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Does Gold Vermeil Wear Off

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What Is Vermeil Jewelry

YOUR BASIC GUIDE TO GOLD JEWELRY | Gold Plated vs Gold Vermeil vs Gold Filled vs Solid Gold

Simply put, it is a combination of a thick layer of gold over high-quality sterling silver.

You can also find vermeil in other colours, such as rose gold.

Three main criteria need to be met in order for it to be considered vermeil:

1. The base metal must contain 92.5% sterling silver or 99.9% silver.

2. The purity of the gold must be at least 10 karats. Keep in mind that the more pure gold is, the softer it is, the less pure, the more durable. To make sure your gold vermeil can withstand the test of time, we recommend buying in the middle at 14K or 18K. Anything higher will be too soft and anything lower doesnt offer you that rich gold colour.

3. The thickness of the gold coating must be at least 1.5 microns.

When these three standards are not met, then the metal becomes gold-filled or gold-plated. These are your other options when looking for gold jewelry along with solid gold.

Lets talk a little bit about other gold jewelry options.

How Do You Keep Gold Vermeil From Tarnishing

Here are some of the things you could do to stop the gold vermeil jewelry from tarnishing:

  • Use a jewelry polishing cloth to safely clean the vermeil jewelry and to prevent tarnishing. Just make sure that the polishing cloth isnt too abrasive. Also, avoid the silver cleaning cloths because they could be too harsh on that layer of gold, removing the gold layer prematurely.
  • Clean it using clean water and gentle soap. You could also use hot water to clean it, then dry it off immediately using a clean kitchen towel. Once its cleaned, buff it using a soft, microfiber cloth. Be careful not to scrub or rub it too hard.
  • If you dont trust yourself to clean the gold vermeil jewelry, you could take it to a jeweler for professional cleaning and tarnish removal.
  • Store the jewelry correctly in an airtight container or even a sealable baggy. You could also invest in the boxes or bags that come lined with some tarnish-resistant materials.
  • How To Keep Gold Vermeil From Tarnishing

    The best way to prevent the appearance of tarnish is to keep your jewelry dry. Remove it before exercising , washing your hands, showering, etc. If your jewelry does get wet at some pointremove it and dry it as soon as possible. You should also remove Gold Vermeil rings before applying lotions or hand sanitizer.

    When youre not wearing your Gold Vermeil jewelry, store it in a Ziploc bag (or some other airtight container.

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    Gold Plated Vs Vermeil Which Is Better

    Gold Vermeil is typically the better bet but not always. Gold Vermeil generally has a much thicker layer of gold than standard gold plating delivers. Because of this difference , its typically more durable than standard gold plating. I say typically, because there are situations where non-Vermeil gold plating might be the more durable option.

  • When the standard gold plating is much thicker than the layer on an otherwise similar piece of Gold Vermeil .
  • When standard gold plating offers a lower gold purity than another similar Gold Vermeil piece. Lower gold purity .
  • Because its difficult for a consumer to gauge the thickness of the gold coating on their jewelry, its easy to be misled. Gold Vermeil, at least, provides SOME assurance that the coating is no thinner than 2.5 microns .

    What Is The Difference Between Gold Filled And Gold Plated

    Does Gold Vermeil Wear Off : Gold elements: raw pink ...

    We have discussed these questions extensively above. The gold-filled jewels are of high quality than the gold plated. They have a thicker gold layer than the thin gold layer one. The method of bonding the thick layer of gold also makes it last longer than the gold plated one that will soon peel off.

    If you are concerned about the budget though you can use the gold plated option instead. Its cheaper and ideal for when you only want to wear it once or twice. Gold-filled is expensive no wonder it will last up to 30 years with proper care.

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    How Long Does Gold Vermeil Jewelry Last

    Because the gold is on top, the gold coating will determine how long the vermeil lasts. How long gold vermeil jewelry lasts will depend on the thickness of the gold plating on top of the sterling silver. Thicker plating will last longer.

    Along with the thickness of the gold vermeil, you should also take the purity of the vermeil into account. The higher the purity of gold, the softer it is, which means that it is more susceptible to scratches and other damages.

    To help ensure the gold vermeil lasts longer, look for 14k or 18k gold vermeil. If you choose gold plating higher than this, it will be soft and more susceptible to damage, and any lower and it will not have that golden color you are after.

    Other than the purity of the gold, the sterling silver also plays a small role in the longevity of the jewelry. Silver is known to oxidize over time, so the gold vermeil might start to tarnish eventually. This is not so much of an issue if you take care of the jewelry with regular cleaning and maintenance.

    Benefits Of Using The Gold

    You will be having the gold like appearance and feel even though the jewel is not fully gold. you know gold is a precious metal that all of us want to associate with. So you will be happy you bought something very close to gold.

