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What Is The Difference Between White Gold And Silver

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Sterling Silver Ring Hand Engraved Old English Design With Polished Edges

How to spot the difference between white gold and silver

This medium-wide band ring is etched inside to show a beautiful floral design. Flowers, leaves, and vine-like shapes are detailed in the center of the band. Some of the elements, such as the flower center and the vine-like shapes, are also ridged with additional detail to create texture in the etching.

Rings like this one shine and catch the light in the cut parts of the etching and make a sparkling ring without adding delicate gemstones. Personalize the ring with a free engraving add in details special to you to remember the purchase of this ring.

White Gold Vs Silver Durability

Pure silver and pure gold are soft metals that are not recommended for use in jewelry. As mentioned above, by mixing these metals, stronger, more durable metals are created which can be used in jewelry.

Can you tell if this is white gold or sterling silver? .

Silver jewelry easily tarnishes and scratches, and the items can lose shape and bend. Sterling silver, which is silver mixed with another metal, is much more durable and hard. It does not scratch or damage easily. With reasonable care, silver jewelry can last a lifetime, and restoring a tarnished piece to its original brilliance is not difficult to do.

White gold is harder than purer forms of gold, and is tougher and more scratch resistant. Generally, the lower the gold karatage in the white gold alloy, the more durable the metal. This is because gold is a soft metal and is made harder by the other metals mixed in it.

18K, 14K and 10K white gold is resilient and strong and suitable for everyday wear. However, the rhodium plating on the white gold wears out over time, resulting in the metal bleeding through. The plating is also susceptible to scratches and will require periodic replating.

White Gold And Sterling Silver: The Basic Differences

Both gold and silver are naturally occurring metals that must be wrought from the earth in order to be made into jewelry. In their purest form, both metals are soft. They must be blended with other alloys to make them strong enough to be shaped into jewelry, and durable enough for people to wear them on their bodies.

Silver is usually blended with copper to enhance its strength. If you are inclined toward purchasing silver jewelry, then you should know the purity of the piece you are interested in. This information should be on a clear label. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure. Thus, the label should read 925 or .925.

Unlike silver, white gold does not form naturally in the earth. White gold is yellow gold that is blended with other metals and materials to give it a particular sheen. The purity of gold is measured in karats, on a scale that runs from 9 to 24. The latter being the purest form of gold.

The purest form of gold cannot be mixed with other metals, which is why you cannot get 24K white gold. However, it is possible to find 14K and 18K white gold, which are 58.5% and 75% pure respectively.

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Platinum Vs White Gold: The Bottom Line

Before you make your final decision, its important to go over the pros of each metal one final time. This way, you can choose which is truly best for your loved one. Each factor is important to consider when choosing the perfect engagement or wedding ring that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Choose Platinum If:

  • You or your partner has allergic reactions to nickel
  • You want a ring that will retain value
  • A little maintenance does not bother you
  • The prestige of a platinum ring is important to you
  • You want a ring that isnt easily dented or banged up

Choose Gold If:

  • You would like a lower price ring
  • You love the ultra-dazzling look of rhodium plating
  • You want a scratch-resistant ring
  • You want to be able to wear your ring during most everyday activities

Silver Or White Goldwhats The Difference

Major Difference Between Silver and White Gold
  • Silver or White Gold…Whats the Difference?
  • Silver or White Gold…Whats the Difference?

    Have you ever heard the statement same, same but different? This is quite possibly the best way to describe the comparison between silver and white gold. They may look the same, but theres a world of differences between the two.


    White gold is a mix of pure yellow gold and other white metals to give it its classic shade of ivory. Often, white gold is coated by another metal called rhodium to give it a long-lasting shine. Silver is either used in its purest form or mixed with a little bit of copper . This mix also makes silver appear shinier, achieving the typical white gold sheen.

    Price Points

    White gold, since its main component is a precious metal, is naturally priced high. Silver does pose to be an inexpensive alternative to white gold, so its much more affordable.


    Though both metals are quite sturdy, silver is much softer and tends to change shape over time. White gold tends to be better at holding its shape for longer.


    Taking care of silver would require more work over the years as cleaning it would be a rigorous process. White gold doesnt require as much upkeep, just a re-plating with rhodium every couple of years.

    At Rockrush, we use a mixture of all recycled metals to create the band and setting for all your jewelry, with your pick of silver and white gold. Get your fully sustainable Rockrush product today!

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    Platinum Vs White Gold: Benefits

    There are different benefits to white gold and platinum. You may choose white gold over platinum due to lower price, high durability, wanting rhodium plating, or knowing your partner loves gold and will look beautiful.

    You may find yourself favoring platinum, on the other hand, due to its purity, prestige, being hypoallergenic, and thinking a patina finish is beautiful.

