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How To Gold Plate Jewelry

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HOW TO GOLD PLATE JEWELRY at home. Testing Digital Pen Plating System from Pepetools

Unfortunately, the lifespan of gold-plated jewelry isnt long because its more susceptible to scratching and tarnishing. Daily wear and tear will wear down the tiny gold layer and expose the jewelers brass beneath.

You might wonder why gold plating is so thin. To answer that, we need to compare the manufacturing processes of gold-filled vs. gold-plated jewelry.

Tips To Start Gold Plated Jewelry Business

Gold Plating is sometimes called as Electroplated. It is the process of making with a layer of gold on the surface over another type of metal underneath. If you are looking for a profitable business that you can work either part-time full time then choose a gold plated jewelry business. After your successful business structures know how can I promote my gold plated jewelry business and many more details in this article.

How to Start a Gold plated Jewelry Making Business?

The plating is done to enhance the look wear-ability of a jewelry piece. The following are the simple steps on how to start a gold plated jewelry making business:

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to decide whether to start fashion jewelry fine
  • Step 2: Secondly, you have to register a creative name fashionable name for your gold plated jewelry business
  • Step 3: Thirdly, you should know how gold plating is done
  • Step 4: Lastly, you must know how can I promote my gold plated jewelry business in social media effectively

The above simple steps on how to start a gold plated jewelry making business can be explained briefly in the following:

  • You need to decide whether to start fashion jewelry fine

You need to decide whether to start fashion jewelry fine is the first step in the simple steps on how to start a gold plated jewelry making business. In this step, before you initiate a jewelry store decide which type of jewelry you want to plate to sell. The following are the types of jewelry:

  • Firstly, Fashion Jewelry
  • The Purity Ratings In Gold Plating

    The gold used in gold plating has the same purity ratings as solid gold because both are the same metals. The difference lies only in their volume or thickness. In the case of plating, its purity ranges between 10 karat and 24 karat.

    So, gold plated jewelry can have an 18 karat or 12 karat coating, depending on the purity of the liquid gold used for gilding the piece. However, the main difference is not the karat or the value but the color of the plating of various karats. The plating is more like a coloring that adds to the aesthetic instead of adding monetary value to the piece. With the increase of karat, the color becomes yellower.

    There are a few more ratings for determining the quality of gold-plating, and they may vary from one country to another.

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    How To Correct Cleaning Mistakes On Gold Plated Jewelry

    If you have used toothpaste, silver polish, or another cleaner and the jewelry looks dull, mix the dishwashing liquid and warm water solution and submerge the jewelry for five minutes. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe away the film left by the cleaners. Rub gently to prevent removing the gold!

    If the worst has happened and the gold plating has worn away so that the base metal is exposed, you can have jewelry replated. Consult with a reputable jeweler about the costs and the feasibility of replating your piece. It is difficult to replate chains and the jeweler must be skilled in preparing the base metal surface of any piece before replating.

    Things You Need To Know About Gold Plating

    How To Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

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    Gold plated jewelryoffers a budget-friendly option to buying pure gold jewelry. It gives you thelook and the style without the high price tag that comes with gold, and isideal for jewelry you dont plan to wear on a daily basis.

    Gold plating comesin varying levels of quality, largely depending on the thickness and purity ofthe gold coating, the base metal used for the piece and the quality ofcraftsmanship. Once plated, its almost impossible to tell real gold from goldplated jewelry just by looking at it.

    As with all things,there are drawback to choosing gold plated jewelry. Tarnishing, fading andreplating are common issues youll encounter.

    Not sure if goldplated jewelry is for you?

    Weve got youcovered. In this guide, we outline 13 things you need to know about goldplating before you buy.

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    What Is The Ideal Thickness Of Coating

    The standard thickness of the gold coating is between 0.17 and 2.5 microns or micrometers . This is the standard unit of length used for measuring the thickness of gold plating and other similar things with a microscopic length.

    Gold plating thickness determines its durability. The more the microns, the better the chance for the gold plating to last with usage.

    A 0.17 micron of coating contains only 0.05% of gold and such layers are extremely thin. Known as gold washing or flashing, this coating wears off fast and quite easily. because of minimal exposure to rubbing and rough wear, A 0.17-micron thick coating is ideal for earrings, lockets, and brooches.

    The pieces that are likely to undergo heavy wear and tear like rings and bracelets should have gold plating thickness between 0.5 and 1.0 microns. These are still pencil-thin layers but not quite flimsy to get rubbed off easily.

    If you want durable gold plating, choose a piece with 2.5 microns of thickness. This one lasts longer than other plating options.

    However, a thin coating does not make gold plated jewelry trash. They have their own beauty and a specific price value. Real gold is used in making them but they are not as valuable as gold because of how little gold is used.