    • Its a good quality

    Of course, this one is very close to solid gold and this is why it shares the same features. Such options dont wear out quickly rather they will last longer. They will not tarnish, they wont wear out quickly, neither will they wont peel nor flake with time.

    Notice that they will serve you for decades with proper care especially if you choose the harder ones like 14K gold. However, if you chose 22K then thats a softer kind of jewel and that may influence the durability.

    • It will give you the perfect appearance

    So then you are sure it will make you enjoy perfection. Its harder to tell the difference between the gold-filled and the solid gold type. You will have the perfect look at a slightly lower cost.

    • Its safe

    You wont experience allergies with this type unless you are a very sensitive type. It has all the safety elements with none of them causing skin reactions.

    • Its versatile

    You can use them anywhere and with any style or shape. Whether you want the anklet, earring, bracelet or even necklace is all okay.

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    Gold Jewelry : The 4 Types You Should Know About

    Shopping for gold jewelry is not as easy as it looks. It’s not just about choosing the right design, though that is pretty important. But you’ll need to also consider which of the gold jewelry types you want to buy.

    If you go into a jewelry store, you might find yourself a bit confused when the salesperson asks if you prefer gold plated jewelry or gold vermeil. You might wonder what makes solid gold jewelry more expensive than gold filled pieces. Gold is one of the most expensive metals, but not all gold jewelry come with a really high price tag. If you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth, you’ll need to first acquaint yourself with the 4 types of gold jewelry below.

    Gold Plating And Allergies

    My entire Mejuri jewelry collection! – Unboxing new pieces – Solid Gold and Vermeil – my favorites!

    If you happen to have allergies to lower base metals like brass, copper or nickel, its best to either choose vermeil jewelry or gold filled jewelry. The gold layer on plated jewelry is usually too thin to cover the lower metal, and if any gold begins to wear down, you might get an allergic reaction.

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    How To Care For Vermeil

    This is an important part when answering the question: what is vermeil?

    Now that you have some clarity on the question “what is vermeil?” it helps to understand how to care for your vermeil pieces.

    Dust, pollution, perfumes, and cosmetics can affect the surface of your pieces. This might affect the gloss, something that you certainly don’t want to happen.

    First, you should always apply perfume before wearing your pieces. Also, remember to remove them before taking a shower.

    Try as much as possible to avoid exposing your jewelry to cleaners, hot water, and harsh chemicals. Ideally, you want to remove them before handling such solutions.

    Substances, such as chlorine, can permanently damage the surface of your piece. Bear this in mind when using chlorine bleach or before diving in the pool.

    When not using your vermeil pieces, remember to store them in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

    To clean your jewelry, use a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to buff it gently. Don’t be tempted to use chemical cleaners as they can easily strip the gold finish.

    Over time, the gold layer is likely to tarnish. This is a common and natural property that adds a unique sense of character to the piece. Don’t fret when that happens.

    Can You Wash Your Hands With Gold Vermeil

    In order to extend the shelf life of your gold vermeil jewelry, you should not wash your hands with gold vermeil jewelry on. Chances are that you are washing your hands with hand soap, and the chemicals that the hand soap might contain could fade or tarnish the gold vermeil.

    Its better to remove any rings or bracelets you might have, wash your hands, and then put them back on. You should also not wear your gold vermeil jewelry while applying hand lotion, as you cannot be sure as to how the jewelry might react to the ingredients in the hand lotion.

    Be wary of leaving your jewelry next to the sink when you wash your hands as it can be really easy for them to slip off the sink and disappear down the drain! It might be a good idea to have a little container next to the sink where you can place your jewelry while you wash your hands.

    When it comes to washing dishes if you dont want to remove your jewelry, wear protective gloves that will keep water and harsh chemicals off of the gold vermeil pieces.

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    Is Vermeil The Same As Gold Plated

    Gold vermeil undergoes a similar process to gold plated jewelry. However, they are not exactly the same. So what is gold plated? While gold vermeil has a legal definition under US law gold plated jewelry can be any type of jewelry that is plated in gold. Gold vermeil typically lasts longer and is less likely to fade or tarnish. Gold plated jewelry has no industry standard for thickness and therefore different companies can provide a wide range of quality.

    What Does Vermeil Mean

    Does Gold Vermeil Wear Off : Gold elements: raw pink ...

    Its actually pretty straight forward! Gold vermeils meaning is very specific. Vermeil jewelry has a legal definition in the United States. It is any piece of jewelry that consists of a Sterling Silver base layer with solid gold electroplated on top. Any piece of jewelry marked as gold vermeil must meet these requirements below:

  • Sterling silver must be the base material. Sterling silver is a metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. What is Sterling Silver? This is a standard material and precious metal you may see this represented on jewelry as the stamp 925.
  • The gold plated layer must be at least 10k gold but can be anything from 14k to 24k gold.
  • Be plated in gold at least 2.5 microns thick.
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    Is Gold Vermeil Or Gold Plating More Durable

    Just how long does gold plated jewelry last? That depends on 4 major variables:

    • The thickness of the gold coating.
    • The type of gold that was applied.
    • The material used as the base metal.
    • How the jewelry is worn.