    Its also important to factor in the other price factors when choosing which metal is right for you. Consider how a rhodium-plated ring dazzles with a bright diamond or how a patina finish would complement opal or another precious stone. The price of your gemstone will also be an important factor when choosing the metal.

    Difference Between Silver And White Gold

    Silver vs White Gold

    Gold and silver are two of the most popular precious metals that have been used since time immemorial for making jewelry for the use of mankind. Gold is much more expensive than silver, and this is why other metals are added to gold to make a new metallic compound called white gold. White gold has become very popular and is used as a substitute for silver in all parts of the world. Many people become confused between white gold and silver because of their similar color. However, despite similarities, there are differences that will be highlighted in this article.


    Silver is a grayish white metal that is considered precious and used to make ornaments and other objects of silverware. It is a rather soft metal that is also least expensive among precious metals. Silver is not recommended for jewelry that is used daily for a long time periods. This is because the ornaments made of silver are prone to get oxidized. However, because of its shine and color, it is used to make many different jewelry items such as necklace, earrings, bracelet, pendants, and rings. Men and women avoid it for wedding rings as it is prone to oxidization. However, if silver jewelry turns black because of oxidization, it can be cleaned to make it sparkling new once again. Because of its shine and lustre, the appeal of silver is very high among women. It is also popular because of the fact that it is very cost effective.

    White Gold

    White gold is more expensive than silver.

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    Are Class Rings Worth Money

    Some can be very valuable, and some were sold just for the scrap price. Very old class rings, class rings from time-honored universities, and class rings from elite schools and colleges are eligible for selling at particularly high prices. We know that very rare WWII class rings have sold for over $10,000.

    White Gold Vs Silver: What You Need To Know

    Sterling Silver vs White Gold Which is Right for You?

    At first glance, it’s hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference between white gold and sterling silver. They’re both silver in color, but the two metals are quite different beyond their initial appearances.

    Here’s what you need to know when you’re on the hunt for silver-hued jewelry.

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    Platinum Vs White Gold: Sustainability

    Overall, mining is not good for the environment. Gold mining produces large amounts of harmful waste, which can impact the soil, air, and water. It has been attributed to damaging the Amazon rainforest.

    Gold mining in Canada is smaller and more regulated than other countries and is more ethical due to the treatment of workers. If this is something that you and your partner care about, consider Canadian gold for your ring. However, these high standards of sustainable mining can somewhat increase the price of your ring.

    Unfortunately, platinum mining is similarly not great for the environment. Due to its rarity, the mining and refinement processes of using platinum create a large amount of waste.

    However, platinum, like gold, can be recycled, which may be something to consider when looking for your next piece of jewelry.

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    Diamond Cut Heart Stud Earrings In 14k White Gold

    With all of the sparkle, these diamond-cut heart gold studs will glitz and glimmer without gemstones. These earrings are about pea-sized and will be dainty on your ear while also being large enough to catch the light. The post-backs hold the studs securely against the ear lobe.

    Although these studs are simply hearts, they are quite decorative, and the light will catch the dips and divots in the etching to make them sparkle.

    Can I Shower With Sterling Silver

    Platinum vs. White Gold: The Battle of Precious Jewelry Metals: UPDATED ...

    Though showering with sterling silver jewelry on should not harm the metal, there is a good chance that it could induce tarnishing. Waters that contain chlorine, salts, or harsh chemicals will affect the look of your sterling silver. We encourage our customers to remove your sterling silver before showering.

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    Sometimes Selecting The Perfect Jewelry Piece Is More Difficult Than You Anticipated

    So many beautiful options can bring out indecision in the best of us! Perhaps youre drawn to the shimmering silver hues of white gold and sterling silver but arent certain of the differences that make each metal composition unique. Heres some insight into the differences to help you in your decision making!

    Appearance: Sterling silver and white gold are both beautiful smooth metal combinations that are attractive on anyone, but they especially complement cooler skin tones. While both are similar in hue, you can tell sterling silver apart by its slightly brighter complexion.

    Composition: Silver and gold are both soft in their pure form so any jewelry crafted from these precious metals is going to be a combination of metals in order to hold structure. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% an alloy, commonly copper. You can tell sterling silver and white gold apart by searching for the hidden 925 on the jewelry piece, indicating the sterling silver composition. White gold is actually yellow gold combined with an alloy such as nickel, silver, platinum or palladium. Consider a comparison of 18k of yellow gold with 18k of white gold: the yellow gold may be a combination of 75% gold, 10% copper, and 15% silver for example the white gold on the other hand may show percentages of 75% gold, 20% palladium or silver or another alloy, and only contain 5% of copper. White gold is also often coated with a rhodium plating to aid in its preservation.

    Pink Gold Vs Red Gold Vs Rose Gold

    Pink gold, red gold and rose gold are nearly the same, with slight differences in composition and appearance. They all are made of 75% gold combined with copper and silver alloys. Jewelry vendors and goldsmiths may use the three gold names interchangeably, but rose gold is most common, especially for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. All three golds have a lustrous, pinkish tone, like in this rose gold hidden halo ring from Blue Nile.