    Clean With Soap And Water

    If your gold plated jewellery is starting to look a little lacklustre then a light clean with soap and water will help restore it to its former glory.

    • Mix a mild liquid soap and warm water in a bowl to create a foamy solution. Place the jewellery in the water and leave for several minutes.
    • Take the jewellery out of the water and use a soft cloth to rub the items, taking care to wipe all surface areas. If the jewellery has lots of small details and engravings then use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean any hard to reach areas.
    • Once the dirt has been removed, rinse the items in warm water
    • Wipe with a lint free cloth and be sure each piece is thoroughly dried before storing in a jewellery box.

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    Can I Pawn Gold Plated Jewelry

    If you are planning to sell the gold plated jewelry that you bought off a high-end store a few years back, you may be looking at selling it off at the pawnshop.

    But how do you go about selling jewelry in pawnshops? Can you even sell a gold plated piece of jewelry in a pawnshop?

    In this article, well look at everything you need to know about selling worn jewelry in pawn shops. But first, what is a pawn shop or its purpose?

    Does Gold Plating Fade And Tarnish

    How To Gold plate, Gold Plating Jewelry, Coins, Rose Gold Plating, $89 Gold plating Kit

    The tarnishing of gold plating jewelry is a surprise to many people since gold does not react with outside elements. Regardless of the quality of gold, it does not rust or corrode. What’s the problem then?

    Well, the problem lies with the other materials used in the jewelry. The molecules of the core metal eventually travel to the exterior gold layer, making it contaminated. The molecules react with the outside elements, triggering oxidation or corrosion.

    The thinner the plating is, the sooner it will tarnish. However, the leeching of molecules can be slowed down by coating the base metal with a nickel layer. It protects the gold layer from inner contamination.

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    How To Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

    If youre wondering how to take care of gold plated jewelry so that it doesnt tarnish, chip, or wear, weve got some pointers for you! Following a care regime for your gold plated jewelry is essential to making your jewelry last longer. It can be difficult to know exactly how long does gold plated jewelry last or how to clean tarnished gold plated jewelry, but we can help! If you want to keep the brightness and luster of the gold plating, there are a few care regimes you can follow:

  • Mix a few drops of dishwashing detergent into a few cups of warm water. Mix in your gold plated jewelry in the soapy solution and then find a dry place to let your gold plated jewelry dry off. Avoid antibacterial soaps since these may contain components that will make your item tarnish more easily.
  • Buff the gold plated item with a soft microfiber cloth. However, be careful not to use too much elbow grease, or the gold plate will begin to flake off.
  • When you are not wearing your gold plated jewelry items, place them in a plastic bag, squeeze all of the air out, and seal it tight. This will keep the gold plated items dry and safe from scratches. Also, the lack of oxygen will keep the alloy base metals from tarnishing.
  • Remove your gold plated jewelry when you go swimming in a salt or chlorine pool, when you shower, or when you are doing activities that cause you to sweat a lot.
  • Things To Consider Before Gold Plating:

    • Daily Wear & Item Type: Before you start thinking about putting gold on everything, take a moment to consider your jewelry habits. If the piece you want to plate is something you wear very often and youre a fairly active individual, the item will see a lot of daily wear. In cases like that, youll want to choose a hardier material and a greater level of thickness. If the piece is a pendant or earring that doesnt come into contact with a lot of things, you can opt to just do a quick plating that will change or restore the color.
    • Color: What color do you want your item to be? You can either match the original color if your item was formerly plated, or completely change it! Plating comes in 10k-24k yellow and rose gold, and rhodium plating for a white gold appearance. If youre not sure about which metal to choose, you can also send a picture and the jeweler will match the color depicted.

    A silver ring that was plated in 18k yellow gold.

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    Easy Steps To Gold Plate At Home

    Do you want spruce up your jewelry pieces or other treasured items with a sparkle of gold? Gold plating is an age-old process but the good news is that with the right tools and technique, you too can plate any item with gold from the comfort of your home.

    Any metal can be gold-plated including stainless steel, brass, and nickel but copper and silver are the most popular options.

    If you love gold and are an ardent DIYer, this article will show you, step-by-step, how to gold plate using simple kits you can buy online or from your local craft store. You can use one of two types of kits: the brush plating kit or the immersion plating kit. So, without further ado, lets jump right into it.

    Is Gold Plated Jewelry Fake

    Rolo Chain Necklace // 14K Gold Plated

    One of the most common questions when it comes to gold plated jewelry is: does gold plated mean fake? The answer to this question is dependent on your definition of fake.

    To explain:

    The gold layer on the outside of the jewelry item is real gold. However, since the entire piece of jewelry is composed of a base metal or metal alloy that is not gold, gold plated jewelry is commonly referred to as fake gold. The gold on the surface is real gold of varying fineness , but the center of the item is not gold.

