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Where To Find Gold In Colorado

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Point Barr Public Area

Where Can I Find Gold In Colorado? (Colorado Gold Prospecting)

Most of the areas in the Arkansas River are either private or claimed which makes gold panning almost impossible there, but the Point Barr Public Area on the north part of the river is open for everyone. Gold panning in the area is best done during late summer when the waters are at lowest. Four-by-four vehicles are always recommended, and high clearance is always required because the access to the area can be tricky.

Argo Gold Mine And Mill

The Argo Gold Mine and Mill dominate the historic mining town of Idaho Springs on I-70 west of Denver. The mine and mill sit at the entrance to the Argo Tunnel, a deep tunnel built to drain water from flooded mines in Central City to the north. The mill recovered gold from chunks of ore, processing over $100 million dollars of ore. Now the mill is open for tours as a mining museum with photographs, mining tools, and artifacts. Visitors can also see the entrance to the Argo Tunnel. Afterward, you head down to the rocky banks of Clear Creek for a gold panning lesson.

Cache Creek Prospecting Site

A must visit for any casual prospector spending time in the Colorado mountains, Cache Creek was a commercial operation that was shut down in the midst of productive operations. Of all the places open to casual prospecting in Colorado, this is the one to hit if you dream of finding a nugget. No promises of

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Retirement Is Panning Out Well For These Seniors

Morlang was born in Uravan, Colorado, where his father worked as a uranium miner. Nothing remains of this once bustling mining town south of Gateway, except for mining remnants and a sign where it once stood. His family eventually settled in Silverton, where his father was a gold miner. His father would even prospect for gold during his free time, his young son at his side.

When Morlang was just 9 years old, his father died in a tragic mine explosion. The family relocated to Delta where he spent the rest of his growing up years.

In adulthood, Morlang joined the military, started a family and drove a truck cross-country until retiring four years ago.

Never forgetting the passion he shared with his father for gold prospecting, Morlang decided thats how he would stay active both physically and socially during retirement.

Another Good Source Of Info On Prospecting In Metro Denver

Gold Prospecting in Colorado on Public Land

A friend of mine has done his own blogging about places to go digging in metro Denver and he has some great spots to tell you about. Red Wilcox is the co-inventor/owner of the Gold Cube, Banjo Pan and the inventor of the Gold-n-Sand hand pump/dredge. (Note: I have an affiliate marketing relationship with Gold

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Golden Jackpots: Colorado Casinos

Ever since the gold-rush days of the 1800s, folks have been trying their luck in Colorado. Try your hand at gaming in one of the states casinos there are nearly 40 to choose from, and many are open 24 hours a day.

Cripple Creek is a former mining town that has turned its fortune into more than 10 casinos. Most of the gaming houses reside along Bennett Avenue in historic buildings. Youll feel transported to the Old West as you double down in blackjack at Colorado Grande Casino.

Riches can still be found in the hills west of Denver namely casino winnings in Central City and Black Hawk, an historic pair of picturesque towns. The formers Famous Bonanza Casino features classic coin slot machines, while the latters Lodge Casino lures patrons with roulette, craps and more.

The Four Corners region of southwest Colorado is home to both of the states American Indian gaming areas. Ignacios Sky Ute Casino Resort and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel in Towaoc are vacation destinations unto themselves, with each offering a complete gaming experience along with entertainment, dining and luxe amenities.

Pion Bridge Blm Prospecting Area Prospecting Tips

The BLM manages what it calls the Piñon Bridge Recreational Placer Mining Area to allow casual prospecting by visitors on the San Miguel River. The land highlighted in green on the map is open to casual use but is unclaimable because it was previously private land and was reacquired by the Federal government.

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Gold Nuggets In Colorado Bars Diamond On Sale In Africa

A gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of native gold. Watercourses often concentrate nuggets and finer gold in placers. Nuggets are recovered by placer mining, but they are also found in residual deposits where the gold-bearing veins or lodes are weathered. Nuggets are also found in the tailings piles of previous mining operations, especially those left by gold mining dredges.

Nuggets are usually 20.5K to 22K purity

Gold bars, gold dust and Gold Nuggets in Colorado are the various maximum coveted treasured metals within the global. Jewellery crafted out of these pure substances is often incredibly valued and sought out by using savvy consumers across the world. Learn the whole lot you want to know about deciding on first-class pieces right now here! By contacting Ngamba Mining Ltd.

How To Find Gold In Colorado

Finding Gold in Colorado: EP: 10 Gold and Garnets

Prospecting for gold has been a part of Americas history, culture and heritage. Since the 1800s, people have travelled to different parts of the country in search for this precious metal.

For people who were lucky enough to mine vast amounts of gold, word would spread easily causing a gold rush. This phenomenon has occurred in different states including California, Alaska, Colorado, and Montana.

Up to this day, these states are still actively producing gold.

Aside from the large mining companies that have established their presence in various sites, tourists have also flocked in search of their own gold rush.

