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What Is The Best Gold Ira

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Why Precious Metals Ira

Gold Backed IRA – Find Out What is the Best Roth Ira Account!

Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones post-retirement. Not if the economy continues spiraling out of control at this magnitude.

Investors are hungrier than ever for diversification, tirelessly searching for security and protection. They are looking for IRAs that will not disappear if the dollar does.

The only secure financial asset that has stood the grueling test of time is gold. A gold IRA permits individuals to diversify any portion of their retirement portfolio including pre-existing IRAs and former 401k with previous employers by actually owning physical gold within that retirement plan.

Investors can securely possess physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account.

Investors also have the option of a Roth gold IRA, which operates just like a conventional Roth IRA, allowing investors to invest after-tax dollars, accrue gains tax-free, and take distributions tax-free. The only difference is that a Roth gold IRA invests in physical gold coins or bars.

When it comes to precious metals investing, if you cannot take delivery of your precious metals investments at some point in the process, you are not really investing in precious metals, just paper investments.

Top 5 Gold Ira Companies is committed to rigorous editorial standards. We may receive compensation when you click on links to products we review. Please view our affiliate disclosure. Trading involves risk which may result in the loss of capital.

Increasingly, people are looking at more options when it comes to investing in their retirement. The traditional focus on a standard IRA or Roth IRA has now started to shift significantly with a much wider range of choices available, alongside the same contribution and tax benefits.

Included in this new range of up and coming IRAs are Gold IRAs, or more specifically, precious metal IRAs. This is what we will focus on here in explaining more about exactly what this means for investing in commodities, and sourcing some of the best Gold IRA companies for you to invest with.

Final Thoughts: Is The Risk Of Gold Iras Worth The Reward

Admittedly, gold IRAs are not for everybody. They are very much a niche product that may not fit within more conventional portfolios.

However, if you’re searching for ways to diversify otherwise straightforward investment strategies, a gold IRA could prove a wise, long-term approach to hedge against potentially unfavorable market conditions in the future.

Just remember that gold, much like every other investment, is driven by a marketplace that moves both up and down. High returns are indeed possible, but so are huge losses, and it may take decades for either to occur.

If you want to add gold to your investments, perform plenty of research on your own, and consult with a trusted financial advisor to determine if there are any advantages to including it to your financial plan.

All that glitters may not be gold, but it has the potential to add a nice sparkle to the right investment portfolio.

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Establish And Fund The Ira

Most applications to open an IRA can be done online and are fairly quick. To open an account, youll probably need the following:

  • Drivers license
  • Social Security number
  • Information about beneficiaries

Once you open an IRA account with a company, you have to fund it before making precious metals purchases through it. There are several ways to fund an account, which we list below.

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Rollover funds from another retirement account

If you want to use funds from another retirement account, you will probably need to indicate that at the start of the application process since rollover accounts may be considered a separate IRA category by the institution.

When you set up your account, the custodian may let you know what your yearly contribution limit is, or you may have to calculate it for yourself using information on the IRS website. Your age will affect this limit, and the limit may change each year since it is routinely adjusted for inflation and other factors.

Our Choice As Best For Limiting Fees

  • Accounts over $100,000 will not incur any fees
  • Work with an experienced team of market experts
  • A+ rating with the BBB

About the company

Patriot Gold Group has an experienced team with over 50 years of combined experience in the markets. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, as of March 15, 2021.

Resources and support

The company claims youll never pay retail and will always work directly with the owners. Similar to other gold IRA companies, there are several educational resources available to ensure you understand your investment.

Our conversation with a representative from the company was informative and provided us with answers to all of our questions.


According to the representative, Patriot Gold Group offers a unique fee structure compared to other companies mentioned.

Here is a breakdown of the annual fee structure:

Account balance

Bottom line

Patriot Gold Groups annual fee structure stood out amongst all the companies reviewed. With a waived fee for at least one year regardless of your balance, the company is a good option for those focused on limiting fees. Accounts over $100,000 dont pay an annual fee at all.

To get started opening an account with Patriot Gold Group, you can .

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Types Of Precious Metals You Can Hold

Per the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, certain gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars are permitted in retirement accounts. This includes 1 ounce, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce and 1/10 ounce coins minted by the U.S. Treasury Department as well as select bars, rounds and foreign coins of a certain purity.

  • Gold must be 99.5% pure, silver 99.9%, and platinum and palladium both 99.95% .
  • Bullion coins must be in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
  • Proof coins must be in original Mint packaging, in flawless condition with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Non U.S. Mint coins, bars and rounds must be accredited by a refiner, assayer or manufacturer and meet minimum purity requirements.

