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Mens Gold Signet Pinky Ring

Pinky Ring Guide – Gentleman’s Gazette

What A Pinky Ring Is

Technically, a pinky ring is any ring that is worn on the little finger, or pinky, of your right or left hand. Practically speaking, pinky rings are usually smaller than other types of rings in order to fit on their appropriate finger and to appear proportional relative to the rest of the hand.

Pinky rings can come in a variety of styles and employ a variety of metals and stones. Pinky rings also function well with a variety of outfits and are therefore an extremely popular ring type in contemporary menswear. There are almost as many kinds of pinky rings as there are pinkies in the world, so if you want to wear a pinky ring, it is likely that one will suit your personal look.

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The origins of the word


Pinky rings derive their name from the popular name for the little finger on either hand: pinky. What are the origins of this unique name? They are actually less involved than you might think. The word pinky is a diminutive form of the Dutch word pink, which literally means little finger. This nomenclature spread to Germany, a neighbor of the Netherlands, and from the Germans, it was adopted in Great Britain, from which the term was popularized throughout the rest of the Anglophonic world.

Pinky Rings During The Golden Age Of Menswear

In the 20th century, a new approach to clothing came about, and garments generally became less about traditional associations and more about fashion and personal style. The same became true for pinky rings. Men increasingly wore pinky rings both in keeping with established conventions but also simply out of personal interest.

Pinky rings remained a common sight on the European Continent and proliferated in major artistic and cultural centers like Paris during the Jazz Age, where they became emblematic of the modern spirit of self-expression. In the United States, many wealthy Americans continued to adhere to the British tradition of wearing their signet ring or their pinky ring on the left hand, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and pinky rings were often seen on famous actors.

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How To Style A Pinky Ring

Ultimately, there are almost as many ways to style pinky rings as there are pinky rings in existence. Here you will find a gallery of ways that we here at the Gentlemans Gazette wear our pinky rings.

Do match the metal of your pinky ring with your other metallic accessories

This will ensure a cohesive and elegant overall appearance.

Dont mix metals.

Either go with gold or silver, but two-tone rings often have a jarring, disjointed effect and can appear dated.

Do buy rings in different sizes.

We have found that with the seasons, finger sizes changes dramatically. In the summer, fingers tend to be puffier and bigger while in the winter they become slimmer. Buying rings in different sizes, rather than relying on a single pinky ring, will allow you to wear them comfortably at different times of the year.

Dont buy overly ostentatious rings.

Rings with very bold and loud engravings or lots of different stones are not typical of the Classic style.

Do experiment.

Do not limit yourself to just one type or style of pinky rings, or even just to pinky rings. Rings have a rich and deep history in menswear and utilizing them in your personal wardrobe is sure to be a rewarding and creative experience.

Everything That You Need To Know To Wear A Pinky Ring

Gold signet ring, Men

Next to the wedding ring, the pinky ring is today the most popular ring for men to wear. This unique accessory adds flair and personality to your look and serves as an excellent source of unexpected visual interest.

Despite their popularity, you might be unsure if a pinky ring is right for you. Will it look gaudy on you? Will it harmonize with your personal style? Should you wear a pinky ring at all?

Thats exactly what this guide will help you determine, and along the way, you will learn about the fascinating history of pinky rings, the incredible variety of pinky rings, and the men who wear pinky rings today.

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Because They Are An Excellent Entre To Mens Jewelry

Because many modern cultures discourage men from wearing jewelry, you might find it difficult to start doing so. Fortunately, pinky rings are an excellent way to ease yourself into this exciting sphere of menswear, providing an opportunity to experiment with a unique and creative accessory that is still a timeless and popular example of mens jewelry.

Questions Weve Got Answers

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    Mens Gold Pinky Rings

    Mens Signet Pinky Rings

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    Pinky Rings During The Medieval And Early Modern Periods

    Throughout the Middle Ages and the Rennaiansce, men often wore a considerable number of rings on many of their fingers as a way to showcase their wealth and as a badge of office, one of the common uses of the accessory. The pinky remained a popular finger for the display of rings because it was less likely to become scratched or damaged during regular wear, being relatively far removed from the more active side of the hand.

    During the 18th century, especially in England, concerns about propriety and sumptuary laws saw the prevalence of ubiquitous ring jewelry decline in menswear. Pinky rings, however, were an exception to this trend, as they remained extremely popular and, in many instances, were the only type of ring regularly worn by men in the Western, and especially Anglophonic, world.

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    Pinky Rings During The Victorian Era

    Signet Rings & Wedding Rings for Victorian Gentlemen

    As the 18th century gave way to the Victorian Era, pinky rings became a regular feature in the dress of aristocratic English gentlemen. It was especially common for men to wear on the pinky finger of their left hand their family crest signet ring. These signet rings showcased the gentlemans noble family heritage and were often treasured heirlooms.

    Around this period, the German tradition of men wearing a wedding band on thee left pinky finger began to be popularized in England. Ironically, this trend was adopted both my married men and by those who did not wish to get married: in both instances, the presence of a pinky ring indicated that the wearer was not in search of a potential bride.

    To avoid the appearance of an excess of rings, it was common for men of this time to stack two Victorian era pinky rings, usually a wedding band and a signet ring, on their left pinky finger. This tradition was enthusiastically taken up by the British royal family and soon spread even to North America.