    Composition Differences of Pink Gold, Red Gold, Rose Gold

    18K Pink Gold
    22.25% copper 2.75% silver

    The varying percentage of copper and silver indicates the golds color. For instance, the higher percentage of copper found in red gold makes it a slightly stronger rose color. The copper and silver alloys also strengthen the gold. Pure gold by itself isnt strong enough to form jewelry that can be worn regularly.

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    Womens Genuine White Diamond 10k White Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

    This eighteen-inch chain holds a sideways diamond-encrusted White Gold cross pendant. The sideways cross allows you to wear a pendant without it hanging down your chest and perhaps tangling or getting caught on your blouse.

    The twenty-three diamonds that make up less than a tenth of a carat of diamonds allow for a small sparkle to give attention to the cross. Being made from 10K white gold, this cross is a piece that will bring you joy for many years to come.

    Wrapping Up: Silver Vs Gold Tequila

    Difference Between Silver, White Gold, and Platinum

    So, whats the difference between silver and gold tequila? A lot of things! The aging of the tequila colors and the flavors are worlds apart. Clear tequila vs gold tequila is all about the flavor, price range, versatility, and smoothness. Because of that, gold tequila is considered best for sipping while clear or silver tequila is ideal for cocktails.

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    Sterling Silver Vs White Gold

    So whats the difference between sterling silver and white gold?

    Sterling silver normally has a 7.5 % copper content to make it strong and durable. Other metals are used to reduce tarnish and corrosion. White gold, on the other hand, is a combination of gold and other white metals such as nickel. Many consider it the most popular silver metal and it is more expensive than sterling silver. Sterling silver is the most affordable white metal on the market today.

    Sterling silver is more prone to tarnish and corrosion because it reacts with oxygen in the air because of its copper content, thus requiring more cleaning. White gold is resistant to corrosion because it is commonly rhodium-plated. It only needs periodic cleaning to maintain its shine.

    Known to cause allergic reactions particularly in the ear, many people cannot wear sterling silver jewelry. White gold is practically hypoallergenic, thus most people can wear earrings made of this metal without any worries.

    Is Sterling Silver Better Than Stainless Steel

    Since its a precious metal, sterling silver holds more value compared to stainless steel. To summarize, stainless steel offers enhanced durability and a longer lifespan than sterling silver due to its inherent corrosion and scratch-resistance. This makes it better for everyday use, especially for jewellery.

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    Whats The Difference Between Gold And Silver Tequila

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    You may be under the assumption that there are solely two types of tequila: the one that causes a blackout within 3 shots and leaves you with a crippling hangover the next day or the one that tastes like heavenly ambrosia but creates a black hole in your budget. In reality, there are really five kinds of tequila broken into two tequila classificationsgold vs silver. Whats the difference between silver and gold tequila, you ask? We were just about to tell you.

    White Gold Vs Silver: A Complete Guide To Help You Decide

    Major Difference Between Silver and White Gold

    Theres nothing as timeless and elegant as silver-colored jewelry. White gold and silver are so popular, many people struggle to decide between them! Because people commonly mix up these metals, we will compare white gold vs. silver in this complete guide.

    Aside from similarities in color, the two are entirely different. One contains pure gold, while the other has pure silver. One metal is more expensive, and the other is a cost-effective choice.

    White gold and silver are both popular precious metals, so which will you choose? Keep reading to learn more about white gold vs. silver to help you make the best choice for your jewelry!

    The first order of business: lets get clear on each metals composition.

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    What Are Sterling Silver And White Gold Made Up Of

    Sterling silver and white gold are both made up of combinations of metals. Each metal finish is made up of specific combinations with very little fluctuation in alloys. How are those measured?

    They are typically calculated in overall percentages. For example, you may see that the bracelet you want to buy says that it is 925 sterling silver.

    What does that mean? Sterling silver is typically made up of 92.5 percent pure silver, with some sort of alloy making up for the remaining 7.5 percent of the metal combination. The most common alloy that usually contributes to the total make up of sterling silver is copper.

    The reason for this, as well as the make-up of white gold, which has a different alloy that we will talk about in a bit, is that pure silver is a very soft material. Because of that, the copper alloy is added to make it stronger and more durable.

    This type of silver is marked with a 925, but often not in a very visible spot. Because sterling silver and white gold look so similar, the hidden 925 will tell you what metal you are looking at.

    White gold is not actually a natural metal. The reason for this is that it is made up of a type of metal with an alloy, a lot like sterling silver.

    The difference is that white golds main base is yellow-gold which is found in the Earths crust. Again, pure yellow gold is a little bit softer and when mixed with an alloy it becomes more durable and even scratch-resistant.

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