Below is a list of the different gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars and rounds that are IRS approved.


Second To None Customer Service

Companies that provide financial services are called every single day to solve issues for their clients. Their staff should be professionally trained, well mannered, able to find solutions. They are the same people who handle sales. Aggressive salesmen who put their commissions first rather than customer satisfaction have been reported in the industry.

Sales staff usually reflects the culture of the corporation. At Regal Assets, you will not come across pushy sales executives interested only in earning a commission. In fact, they will give you time to think and make up your own mind when you are ready. At the same time, they are the precious metals IRA experts and they will assist you with any queries you might have.

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What Is The Minimum Investment For A Gold Ira

While the IRS sets various regulations for gold IRA investments, it does not have a minimum requirement. However, most individual companies do.

You may be able to open a gold IRA with an investment as low as $100, though you should expect a minimum entry point of between $2,500 and $5,000.

If you are looking into gold IRAs, you most likely have some investment savvy and a bit of a nest egg to diversify. Minimum investment amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000 with the gold IRA companies that weve deemed the best at offering the level of service and expertise to help you make financial gains for your golden years.

Birch Gold Group and Noble Gold Investments both feature $10,000 minimums to start your gold IRA investing.

Goldco has the heftiest opening requirement with a minimum investment of $25,000.

If you are a younger investor, or if you still want to grow your retirement savings, you dont have to abandon the potential of a gold IRA. Instead, make some smart choices and solid investments in other vehicles for a few years, then potentially return to gold when you feel more comfortable with the minimum investment.

Gold has been around for thousands of years, and it shows no signs of going anywhere. So you can put a gold IRA on your list of retirement planning goals.

Reputation: Overall Phenomenal Customer Reviews

GoldCo Review – Best Gold IRA Company

The first thing that is really important when it comes to any form of investment is trustworthiness and gold and silver are no different. This takes even more precedence when it concerns the long-term security of your wealth earmarked for your retirement. While there is no shortage of firms and companies who deal with gold and silver IRAs and all of them do promise great features and benefits, they shouldnt just be accepted at face value. Instead, the trustworthiness and efficacy of a firm operating in this field can be judged by the reviews they get from their existing customers.

In the case of Goldco, an overwhelming majority of the reviews glowingly recommend this firm to prospective investors. This is a commendable and impressive achievement for a firm that has been operating for over a decade now. A decade that has seen some of the most turbulent chain of events in the financial system the world around.

Browsing through the reviews for Goldco on various neutral platforms makes it quite clear that this company doesnt just make promises but actually delivers on every single one of them.

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How We Determined The Best Gold Ira Companies

Our ratings for the gold IRA companies above were determined by reviewing our partners based on several factors. These factors included BBB rating, Trustpilot rating, annual fees, educational resources, customer support, and collection of precious metal coins and bars.

Once a score was assigned, we then identified where each company stood out amongst its competitors to create our picks for what each company was the best for.

Here is a recap of our picks for the best gold IRA accounts:


Gold Backed Ira Portfolio Allocation

Financial advisors typically recommend that 5% to 15% of a retirement portfolio be invested in physical precious metals, but an over-valued stock market, increasing global tensions, and Fed monetary policies that have taken the potential profit out of a variety of common and popular investments are good reasons to consider a higher than normal allocation to the precious metals portion.

An appropriate Gold IRA rollover provider will not only have the network in place to facilitate the complete initiation, transportation, and operation required, but they will have the knowledge and experience necessary to do it in a timely, seamless, and simple fashion. Online applications and information should be readily available. It is typically a great benefit if the company you select specializes in Gold IRAs rather than just provides the service.

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How We Made Our Gold Ira Reviews

We looked at over 20 well-known Gold IRA companies in order to find the top picks. We read their websites, marketing materials, gold kits, reviews, ratings, complaints, and used our knowledge about the industry to form this list.

In this carefully researched guide, youll learn what a Gold IRA is, and how you can add precious metals to your retirement portfolio. Our hope is that by the time you get to the bottom of the page, you will be equipped with enough knowledge to form an educated decision on whether or not a Gold IRA is the right way to invest in gold for you.


We searched for as many Gold IRA investment companies that we could find. We started with gold IRA custodians that have been in business the longest. Why trust your retirement to a company that hasnt been around for long?


We studied their educational materials and their free Gold IRA ebooks and looked for important information regarding their service, Gold IRA fees, and Gold IRA storage.


We looked at customer reviews across the internet from Google, Trustlink, BBB, BCA, RipOffReport and even Yelp! In some cases, there are very specific complaints alleged against gold IRA custodians on these platforms.


