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Why Are Golden Goose So Expensive

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The Verdict: Are They Really Worth The Money

GOLDEN GOOSE REVIEW//Are they really worth it? how to tie laces, P448 comparison, sizing

I really did not think I would like Golden Goose sneakers. As I mentioned above, I fully expected to tell you to save your money and buy a different pair instead.

To my surprise, they are wonderful and incredibly comfortable! These sneakers are no doubt a splurge, but they are so worth it.

I can wear them with just about anything in my closet. I wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and loungewear and they add a cool element to every look. Their versatility allows me to wear them all of the time, which decreases their cost per wear something that I often consider when splurging on higher-priced items.

Golden Goose Mid Star

At the 2nd spot in our list, we have the Golden Goose Mid Star. This one, too, is one of those premium picks that you can go ahead with. Lets find out the inner workings of this particular shoe variant.


  • Comfort friendly wearing experience
  • Unique appearance

The thing that we want to mention first is the design. Its the outer design that made this shoe a highly divisive issue. Yes, even if you dont believe it, it also comes with a worn-out design. It has been intentionally made as if to represent that someone has used it for years.

Although many would argue against going with one of these worn out new shoes, there are many who love the idea of a ragged, old shoe.

Golden Goose has a pretty solid reputation for being true to size if youre talking about fitting. Similarly, this one should also be a TTS, given you dont have wide feet.

If youre looking for comfortable footwear, this pair shouldnt disappoint you either.

Finally, rubber soles should give you a better and slip-reduced walking potential.

They wear out a bit after some time of use. But on the whole, they should offer solid performance.

Golden Goose Shoes Are Hassle

Those who have worn these shoes are in love with not just the look, but the fact that the shoes also send a message. GQ says pre-distressed sends a not-so-subtle message that its owner bucks the trend and doesn’t care about what people say or think.

But beyond the messaging, practical moms like blogger Lauren Kay Simms who have forked out more than $500 for a pair of Golden Goose sneakers say the shoes are “insanely comfortable,” so much so that they can be worn straight out of the box, without having to worry about blisters. Ironically, Golden Goose’s beat-up look means owners have less to worry about when they go out because you don’t have to be mindful about keeping your shoes clean when they are meant to look like a mess anyway.

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How To Tie Golden Goose Laces

This might seem like a question with an obvious answer, but, if you want your Golden Goose to look their best, tying your shoelaces into a neat bow is not ideal.

These sneakers are made to look effortlessly cool, like you slipped them on on the go which you can do, if you leave your laces untiedlike this:

  • Put on your shoes and make sure theyre tight enough
  • Tie a little knot at the end of each shoelace
  • Done!

    Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Popular

    Why are Golden Goose sneakers so expensive?

    The Golden Goose brand can be summed up in one word: comfort. The distressed look of the shoe isn’t just aesthetic, but it is also practical. On average, one may need to wear a pair of shoes for around five or six times for it to fit the way we want it to, or to be able to walk without stiffness or wincing from pain.

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    Real Vs Fake Golden Goose Super

    Somebody might consider the detail less important if it doesn’t show up while wearing the sneakers- they couldn’t be more wrong.

    The replica factories do those details carelessly so you should look for the flaws in those exact places.

    The zig-zags of the original soles are not as big as they are on the fake sneakers but their quantity in the left picture is bigger.

    Not only the size but their shape is different too- the points are rounder on the authentic pair.

    The positioning is considered to be a flaw too as shown in the bottom right pictures.

    Oliver Cabell: Modern Shoemaking With A Heart

    At Oliver Cabell, we take pride in crafting footwear of exceptional quality and comfort, including our Golden Goose-inspired line of distressed sneakers. Each pair of sneakers, driving shoes, and boots is made with sustainably-sourced Italian leather and undergoes rigorous quality control. Not only that, whatever your style, theres bound to be a pair of Oliver Cabells thats perfect for you.

    We are making a difference when it comes to modern shoemaking. Our enterprise pairs together sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices with our dedication to making high quality footwear a combination that constantly delivers on the promise of comfort and elegance.

    Whether youre a weekend warrior who loves to take long walks or an urbanite whos constantly pounding the pavement, theres a pair of Oliver Cabell sneaks for you

    Crafted using traditional European shoemaking methods, each Oliver Cabell shoe is made to the highest standards of quality and environmental compliance, making it a great choice for those going in for mindful modern living.

    The companys use of sustainably-sourced Italian leathers as well as its emphasis on treating its people as stakeholders in its continued success speaks well of its commitment to both exceptional and responsible manufacturing.

    Tasteful, stylish, and ethical, every pair of Oliver Cabells embodies casual elegance and comfort that you can happily wear anywhere.

