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How Much Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Worth

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Characteristics Of Black Hills Gold

Black Hills Gold Grape Vine Necklace, 10K/12K on QVC

Black Hills gold jewelry is noted not by a single color or type of gold but by the unique design of the pieces, typically handcrafted to depict leaves, grape clusters, and vines. Black Hills gold pieces are easily recognizable for their distinctive colors and are often made with gold colored in more than one tone.

Originally, Black Hills gold jewelry was made with South Dakota-mined gold, but has more recently been made with gold sourced elsewhere since the closure of the Homestake Mine in the area.

Black Hills gold jewelry is made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold as well as green and pink gold. Silver is alloyed with yellow gold to produce 14-karat green gold, while copper is alloyed with yellow gold to create 14-karat red or pink gold.

It is no longer required for the gold to be mined in the area, but the finished jewelry must be produced in the Black Hills in order to fall under this category.

Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Worth Anything

If the ring was solid Black hills gold it would be weighed just like it was gold. But because the ring is silver West gold ornaments on it the pawn shop is probably not going to want it. Black hills gold when its solid is worth the same as regular gold if not a little bit more because of the color. , Retired Jeweler.

Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Real Gold

Black Hills gold jewelry depicts leaves, grape clusters and vines, and is made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold as well as green and pink gold. The jewelry was originally made with South Dakota-mined gold but in more recent years, since the closure of the Homestake Mine, the gold is sourced elsewhere.

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Good Price For Black Hills Gold

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History Of Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Intricate Five Diamond Black Hills Gold Ring

The story of Black Hills gold begins in the region for which it was named.

The Black Hills are a mountainous region in western South Dakota that was long considered sacred by the Native American tribes that inhabited the area. In the 1870s, the Black Hills Gold Rush brought numerous prospectors to the area who began setting up camps in and around towns like Deadwood, Central City, and Lead.

To some, Black Hills gold jewelry is believed to have been created during this period by French goldsmith Henri LeBeau. As the story goes, LeBeau dreamt about the design of the jewelry after passing out from thirst and starvation.

Others believe Black Hills gold jewelry was created by S.T. Butler, a local goldsmith who also lived in the area during the 1860s. Butlers grandson even started his own company manufacturing Black Hills gold jewelry in Deadwood decades later.

In 1980, the 8th Circuit affirmed an injunction ruling that if a manufacturer was to call their jewelry Black Hills gold, it would have to be made in the Black Hills themselves. The state of South Dakota then designated Black Hills gold jewelry as the official state jewelry in 1988.

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What Is Black Hills Gold

First of all, it must be noted that black hills gold is not a particular variant of gold like Rose gold, Black gold, White gold, etc. It denotes a unique gold jewelry design consisting of various elements like Grapes, Leaves, Vines, Stems, and much more. These elements are either made from pure rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold or colored/plated in three different hues like yellow, green, and pink.

ThePink gold elements in the black hills gold jewelry are made from the alloy of pure gold and copper whose proportion determines the intensity of the pink hue.

The Green gold for the grapes and leaves is made by a mixture of pure gold and silver. Here, the amount of silver determines the intensity of the green hue. All the different components of the jewelry are mostly manufactured separately and then soldered together to form the unique black hills gold jewelry as shown below.

Who Makes Black Hills Gold

After dividing into two companies in 1919, both were acquired by Ivan Landstrom in 1944 and 1995. Based on this history, Landstroms claims to be the sole owner of the Black Hills design, although it is not trademarked. Other Black Hills manufacturers include Mt. Rushmore Jewelry, Gold Diggers, Coleman, and Stamper.

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How Did They Choose Who Went On Mount Rushmore

Carved into the side of the large mountain are the faces of four men who were United States presidents. These men were chosen because all four played important roles in American history. The four faces carved onto Mount Rushmore are those of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry For Gifts & More

Latest Gold Ring Designs with price | Mens Gold Ring

The jewelry we sell is mined, designed, and made in the Black Hills area in South Dakota, a mountainous region in western South Dakota. Our Black Hills gold and silver jewelry includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains, accessories, and watches.