While striking vast amounts of gold may not be so common anymore , the possibility of collecting flakes and grains of gold has caught the interest of the public. So much so, it has become a formal recreational activity.

One state that is mostly visited by gold prospectors is Colorado.

If youve always wondered why their NBA team is called Denver Nuggets, well thats enough of a clue! The Rocky Mountain state is not only popular for its pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring landscapes it is also home to the most coveted metal on earth. The so-called Colorado Gold Rush in 1859 paved the way for a lot of gold prospectors to visit this state.

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Finding Gold In Colorado: Inspiring Images Now Available

We are very excited to announce the next book in the Finding Gold in Colorado collection! Finding Gold in Colorado: Inspiring Images takes you on a photographic journey through Colorado Gold Country. If you enjoy the Prospectors Edition, youll love this new book. It includes hundreds of full color photos, all organized in the same

A Few Tips For Colorado Gold Prospectors

Although there have been millions of ounces of gold mined in Colorado, the vast majority of the gold found here is either in hard rock ore deposits, or are found in the form of very fine flour gold, dust, and fine flakes of gold.

Gold nuggets are occasionally found, but the VAST majority of gold is quite small in size. Keep this in mind when prospecting. If you are using a metal detector, make sure you are using an extra sensitive gold detector like the Garrett AT Gold or other VLF detector that can detect small gold.

Placer mining methods should also be used that are set up properly to retain fine gold. Many prospectors take advantage of newer equipment like the Gold Cube to help capture these fine gold deposits. Careful panning technique will also help you to retain the most gold possible from the gold bearing creeks and rivers in Colorado.

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Glenwood Springs And Newcastle Areas

North of Glenwood Springs you can find gold on the dumps of old mines with a metaldetector. Along Riffle Creek and Elk Creek you can find placer gold. On the south end ofthe White River Plateau you can find several old lode mines that producedlead, silver and zinc with a by product of gold.

Gilpin County Colorado

Gilpin County is about 30 miles west of Denver, on the east slope of the Front Range.Gilpin County ranks second among the gold-producing Counties of Colorado. From 1859through 1959 a total of 4,207,000 ounces of lode gold and 47,900 ounces of placer goldwere produced. The main areas of interest are the northern districts of Perigo,Independence, and PineKingston-Apex, covering half a township 20 to 35 miles southwest ofBoulder in Boulder County and 50-60 mi. Northwest of Denver. There are good access roadsand very many mines that produced lode and by-product gold. Also the southern districts ofCentral, Nevada, Gregory, Russel, and Quartz Mountain, 40 to 50 miles west of Denver andsouthwest of Boulder. There are very many mines, prospect all dumps, for lode andby-product gold.

Gold Veins And Other Gold Deposits

Fairplay town prospecting park  prospecting hints ...

Nearly all workable gold deposits are veins, lodes, shear zones, stock works, saddle reefs, and replacement ore-bodies, which are connected with intrusions of granite, syenite, diorite, and other igneous rocks of an acid or intermediate variety. It is said that about 80% of the worlds profitable gold mines are closely associated with acid and intermediate porphyries.

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Can You Really Find Gold At An Abandoned Mining Claim

Its funny how often people assume that ground is mined out just because someone has already mined there.

Trust me, just because miners have already worked an area does not mean they got all the gold. In fact, most of the richest gold mining areas in the United States are places where the early miners worked in the 1850s and 1860s.

The early mining methods were crude. They had poor quality equipment and limited resources. Most of the time all they had was an old homemade sluice box and a shovel, and they certainly did not have access to the quality mining equipment that we have today.

Todays mining equipment is designed to capture a very high percentage of the gold. With a properly set up placer mining operation, you can often find good gold in the exact areas that were already worked by the old-timers.

So dont be too quick to write-off areas that you assume are mined out. In fact, most of the best mining areas you will find today were once worked heavily. These places will still have some gold if you know how to find it.

Leaves Of Gold: Fall Foliage

We cant talk about Rocky Mountain gold without mentioning the troves of aspen trees that turn a brilliant, shimmering shade of yellow each autumn. And luckily, there are a variety of ways to soak up this splendor. Golden-based Big Sun Photo Tours offers single-day photography outings in the central Rockies between Denver, Vail and Aspen. Along with beautiful leaves, dont be surprised if an elk or eagle makes it into your frame.

Aerial views from the free Telluride gondola provide an amazing way to peep fall colors, along with a birds-eye vantage point of the town below, its box canyon and valleys lined with spectacular aspens and evergreens.

An excursion on the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad will leave you oohing and aahing as you wind through the aspen-filled wilderness of the San Isabel National Forest, up into the Continental Divide. Reserve a coach, engine or caboose seat, and dont forget your camera!

Or, immerse yourself in golden surroundings on a horseback ride. The equines at Granite Mountain Outfitters near Poncha Springs are gentle and sure-footed as you traverse trails showcasing panoramic views of the Sangre de Cristo and Sawatch mountains and San Luis Valley.