    The British Royal Family and Pinky Rings

    All about

    Signet Rings

    Long Live The Mens Pinky Ring

    Custom Mens Signet Ring Mens Gold Pinky Ring Pinky Ring

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    Recently, I headed to the famed New Top Jewelry to visit its owner Jane and purchase a pinky ring for a male friend. There, sat a tray of golden 14k gold rings, each fantastically sleazy. I imagined the dainty jewelry sliding onto a large, roughed-up Paul Bunyan hand. I could go for a ring with diamonds or a simple gold band, but the signet with room for an initial carved into it spoke to me. I could imagine it sitting right below a hairy knuckle. Consider me soldand also flushed.

    While I love them, theyre perhaps the most divisive piece of male jewelry. Google pinky ring, and theres a whole Quora thread of citizens debating the question. What does it mean when a man wears a pinky ring? The hypotheses vary. Some people brought up its connection to crime or its historical significance . User Jasmine Tibbits simply wrote, Ive known three men who wore pinky rings. All were pretentious and excessively concerned about how others viewed themtwo were extremely rude. Tibbits goes on to say that the wearers were trying to look rich, but had, in reality, gone through bankruptcy.

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    A Guide To Buying Rings

    There are many occasions for buying rings, whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one. Whether it be for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or something as significant as a wedding ring, Michael Hills extensive range of precious rings are all crafted to be treasured.

    What ring metal is the most durable?

    At Michael Hill, our Gold Standard means that our jewellery is crafted with quality, precious metals including sterling silver and gold. Our gold jewellery is always 10ct gold or higher. Gold rings are durable and the most popular choice for jewellery meant to last a lifetime, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. White gold rings are often plated with rhodium – a naturally shiny, silver-white and corrosion-resistant metal – to enhance their white colour, and over the years re-plating may be required to keep your ring shining as beautifully as the day you bought it. For men, we also offer tungsten and titanium rings, both of which are extremely hard and durable metals, and perfect for everyday wear if you work with your hands. We recommend you bring your precious jewellery to Michael Hill for regular complimentary cleaning, to keep it shining.

    Can you mix and match ring metals?

    How do you stack rings?

    How do you find out your ring size?

    Pinky Rings In Antiquity

    While pinky rings were worn in numerous civilizations throughout Antiquity, the Romans offer us a fascinating example of commentary on the meaning and purpose of the pinky ring.

    Pliny the Elder, Pinky Rings, and Conspicuous Consumption

    Pliny the Elder was a Roman naturalist and philosopher active in the first century AD. He wrote an important treatise on the functioning of the world known as the Naturalis Historia, and in this work, he commented upon the conventions and traditions of the Roman people.

    Some people put all their rings on their little finger only, while others wear only one ring even on that finger, and use it to seal up their signet ring, which is kept stored away as a rarity not deserving the insult of common use thus even wearing a single ring on the little finger may advertise the possession of a costlier piece of apparatus put away in store.

    Pliny the Elder

    Pliny references the fact that Roman nobles would sometimes wear pinky rings as a subtle status symbol. It would seem that the intentional decision to wear a small ring on the smallest finger of the hand was actually a flex: the implication was that if the wearer was content to wear a more humble pinky ring, he did so with the implicit understanding that he actually owned considerably finer, larger, and more costly rings that he did not bother to wear. Essentially, the pinky ring served as a hint at the even greater wealth that the wearer did not feel the need to show off.

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    If You Do Not Have A Ring

    If you dont have a ring-sizer, do not fret, you can still determine your ring size fairly easily.

  • Wrap a piece of string or dental floss around the finger you wish to measure at the point at which you wish the ring to rest. Do not pull the string tightly as this may stretch it out and give inaccurate results.
  • Lay the marked string flat next to a ruler or measuring tape sized for millimeters.
  • Use the measurement in millimeters to determine your regional ring size.
  • Repeat this process from the very beginning two or three times to ensure as accurate a measurement as possible.
  • The Secret Language Of Rings

    Men’s Signet Ring Primer – How to Find Rings For Men

    Throughout history, the wearing of particular rings on particular fingers has been employed as a subtle way for the wearer to express something about himself or his desires. You should feel free to disregard this secret language of rings if it does not comport with your personal style, but being aware of the conventions and traditions of pinky rings will allow you to integrate pinky rings into your look with greater depth and awareness.

    Pinky rings and The Portrait of

    James H. Hyde

    James Hazen Hyde was an American playboy and financier who inherited a billion-dollar company at the age of 23. In this 1901 portrait by Theobald Chartran, Hyde is at the pinnacle of his success, and to reflect his position he wears two pinky rings, one on each of his pinky fingers. The left pinky ring could signify the power and influence of his family, while the right pinky ring could be celebrating his own achievements and status.

    Despite its relatively small size, the position of the pinky finger on the edge of the hand draws special attention to it. Therefore, the pinky ring is often associated with communication and socialization. Essentially, pinky rings are a great way for you to say something about yourself to others.

    Because the pinky ring is far removed from the more active digits on the hand, like the index finger and thumb, it can be perceived as more suited to abstract conceptions like personal expression and perception even when worn on the littlest fingers.

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