferred option for demonstrating your love and commitment. Although dating back to the sixteenth century, promise rings are extremely popular today, where its more common to find unmarried couples living together and raising families than it used to be. A ring like this can provide a beautiful alternative to an engagement ring, particularly if youre looking to show your loved one just how much they mean to you without pledging to be married.

A promise ring with a black diamond could be the perfect gift for your partner, as a striking, dark coloured stone will add a unique touch of character to this popular ring style. DiamondsByMe can help you fully customize your ring with our exclusive, design-you-own-ring service. Well help you choose your material, your style and your design, helping you to create a ring that is one of a kind.

Black diamond engagement ring

Black Gold And Black Diamond Ring

Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring Vintage Style 14K Black Gold 3.95 ...

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Find The Sparkler For Your Budget

At Angara, we offer diamond rings of different prices. Regardless of your budget or preference, you are sure to find plenty of options. Buy diamond rings with a price tag as low as $99! You can also purchase a premium diamond ring that costs anything between $5000 and $56679. Simply apply a filter on the price section to view diamond ring prices within your preferred budget.

Diamond rings can add that perfect bling to any occasion. Make your special moments even more special with an exquisite piece from our assortment.

How To Care For A Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds do not require as much cleaning as colorless or fancy colored diamonds, Jay says. Their color is naturally metallic in nature so they will continue to sparkle even with wear.

Avoid typical diamond cleaning techniques, such as ultrasonic or steamer. These machines can actually damage or break your black diamond, says Jay. The best tool you can use to clean black diamonds is a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm, mild soapy water. Think dish detergentit cuts through grease and oils from your skin just as well as it does on dishes.”

Like other diamonds and fine jewelry, avoid wearing your black diamond engagement ring if you’re involved in hands-on activities, such as working in the yard, moving furniture, or doing construction. Black diamonds are more susceptible to fracture than regular diamonds. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Get ready to lust after these 20 black diamond engagement rings.

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What To Look For In A Black Diamond Ring

How can shoppers tell if a black diamond is high quality? I would encourage the buyer to ask for a Colored Diamond Report from the Gemology Institute of America . When making a large jewelry purchase , I always advise my clients to ask for GIA reports for their center stones to verify its characteristics and ensure its quality,” Jay says. While some black diamonds are naturally black, many are often gray and treated to change the stone to a dark black color. “A GIA report will explain whether the diamond has been treated to enhance the color or is natural .

How much should a customer expect to pay for a black diamond? Treated black diamonds are less expensive than natural black diamonds and more commonhalf-price or even less,” Jay says. “If a colorless diamond is $8,000 per carat, then you can expect a black diamond to be $4000 per carat or less.”

What are some suggested settings for a black diamond? You can set your black diamond in any manner you like,” says Jay. “Before you think about setting, you should consider what your budget is for your ring. This number will dictate both your carat size and setting.

What metals pair well with a black diamond? I love black diamonds set in white gold or platinumthe contrast of the colors really makes them pop, Jay says.

Black Gold Engagement Ring

What is Black GOLD? | Black Gold Jewelry

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Black Gold Black Diamond Ring

Faqs About Diamond Rings

1. Will my diamond ring shine in the dark?

Diamonds do not ‘shine’ in the dark. But they tend to glow if they are exposed to ultraviolet dark lights. You may notice your diamond ring to glow in a night club due to its fluorescent effect. It is important to note that not all diamonds fluoresce and whether it affects the quality of the gem or not is unknown.

2. What stone is closest to a real diamond?

Considering the durability of the diamond which is 10 Mohs on the scale of hardness, the only stone that comes closest is moissanite. It is usually synthetically produced and achieves a hardness of 9.5 Mohs. Moissanite also looks like a real diamond but has more brilliance and fire.

3. What are the 4Cs of diamond quality?

In the early 1940s, the GIA created the globally accepted standards, popularly known as the ‘4Cs‘ to assess and describe the quality of diamonds cut, color, clarity, carat weight. Since then, this mnemonic device has revolutionized the jewelry industry and continues to be the accepted grading system for diamonds.

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Narrow Down On The Carat Weight

For a simple and affordable piece, you can explore our half-carat and 1-carat diamond rings, whereas for an extravagant look, check out the designs above 3 carats. However, for a truly stunning look, we suggest you pick a 2-carat princess-cut diamond ring. No matter which ring makes your heart flutter, you can be assured of fine quality, exclusive designs and exquisite craftsmanship when you shop at Angara.