    Ill explain the implications of each of these variables below.

    The Thickness of the Gold Coating

    Gold plating can range from an ultra-thin layer that can rub off within hours, to a thick coating that can easily last for decades. Thicker is, obviously, better.

    I saw the following ring offered by a discount retailer the other day. As you can see, its advertised as flash plated, with 14k gold. The ring was only about $15, but Id be surprised if it lasted a week before the gold layer had been worn through with normal use.

    The Type of Gold That Was Applied

    Again, lower purity gold has a higher ratio of other metal alloys mixed in. Those metal additives increase the hardness of the gold mixture substantially. That means that 10k gold will be the MOST durable option available, with 14k being the next best alternative.

    The Material Used as the Base Metal

    Some metals are softer than others. Pure Silver is significantly softer than Sterling Silver, for example. Pure Silver is also softer than Copper and Brass. Copper and Brass are both softer than Nickel or Steel.

    How the Jewelry is Worn

    Your jewelry is also likely to last longer when you remove it before showering, swimming, exercising, etc.

    Will Gold Vermeil Tarnish?

    Does Gold Vermeil Wear Off?

    How Do I Clean Gold Vermeil Jewelry

    If you want to clean your gold vermeil jewelry, wash it gently with a small amount of gentle dish soap or a non-chemical soap mixed in with some warm water. Wipe it with a 100% cotton or microfiber cloth.

    Rinse the jewelry well and allow it to sit and air dry on a cloth or paper towel. When dry, you can gently rub the surface with a non-abrasive cloth, or a jewelry cloth, in a circular motion, to buff it and give it more shine.

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    Difference Between Solid Gold Gold

    Of all the types of gold jewelry, solid gold is hands down the best option. It is highly valuable and will retain its value for many, many years. The color won’t fade because the gold is in the metal itself, not just a coating. Plus, it won’t tarnish. As an added bonus, it can be sold for money during times of financial crisis.

    What about gold vermeil vs gold-filled? Which is the better choice? Both of these types are good alternatives to solid gold jewelry. They’re great options for people who are allergic to metal but can’t afford to buy a solid gold piece. However, in terms of durability, gold filled jewelry is better. It’s less likely to tarnish. In fact, it’s quite rare.

    Gold vermeil jewelry, on the other hand, can tarnish if the finish wears off. It will require proper care to last as long as gold filled jewelry. One good thing about this type of gold jewelry is that it’s less expensive. Plus, the silver base metal ensures that the jewelry retains its value over time. Moreover, you can easily have the finish repaired if it wears off.

    What about gold vermeil vs gold plated jewelry? Between the two, gold plated is the more affordable choice. However, the finish fades far more quickly with this type of gold jewelry which makes it more problematic for those with metal allergies. Gold vermeil jewelry with its heavier plating is a bit more expensive, but a better investment if you want an affordable piece in your jewelry collection.

    Does Gold Vermeil Fade


    The color of Gold Vermeil can fade slightly over time, as atoms of the two metals present in the jewelry defuse into each other. Standard gold plated jewelry pieces often have a layer of Nickel between the base metal and gold coating, to act as a barrier between the two. According to the Federal Trade Commissions jewelry guidelines, Gold Vermeil cant contain that Nickel coating.

    Its important to remember that gold plating will need to be replated eventually. How long it takes before you get to the point where replating is needed, depends on the durability factors outlined above.

    When you take it in for replating, you can specify how thick you want the application to be. You might pay the jeweler to apply a 5 to 10-micron layer of gold, extending its life before replating is needed again.

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    Pros And Cons Of Gold Plated Jewelry

    Gold jewelry can add elegance and class to any outfit! However, gold jewelry is unfortunately very expensive. Gold plated jewelry is the solution to this problem: gold plated jewelry gives the outward appearance of gold jewelry, without the crazy cost! Gold plated jewelry is a good substitute for solid gold jewelry because it is difficult to tell the difference between the two and gold plated jewelry is nowhere near as expensive!

    Did you just realize that the gold necklace you bought a while ago is only gold plated and not solid gold? Or perhaps it is gold filled, rather than gold plated, and youre not really sure what the difference is. If you want to know the difference between gold filled and gold plated, check out this other blog post we wrote a while ago. Or maybe youre wondering, What is vermeil? Theres a lot of different terms associated with what appears to be gold jewelry.


    If youre certain that your jewelry is gold plated, and are looking for the pros and cons of gold plated jewelry, how to clean tarnished gold plated jewelry, or if youre wondering can you wear gold plated jewelry in the shower, weve got some answers for you!

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