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    The Process Of Gold Plating:

  • Evaluation: When you send an item in for plating, the first thing we do is assess the piece. What kind of metal is it? Certain metals can prove to be difficult to plate due to composition or potential tarnishing.

    Two rings before plating. The one on the left is a commercial alloy, while the one on the right is copper.

  • Preparation: After evaluation, the piece is prepared for electroplating via extensive polishing. The polisher will buff the surface of the item until it is perfectly smooth, because a slight bump or grainy texture will cause the gold plating to look uneven and blotchy. For base metals that are difficult to plate on their own, the jewelry is polished and given a preliminary coating of either palladium or nickel before the gold is applied. After polishing, the item is electrocleaned and rinsed several times in the following baths:
  • Distilled water
  • Micron plating dip
  • Distilled water
  • Electroplating: Once the item has been processed and approved, the gold plating begins! The item is submerged in a solution of water and metal salt, which contains the gold that will be plated onto the item. An electrical current is passed through the liquid, which dissolves the metals and chemically adheres the gold to the jewelry. The jewelry stays submerged for a certain period of time, depending on how thick the plating is supposed to be.
  • Two rings after 14k gold plating

    The Purity Ratings Of Gold

    Karat ratings are the standard way to determine the purity of gold jewelry. The purest is the 24 karat but you cannot use it for making any ornamental pieces due to its malleable nature.

    The most commonly used karat ratings and their gold percentages are:

    Twenty-two karat jewelry is the most valuable because it features the highest percentage of gold other than 24 karat. Nine karat pieces are the lowest category among all because they contain only 37.5% of gold.

    Twenty-two karat jewelry is the most valuable because it features the highest percentage of gold other than 24 karat. Nine karat pieces are the lowest category among all because they contain only 37.5% of gold.

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    Cleaning The Surface To Be Plated

  • 1Clean the surface of the item you will be gold plating. For the best results, the item to be plated needs a deep cleaning before you begin the bonding process. Do not simply rinse the object. Any traces of oils or grease must also be removed from the object. Failure to properly clean the item will prevent deposition onto your item.XResearch source
  • Wear cotton gloves to avoid leaving skin oils or other deposit on the item.
  • 2Use the cleaning solution in your kit. Some kits include a cleaning solution. Depending on your kit, this solution can be anything from a polish to a full on acidic solution. Handle the solutions with care and always use gloves.
  • If your kit does not come with a cleaning solution, you can use a household degreaser and buff the item yourself. Rinse it thoroughly in clean water after.
  • Be sure to remove all fingerprints, smears or any other residue.
  • The surface of your item should be completely smooth.
  • 3Test the cleanliness of your item by sinking it into distilled water. Study how the liquid leaves the surface as you remove it from the water. If the water slides smoothly from the piece without beading or forming small droplets, it is clean.Advertisement
  • Easy Gold Plated Vs Gold Filled Jewelry

    How to Gold Plate a Chain

    If youre confused about the difference between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry, youve come to the right place. In this article, well discuss everything buyers need to know about gold-filled vs. gold-plated jewelry.

    Both options are popular jewelry metals, but while they share commonalities, they arent the same metal.

    One has a minuscule layer of gold plating bonded to a base metal, and the other is a layered gold alloy mounted to a base metal. Key differences between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry is the percentage of gold content used, as well as the manufacturing process. But theres much more to cover on the subject.

    Lets jump right in!

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    Purchasing A Gold Plating Kit

  • 1Choose the metal item you plan to plate. This can be a piece of jewelry, a clock part, decorative hardware, a car emblem, etc. The item you want to plate will determine the type of kit you should purchase. Some items such as large pieces may require a ‘Brush Plating Kit’, whereas other small items such as jewelry should be done with an “Immersion Plating Kit”XResearch source. An internet search of those terms will lead you to high quality equipment manufacturers.
  • Most gold plated jewelry is made with a silver base, but other metals, such as copper or aluminum, can be gold plated as well.
  • Silver and gold tend to diffuse into each other, which can cause a plated piece to become dull or tarnished looking as the gold plating wears. Layering the silver with copper first can create longer-lasting luster because it’s not as reactive to gold.
  • 2Purchase your gold plating kit. Now that you know what you want to plate, you can choose the correct kit for the job. If youre still not sure, try contacting a gold plating service or kit manufacturer about which kit is right for you to use.XResearch source
  • The average gold plating kit will include a liquid gold solution, an electrical supply, and a plating wand or brush that links to the power supply and directs where the gold is bonded. An all-inclusive kit is ideal due to the nature of gold plating, you may need other solutions or accessories depending on what metal or item you are working on.
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