If you are searching for where to buy Black Hills gold, your search is over. Our Black Hills gold is a precious metal that is manufactured exclusively in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is often referred to as the South Dakota State Jewelry. In fact, any jewelry to be sold as Black Hills Gold must be made in the Black Hills area. Since as early as the 1880s, the Black Hills gold mines have yielded about 4 million ounces annually, with an additional 3 million ounces annually from the silver mines.

Our Black Hills gold refers to the unique design of the jewelry we have been selling for more than 12 years. We love the beauty and appeal of the tri-color Black Hills Gold jewelry and aim to provide a satisfying and enjoyable online shopping experience for our customers. Here you will find the silver and gold jewelry gifts you want to stand out in comparison to other brands.

Contact us with your questions or concerns. We are here to help you find exactly what you want, which includes our stunning selections of black hills gold wedding rings. Take advantage of our free shipping within the United States and enjoy shopping with us today!

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Learn About Our Rings Necklaces Bracelets And More

Youre in the right place.

From gold watches, to intricately designed rings , to pearl, heart, and cross pendants, our selection of unique jewelry extends far and wide. We know wholeheartedly that you will find something exceptional for yourself or for anyone who are shopping for. Continue reading to discover more about the jewelry pieces we offer.

Black Hills Gold Engagement Rings And Fashion Rings

While big diamond engagement rings are highly sought after in the wedding and bridal industry, there is something to be said about a simple, intricately designed engagement ring with delicate features. If youre looking to purchase an engagement ring for your fiance-to-be and know fully well that she will appreciate a ring that is distinct, elegant, and wonderfully beautiful, youre going to want to have a Black Hills Gold engagement ring on hand while you get on bended knee to ask the big question. Incorporating our iconic pink and green grape leaf designs, each and every one of our rings feels romantic and timeless. We have a variety of rings that features a diamond in addition to the leaf designs, as well as many that offer a gemstone, like peridot, sapphire, or onyx. Whether youre looking for a simple band with minimal decals, or youre looking for a wide band with gems and stones, youll find the perfect piece for your needs when you shop our collection.




Black Hills Gold Watches

How Much Is Black Hills Gold Worth

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How Is A Black Hills Gold Jewelry Made

Under the previous section, we learned about the different components of such jewelry like grapes, leaves, stems, and vines and their manufacturing. Now lets study how such ornaments are made. Unlike any other gold jewelry, the process of making black hills gold jewelry is very perplexing and has several steps to it.

For such Jewelry, a pure 24k gold bar, and pure copper & silver are the key materials. When this pure 24k gold is alloyed with Silver in definite proportions, you get 14k green gold for details such as leaves and grapes. While alloying 24k pure gold with Copper gives you 14k pink gold for the remaining details. Both these gold bars are then readied for Rolling.

For Rolling, several presses are used for achieving different thicknesses for different parts which are then stamped carefully using patterns and dies. The cast pieces are polished either by the traditional hand polishing using wheels or a modern process called tumbling.

In Tumbling, several castings are stacked inside a huge tub/cylinder with different other metals/rubbers in a liquid solution. This tub is rotated until every piece has been smoothly polished as over these cast pieces, the other details like grapes, leaves, and vines are mounted. In the traditional method, the stamped pieces or details are hand-soldered over the cast frame via a heat-torch or gold-karat solder.

What Tribe Owns The Black Hills

Intricate Five Diamond Black Hills Gold Ring

The Great Sioux Nation owns shares in The Black Hills, by percentage. The Oglala Lakota are the biggest shareholders. I spoke with Loretta Afraid of Bear and Milo Yellow Hair, who are actively working on getting unceded federal lands in the Black Hills back into the hands of its rightful owners, the Oceti Sakowin.

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Shop All Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Our craftspeople understand the value that you, our customer, are placing into a piece of jewelry, whether you are purchasing it as a gift for a loved on, or youre investing in an engagement ring to propose with, or treating yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thats why our mission is to provide each and every one of our clients with a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime.