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    How Golden Goose Sneakers Are Made

    On any given pair, the right shoe may not match the left shoe perfectly, and this is intentional. They are usually similar in terms of marks and distressing , but the patterns are not always identical. See the photos above and below for more detail.

    Keep in mind that the presentation and storage box is sometimes distressed as well and varies by model. This is important to note because this is not a defect or damage from shipping and handling.

    Youll also notice the interior lining, which is not smooth leather or unvarnished suede leather, but rather a loopback cotton toweling material, which makes the shoes warm in the winter and cool in the summer for your feet. This is also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are pleasant to wear year-round.

    These are all subtle design cues that make Golden Goose sneakers so special.

    Cons To Golden Goose Sneakers

    Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing and Full Review- Are They Worth The Price?

    Sizing can be tricky when you have to order online.

    I wear a 7 shoe and wear a 37 in Golden Goose with the exception of my first pair of high tops, I bought a 38. Even though all of mine are super comfortable and they do all fit slightly different from each other. This goes back to being handmade and hand distressed. Make sure you order from a reputable site that accepts returns in case you need to switch out sizes.


    Even though I truly believe in cost per wear, its still not easy to hit the PAY button on such expensive sneakers. I get it, these are not for everyone and I certainly dont think they are a necessary purchase! If you love them and want a pair, go for it! You will love them! As with any item, dont feel the pressure to conform to fashion trends and spend money on things you dont REALLY REALLY love!

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    Tapping Social Media Presence Should Never Be Understated

    For the past decades, social media marketing has proved beneficial to many businesses. Its been one of the effective ways to nurture and expand brand recognition. So, how does it help grow Golden Goose? This Italian brand has a cult following which comes in handy in growing the brands visibility through social media. It was the same time the Golden Goose sneakers company was formed that Facebook came into existence- what a coincidence. Various Facebook groups were created, including the Golden Goose Gang, which has now grown to be one of the biggest Best Sell Trade groups globally. What a great move by Golden Goose to take advantage of one of the most ever-growing social media platforms with billions of users?

    Besides, its the most used, with approximately 1.93 billion users accessing their Facebook account each day and a monthly Facebook Groups usage of over 1.8 billion individuals. This shows the potential behind this social media platform that the Golden Goose brand has continued to leverage since its birth in 2000. When it comes to growing brand popularity in social media, follower count matters most. How has this Italian Brand FB group been fairing? By September 2021, Golden Goose Group had 22,0000 members, today, six months later, this number has risen to 44.3 k members, and its expected to grow as time goes byHow does this private group add to Golden Goose Sneakers Popularity?

    How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Sneakers In Less Than 60 Seconds

    To save your time from differentiating genuine and counterfeit sneakers, here is a brief guide for you.

  • Inspect the stitching on the corner of the toe box. Fake golden goose sneakers have a stitching rarer compared to the actual pair.
  • Evaluate the stitching on the heel of your golden goose sneakers. The fake stitching is less deep and can be visible easily.
  • Check the rear GOLDEN GOOSE/DE text. The fake text is ordinarily small and too broad.
  • Confirm the three dots on the side of the sneakers. Legit pairs have equally spaced dots, but there is some distance between the dots in fake ones. Moreover, the dots may be misaligned.
  • Check the distressing on the golden goose sneakers. Legit golden goose has a natural-looking distressing, while the fake pairs have a distressing that seems to be handmade.
  • Inspect the edges of the star on your pair of golden goose sneakers. The fake pairs are more frayed and less glued than the legit pairs.
  • Verify the inner soles of your golden goose sneakers. Fake soles have significant-looking texts and fonts. Legit soles have mode fonts that are equally spaced.
  • Check the shoelaces. Fake shoelaces are wide and typically rough, but the legit pairs have thin laces with a fine texture.
  • Check the curviness of the toe box where authentic shoes are curvier, and the front part of the shoe lifts away from the ground.
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    Whats A Golden Goose What Does Golden Goose Imply

    A golden goose is a gentle supply of wealth and success. Within the fable The Golden Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, Greek storyteller Aesop writes of a goose that laid one golden egg a day. The magic goose was killed by its grasping proprietor, who hoped to get all of the gold directly. The ethical of the story: those that have lots need extra, and so lose all theyve.

    Like golden goose eggs, we absolutely assist a daily schedule of recent drops of Golden Goose sneakers into your closet. However first, learn on to grasp why Golden Goose are so costly.

    Are Golden Goose Cheaper In Italy

    Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive

    Yes, they are more affordable in Italy than in the US. But why so? The common rule of thumb is, a product is at its cheapest the place where its made.

    So, you may now ask why its so expensive in the US.

    Well, there are two reasons behind it. The first reason is, these shoes are built in Italy, and they travel a large distance to reach the US market. As a result, the sellers include the travel and shipping charge for the entire trip on each shoe variant.