We checked to see if the gold investment companies are accredited and in good standing with 3rd party business trust associations like the BBB and BCA.

What Is The Best Gold Ira

The Best Gold IRA Companies of 2020

As with searching for any new financial product, determining which gold IRA is the best depends on your situation. When considering different accounts, here are a few things to consider:

  • Initial transfer and setup fees
  • Annual management fees
  • Knowledge and investment resources
  • Past customer reviews

To help you compare several accounts, we did our own research that can be used as a starting point. Based on our analysis of our partners, Oxford Gold Group was determined to be the best gold IRA. To learn more about how we determined this, .

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Special Considerations For Precious Metal Iras

Because they involve the purchase and storage of valuable physical metals, you have to consider a few extra things when thinking about precious metal IRAs. Perhaps the most important is that precious metal IRAs are more expensive than other investment options, according to Drew Feutz, a certified financial planner with Market Street Wealth Management Advisors.

A precious metal IRA will have more fees than a normal IRA, including setup fees, transaction fees, custodial fees and physical asset storage fees, he warns. You cant avoid most of those fees either. You cant, for example, store precious metals youve invested in your IRA in your own home, according to IRS rules. If you do, you risk additional taxes and penalties. And even if you could, storing precious metals at home is risky. If there were a robbery, for instance, you could lose at least a chunk of your retirement savings.

What Precious Metals Are Eligible For Gold Iras

Not all gold or other precious metals will qualify for inclusion in an IRA. The metals you want to invest in will have to meet fineness standards established by the IRS. Specifically, gold must be .9950 pure, silver must be .9990 pure and platinum and palladium must be .9995 pure. Heres a general breakdown as to what your gold IRA can include:

Gold IRAs: Eligible Precious Metals
Type of Metal
Certain bars and bullions produced by a national government mint or an approved refiner American Eagle coins
Certain bars and bullions produced by a national government mint or an approved refiner American Eagle coins
Certain bars and bullions produced by a national government mint or an approved refiner American Eagle coins Isle of Man Noble coins
Palladium Certain bars and bullions produced by a national government mint or an approved refiner Canadian Maple Leaf coins

There are a number of precious metals that are not allowed in gold IRAs. Principal among these are collectible coins, such as graded or certified coins. Additionally, the following metals are deemed unacceptable:

  • Austrian Corona
  • Swiss Franc

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What To Know About Gold Iras

We evaluated 20 well-known Gold IRAs, and after careful review identified the 7 best options in 2021. To draw our conclusions, we checked with customers in the market, reviewed government data and consulted experts in finance. While many of the Gold IRAs were highly visible, we found five options that deserved special recognition: Lear Capital, Goldco, Orion Metal Exchange, Patriot Gold, Oxford Gold Group, Birch Gold Group and American Hartford Gold.

In this guide, well cover what a Gold IRA is, share tips for making wise Gold IRA investment choices, examine five best Gold IRA providers, and answer some frequently asked questions about investing in gold. By the time you are finished reading, you should have a clear understanding how and where to invest.

Top Gold IRA tips:
  • In order to maximize your investment, you are likely better off purchasing gold bullion instead of collectable coins
  • Make sure you buy IRS-approved coins
  • Hold investments to maturity to avoid tax penalties
  • Be aware of tax penalties for home storage options

Fair Ira Fee Structure

Goldco Precious Metals Review | Is it the Best Gold IRA Company in 2020?

Before you consider going with a gold IRA company or custodian, parse their website to make sure that all the pricing details of the plans on offer are clearly expressed. Check for information on all the fees associated with the plan, including the initial processing fee, storage fees, and the annual maintenance fee. Make sure the plans fee schedule is written out in detail, and that the company doesnt attempt to hide fees in the small print.

Another thing to look for is a flat annual fee, rather than a scaled fee model, particularly if you plan to invest a large number of funds. Companies using a scaled fee model can hike up the annual fee considerably over time.

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Approved Precious Metals In A Gold Ira

We already mentioned that aside from gold and silver, platinum and palladium are also eligible for investment under a Gold IRA model. We also covered the fineness standards required for each of these precious metals. Still, the IRS will allow only approved valuable metal coins and bullion. Here is the list of approved coins and bullion:

Choosing Your New Custodian

Although certain types of physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium are legally permissible in an IRA, not all custodians offer this service. Below is a list of 12 Popular Self Directed Custodians that offer physical precious metals accounts. The custodians listed either charge a flat fee or a sliding scale based on account value. Generally, flat fee structures are more cost-effective.

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