Our name Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold not only represents the location we operate in, but it pays homage to the history, heritage, and art that inhabited this region decades before our time. Within 14 years, a big group of gold miners-turned-craftsmen carved into a granite mountain what is now a world renown American national monument Mount Rushmore. Their descendents, our craftspeople, aim to carry on the tradition of intricate, quality work, and in each piece of jewelry we design and manufacture, we strive to incorporate the same quality of craftsmanship that our forefathers set forth before us.

Today, each piece of Black Hills Gold jewelry is produced in a series of 40 steps. Attention to detail and intricacy are only a few words to describe the process of manufacturing our one-of-a-kind designer jewelry. Many, many steps are involved in handcrafting a Black Hills Gold design. From casting, shaping, grounding, polishing, soldering, cleaning, wriggling, and engraving, our skilled artisans settle for nothing less than perfection when bringing to life this jewelry.

Who Owns The Black Hills Today

It was eventually acknowledged that Sioux tribes did manage to purchase over 1,900 acres of the Black Hills in November 2012 which included the sacred Pe Sla site. The Pe Sla sites federal Indian trust status, which was granted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 2016, was acknowledged by Pennington County in 2017.

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A Seller Inquires: Is Black Hills Gold Valued
    May 28, 2010 ·May 28, 2010 – PRLog– Los Angeles, CA â A Cash for Gold Co customer recently asked the company if her âBlack Hillsâ gold jewelry would be worth as much as normal gold jewelry, why it appeared so different and how it would be valued compared to regular gold. According to Joe Montes, president, âWe find this an interesting question because âBlack Hillsâ gold â¦

How Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Made

Black Gold Jewelry

Black Hills gold jewelry follows an intricate and detailed process, much like the appearance of the finished pieces themselves. Heres what the process looks like:

  • The alloys are created and the resulting gold bars are prepared for rolling.
  • The bars are then rolled by presses to their desired thicknesses based on the type of jewelry being produced.
  • Each part of jewelry is individually stamped out of the rolled gold sheets using patterns and dies.
  • The solid gold leaves and any other patterns are then added to a cast jewelry base.
  • The cast pieces are then polished by one of two methods:
  • Traditional hand-polishing using a wheel.
  • Tumbling, wherein many castings at one time are placed in a tub or cylinder with different sizes and shapes of metal, rubber, or other materials in a liquid solution. They are then agitated or rotated until they are polished smooth. The cast pieces are now ready for the stamped components to be mounted onto them.
  • At this phase, some prefer to use traditional methods to attach the pieces, individually hand-soldering the stamped components to the cast gold frame using torches and a karat-gold solder.
  • Others may place the solder and the components together on the cast item, leaving several such assemblies in a soldering oven where they are soldered by the heat of the oven.
  • Once soldered, the jewelry is then cleaned in a mild acid bath and inspected for quality.
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    Anyone A Jewelry Expert I Have A 10k Black Hills Gold Ring How Much Is It Worth

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    Black Hills Gold Jewelry

    Black Hills gold jewelry is a type of jewelry manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was first created in the 1870s during the Black Hills Gold Rush by a French goldsmith named Henri LeBeau, who is said to have dreamed about the design after passing out from thirst and starvation. Black Hills gold jewelry depicts leaves, grape clusters and vines, and is made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold as well as green and pink gold. In 1980, the 8th Circuit affirmed an injunction ruling that if a manufacturer was to call its jewelry Black Hills Gold, then it must be made in the Black Hills. The state of South Dakota designated Black Hills gold as the official state jewelry in 1988.

    The designs use grapes, grape leaves and grape stems and are easily recognizable for their distinctive colors. Silver is alloyed with the yellow gold to produce the green hue, and copper is alloyed with the yellow gold to make the red or pink gold. The jewelry was originally made with South Dakota-mined gold but in more recent years, since the closure of the Homestake Mine, the gold is sourced elsewhere.

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    What Is The Difference Between Black Hills Gold And Regular Gold

    White gold is rhodium plated, which creates a shining luster and enhances its durability. Over time, white gold will require replating, as the yellow beneath may begin to show through. Black Hills Gold is gold jewelry that can be mined anywhere, but must be crafted in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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