    The second reason behind the increase in the price is the availability. As theyre not producing shoes in large numbers like the other brands such as Nike or Adidas, its pretty normal that their shoe prices will go up. More manufacturing means a reduction of costs, while less production will increase it.

    Well, these are the two reasons why you find them pretty expensive in the US market compared to Italy.

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    This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

    Sometime last week, the denizens of the internet noticed that Nordstrom carries a pair of distressed, dirty-looking sneakers. The shoes, by Italian sneaker brand Golden Goose, look like a pair of beat-up old Converse or, maybe more accurately, a pair of formerly white Common Projects that have seen better days and can be yours for the low price of $530 plus tax.

    One Twitter user awful and insensitive. Another said theyre indicative of the absurdity of late capitalism. Scores of critics accused Golden Goose, which has sold similar shoes in the past, of fetishizing poverty. Localnewsaffiliates across the country latched on to the story. Orlando Sentinel writer Shannon Green referred to the shoes as the latest ridiculous example of trashion, the fusing of trash and fashion.

    Its not hard to understand why in this time of growing income inequality, people were upset by a pair of calf-skin, $530 shoes that are supposed to look dirty and worn. After all, a worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 would have to work two forty-hour weeks to cop a pair of Golden Goose Superstars.

    Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run Small Or Large

    Golden Goose sneakers come in whole sizes .

    If you are in between sizes or have narrow feet, we recommend going down a size: they tend to fit wider than other sneakers, and the difference in heel height slightly shrinks the length of the foot overall.

    If you have wider feet, and have trouble finding sneakers that fit just right, you will love Golden Goose! Go for your normal size, and enjoy the comfort .

    An extra word on comfort: Golden Goose sneakers come pre-distressed and weathered, so you wont have to break them in. Simply wear them straight out of the box, and forget about sore feet and blisters!

    If you have a job that requires you to stand all day, enjoy long walks or travel a lot, Golden Goose are the sneakers for you.

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    What Do People Love About Golden Goose Sneakers

    Golden Goose trainers are designed for sneakerheads who embrace their own choices- these are individuals who break fashion rules and act as they desire. The Italian brand is committed to getting these individuals aboard and providing them with the distressed look that no other brand is willing to offer. They ensure that every piece offers the best experience from the time its unboxed all through its life cycle. So, every shoe they release in the market is intended to give the wearer

    How To Clean Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers

    How I bought Golden Goose sneakers for $148!!

    Like all other sneaker brands, to maintain the quality and ensure longevity keep them fresh by cleaning regularly. Even though the pre-scuff marks may make it slightly more tricky to determine what should be washing off, keep your sneakers box fresh by following these simple steps.

    • First things first, as much as you may be tempted to, dont put them in the washing machine. This can damage your sneakers.
    • Always use a soft bristled brush or toothbrush to get rid of any dust or loose dirt first.
    • Mix a little soap with warm water to make a mild formula and grab a spare toothbrush to gently lift away more stubborn dirt.
    • Once de-laced pop the laces in your bowl of soap and water and scrub together to release dirt, then leave to air dry.
    • A trick to help the drying process after giving your sneakers a clean is to put crumpled up paper inside to soak up any moisture.
    • Wipe with a dry cloth and voila!

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    The Enduring Appeal Of Golden Goose

    Over the past 11 days, stars descended on Venice, Italy for the citys annual international film festival. With them, they brought plenty of fashion that rocked social media to the core . And while the silver screen vanguard has indeed shone brightly, so too has another fashion force: Golden Goose, the Veneto-founded sneaker and apparel label, which hosted a 20th birthday bash in the heart of Serenissima last week to mark its milestone anniversary.

    It was a clever sleight of hand for Golden Goose to hold its first major event during the festival after all, the label and Hollywood have a longstanding history, and the brand certainly owes some of its success to deep fandom amongst A-listers. Dozens and dozens have been spotted in the scuffed-up tennis shoes over the past two decades, including Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, and countless more. Golden Gooses latest Star campaign, shot in New York, features resident cool kids Kailand Morris, Langley Fox, Leyna Bloom, Marta Pozzan, and Tommy Dorfman. In 20 short years, this once little enterprisefounded by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallois now valued at over $1 billion.

    Its not about being polished and perfect.

    Silvio Campara, Golden Gooses CEO

    Twenty years is not an arrival point, concludes Campara. Its a starting point. Were really about reflecting a spirit of freedom, a spirit of taking your shoes with you wherever you go and discovering more of what life has to offer.

    When Did Golden Goose Get Popular

    When did golden goose get popular?

    Golden Goose is one of the premium shoe manufacturers out there right now. They started their company in 2000, and they started becoming popular within a couple of years afterward.

    Within these 21 years, theyve revved up their marketing campaigns and presented themselves as one of the good high-end manufacturers with a premium price tag on almost all their items.

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