Now, all that’s left to do is pick a piece that fits within your budget.

Explore Our Collection Of Diamond Rings

Shop 18k Black Gold 2 3/5ct TDW Certified Black Diamond Engagement Ring ...

Brilliant, classic and stunning, a diamond ring is anything but basic. It is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry and a must-have in your collection. A stunning white diamond ring will be an unforgettable gift for someone you love. Be it a grand proposal, the moment you say ‘I do’, an anniversary celebration or just because, you can never go wrong with a real diamond ring. The everlasting brilliance of the ring will remain intact and continue to adorn her finger for years to come!

Diamond derives its name from the Greek word adamas, which literally translates to unbreakable. The precious gem not only scores a 10 in terms of brilliance and sparkle but also hardness. Diamond has a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale and is one of the hardest substances on the earth.

Diamond rings are a universal symbol of love. This tradition began in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring and is still being followed all around the world. Diamond rings signify union and companionship but are also worn to make a style statement. So, whether you’re planning to pop the question or buying your first piece of fine jewelry, diamond rings are always perfect!

Ready to buy the diamond ring of your dreams? First, pick the style that complements your personality.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

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Courtesy of Rare Earth / Design by Bailey Mariner

In Sex and the City 2, Mr. Big finally got a ring on Carrie’s fingera five-carat black diamond Itay Malkin ring set in 18-karat white gold to be exact. With the words, “because you’re not like anyone else,” Big gave all Carrie Bradshaw worshippers the green light to think outside the diamond box when it came to their engagement rings. And we couldn’t help but wonder…does a black diamond engagement ring measure up to a classic white diamond? Absolutely!

What Is A Black Diamond

A black diamond is a super-included diamond it has so many inclusions that it appears as a black gemstone. While colorless diamonds with fewer inclusions are considered rarer and more valuable, a black diamond is prized for the higher number of inclusions it has.

Brides are always looking for a bold way to show their style, and if breaking with tradition is your thing, you may want to consider an edgy black diamond ring. Black diamonds are chic, a bit mysterious, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and impossibly cool. They’re also a good value.

Black diamonds are traditionally much less expensive than a colorless diamond, says diamond expert Ann Jay. Whether it’s in a classic solitaire, surrounded by a white diamond halo, set in trendy rose gold, or sprinkled along a simple band to lend some cool factor to your wedding-day bling, we’re totally crushing on black diamond rings.

Meet the Expert

Anna Jay is the owner of Anna P. Jay, a jewelry company in Nantucket. She has a graduate degree in diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America.

Learn more about the history of black diamond rings and what you need to know when selecting one.

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Discover The Perfect Diamond Ring For Any Occasion

At Angara, we offer more than just diamond engagement rings. Our extensive collection includes promise rings, friendship rings, statement rings, wedding bands and more!

No matter what the occasion, the breathtaking designs in this assortment are perfect for celebrating life’s small and big moments. That’s not all, what sets us apart from the rest is that our designs are easily customizable. You can select your preferred carat weight, gem quality and metal to craft the perfect diamond ring online from the comfort of your home. Whether you want a simple ring or an elaborate one, we’ve got you covered!

Go ahead, explore our collection right away and shop for your favorite designs.

Pop The Question With A Black Diamond

GIA Certified Natural Black Australian Black Opal Diamond 14k Gold Ring – C152

The halo engagement ring has been extremely popular since it was first designed in Georgian times. With a center-set stone surrounded by a smaller collection of beautiful gems, the ring oozes luxury and provides the wearer with an extravagant piece to show off to her friends and family. This is the type of ring that can take your future fiancées breath away as you rest on one knee, slowly opening the box to reveal a magnificent collection of beautiful gemstones. One of our most popular halo ring designs is the Elenore ring with black diamond.

An engagement ring with black diamonds would bring a unique twist to this classic style, helping you to add a personal touch that will make your fiancée feel truly special. Another favourite is the modern take on a black diamond engagement ring. The Desire with the princess cut diamond is sure to set you loves heart on fire.

A black diamond is something extraordinary and may not be the right choice for everyone. Dont fret, there are other options in regard to diamond colours. Read more about coloured diamonds in our education center.

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