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Anyone Can Strike It Rich At These 4 Colorado Gold Panning Spots

Panning for gold may sound like a relic of Colorado’s gold rush past, but prospecting lives on today. You won’t get rich — most of the big deposits were picked off in the 19th century — but you’ll still dredge up gold flakes and other colorful minerals in your pan. Gold prospector Garret Romaine wrote a book for Falcon Guides, “Gold Panning Colorado,” detailing the best panning spots across the state. We share a few of his favorites here and their GPS locations, ranging from mountainous creeks to city parks.

A Few Gold Prospecting Tips For Arizona

How to find gold in Colorado rivers and streams

Arizona, much like New Mexico and Southern California, presents a challenge for gold prospectors. The dry climate limits the use of prospecting equipment to a few select types of gear.

Whereas tools like gold pans and sluice boxes work great in much of the US, often the rivers in Arizona dont actually have any water in them!

If this is the case, you will need to use some select equipment. Of particular interest are metal detectors and drywashers. These can be used without a drop of water.

While these rivers can concentrate gold, dont be afraid to explore the many creeks and dry washes that feed into them. These are often much richer than the rivers themselves. As you get closer to the gold vein, the concentrations of gold can get richer and richer.

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Clear Creek Canyon Open Space

Owned and operated by the Jefferson County Open Space, the Clear Creek Canyon Open Space or Clear Creek gold panning area provides almost 10 miles of gold-bearing waters to the public. It is located west of the former gold rush town Golden City, at the edge of Metro Denver. Gold panning in Clear Creek, Colorado is best done during late during spring through fall.

Why Would A Mining Claim Be Abandoned

The common question that you might ask is why was the claim abandoned in the first place? If there is actually gold present at the location, it might seem strange that anyone would abandon their claim.

In reality, there are a number of different reasons that this might happen. The claim holder might have died or gotten too old to work the claim any longer. Perhaps they have other claims to work and they never got time to work this one. Perhaps the miner moved to another state and doesnt have a chance to work their claim anymore.

There are plenty of reasons that someone might let their claim lapse, even if there is gold there to be found.

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Map Of Dig Areas By Chapter For Prospectors Edition

To help those planning trips, this simple map shows you which areas of the state are covered in each chapter of the book Finding Gold in Colorado Prospectors Edition. This image should print fairly well at 8×10 but be sure to set your printer to best print quality. Chapters A-R across Colorado Custom CO

The Mother Lode Of Gold Runs From Boulder Colorado South West To Leadville Colorado The Largest Cluster Of Claims And Mines Were Located Just To The West West Of Denver Along Clear Creek Near Idaho Springs The Gold Sites Follow The Continental Divide And Are Located To The East Of The Divide From Boulder To Denver And Found Mostly By The Streams Steep Drops Are Noted Around Alpine Peak And Grays Peak Down To The Stream Valley Many Gold Sites Are Found On Both Sides Of The Divide Near Leadville Other Gold Sites Are Shown From Aspen To Bailey Many Gold Sites In The National Forest Are Located Near Paved Roads And Trails There Are Many Hiking Trails In This Area The Legend Of Treasure Mountain The Legend Is That In The Late 1700’s Napoleon Of France Sent An Expedition To Find Gold In America The Expedition Found Gold Near Treasure Mountain But Were Unable To Get It Out Due To Problems With The Indians So They Hid The Gold That They Found Near Treasure Mountain All But One Or Two Members Of The Expedition Were Killed By The Indians And Those Two Barely Escaped Back To Tell About The Gold Legend Has It That The Gold Is Still Hidden Somewhere Near Treasure Mountain Treasure Mountain Is Shown In The Leadville Portion Of The Gold Maps There Are Many Gold Sites Found In This Area

Finding gold in colorado video
DURANGO / CORTEZ Gold maps – 954 Gold sites Towns in the vicinity – Durango, Silverton, Cortez. Over 100 Hiking Trails locations. San Juan, Rio Grande, Uncompahgre National Forest. Ghost Towns / Miners Camps and Historical towns – 25
LA VETA PASS Gold map – 65 Gold sites Towns in the vicinity – La Veta, Hooper, Crestone San Isabel and Rio Grande National Forest.
MONTROSE Gold maps – 450 Gold sites Towns in the vicinity – Montrose, Gunnison, Salida, Monarch, Cimarron, Crawford. 54 Hiking Trails locations. Gunnison and Uncompahgre National Forest. Ghost Towns / Miners Camps and Historical towns – 35.
COLORADO SPRINGS / CANON CITY Gold maps – 208 Gold sites. Towns in the vicinity – Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Canon City, Westcliffe. Active gold prospectors clubs claims area. San Isabel and Rio Grande National Forest. Pikes Peak. Ghost Towns / Miners Camps and Historical towns – 13.

Please click below to find the price of the gold map

S. Fork Mineral Creek, Silverton View of Downtown Silverton, Colorado.

Gold maps will be mailed via U.S. mail.

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